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Steve Page Dec 2018
Reuben's got his friends.
Reuben's got a tribe.
Reuben now knows where he belongs.
Reuben's standing straight.
Reuben's walking tall.
Reuben will recall where he is from.

And now
he knows
he's loved.

Reuben's word is true.
Reuben's word is strong.
Reuben's word is wise beyond his years.
Reuben's speaking loud.
Reuben's teaching truth.
Reuben will be heard beyond his peers.

And now
he knows
he's loved.

Reuben's got his friends.
Reuben's got a tribe.
Reuben now knows who he'll become.
Reuben's standing straight.
Reuben's walking tall.
Reuben knows he'll dance to heaven's drum.

And now
he knows
he's loved.
To my new friend Reuben Cal Hamilton.
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Lightning sets fire,
Thunderclaps rattle dark clouds;
Rainstorm declares war!
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

The music of my life,
harmony and discord,
differs from yours

I dance, solely and
purely, to the beat
of mine own drum

Feeling so queasy today....
Lyn ***
Allesha Eman Oct 2018
Sometimes there are words on blank pages,
If you look closely enough.
Sometimes there is music in the silence,
If you listen closely enough.
But it all comes down to if you see it,
The spaces between the letters,
The messages in my whispers,
Or my cunning subtlety that screams in your face.
Sometimes my eyes recite poetry,
But you’d have to look into them to know.
Sometimes there are prayers in my blank stares,
And sometimes my silence is a drum.
Ms Noma Oct 2018
Veil your windows to the world
Stretch your arms and take a whirl
Feel your heart beat as a drum
Each soul can dance when music comes

Heads will bop in affirmation
Songs may bring us all salvation
Shoulders bopping to and fro
Feet are tapping fast and slow

Swish and swoosh of swirling skirts
The drums and tambourines are flirts
Enticing us to join the floor
And shake our bones right to their core

We dance and dance till morning’s here
Embrace tomorrow without fear
Soak the spirit of the songs
This is where our hearts belong.
de Negre Sep 2018
part, the first                                                    
hauling through the desert          

the passing drum band-    

the unending rhythm

taste the dust storm          

the thump of my feet raw response    

each oncoming moment- the last; but yet to come

following the north star          

the answer- an end    

what was the question

the soldiers on skeleton camels          

to what war do i march forward to    

where was my solidarity when the band passed

scorched- exhausted death march          

the old man always told- foretold      

his stories; old as the desert

or the star which scorched the earth          

which burned the roots      

his tongue was with the soldiers

the verse rode the wind          

part, the second                                                    

with the clouds; non-presence      

written on scrolls

as old as the sun which scorched the earth      

the north star just as old-

but the drum band has passed      

with the dust we once tasted
please enjoy. the sahara is a long journey and we all need entertainment
Steve Aug 2018
Sand sun sea and sky
The wind in your face
As the day goes by
Sun sand sky and sea
The warmth of the love
That you give to me
Sea sky sand and sun
The glow of your skin
And the sound of a drum
Sky sea sun and sand
Is the beat of my heart
As I take your hand.
Spreading the love.
PoserPersona Aug 2018
The concrete drum
beats two steps;
their sound signals
dear freedom

The cricket hum
drowns the day
and instills a
tranquil numb

The bare breeze
strums leaves and all
and breaks the heat
in welcome

The tonic sum
a blessed song;
allowing one
to triumph
My drum has perforations; now flawed
Mylar parchment once taut on bone
Leaks prose; but each metaphor pored
Percussive skull reverbs teeming tome

Waning instrument yet waxing lyrical
Tympanic threepenny opera still plays
Snare split - verbose ****** spiracles
Whip quick flick of offal; tongue flays

Well weathered but - oh still sensual
Drum bongo crammed with lyrics learned
Skin leathered; worn – still beautiful
Spills tales – well told – well earned  

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness – 2018 – All rights reserved)
The head is the drum of our band! Our instrument, through which we see, speak, hear, smell and feel! We use our "head-drum" as a musician uses their tell tales...and, the older the drum, the more stretched the parchment...the better the story!
TB Dentz Jul 2018
When I look into your eyes
I see the jungle
When I watch you go mad
I fear for my life
When I see you fall in love
I’m inspired

Don’t come near me
You’re going to catch me up
In your whirlwind fury
I’m afraid I’m afraid

Do you hear the drum beat?
Drums of war
I hit the floor
And I’m afraid
This is a poem about when I was two years old and I went into a candy store and bought a rock candy sucker but it fell in the dirt and we were miles away and I never did get another one so here we are.
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