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s y kalindara Oct 10
My heart is an addict of fiction.

Awakening your pages with every drum,
it beats to remind me
that you're my very own
evergreen paramour
and I'm so sick of its pounding propaganda.

Copyright © 2020 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Why does my heart keep insisting that you're the love of my life?
Lyn-Purcell Jun 14

I stir as the sun grazes the lines of my face
The heart beats fast, a wardrum in its cage
The song of
doom boom doom echoes,
the pain spins on its lace
But I know that I'll move forward,
For I'll flower, not stay the same


I woke up, still lost in a state of introspection I was in yesterday. Its really easy for me to be lost in my own head but despite it, I try to keep on focusing on the positive.
Much love, light and blessings,
Stay safe everyone
Lyn 💜🙏
Tahlia-rayne Jun 13
You make my heart beat
like a drum echoing in a
darkened hallway
Val Vik May 17
It was your heartbeat
The first sound I ever heard. . .

before I was born.
neth jones Apr 20
beating on the rough skins
tummy to vibration ;
              the strum
                    that actions
               your cutting heart
wetting out for mammal
i clown on the drums
go to town
vetting out the taughtless thought within you
it's tough
it is trough
seeking you out
your sputting heart
a mation behind the curtain
a certainty somewhere
gulls creation
your bird of weather
your brimstone
your ***** of feather
your tell
your chore
and your wreckage yard
I pass you a code
to rive free your missive
with glee
you can mare
yawn over into public
with folds
and a sodden little battle cry

I drum for this
I drum for your honest heart
that you can be
you can be domicile to yourself
Grey Apr 19
My heart once drummed a steady tune
Like a contented wanderer it continued on,
s l o w
repeating, repeating, repeating.

But like the wanderer, it sensed you
a disturbance in the equilibrium.
The drum solo arrived, a fast-paced melody

     a     i
  e          n
l                g
                 ­                                     singing.
                   ­                                                   And then...
                                                         ­                                   stopping.
Only to continue again,
just as quick, throbbing just the same.


This time...

The wanderer sensed danger.

This time...

The adrenaline filled my veins
as you filled my gaze
and it was too late.
It's been a rough day. I'm super stressed and anxious. My brain knows that it's probably over nothing but my head, stomach, and heart think otherwise.
I love You because
you're like
Poetry to me -

filling up my lungs
with fresh, thin breeze;

I love You because
you make my Heart
skip a beat -

for it can't take
this drumming - crazy -
that's growing inside of me.
© 09/07/2019
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