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I follow footsteps I've never treaded
And go where I always wish I'd visited
When my time comes to a close
I sit and watch the water

I listen to whispers that were never for my ears
That live not in reality but in my ears
Phantom touches that leave me breathless
They drown in the water

I remember laughter rolling in the night grass
Whose memory retains it no longer
And as I mourn the friend I wonder
I sit by the water

My heart breaks to pieces
As I sit by the water
I'm leaving to study abroad soon.
Norman Crane Apr 23
existence is naught
but skin between the moments:
wasp alights / wasp stings
Norman Crane Feb 3
I've got more scars than memories
but they heal just the same
I've walked too far without looking back
to find my way home again
Swan Songs Jan 28
In a simpler time
I watched a raging fire
As it swallowed every home
All except my own

With the passing years
New houses appeared
While mine began to fade
Crumble and decay

Today I returned
To the street that burned
One empty block lay bare
Where my home used to stand

I felt suddenly compelled
To rebuild what time had felled
A house of stone and clay
That time could not erase

I came home alone
To a house I didn’t know
I touched the wooden walls
The space felt cold and small
It smelled of childhood
And I thought of firewood
big sleeper Jan 28
has it really been thirteen years
since we dreamed of the city surrounded by cornfields

19 was a different lens
hot august evenings staring at the stars
on the rockslide in the quarry by your father's house
where we drifted deeper into love and ardor

in the heat of an endless summer,
the unflinching drift towards new romance and dreams of
marriages and sacred vows and well,
where did it all lead us, and where are we now?

in interceding years came new flames and hurricanes
and always those roads turned back towards you, didn't they
i sat for you for your paintings and i fell more and more
in love with someone whose heart could never let me stay

now, what have we come to, and what have we learned?

32 a new lens with clearer eyes and
i surmise now that i knew not where that road would go
i kept the promise that i'd made, just in a different way
past the barns and the long highways i'd dreamed of with you

glacial, time continues on
and memories are fleeting but fond

has it really been thirteen years
since i knew the joy of you
a short piece for a first love in memory. this sort of sprung to life after reading a ~2007 poetry collection i'd done in college and i wondered "what if i revisit some of this with the lens of being more than a decade removed from it?" - and i like the gentleness of the overall piece, too. it felt pleasant to be vulnerable here.
Bleurose Dec 2020
Oh Dionysus.
How I miss you,
but your me anxiety.
It makes people hate me, I can't stand to be

I can't say I don't miss dancing with you
But it's not much of a party with just the two of us.
No one else is willing to dance for long.

There was a time where you were,
my only friend
and you would smile and take me in your arms while
I sobbed and enjoyed the haze of your being.
I in turn, worshipped you. Even if research, candles and hymns, libations of your own blood and my perfume could hardly be enough.

It's all I have, my lord.

While I miss the roiling, twisting madness of your magnificence
I shouldn't be there.
I want to be, desperately
but I pick up a bottle and look at myself in disgust and shame.
It's not you, it's me.
This is far from a disillusionment of gods.
I will still dance, my lord, just perhaps not as closely as before.
I miss drinking and my lord Dionysus.
twindrill Oct 2020
In the house, a blue rose sits inside its icy interior.
Still as blue as ever, its petals unwithered.
Frozen in time, as always.

A red butterfly sits atop the ice, its legs pierced by the chill.
Red and blue, together as one. An elusive combination.
Frozen in time, as always.

Children peer into the ice, gazing at the treasure beneath.
It is so valuable, they think. And yet so unobtainable.
Frozen in time, as always.

The clock tower ignores the ice, focusing on the world itself.
There is no sign of cold in this world, aside from the rose's eternal cage.
Frozen in time, as always.

Centuries pass according to the ice, but would you know that?
The ice has barely melted, and the rose has barely faded.
Frozen in time, as always.

Frozen in time, as always.
Norman Crane Aug 2020
and one day the world will end
a winding road
missing its final bend
Norman Crane Aug 2020
I am white clouds
Blue sky drifting
Apart from me cicadas buzz loudly
Bare back on hot cedar planks
Mindfulness in bloom
Ideas like dandelion seeds
Arise before floating beyond the roof line
I am time—
The lawnmover engine turns,
reality returns.
Nolan Willett Aug 2020
Poised to succeed
In all of your dreams
You have the support
And the means
Endured a painful trek
Metamorphosed from a disdainful wreck
But you’d rather be something else
Than a large paycheck
All the agonies
Pursued through wistful blasphemies
Have led to naught
But a sorrowful eucatastrophe
Because you have bills due
Things to live up to
It’s wishful thinking
Wanting to paint the skies blue.
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