They loved each other like there was no tomorrow
Their kisses are full of love and passion
Their hugs are warm and comforting
Every breathing moment was for the other.

A relationship that's almost perfect
Oh yes, another almost.
Just one big flaw, a secret they are
Lovers behind the curtains.

They show their passion behind the eyes of the outside world.
Their image is being protected
Yet their love is collecting small dents.

Beards are occuring
Fake relationships to cover up what's really happening
They wish to be lovers publicly,
but their forced to act like bestfriends.

They show hints to those who are really looking.
Those who can see the small gestures.
Those who acknowledge the stolen glances Those who see through their longing gazes.
large letters on the page of words I've used.
it doesn't account for repetition.
it doesn't account for context
I'm a little peeved.
Poetic T Jun 13
My view of the world
           through rose tinted glasses.

I hope that we can pick up roses
      hand them to each other
rather than point weapons upon
                       brothers & sisters.
But a rose is a sour beauty
for even thorns can bleed
              deeper than a dull sword.

We must speak to each other find
             solace in others humanity.
For words can heal rifts that started
                 long before we were born.
But syllables latching on to the misgivings
                      of insecurities can wound.
Like papercuts on the mind,
        speaking to the shallow cradles swinging
        in a hateful wind of whispers flawed.

I wear glasses that I take of every now
          and then, I have a idealistically flawed
view seeing the potential of us.
But knowing we can fall harder
                                      than when can get up.
Simra Sadaf Jun 7
she is an undeniable calm amidst chaos,
a lone rose of the wild,
a strange serenity in a calamity,
her words are like sugar,
sweetness you crave for,
she is like the air,
you can not hold it in your hand,
but it is everywhere,
she is a walking beauty,
the sun's rays gleams on her cheekbones,
her perfume smells like innocence,
of beauty she is the quintessence,
as long as you have her,
your heart could never be empty,
with gorgeousness through and through,
she is flawed in all the right places,
freckles like constellations across her face,
forming Cassiopeia, queen of vanity,
how perfectly fitting.
KM Hanslik Apr 18
Melt the bones of things you drew up
in a world where everything was different,
in a world where secrets
are kept, and permanence is just
an abstract philosophy.
Keep the sticky warmth near
your skull. Let it seep into your vocabulary in phrases like
better safe than sorry, but never question
whether or not you believe that.
Tie up your heartstrings and drag them against
the jagged edges of maybe this is just the way things are, lose your youth before
it devours you. What could be more mature than
alcoholism and unhappy marriages?
Dress this up in terms of winning and the good life, but notice
how your fingers still shake and the clock
isn't stopping. Peel back your eyelids in case
you miss the sunrise again, stop putting everything off like you have
forever to come to terms with all the lives
you've led and all the bodies
piled in your wake.
You don't.  
Take these thoughts out of their cage once
in a while and ask them,
what becomes of all of us when we face
what we've done?

But when the answer rolls off your tongue and bleeds
into your mouth
make sure to count yourself among
the carnage.
She looks at you and see's all that you can be
So much beauty in his pain
She can see right into your soul
Eyes piercing deep into the depths of it all
She see's all your flaws and still loves every broken fragile piece of your frame
But she too is broken...
When you look in the mirror you see her reflection staring back at you
Reflections of your future
Though you both are broken
You both mesh together to make this torn beautiful symphony
Our imperfections is what makes us perfect together
I never loved you

You held my hand, called me baby
almost made me feel and do things
but I never loved you

I never said I loved you too
despite you saying it over and over
you gave me a home, presents.... you.
it didn't make me love you.

But you were mean, didn't fear God, or trust me
cared less for what I wanted or preferred.
so I couldn't love you.

Yet, I feel mean, for not loving you.
E McNamara Mar 3
Stop with those eyes.
Why can’t I memorize?
More green now than blue
Funny how you
Don’t look like you

Meeting eyes was easy
Like pouring sugar from a jar
Fidgeting with my ring
My heart never beat that hard
I was deep breaths and trembling hands

You remembered what I told you
Such a time ago
Stop making me laugh
You make it hard to let you go
But you’re human too

You have acne too
You fidget like me too
I built you to be a god
My hands loyal to your shrine
But you’re only humankind

But aren’t you beautiful
In your flawed ways
My heart all but sprung
From its cage
And lept into your hands.
You are beautifully broken and chaotic
Then again, so is everyone else
You wear your heart on the sleeve
While theirs is on a shelf

Caring too much
Versus not caring at all
The former labels you too sensitive and weak
While the latter will label the mind small

Selfless thinking takes courage and strength
Making you a target in others eyes
You will gladly take the brunt of the blow
In keeping an opportunity for kindness alive

Looking out for your fellow human
A simple act that carries no mystique
It just makes some of the beautifully broken
Shine brighter by being beautifully unique
STOP...Be Patient...Be Kind...You never know what someone else battles within! A small act or simple smile can go a long way and start the healing process for ALL!
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