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Fọlá 1d
Come, fly with me.
Soar, get high with me.
Have faith. Take a leap.
Let me take you on a trip.

Just Breathe.
Let the good stuff kick in.
Let it bring peace to your being.
Let us revel, in the greens.
Fọlá 2d

You never know how precious, until it is taken away.
You always wish you had it, for all the days;
Someone else was deciding your fate.
You’re not saying you’re great,
But at least you’ll be the one responsible for your current state.

The one setting your life at the right pace.
Making sure you're always in the right 'headspace'.
Making sure that every step, is the one you want to take.
Making sure that in the end, you can look back with a smile on your face.

Knowing, that this was your life.
That it was yours, and not the plaything of others.
That you bared your cross, and because of it, you were stronger.
That you made your own choices, and in the end, there is indeed nothing sweeter.
Ameed 2d
Eyes can sometimes say nothing
And sadness cannot be uncovered
Smiling with pain always happens
And secrets are buried deep down
You can never know what's in there
in the hearts
of the
closest to
© Ameed
Me 2d
I am your shadow
Your follower
You are my leader

You say
I do

I smile
when you smile

I laugh
when you laugh

I feel like a clone
But you never cry
you never frown
You are like the only shiny penny in my wallet
At times
I think of myself
as an onlooker, an observer.
At times, I live my life
by witnessing it.

At such times
when I step aside from the midst
my anxiety ceases to exist.
Me Feb 14
When I should feel
because you know,
I feel the tears coming on.
I see the world darken
As I cry.

People ask me
why are you sad?
People tell me
don't be sad
she knows

But do you really know?
You don't know it's you I'm talking about.
It's you I think about


Me 4d
You don't care
I don't care
That's what you think
But I do care

I just wish I didn't care this much
Me 4d
My emotions are like
and sad
Completely different
also the same

When I should be happy

Similes should be one way
but they are flopped
don't make
like my

It's a simile itself
My emotions are like similes
Me 4d
What are you writing?
why are you writing?
Everyone wants to know

But I don't want them to know

that I write poems

and what
my poems
are about
Lying so close to you... my love.... my life
I feel your warmth, see your smooth skin
in moonlights glow....cast over silken sheet,
defines in subtle shadows pale light,
partially veiled..... your sensuous form,
fractional to your captivating...wholeness.
So I..rapt within your especial fragrance,
the very essence of you, that my indulgence is, so drawn.
I regard your soft, gentle, calm breathing,
for me beautiful, nocturnal music, sweet,
written by you, for this, hedonistic night.
Such treasures are future memories, seeding.
I long to wake you, to hold, to love you... be complete.
So enthralled am I, watching you sleeping
your dark hair frames the face I cherish,
as you stir the motion slightly slides the sheet.
your thigh, back, shoulder, the silver moons gleam
exposes your appealing femininity
evoking your caring personality,
you are moving.. sinuously.... towards me,
midst soft murmuring...eventually,
bodies in coalescence curl serenely.
I softly rest my head against your shoulder,
kissing your neck, I caress your breast.. gently,
your warm smooth skin... tenderly moving downwards
slowly you turn facing me, our eyes meet... to betray
a tiny smile from the lips I will kiss... and kiss,
is the silent signal between us.... intimacy assured.
Pushing away the covers, we fondly embrace,
and so aroused, we, as lovers, experience a consensual excursion
towards effecting the ultimate... ecstasy,
fuelled not by - carnal impulse or **** - but along with grace,
an unconditional... true love and mutual desire.

In Love In Memories

Michael C Crowder           January 19th 2019      @scorsby
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