"Come view this sight!"
Can I help myself?
She can help herself .
It's quite the night,
So let's slow down.
Am I fast?

I want this to last
I should ask around.
Hopeful you'll ask,
About this trick
Let's keep this chat not so quick.
Let's get going
But no need to stay distant.

I'm pretty consistent.
I'm bad at showing,
I care.
I know it's unfair.
Let's get tea,
maybe we'll see.
Writing at my desk
I lift up the curtain;
Open my windows;
A gush of wind hits my room;
A cuppa tea!

Chasing words
At bay window,
Within the four walls.
Melody of Metallica
A cuppa tea!

Twirling, sliding,
Floating on air,
Birds fly
Up high in the sky
Over clouds
Calm wings; Feathered whistles of joy!
A cuppa tea!

Rain drizzling over
Middle Eight
Upon green leaves
Exotic trees
Snuggled up
A cuppa tea!

Feeling blue
The door of the heart
Opened wide;
Gloomy clouds pour
Rhythms of the rain.

Writing in solitude
Finding me within myself
Gazing at the sky;
Words shower in,
Rain hums the tunes,
The sun melts -
A cuppa tea!
How does the poem fare out of 10? English is my second language, and critique and feedback, particularly from native English speakers would be greatly appreciated!
Hold me
close and
tuck me
Into bed
when I
am tired
and my
eyes are
as we
In a blue
and watch
the rain,
tea and
lost in
we are
all strangers
until we open
our hearts to
love, fated
one dream
come alive,
for you
are not
but rather
Absent Minded Jun 13
Loneliness accompanies me through life.
It doesn't matter if I'm
With friends,
At a party,
Or at my wits end.
She waits for me at home,
With a warm blanket,
Soft pillows,
Hot tea,
My favorite shows,
And the dagger
She uses
To carve my soul from my bones.

I'm home.
Mae Jun 12
The kettle sings
she dances towards me

she pours mine
and then her own

honey drips,
with hints of mint

spoons clank
I stir too fast
she breaks her biscotti
and gives me half

We cheers porcelin rims
she smiles at me
our day begins
Trish Jun 9
Pour a tea in a cup
To make satisfaction and love
Bring a warm blanket in a cold weather
To keep me warm and assured
A relaxing music to listen
To keep my mind at peace
Clothes that are thick
To keep me away from getting ill
A house with a fireplace
To make it comfortable to stay
A cold season reason nonsense
To make you look back and reflect
It's already rainy season here and people are feeling cold. Some look for cuddles in this kind of weather but alone with blanket is enough to make you feel warm.
Closing my eyes, I sit on my chair with tea,
sipping and cupping my chai with please.
Its cinnamon scent wafts through the air,
sending pleasant shivers everywhere.

Hints of cardamon slide down my throat with ease,
the musky mix of spices and black tea.
Slowly, I release my back to rest comfortably,
on the back of the old chair, that my mother gave me.
This is an actual proper poem (Wha??) that I've started writing that I think is pretty cute. Chai tea is definitely one of favourite beverages. Tell me what ya'll think. :)
Emma Sims Jun 4
Swirling leaves amidst sweet liquid
Waiting for the seeping, strengthening
How I wish you were brewed
I need you to distract me
The hunger cravings are strong
I want pizza
It's only a few clicks away
But the diet
My diet
Small sips
Heart flips
Wings clipped
I really want pizza, distracting myself with tea
You snipped you brown locks
off your twisted head.
Now chained to another princess’s bed.

Your affection is like the smell
of chlorine on a rusty day.
Do I want it to leave or stay?

You made the white flowers
grow within me.
Now go ahead and sip the tea.

My body and soul
can't be threatened by your stare.
Our feelings need a wheelchair.
I've already accumulated enough karma
For a thousand lifetimes
Even if I haven't earned
A cent.
I should try
Doing nothing for awhile.
A profound epiphany
Might be revealed
It's possible that
A deep memory
Will rise.
Stay still
Don't be hyperactive.
Have faith that things
Will change.
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