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EmVidar Mar 11
Today you spoke first
Grimacing as you do
Knowing, nobody means anything to you
even me because how could I

-em vidar
part of the unconventional love series
Ash Mar 9
To love is to know,
And to know is to love ,
A bond sacred by intimacy,
Not birthed by erratic physicality.
No touch, no kiss, no hand I could hold,
Could warm the emptiness of my heart, so cold.
Two hearts torn
a broken hello from opposite sides of the world,
Our love simply lost, not permanently lorn.
Not by your kiss, not by your hold,
Will new love emerge from the fettered old.
I miss the warmth of your words
Their tantalizing embrace
Bonding immeasurable next to mere attraction of face.
Jenna Feb 23
Tea bubbles piping hot
Musty scent of cologne
Gaze has been caught
Every thought lay prone

Piercing brown upon recognition
Around morning you came
A cycle of repetition
Never knowing your name
I’ve walked on a red carpet before
The floor was sticky
The bright lights broke my eyes
And the beer was delicious

When it ended
I was in a hospital
An old woman grabbed my arm as I left
I don’t think she wanted to be alone
Ormond Nov 2018
Third had grace, loveliest, angels face,
Second had music and long, lithest form,
The first was a lark, one amorous affair,
All three are now but phantasm, dream,
The forests dark, memory— lost to me.
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Moonlake’s ripples glitter,
Desires sown by full moon;
Wistful night ahead!
Shiny Oct 2018
Why did I get to know about the myriad faces of the game before I even got in the field?  Players have told me a lot about the game called love .  I never asked them.  Some simply did while some needed to talk out to move on.  I just happened to be the person they could trust with their darkest secrets.  With the tales, my dream of an almost utopian world has receded into the past.  Sometimes I just have a minuscule wish to be able to dream of paradise like everyone else.
Ms Noma Aug 2018
Being unhappy
Stresses me out
I go all ******
And fill up on self-doubt

It consumes me
It eats me
Unfree me
Let me be

Disorder and mess
Become my companions
That good old stress
I need to abandon

To live carefree
And soar to the sky
The greatest wish for me
Is to never live a lie.
Emi Jay Sep 2018
like a flower in a high place,
i cannot help but gaze upon
the beauty prospering adverse
to callous wind and granite stone;

one day i will watch you fall grace-
fully, petals aflutter, and mourn
the absence your passing creates:
a world less beautiful and rare.
Jennifer Aug 2018
‘are you lonely?’
my reflection asks,
her fingertips touching mine.
‘no,’ i smile

‘i have you.’
maybe my own company isn’t so bad after all.
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