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Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Whether you hide or stand out,
Whether you whisper or scream and shout,
If you want to, you can be found.
And if there days you feel you have no one
But your fears and your doubts,
Like you've looked everywhere but can't find a way out, if you want to, you can be found.
You will be found.
You don't have to be the perfect puzzle piece
You can be the one that doesn't fit
Into societies roles, you don't submit
The one that stands out from the bland crowd
Do things your way and be proud
Amongst the thunderstorms, you can be the cute fluffy cloud
Amongst the frowns, you be the smile
Do things in your own style
Go at your own pace, it might take a while
Monet Echo Aug 2020
Some people long to be famous
To stand out in the crowd
They long for money and riches
To spend their lives in the clouds

Some people want only comfort
To live their lives in peace
Steady income, cozy house...
That life is not for me.

I want my story to be radical
To scream with the unexpected
Though every page may be a struggle
The end has already been written and perfected

I want my song to be revolutionary
The voice of Love in action
Every lyric will take the broken
And fill them with fiery passion

I want every conversation
To be filled with infallible truth
So that people leave encouraged, uplifted
All anxiety, for the moment, soothed

I want to live a life of faith
Eyes closed, hands held high
It'll be hard at first, I may start out low
But I know I'll end with God on High

Some people long to be famous
To stand out in the crowd
But while they sleep in the clouds
I'll be wide awake on solid ground

I don't need popularity
Or everyday life persistence
I want an unexplainable life
I need to make a
Kelsey Apr 2020
Oh beautiful flower

Your petals are falling

Your stem is bending

Your scent is fading.

What kind of flower are you?

Not bright or tall

Nor colored or warm

You stand out amongst them all.

A flower so keen on the heat of the sun

And the chill of the night

With the wind you will run.

For the pretty and the perfect flowers

Are a comforting sight

But the flower thats different

Makes a difference in life.
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Everyone is entitled to live
and just survive.
Everyone deserves the world
but not at the cost of his soul.
Everyone should be happy with themselves,
not change to please the masses.
Everyone should be proud to stand out
feeling no need to fall in line of conformity.

How is it that when I try live my life
Try to love my life
I always end up saving others
at the cost
of losing myself...?
A poem that's near to how I've feeling for the last few days.
At the cost of all i want, I fear losing who I am.
I've spent most of it trying to make everyone happy.
Now I've learned that I need to be more selfish and focus on me and me alone.

Be back soon
Lyn x
Sarah Markbride Mar 2018
I don't think it's true that people enjoy to stand out.
As much as they say they do.
As much as they wish they did.
I am guilty more than most.
My whole life I've spent wanting, nothing more than to fit in.
To be accepted for who I am.
As we get older not fitting in becomes easier than it did at school.
To forget about the people that made you feel worthless in the halls.
Being made to feel like that way never truly leaves you.
So be kind to the ones that you feel are so different from you.
As they are not the ones that should be made to feel worthless, take a look in the mirror because if this is something you do,
The only person that should be made to feel worthless is you.
So maybe I am still bitter and I deserve to be because everyday being made to endure this I became less of me.
Amy Feb 2018
So what if I'm different
Maybe I like girls and boys
Yeah, I'm Bi, is that a crime?

So what if I'm strange
"Kid shows" bring me joy
In the end, it's just pixels on a screen

So what if I'm annoying
I'm just being myself
It's better than being someone you're not

So what if I'm awkward
People just don't understand me
I don't understand them either, so your point is?

So what if I'm ugly
It doesn't matter
My looks don't define me, neither should yours

So what if I'm still a child
I have feelings too you know
I can understand some things adults will never know

These are the questions I will always ask
Because the diversity of the human race is great!
It doesn't matter who you are under the mask
Human is whatever, black or straight
If anyone has a problem with it,
Are you gonna run crying, back to your cot?
Or will you give them a smile and say;
"So what?"
This is sort of like a rant poem...? I don't know, this just came out of me XD
Julie Grenness Feb 2017
I sit here and fade
Into the woodwork, I gaze
At the passing parade,
Studying people, always a fave,
Some standout in the crowd,
Interesting, people-watching allowed......
Feedback welcome.
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
When you've grown up being
called a stranger wherever
you go, you learn to make
home of whatever ground
of little discomfort you
find, you play deaf to
insults and jeers
you hide your
tears and
yourself that
someday you'll
find a home for you
and teach yourself to
believe that lie because
the reality of truth's
too bitter for
you to take it
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