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do androids dream
of electric sheep? -
depends on the ram
Har dee ******* har and so on and so forth.
Funnily enough Blade Runner was set in 2019.
I'm not heartless-
I always give thanks
to my abuser
James Khan Feb 9
in rough seas
no man is an island-
just Atlantis
The philosophy here is that the individual who tries to endeavour through emotional crisis alone, purporting fortitude and macho pride inevitably becomes sunken into despair.
James Khan Feb 6
Now being a traditional Briton
I'm putting my boots and my kit on
But it's not to fit in,
It's to cover my skin
As I'm likely to always be **** on.
Typical moaning ******* Englishman. Never happy, those miserable *******....
James Khan Feb 5
nothing held dear
fawning for dough and fast bucks-
a stagnation
Gotta love colloquial English. Only in this dialect can such wordplay persist and still have a philosophical meaning underpinning it.
James Khan Feb 4
how do godheads smell
the scents of shame-
It's the versatility of English that makes the cynicism of idiomatic expressions work well for senryu form.
James Khan Feb 4
what remains of the day
attracts scavengers
Dignity: the delusional veneer used to deprive oneself of libido and love according to Kazuo Ishiguro. What time remains is for us to fight over like pigeons to crumbs, perhaps....
James Khan Feb 2
the blind man hears
storms the deaf man sees-
all will feel the rain
We're all the same, differences aside when moral crisis strikes.
James Khan Feb 2
a tree frog
sweating in fear-
primes the hunter's dart
James Khan Jan 31
the ink is black
the paper is white-
so is the Tipp-Ex
Tip-Ex for you youngsters is correction fluid for printed mistakes. It's a white fluid but the thinner solution that used to accompany it was a very dangerous and addictive solvent. I don't think it's sold any more.
The message here is about how loud an ethnic minority is allowed to be before it is overruled.
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