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exist 1d
the more memories in my head that become unrepressed
the more i realize that i’m blessed
it took a lot to get me here
and the end is nowhere near
because life is a journey, not a race
i’m so grateful to be in this place
and i tell myself
it could always be worse
practice positivity, sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude
I envy the sun.
I envy the way she glides through the sky with summer breeze.
The way she anticipates the moves of all those below her.
The way she controls the earth that controls the moon.
She shines all day and all night.
She is not envious.
She is never tired.
She is the sun.
My dearest Gianni,
I would never had imagined this feeling could be so deep.
You don’t know this, but I love writing poetry,
this is how I let out my each and every feeling.
I don’t even know what I’ll say about it,
all I know is that every word I’m about to write is coming from within.
I just hope one day you’ll get to read this,
‘cause it’s when I experienced love at its purest.

You came into this world on February 17, 2004;
by coincidence, the same day I came to visit unannounced.
As soon as I found out about you I went to see you
and when I saw you in your mom's arms my heart melted to the ground.
I still remember your mom's face when she saw me.
It had been 3 years since we had seen and talked to each other.
I quickly held you in my arms and put my finger between your tiny hands.
You’ll never remember that day, but I’ll never forget what that day did to me.
On that day you changed many lives, including mine
and I’m so glad that I made it just in time.
For the world you may be just another child,
but for me, you're a very special one.
You should know that this world we live in, sadly is difficult to deal with.
As you grow older, you’ll understand what I’m saying.
Dreams will come true and dreams will get broken.
You will experience life and all its wonders.
You will learn a lot, both good and bad things,
but if you choose well, you'll see that life is a beautiful thing.

PS, you have given me so much
in the short time you’ve been with us.
I am thankful to Jehovah for you
and I will always be here for you.
Written on February 27, 2004
Composition number: 174
Anne 6d
sun setting
waves crashing.
a smile forming
hands grateful.
skies darkening
waves quieting
For my recklessness
I'm lying in a bed of regrets
Money is spent
Emotion is drained
And so time went.

Although I must acknowledge
The beauty of it
Its spontaneity
Driven by passion with levity
Led me to an unexpected love
A wonderful dream.

This is the spirit of youth
The unfazed jolt
Into the unknown
Though with rue
As a person I grew
With a purpose anew.
Sienna Feb 10
you’re here,
though only for a moment.
“if you blink, you’ll miss it,” they say.

though only for a moment,
you’re here.
so keep your eyes open.
Elizabeth Feb 3
This poem is for you.
Yes you, who helped me get through so much,
It’s all the little things you do,
That made me believe in miracles and such.
I am a broken mirror,
Yet you still glanced at me,
And saw yourself clearer,
Setting us both free.
You are my anchor,
Even when I’m at my worst you convince me that I’m the best,
We’re fighting together this war,
Shielding each other’s chest.
I’ve never felt empathy,
Nor was I ever understood,
But you seem to chase away my apathy,
With you everything seems good.
Thank you my dearest friend,
For I treasure you beyond this life,
There’s only this love I have that will never end,
With you, I cannot be killed by any knife.
I wrote this one for my best friend who’s always there for me, supporting me, and helping me become a better person each day.
grace Jan 31
Curled up in blankets
And at times being scared of
Who I'd be without
CT Wordz Jan 30
I'm friendly
But I have a mean stigma about me.
I want to open myself up,
But the anecdotal fears haunt me.
I love,
But I'm never loved truly.
You see me,
You want me,
You fool me.
I'm to blame,
I'm clearly naive,
I'll show my wounds,
My heart on my sleeve.
I'm the guilty,
Of giving too much,
Draining my all into others,
Who don't give a ****.
Do I give up,
Or continue filling my flimsy cone shaped cup?
The thing about love is,
When you're giving it out,
There's always enough.
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