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There is something special about roses
It's not about the petals you see
It's about the thorns
Which can cut you so deep
Hello poetry is not happy
Hello poetry is not well
Hello poetry is not healthy
Hello poetry's gone to hell

I see these thoughts and sentiments echoed
In different forms upon my wall
I feel it too as I click and stumble
As I watch and wait for the wheel crawl

I've only been here a little while
I like the format, I like the style
The thoughts, the words,
The shares, the smiles
But why is loading
Such an arduous trail?

Hello poetry's not so bad
I've got plenty of patience
Hello poetry doesn't make me mad
It offers me contemplation

I click, I stumble
I wait, I mumble
"502, the gatekeepers in trouble..."
I know I'm not the only one, but at least complaining is a little fun...

skin on my own
your body belongs to me
blood dripping from my mouth
just to let you know how much i love you
MELuhNEE Nov 2020
The mothers are sitting in the kitchen late
one of them asks Did you like what you ate?
I nod, curtly in deceit, eyes half open in anguish.

My mother’s pistol hand pulls the trigger
firing a bullet of a slap across my face
leaving an imaginary wound on my cheek.

The pain is empty like the love she never gave me
and my father’s mistress drunkenly laughs for
he isn’t home yet to whisk her away for the night.

While I tremble and feed on my streaming tears  
the mothers are sitting in the kitchen late
and I’ve barely touched the cold dish on my plate.

M. 10/31/20
Hey all! I just joined.
Miriam 7d
If only getting over you was
as easy as
Remembering your name
Sometimes letting can be so hard just remembering their name can hurt
mark soltero May 7
things are going to be grey
breathing tar inside
created nights without a sunrise

innocence breeds hopelessness in this world  
don't cry your pains in order to foster their intensity

dark things spoken will play around the mind
like children they scream and curdle throughout the night
chilling sensations wrap around while they mutate

greedy lungs withhold oxygen
their offspring drain the logic from reality

last breaths taken care for the innocent evils that live within
we don't lie for ourselves
when we begin to give life to those living inside our head
it's nothing but negative metamorphisis
clementine May 4
enthralled, you got me in a reverie
about your doll eyes alike the stars
that shines from a far cosmic galaxy.
love, you’re a pulchritudinous nebula.

almost failed to respire
while keeping our eyes fixated.
you’re my blanket,
my comfort through this storm.

as the sun kissed goodbye to the cerulean sea,
the whispers of the waves shift ‘neath your feet.
in a cold breeze, it felt unusually warm,
similar to a milkish pale, creamy optimism latte.

you’re fond of fireflies falling into your palms,
like a fairy dust in a fantasy.
fallen flowers amid abysmal situation,
a frantic feeling fades away instantly.

my Allie, i’ll be your Noah
who stares and loves you endlessly.
grateful to be lost in your smile,
will always hold your hand till eternity.
Miriam May 3
You make my heart flutter and shatter into a million pieces at the same time
Too scared to call you when day turns to night
but how else will you ever be mine
The first verse of my latest piece of writing ©️MH 2021
mark soltero Apr 29
empty emotions
fuel the deep devotions of yesterday
nothing fulfilling
no true feelings
there was nothing in between
nothing breathing
lifeless ill intended words
that feel like promises
only fueled what made you die
Miriam Apr 26
From morning till night
I’ll be by your side
From dusk till dawn
I’ll love you more and more
A short poem about love - I’ll be there for you no matter what
© MH 2021
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