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I never liked the
smell of tea tree until I
smelt it in her hair

8:32 PM
Rox90 Oct 3
Whenever you feel your mind stress
A simple sip of green tea will do the trick
Norman Crane Sep 18
We came but our children have barely time
for us for they are leading busy lives.
When we were younger we had barely time
for us for we were leading busy lives.
How it passes: like the train that brought us,
winding but with purposeful direction.
How it passes: like steam above tea cups,
a gently rising evaporation.
We had tea with the widow of our son.
Our train returns home early. Life goes on.
Inspired by Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu's 1953 film Tokyo Story. Ozu's simple and gentle style is one of cinema's great treasures, and I hope to one day be able to do it justice in words.
Luna Sep 6
Dear tea
As I write this
I hope you're smiling thinking
**** do I taste good
ari Sep 4
his words
like tea
unsweetened and
bitter on my tongue
but now he's
added honey
and the love is
all the more sweet
im back after an extended hiatus.
Moth Aug 27
sweet dripping and lush
in my tea and into me
honey in my veins
E Aug 22
romy Aug 13
can I be your morning coffee
right when you wake up

and your warm cup of tea
before you go to sleep

wishing I was the cup against your lips
held right below my hips

can I be the tears running down your cheeks
and the shadow right under your nose

can I be the music you listen to on a rainy day
and the dimple right below your eyes

can I be your breath after walking up the stairs
and your late nights completely unaware
of all the things I want to be to you

can I be yours?
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