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FlavioPAR Jul 12
Frightening isn't it?
How quick are we to sink
From thoughts and fears
Even in the unsinkable
Steadiness of the daily grind
FlavioPAR Jul 12
Why is it so, that
In the guiltless suffering
We wander so deep
So lost and astray in thought
To create and contemplate
pink snow rhodio
early clang
nettle treat pollen
fleece riot
blown out snow
dash rose pebbles
ducklings wander
on the pen
California napkin
pinata spring
of hatchling gallops
dandelion spear
on a sunny walk
the poker
carries on a root
Hebrew Mexico
on yesterday's riot
a pope smuggler
Martin Boško Apr 17
Like Amaterasu, I have withdrawn to a cave
Chastised by my self-hatred, no reason to be brave
But then I heard some noise outside, a person lured me out
She held up a mirror so I can see my light
She showed me that I am important, that I shouldn’t hide
That even if I feel the darkness, I still cast some light
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