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Alone in your room
Like the owl owns the night
You awaited to be available
Not showing your loneliness,
Our childhood, you'd caressed
By your presence, we we're blessed.

Coming home from work,
Smiling so sincere
To your neighbours in fate
You were never late!
You were the extra hand in need.
You'd given hands and feet.

It takes a village to raise a child,
You were the village
Not only for me,as your heart was kind
Yet, you are gone
And never met my kids
You didn't stay that long,my friend
As God, for you, had another plan…

Wish my kids had met you,
I was told that you were different
You were not an angel
Maybe, it's us who've changed you
You were not seen by your parents,
We,as kids have seen you
And now,as adults- miss you!
Across from my childhood house, lived my mom's cousin who never married or had kids, but she always had a positive influence on all the kids she met, she would take me and my siblings in excursions and helped my mom, She was organizing Christmas plays, playing the piano for the church of our community, I always have seen her as the most unselfish soul I ever met. The cancer took her and I would always regret that my kids didn't get to know her.
Jules 2d
I keep thinking about it
Looking for a sign
I know I'm not blind
But I still kling to the idea
The idea of you and I
I can see she makes you happy
More than we'd ever be
And for that I'm grateful
You're living your dream
Do we need to lose something just to see its worth?

Do we need to get sick just to realize how blessed we are of having a healthy body?

Maybe, yes. Because losing or lacking of something may mean realizing one thing we should be grateful of.
Nothing compares to a love like this. I didn’t even know this could exist.
You touch me and there’s automatic peace. You carry me to bed when I fall asleep.
You tuck me in to keep me warm,
Or let me wear your coat even though you can’t feel your arms.
You tell me daily how much you love me,
And it’s what you’re always demonstrating.
You listen to me read novels and poetry.
And (almost) never interrupt me.

I hope that I do enough for you
To show you that I love you, too.
Oh God, I'm happy in this morning,
Being free of problem solving,
Living loving the road I'm hitting,
The misery I'm passing through.

Oh, how I would be free to suffer
Other mornings and another,
Filled with oh-such charming pattern,
Being happy after all.

Oh happy! Seeing all gifts that matter,
A marrow and a loving mother,
Ever radiating on the darker-darker
Sight that I'm still having though.

Oh, the obscure morrow and yester -
All those possible disaster
Are enlightened and farther- farther

Oh God, I'm happy in the now-happening;
I wish this moment pending padding,
I would leave all those doubtful setting'
And resting for ever in a now.
bhu Oct 4
Talks were talks
Sometime, somewhere, not somebody

A minute after, fondness
Reflection of my naivety

To come were moments of easily dismissible presumptions
Devoid of intrinsic rationality

Then the gush of apprehension
Soaking me with doubts about my sanity

A minute before irrevocable acceptance
Good to finally meet you, reality

Talks are talks now
Sometime, somewhere with somebody
sidra Sep 26
There’s some sunshine left on the grass.
I pocket it, and hope it lasts.
Nada Syafira Sep 8
Some things are to be grateful for,
you're one of them.
nabila s Sep 7
i hope that someday
i wake up among the sun, the moon, everything that shines
i hope that someday
i feel grateful for what i’ve become, what i have, what i am, what i deserve
i hope that someday
i am no longer inside the blues, feeling the greys, spreading the reds
i hope that someday
i will be enough

but for now
please let me be
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