Two empty cups
Facing each other
With tea of lemon & ginger
Nicely sipped altogether
Brings a comfort
After a long time!

A long conversation with my former Team Lead made me to think upon life, a lot more than before!
Ren117 3d

Breakfast for lunch,
Breakfast for supper.
Jam on toast,
I'll have another.

…mebbe not, cuz I’m not the only parched soul, apparently.


Of water, be it silver orbs which thence
Shine in dawn’s matin eye, dew resting, pale
Upon grass’ thicker carpets as the veil
Lifts oer night’s realms, the fluffy white whose sense
Of children jostling in sheer play fr’intents
Falls swiftly through grey’s mirky light t’avail
As snow ‘non blankets, or that which we hail
Where puddles shiver to soft footfalls,...whence?
Though we—our sins as scarlet—lie as twere
Sans help, how Thy salvation clothes us to
Effect, Thy people as the dew which fer
All that yet waits for none, and rain we knew
To cherish as Thy Word, what shall I stir
When boiling for tea all that speaks of You?


Her [darling Mrs. Sitz] prompt for our 02Oct17 monthly meeting was "water" with whatever permutations on that theme the soul could desire.  Time remaining after I'd penned this, and dissatisfied with only this's the first take on that subject.  Did I ever mention I do NOT like to be told what to write?
Crimsyy 5d

i'm not quite sure when
i fell inlove with you,
but there's no turning back
i drink you
increase my intake
the dimmer i get

i like you
hot, milky, and sweet
i drink you
not to escape reality
but to feel more awake in it

they say a good, warm cup
of anything
resembles a human embrace
so maybe it's not caffeine
i can't get enough of

maybe it's erasing
all the armless hugs
maybe it's loving myself
in ways he never did

i drink my cup of tea daily
like popping a bottle of comfort
on the weekend
increase my intake
the deeper i feel

i like my cup of tea
hot, milky, and sweet enough
to erase the sour taste
of his name dying in my mouth.

- crimsyy

a/n: thankyou all for reading (: any thoughts on this poem?

post-Thai Massage haze
dying for caffeine and sugar
others search for sex

amalia Oct 9

To the cup of tea i say
" I love him so much"
The cloud up on my head picture him clearly
No blur..
My hand still recognize how softly his held mine

While the wind brought us to the red of love..

But still..

I locked myself in my bathroom the next day
Screaming his name...

What the fuck he's trynna do to me?

Are we love?

To the cup of tea i say
"I wanna keep him"

To the almighty God i say
"Can I please keep him?"

mathilde Oct 2

Hours since I last saw you
Still, I think about you

Your smell put me on the edge,
And your taste...
I’d drink you all day
If only you didn’t keep me up all night

My dear Green Tea,
Your bitterness will never leave me
And your lightness is everything I see

cowritten with lena in the Louvre

melancholy eyes glaze over
the old honeycomb wallpaper pattern
and the mottled ceiling, paint peeling
noting every crevice in your new apartment
my consciousness dips in and out
of every nook and cranny, catching
fragments of the conversation.
we learned how to interpolate at university.
you should always be the centre of attention.
i'd tried to entertain the notion, you'd noticed
my eyes in the ceiling and ushered me back
to the boring evening tea room with a gentle
fingertip or two pressed to my wrist.
do you wish you were somewhere else?
would you read my tea leaves and tell me,
what does the future hold for us?

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