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Jay M Oct 6
I am
A daughter, a sister, a woman
A teenager, a deep thinker, an individual
A friend, a fighter, a protector

I am
A believer in justice
A ferocious warrior
A force to be reckoned with

I am
Strong, determined, stubborn
Loyal, trustworthy, steadfast
Powerful, seeing, undenied

I am
Hearing, consoling, knowing
Feeling, never kneeling
Unreeling, seething, seeking

I am
A wielder of justice
My blade is my tongue
Dripping with poison
Blazing with righteous wrath

- Jay M
September 7th, 2021
Journal stuff, lovely.
Cole Aug 2019
While I sit in my room,
You are down the stairs.
Father is yelling and blaming you.
You don't know how to feel.
Your voice is trembling.
I know you're about to cry.
I want to shout
And shove him away.
But it wouldn't change a thing.
After your "talk" to
You stumble up the stairs.
You'll go to bed and
Cry quite hard,
Missing your sweet mother.
I was there, open armed
To give a goodnight hug.
I whisper that I love you.
And I hear your honest reply.
I'll always love my brother.
I'll keep him within sight.

Leah Carr Feb 23
You must laugh
Not cry
Find some purpose
In life

You must be 16
in biology
Yet much older
in reality

You must know everything
there is to know
But feel no pain
or hurt
or sorrow

You must care
For everyone
But no-one will care for you
She wore red
so that
she could lead him
so that
he could
always see her
his protector
Daisy Ashcroft Sep 2020
It starts with his beautiful bright blue eye,
So steady and sure as the wings flutter and sigh.
They keep watch of the life below,
The nectar and the flowers that grow
A forest of colours, red to indigo.

Now, when the eyes shutter and blink,
The flowers look up and they think,
'Here is our dazzling friend,
Come here to dance and defend,
And to our gardens tend'.

Here, it whispers to a mother and child
Remembering all the times that they smiled
To each other and held hands
To help the child thrive and withstand
The winter's harshest command.

The mother waves and the child shakes
In excitement and down fall the flakes
Of yellow but quickly goes the protector
Gathering the pieces and the nectar
And hurrying back to inspect her.

Often people suspect that this pest
Eats the flowers and destroys their nest
But little do they know of why
The mother flower strokes the pest's eye.
You see butterflies don't just flutter by.

They have a duty and a burden
To protect the flowers of their garden
And see that everything is safe and sound
Down there on the ground.
A poem for my mum...
Francesca Rose Aug 2020
The sand is coarse among the waves,
The foamy froth curls, rants and raves,
The grainy ground is wet and packed,
And seaweed from the ground is hacked.

Plucked from stormy shallows dark -
bold fish swims among the shark.
Twisting in the deeper pools,
Threads of green unfurl in spools.

Monster beyond comprehension,
Slim limbs hanging in suspension.
Serpent lurks in Blue Lagoon,
Carved in its scales a single rune.

Magicks infuse currents strong -
powers deep and tendrils long.
The shrouded spirit, great insurgent,
Mairocant, the last sea serpent.
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
I don't want,
to be someones,
I just want,
to be good protector,
of humanity

Protector of humanity is my 1st aim.
i want to serve Nation...and whole world..Humanity is the best way to serve nation.
Thanks for reading.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020

Daughter of the moon
Ride swift winds with a taut bow
Fierce upon the hunt

This haiku is dedicated to Artemis, Goddess of the Moon.
Again, another Goddess whom I adore, haha!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
A heavy poem will be dropping soon, just making the final touches!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Aspen Jun 2020
You are safe in my arms,
where my size
is not to harm you,
but to protect the parts
of you that are vulnerable.
Self Love>Self Destruction
Keiya Tasire May 2020
When I was down, You lifted me up.
When I errored , You forgave.
When I was sick, You received me in your arms.
When I was lonely, You reminded me, "I am always with you."
When my broken heart despaired, You healed me with your Love.
When I did all that I could and wanted to quit, You carried me.
Lifting me securely into your arms.
When I learned to see you
I found you in everyone's eyes.

Divine Love, I love you.
Within my heart of hearts,  
As one Love,  never ever will we part.
Oh my beautiful Divine Love
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The beauty a relationship with an understanding of Divine Love as this love teaches, supports and heals a life.
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