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alexis 1d
medusa stands proud.
happy and proud and peace filled.
sisters in arms held for worship,
sisters in arms disappeared from grasp.

medusa stands small.
hurt and small and shame filled.
maidenhood stolen and high priestess to athena no more,
maidenhood stolen and cursed with protection.

medusa stands weary.
cold and weary and anger filled.
isolation has become her paradise of silence and stone,
isolation has become her graveyard of silence.

medusa stands tired.
worn and tired and sorrow filled.
awaiting the blow to her neck by perseus' sword,
awaiting the blow to end her suffering.
05. mars 2021
10:15 am
The blindness in stones.
The cold, crumbling stones.
Rugged edges,
Almost jagged,
Scratching my palms,
Meeting abruptly
With smooth,
Like river stones –
Soft, silky,
Subtle, as if they were not there at all.
They are quiet.
Unmoving –
Although, I imagine their delicacies:
The way they stood,
Their fragile motions,
The nimble-ness
in the motion of their wrists,
their ankles,
their knees,
their fingers,
the roll of their necks
and twists of their hips
as they bent, and turned, and contorted
The warmth they must have had.
I feel them.
Their faces distorted
Forever frozen

Do you not mind?
The cold stones,
Their somber and angry faces …
Their harshness?
I do not.
They were harsh,
And cruel,
Vicious to you.

You are precious,

Your hands are soft and light,

They are calming.
And your stones …
They will be forever cursed
To be truly blind,
Crazed by their own ambitions.

You ask me if I mind …
I do not.

I do not see them.
That is my curse.
I do not see them.
As I do not see you
The pain that they bring,
The one I love.

*I am blind.
I wanted to envision a softer side to the harsh myth that is Medusa. Something warm and precious - like a blind lover. I hope you enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
Kamilla 5d
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
From the sweet laughter dribbling down your lips,
To your gentle eyes fluttering at dawn
From the way you gracefully pounce across the sea rocks
Gathering and sorting rounded glass—milky in color
The way the afternoon sun turns your hair to gold
Your eyes to deep, evergreen forests
Your limbs, like Icarus’ wings
Glowing, fragile,—temporary
My love knots tightly for thee, unslipping
With every yearning glance, I worry you will wash away
Like the piles of creamy glass you once collected
Returning home to the ocean and her waves
Leaving me unmoving upon the shore
rig Feb 19
mind the mind, mind of mine – mind
the body and be bothered.
away the water and wait:
voice veers vicious, violent.
forget forevers for now.
leave a little letter in
cursive, of course – curse this curse.
leyah Feb 17
hurricanes and tsunamis send off
a cold goodbye to tainted heroes,
welcomed with death and plagued
with hecate and hera's wrath.

and a lover scorned calls out
to the fates, medusa's anguish
festering within and breeding
on the loss of a heart, now stone.

they answer to the last decaying
breath of her corpse of ardour.
sending curses off like love letters
to lost and flawed sailors,

who greet selene's justice blindly.
and succumbing to the spirits
of the sea to claim the wretched
souls of perfidious lovers.
rig Jan 29
you arrive as expected - legendary.
a beautiful white horse: leaves behind brothers
of salt and sisters of foam, unrecognized,
meets the morning mist on a shore close to home;
astride it: you - the lost king returned, almost
divine, here to answer the calls of those who
still sing your name faithfully to the heavens;
at the beach: me – barefoot on the rocks, waiting,
watching you approach me, confused – your journey
through the mysteries: unimaginable…
you halt. i aim. you breathe the bullet and fall.
I awake in a bath of glimmering sunlight,
The warmth seeping into my complexion flushing incarnadine rose.
Cyprus invades my senses, smoky and sweet lingers as I inhale the dewey delights,
Of this aubade- encompassing the tranquil meadow I find myself within.

Leaves rustle, my olive eyes flicker rightward, and I gaze straight into anothers,
A fawn dances on the brim of the eclipsed woods, and my sunlit serenity.
I feel a sharp cool breeze whish past my locks, splintering my stare with the youthful creature,
In time to witness the silver arrow soar past, and I glance again to where the dim meets the day.

I see Her then, gracing the forest floor with the juvenile doe,
White robes flowing like gentle crests of the Aegean sea, entrancing every living thing around.
The elysian Lady of the Wild Things nimbly takes another arrow from her silver quiver, shoots,
And vanishes within the shadows of the forest, leaving behind a presence of orphic divinity.
You reached out to me
When I thought I was falling

You held me
When I felt broken

You loved me
When I didn't love myself

I thought you'd love me through it all
But you saw the cracks and screamed

Left me shackled
Like Andromeda
And now all I want is to feel the power
That Circe felt when she turned men into what they truly were...
james h Jan 22
Oh Aegaeon, oh Aegaeon
God of thundering seas, my true bliss
I long to be drowned by your currents at dawn

A lover of the tide almost gone
Since Emathia, your unknown mistress
Oh Aegaeon, oh Aegaeon

Zeus strikes upon me, a royal thief
lighting my sails, where art thou? Must resist
I long to be drowned by your currents at dawn

My bones creak, aching for relief
My grave shall be your floor, my home further than this
Oh Aegaeon, oh Aegaeon

The salt of your sea I’m drawn
The oceanic abyss
I long to be drowned by your currents at dawn

I lack brawn
Spoken by men in hiss
Oh Aegaeon, oh Aegaeon
I long to be drowned by your currents at dawn
Free-flowing wavy hair
seemingly kissed by the sea air
Sweet smells of the perfume she wears
seem to follow her everywhere.
Wide eyes show she's the curious
olive skin shows she loves the sun
ink-stained fingers say she loves to write
above her there is none.
She wears a crown atop her head
a one which no one else can see
everyone can tell she wears it
I wish the crown was worn by me.
Brown hair with strands of gold
hazel eyes like emerald pearls
rosy cheeks and ringlet curls
she is envied by all the girls.
She wears jewelry
necklaces of gold
one says her name
or so, I'm told.
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