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Mark Wanless Jun 21
mother protector
naturally as nature
for a friend
Apporva Arya May 22
I pin my faith to natural knowledge,
Stumble through the darkness of blind.
I pin my faith to supernatural knowledge,
Stumble through darkness bleeding deeper inside.

Before I merge with the eternal,
Body turns to ashes,
Mind kept recalling past deeds,
Enlighten me, LORD!
Let out reality from me.
I am full of longing.

Protector, controller of all, a fountain of life,
don't waste light,
gather the light.
Let me see that blessed body- Lord of all.

My deeds are known to you,
Before I grow crooked,
Holy Light!  Illuminate the way,
I kneel and pray that again and again.
This poetry comes to mind while reading the first principal of 10 upanishads(Easha-upanishad).

In this poetry, I am praying lord, again and again, show your holy light, show the way that leads to him. I am full of longing, let me see you.
Baylee Kaye May 11
God knew my heart needed you
for a time such as this
to be my rock and my protector
my safe place and the source of my smiles
to give me hugs when I’m cold
to kiss my mouth when I’m speechless
to hold my hand when I’m unsteady
and He let me find comfort in your warmth
Nisha Fatima Jan 13
To the most stoical being alive,
Who acted as an asylum to the insolent offspring,
And made easy all these strives,
And gave my existence an inconcievable upswing.

He led me to the innocuous,
And made sure every ambition wasnt left astray,
Sustaining his progeny utmost congruous,
And desired us ecstatic and allay.

It wasn't as facile as the naive do think,
Despite all anguish and deprivation,
In the times he had dismay make him rethink,
But succoured me without an utter of isolation.

The real chevalier,
The benign protector,
The light hearted buoy,
And most importantly none but an adoring father.
THE PSALM OF A FATHER is a poem explaining the intimacy of a father to his progeny. Despite all brawl, he manages to succour his progeny and ensure their souls are utmost congrous and ecstatic. He is a soldier, a buoy, a combatant only for his offspring. And had to go through tons of spar to protect his family from the ominous. Its a obeisance to all patriarchs.
Try Dec 2018
you brought a light into my life,
yet had the knife ready to take yours,
many times i disarmed your thoughts away from self harm,
you always did say i had a sorta charm,
always there for you when i heard the alarm,
but when mine went off you ran away into some one else's arms,
told you from the start this ain't no one-way street,
we each got our own heartbeat,
so for this to be concrete you gotta be able to stand on your own two feet,
yet when the other one falls,
remember to help them back up,
not just walk away like a thot,
cause that ain't how a team works.

© Try
went through some serious en-devours with some one i met along my journey, gave them all the support in the world something they never had before, yet when i fell on a hard time they got up and walked away.
you're so high,
white glowing light,
I'll never let you go,
always blowing me kisses from the sky,
I send you kisses,
we're two in one,
you know all of my secrets,
we'll be together every night,
you've always been there,
you always stay until the sun shows up,
protecting me through the night,
every night,
white glowing light,
you're so high.

Now read from last line back up to the first.
~SacredInkedBlood ©112718 via Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
The moon, my white glowing light, stayed with me my whole life when I was lone and afraid up in the sky you always laid. You knew all my secrets & what happened in our house at night and you still returned to stay with me every night.
Micah Gerdes Nov 2018
You are my body armor
My Kevlar

You protect me from enemy fire
You secure me in situations dire

You are heavy but the end result
Is worth the struggle
Who is your Kevlar?
Stephen Purcell Oct 2018
To those who wrong his chosen, he is retribution incarnate.
From his hands come gifts to those who help him on his path and judgement to those who hinder.
He is the light shining in the midst of shadows.
Lord and friend and shield and home.
A mirror of potential, a catalyst of those who strive to honour his esteem
A being of action and justice and the outreaching of hands.
His gifts seed life and his name brings hope.
Confidant to the world-weary and a gentle helping hand.
He is the Soul of the Protector.
George Sep 2018
I first feel it around the edges of my soul.

Like fingers on my shoulders.

I know him.  That one constant for my entire waking life.  An old friend saying hello.

He is charming and ruthless.  When you try to move, you feel claws not fingers.

He is the protector.  His is the menace.

He is the beast that did something when everyone else did not.
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