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Nathan Apr 29
thinking alouD can be dangerous
it can causE anger and strife
but i'd rather be honest to People
than tReat them like fool's
if you ask what I'm fEeling
the anSwer remains the same
you juSt have to find it
although hIdden through words
my expressiOn says it all
is it obvious Now
uv Apr 27
As I scroll down hello poetry
Why do I read so much grief , pain and unpleasantry?
I understand life gives its blows
But stand up tall, let bad's be lows..

The sun shall shine another day
So write with joy, so you forget the pain
Be a guide, show other's a way
The laughter you lost, will be back again.
I was just scrolling down the latest page of he po and realised there is so much pain...
Life is tough ..and rough ..I have had my share ..let's write something happy , to make the stree go away..
Shane Leigh Mar 26
There was a thought,
but it is lost.
It had been pure in the
impurest of ways.
It sought to defile the innocence,
prolong the sin that is writing.

It is too late.
The thought that wants,
that needs,
but will not.
It will vanish and leave nothing

It is there
without words to describe it;
without the moment it lives in;
without a slivering snakes sssslush
        sac full of venom.
Venom, that it is.
Injecting itself
without the mind knowing.
Killing, callous,
couth - as one might imagine.

It exists
but not in context,
separately from its source.
erratic despite it's sharpness,
it's potency.

A thought that if thought about
you cannot elaborate enough.
It is sophisticated,
in the ways that writing is.
It will come and it will go
but it will always fester.
Decaying the process of thought.
© Shane Leigh
A proper BLAH that it is lol Working on my NOT Poetry series lol

******* ****** demons.. they're everywhere.
And I've known it about this site
for so ******* long.
And the witches..  Jesus Christ--
control freaks,   every one of you.

do you think your 'creativity' substantiates  you?
They're   just   *******   words.
Your creativity comes with an accountability
but you won't have any part of that..   will you..

If your demons are so ******* powerful,
why do they hide inside of you?
Like a pathetic  excuse of a man, stepfather--

Using..  using..  using.. his wife's beautiful daughter..
over and over and over and over again.
It is no different with these Unholy shitbags also..
(Oh, but don't I gather the most followers with my words?)

It's just empty ******* babble, Babe.
In the Realms,  it means nothing.
Absolutely.   *******.   Nothing.
The *******, inhabitor is just an extension of your
empty, ever-controlling..  soul stealing Mother--

    It's an extremely-closed loop, Lovecakes.
                End of ******* story.

******* ******* demons..
the pathetic ******* are everywhere..

Feast like pagans
never get enough

Sleep like dead men..
Wake up like dead men

And when the sun comes
try not to hate the light

Someday we'll try
to walk upright
get the **** over here,
and lets get this unholy *****  out of you.
(it per loca inaquosa, puella pulchra..)

mark soltero Dec 2021
moving backwards farther than before
can’t look at myself anymore
they made me bruise my skin
generosity is lame
authenticity is a facade
your empty promises will buy it all
jealousy resides in my heart to this day because of them
flashbacks haunt me
green lights guide me down away from reality
save me from my former
a sad child out for revenge
cold to touch
fully detached and shaking
haunting visions of time spent in delusion
lie to feel
lie to escape
feel the power behind that
behind the bile and tears were strength
i regret the times when i had it all
nights spent with myself loathing my own
a boken mirror is like drinking alone
sometimes i think im dying
but i’m not worth saving
break the cycle
but what’s the point
'She is Wisdom'

Just a child, innocent as
a butterfly in the air,

You can see the fear in her eyes,

If you wonder why, it's because
within her all the wisdom does lie,
The future has been revealed to
heart, She knows, that human-kind
is far too gone to be healed.
To see the picture with the poem go to
This represents a child who has been here over and over from the beginning of time and like any other child she's innocent, all though she knew all the past and remembered, and she knows the present. The difference now is that she knows what the future holds and yet she's just a child, so she cannot express it. She has to fear it because humanity is not going to change. © 4 minutes ago, Venjencie Clifton Arnold   sad • nature • society • she • is • wisdom
ConnectHook Nov 2021
just trying out
a new blade
it was a freebee  
at the Cutter's Convention.

well, it handles nicely,
cuts efficiently,
leaves a nice scar . . .

AND NOW for my POEM:

waah wah waaaah wahh
I so EMO waaaaah!
A cut from my latest record.
Owen Oct 2021
And I should never have shared
my presence here
on HP
for now I find myself
censoring what I write
to avoid
I wish people
would leave me
oh the chaos that my drafts would incite
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