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Safana Mar 29
Something terrible
And so many injured
And the rest's life lost
When the train blast
kevin wright Mar 24
An elvish tunnel keeps us straight
The sun appears, celebrating the land ahead
Chasing roads pour through the landscape
Our shadow ripples crossing  fields of stubble

Young birch trees line up in military fashion
Guardians of the soil
Snowy patches iron out the footsteps of giants of old
A red barn on sentry hill views our passing

A plane of the air competes with a dashing bird
A pausative moment, a place of waiting
Bodies cloaked in winter garb climb aboard
Norwegian speak intensifies the air

Whitish cloaking embers of a winters cold mount
Peeking through the earth, rock forms project
Ever attired in greenest of shawls
Jewelled broaches beckon the hardy

Ripples into a  dark blue chasm flow past
An upturned dinghy agog on stony shore
Straddling  feeding waters, metal forms bridge the gap
Lake edges repent in turning crusty white

Snow dunes blown across the frozen water
Mountain passes hewn by a river of time
Shadows  shortening, eaten by the glare of the snow
Roofs laden with the weight of winter passing

Froth of earth spews from rocky slopes
Abandoned wooden house relics hang onto warmer times
Upon the arched backs of trolls amass the mighty peaks
Patchwork misty breaths gather within their ranks for story tellers to listen
Where ever we are taken in life
Our environment forms a pathway to our learning , our beliefs and our decisions. We need to absorb this planet's feedback and protect what we have. Our effects are there to be seen and a natural balance observed.
Nigdaw Jan 24
I set this train a' rolling
down tracks with no stations
knowing a wreck inevitable
of this wild and ridiculous ride
wind in my hair taut expression
flesh stretched across a face
expecting the outcome
MsRobota Nov 2021
Happily, I'll wait with you in the station
For hours and hours
I know you feel stuck
Held back by promises
We could do something fun
Distract you long enough to forget about the pain, and
Secretly, I'll hope your bus never comes
julius Nov 2021
Jared i’m understimulated
And without a hug
Without arms and legs
I can’t believe you left me
And your closest people
To you it was nothing
To us everything
The sky is grayer now
I see in tones of black
And white suns burn
In my eyes the image
Of you dying inside
Those lungs yearned
For something or someone
And your mother said
Your spirit wasn’t compatible
With your body or this life
I don’t know what to say
Or what to do without you
The whistle and happy hum
Of a train causes immense pain
It’s a shrieking scarlet ****** mess
And now the cold town cemetery
is where you rest
And ever
I miss you
train train train train tr
jaden Nov 2021
i keep watching my head get blown off in living color
sitting on a bench in 42 degree weather and across the platform there’s me
head firmly attached to neck
neck firmly attached to shoulders
and a resounding boom.
the train rushes by and i’m gone and back on this side of the platform there’s me
head firmly attached to neck
neck fully attached to shoulders
and a ring building in my ears.
i keep watching my head get blown off in black white
in the middle of the night and under the covers
i am shaking
head attached to neck
and neck to shoulder but i am shaking because
i keep watching my head get blown off
i am doing better it was just a rough time
xavier thomas Oct 2021
starting @ the top of the key

two cones. one at the 3-point line to the right. one at the free-throw line to the left.**

(Cross-over right to left; spin-move left to right; gather myself, **** fake, lay-up)

(Between the legs right to left; cross-over left to right; jump shot)

(Spin move right to left; behind the back left to right; lay-up)

(Behind the back right to left; between the legs left to right; floater)

(Step-back right to left; inside out cross; dunk)
Steve Page Oct 2021
I laid down my fears
and took up a new Spear
I took hold of a mind-set
that said I’m not done yet

I swallowed my bitter
and grabbed something better
not just mindful of me
more mindful of others

I stopped pushing away
started having my say
pushing on through
and I found a new way

When anxiety said ‘No’
I said 'What do you know?'
There’s much more outside
this comfortable zone

I’ve found a safe space
where I can relate
where I can be heard
where I am embraced

where I can be me
where I can be seen
to take up my place
in my chosen workspace
Inspired by Spear - part of Resurgo, working with young people to help them get into work
Simon Piesse Oct 2021
Open and Shut
Open and Shut


Binary yesterday



The network is pregnant again

Open and Shut
Open and Shut

This is an ode to hope, to travel and to poetry on National Poetry Day 2021!
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