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Amanda 15h
Thank you both for everything
It means a lot
To know at least two friends
If nothing else we have got

You invited us into your house
Helped any way you can
Were truly there for us
We had no other plan

You let us use your Jeep
So we could travel around
Or took us yourself
Til own ride was found

You let us eat food
Though money is tight
Patient and understanding
It'd been easier to fight

You have loaned us many dollars
We had not a single cent
Don't think we've properly conveyed
How much the money meant

You treat us like relatives
Without keeping track or score
Not because your motive is to gain
That's what friends are for

We may not show it
But are grateful to be here
I thought this token of gratitude
Would be pleasant to hear

Do not ever doubt that your kindness
Is a gesture we appreciate
Just hope we all can show it
Before it is too late

We could not do it without you
You continue giving each day
That means so much more
Than words could say
To our friends megan and jon who are the only reason we are not homeless and starving right now
Allesha Eman Oct 2
You wish for the good hours
When the sun wasn’t so eager to run away
But they’ll come again
When the daylight breaks through dawn

And you are granted another day
I am blessed.........
What happened to me,
happens everyday somewhere
So, to consider myself unfortunate - isn’t fair
Taking my misfortune to be bigger than others,
Is indeed my ignorance
 Now my actions has become spontaneously correct ever since
Alicia Moore Sep 29
I’m grateful for the
calm winds of stoicism
exhaling from you.
Cerulean Sep 22
I say.

Please don't go,
            I beg my grandmother
        when her breath wavers
                   and her milky eyes
                                land on me.
Please don't tell them,
                   I cry to my teacher
                when she caught me
                  smoking a cigarette
              on the empty rooftop.
Please don't break my heart,
                     I whimper to him
                       when he cradles
                               my wet face
                               in his hands
              which feels like home.      

Thank you
I say.

Thank you for coming,
                    I greet the visitors
                        dressed in black
                  when they whisper
         and peer at my dry eyes.
Thank you for everything,
                       I tell my parents
                    when they left me
            at the boarding school.
Thank you for the gift,
                         I smiled at him
                     when he gave me
                           pearl earrings
                                     to adorn
                  my unpierced ears.

Of course,
        Please and Thank you
can be
                            beautiful too.

I say

Please keep him safe,
                        I plead to God
            when my brother left
                     to join the navy.
Please come again,
I called out to the customers
              when they stroll out
               of my bustling café.
Please buy me ice cream,
                     I grinned at him
               when he waved me
                      ­   over the fence.

Thank you
I say.

Thank you my dear,
     I chuckled at the little girl
           who said I looked like
                                       a fairy
            in my wedding dress.
Thank you for the surprise,
  I cried with my best friends
       when they bounced into
                                 my home
                             with pots of
                          birthday food
                      made with love.
Thank you for life,
        I whispered to the trees,
                   ­      sun,

They are manners,
but they are also much more.
     tell someone
    and thank you

this is to the simple yet beautiful words that I say without much thought
Mrs Anybody Sep 21
Dear diary,

Today I
simply am
for being

For experiencing
nature, love
friendship & happiness,
but also
destruction, pain
hate & sadness
also check out my other poems!  :)
Payal Dhiman Sep 9
I wish when it rains you watch it with someone by your side
I wish when you are running away from yourself someone is making sure you don't fall
I wish when you laugh someone is there to share the happiness
I wish at times when you are crying someone is there by your side
I wish you are never alone at times when someone's presence will make a difference to go through it .
So I planned on posting every Wednesday WORDS THAT MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU posts and I wish they actually do so. I hope you like them❤
Last night
I met God
In my dream
Though brief
I did have
A conversation
I asked Him
How are they
On HelloPoetry
He said
Wonderful people
A few are just
A step below Me
You are on
A wonderful platform
You share
Your grief and ire
They tolerate you
Healing you require
Eliot is gem
Of a person
He created HelloPoetry
You be grateful
Eliot, I am grateful!
Payal Dhiman Aug 23
For the sky in me
For breeze in me
For the care less child in me
For the warmth in me
For the joys and changes
for all the things that makes me feel alive
I'm grateful.
I wish you always find a reason to feel grateful.
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