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The weight of the world is a struggle,
That keeps me awake at night.
And when my back threatens to slouch,
I stay straight and tall despite--

I can't help but to watch the people
Live. The people look so free,
Meanwhile there's a crushing rock,
That stresses down upon me.

A most titanic failure am I,
Impeded by my pride, never satisfied,
Now I exist to suffer alone,
And I abide, along this western side.

Lightning strikes, tides roll high, the dark settles.
Gone is my brother, and I only pray,
That the olympianism I show,
Will change that one day.

When will the earth swallow me fully?
One day I know she will, and show
The heavens I am missing.
My knees shake fast, but time is adagio.

Punishment can only last so long,
I wish to see the stars at last.
But this mountain; I must endure myself,
Holding the world upon its wicked Atlas.
A new epoch greets us
Almost imperceptibly, it mocks me
The thought of change is nauseating
I am filled to the brim with an endless daunting feeling

My worries shall rest on the shoulders of mountains
For I am no Atlas,
Frailty runs through me like nectar in the throats of gods

Tell the Oracle this distressed damsel spins the same woeful tale every year
Whatever prophecy awaits me won’t have to hold its breath
For alas, my fear is yet to surrender
Toxic yeti Jan 7
Aries god of war
More like the god of mental problems
For war hurts children

Please Aries
Think of the children
The children
The children

If you thought more
You would help more
Not spread evil.
Ken Pepiton Jan 5
Thursday, October 11, 2018
6:01 AM

I wanna think god's thoughts, and Mr. Newton, Issac said,
After him. So I joined the queue.

Fundamental heretic is what I am.
Jesus was a heretic. Ask any Pharisee.

Evaluation and appraisal, worship and praise,
who told you to do that? A shepherd kid?

A lonely boy under the stars in a peaceful valley,
beside still waters. Like, Bob Dylan at twelve. Singin' along.

Worthy, so worthy, sang the boy, never knowing the role of
y after worth in setting the appraising price or prize.

What's it worth to know death has no sting? A song?
Then sing, soft, don't wake the dead.
This reminded me of its existence as I was wathching a youtube doc, Wittgenstein: A wonderful life. I may have posted it before, but it means more now, to me.
Eleni Jan 5
Several days ago,
I wandered through the ashy town-
Which once grew with wild flames
Before the eternal Frown.

The bistros and stores blacked-out
Signs hanging, muddy paths
Doors locked and smashed windows
No signs of life, haunting wraths.

The smell of burnt leather
And bones rattling against the wind.
Broken signposts leading nowhere
And corpses of animals, skinned.

What savagery and fright hit this old place?
As I look to a hole in the ground-
Rats and rotting bodies
and bullet shells all around.

Perhaps these lands will never be free of outlaws
Who **** in cold blood.
Then let them drown in their crimes
Amid the Great Flood.
Miscerior Jan 2
A serpentine chisels paranoia into the soul,
A plaque of distrust, sculptures of fear,
A wicked work of art as it takes control

O sordid Oizys, of you speaks an urbane seer!
Through his teeth emerges your ambition,
Aspiration of which in repulse I jeer

With dark power, you summon serpents, terror is their mission
With fangs of dismay, they bite the throat,
And the venom sows the poisons of suspicion

Hark! Goddess of anguish, the victims arise with antidote!
Guidance of the trained, support of the friend
No longer, in their tormented cries, shall you gloat

By the sword of Kratos, your bones shall break and bend
Your victims rise, determined are they for fears to cease
Their rage shall be your glorious end

A spectacle it shall be, from fear a sweet release
The terror will no longer control minds
Finally, the tormented shall be at peace!
Amelia Jan 2
Some days you wish you were a vengeful god
Rising from your sorrow, stormy-eyed and
See who I am, you would say. Look how I
Swell at the hardships of my adversaries.
But you are too *****.
Sprung from the earth-
Mortal -
soft as soil worked by worms.
Yet a fantasy is planted there
Seedless though it is.
Sacrificing demons should be a ritual
By now
Mister J Jan 1
I sing sweet whispers of affection
Offer only the best to catch your attention
I ask you, oh radiant goddess of Olympus
May I humbly be the one you choose

For eons your heart suffered
Your trust tampled and discarded
Your coveted love easily forgotten
Leaving you in pain, down and broken

Oh goddess, queen of Olympia
Shine your light towards me
Look at my growing affections, I pray
Embrace my devotion, and the words I say

I don't want to be the Zeus you loathe
Nor the offered champions who eventually leave you
Instead I simply am a mortal admirer
Enamoured by you, my eyes only seeking you

I don't want to be the one who hurts you
I simply want to devote myself completely to you
So I pray for a future that you will see me
As I have chosen to seek the world just for you

Oh Hera, beautiful yet broken soul
I promise you a lifetime of Love
Just to give you smiles everyday
And to be your pillar and strength

In my simplest mortal words, I love you
Regardless of your flaws and your iniquities
In my simplest mortal ways, I'll love you
Through all the ages, no matter what stands in our way

So please, Let me choose to stay
Because your mere presence is my heaven
Your embrace my sturdy, protective walls
Your kisses the nectar and ambrosia that sustains me

Oh Hera, goddess of my affections
Please see me as where you fit
I'll stay here until you're ready to choose
Because in all this chaos, I vow to treasure you
Dedicated to "Hera"

Happy New Year!
I love you!
Thanks for reading!

First poem of 2019

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