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Rei Nikolai Jul 2022
It all starts with an idea, that you can
Feelings come between now and then
Thoughts come running through your head
All the time is ripened for what could be said
Then it takes what was yours
It just breaks all your core
And you'll never know why
You gave in just for more
All the sights and the sores
Painful cries as they court
And you'll never know why
You take in, lust yet torn

Sometimes I fear the feeling of contentment
Of completion and accomplishment
Because afterwards I'll never know
If the passion dies, or if I'll still grow
Then it stops what you start
It just drops from the heart
And you'll never take back
What you gave just for art
All the lies and the lores
Faithful eyes now they tore
And you'll never know why
As you come back for more

And it starts as it the ends
The idea that you can't
As you say one goodnight
The last of all goodbyes
To the brush, to your pen
To all books that you've read
To the lovers that come
To the letters you've read
As you'll never come back
To create, you just can't
One last time, one last sigh
Close your eyes, one last breath
All the doors closing in
Right where we all begin

Our dreams come pure with uncertainty
When all doors are closed as answers can be
When everyone has turned their back on you
While the chance is null and you have no clue
That dream you have is yours alone
It only comes once, yet with you it's grown
It all starts with an idea, that you can
You were passionate once, embrace dreams once again
this poem is for the poets, writers, artists who have lost their passion;
may you find hope and inspiration and pick up that pen (or keyboard) again.
David J Oct 2021
I used to fear what I could be some day
How I was always locking emotions away
My world view turning darker than gray

Yet, while my heart was encaged
My soul was enraged

Revolted by the world I seen
My spirit raged, fierce and mean
Deserving of judgement, we the unclean

I took everything I had not to Intervene
A dangerous combo. Im glad I was more cold than bold. But honestly I try not to let myself think about us humans I get very upset. I hate the way it feels. That mournful anger
LC Oct 2021
we begin our reunion
with soft, sultry, glowing eyes.
then my fingers ignite his skin
until hungry, crackling fire
consumes our passionate souls.
Holding your soft hands and dancing through sunrays around in circles as we smile and cherish each other's comfort through the loneliness in our hearts.
Golden hour peaks and you sing through my treasure chest filled with open treasures of golden honey, and that honey drips down the surface of my fingertips as we kiss each other in a warm gleam of freedom and surpass realms of stars and dreams.
The honey trickles our kisses and makes a sticky hot mess under the steaming sun as it begins to set through white fluffy clouds.
Feeling high like cloud 9
I want to feel your chest pressed against mine, forever and key it into a lock that cannot ever be undone.
I love you.

The memories we make feel like a never ending escape through Alcatraz.
A portal so clean and pure.
Being in love, feels like you're high.
p.s: I never been high, only high on love.
Bugi Aug 2021
Something that I’m passionate about is art. Whenever I’m stuck on a feeling, a thought, a memory, or even a conversation that makes me upset, I draw. I let my feelings flow through my pen or brush. It airs out all the gunk inside myself. Sometimes its just intense scribbles that tear up the page, or a bright painting, or maybe a crying clown. Its how I express myself. Its how I speak my truth. Its just how I relax, it’s calming, comforting, safe.
This is a poem I wrote in English class and thought it was good enough to post here.
Something raw,
Something Passionate & A love so lively.
I need someone who will recognize the effort and hard work that I put in to loving them.

I've broken my back, spent my checks on food to make you a romantic dinner, and in turn you LIE and go FLY to another dimension, telling me you've fallen asleep.

I surely and truly do hope that's the answer,
because right now i' am questioning my faith towards my love for you.

How blind can I be?'re right, love makes people blind, but is that really the case when all we want to give and take is a love granted at the stake.

You know I love you,
I' have sacrificed so much out of my yearning days to be with you,
to help all of your depressing problems that you speak of.
I try every day, even when you're battling demons, to stay by your side and give up things i do throughout my day.

To make sure i'm home on time, to speak to you.
And in return you continue to LIE, LIE LIE.
Why, does no body love me?
and if you do, why?
when I question you, you get mad.

I just don't understand, am I a fool?
a fool for loving someone like you?
Please to God, give me the answers as for I cannot give oath to my own love letter.
I want to seek out, the time going backwards.
Want to breath in, the love and laughter...
Nostalgic memories, fill my heart with a gentle caress.
First time we met, was a time of excitement...but now having you
in my arms forever.
I want to go back in time, travel to our realm, of memoirs and happiness. Times' stood still, for a moment or two.
True love in our hearts, stood tall and strong.
Every day you see, it's you and me...
Chances that we had took, made time fly by with memories.
Forget the fights, I know you love me.
I love you too, i'll never forget our love.
It's hard to sleep, knowing the time keeps going faster, faster...and faster...but as long as it's just you and me, i think i'll stay happy.
I want to turn back time when I close my eyes to sleep, relive the good old days, our first time to the middle of a winter storm, sitting in the front of your old car.
Listen to tunes on the radio, as you drive through the traffic lanes, staring at your face before we knew that our love was true.
I will always love you
Now that times go faster and time won't stand still...
But the moments we make, love we see will take us back through time to feel.
True moments
True love
Our souls can never keep us far apart.
I ' am worried for the future, I love you M.C
Something scarce is eating at my melancholy.
As I deliberate, a vigor burns beneath my blood.
I get so warm thinking about his hands griping my hips.
My cheeks flush at the thought of his skin pressed heavily against mine.
Unalloyed ecstasy
His subsistence is the key that reveals my coffer.
I beg to feel his breathing
For him to cognize how much I want to gratify his every desire.
Slow motion when I fantasize.
A room bursting of fine riches I could erupt with gratification.
A gentleman who can pleasure me both with innocence and sensuality.
Rarity that comes as one.
He demonstrates loves configuration, he bestows complexity and certainty.
One could ****** with the thought of his supportive charisma.
I weaken at the awareness of his reciprocated needs.
The definition of love is embraced through his actions.
Bleeding perfection, he is untouchable.
He makes me feel amity.
He is the dream I want to feel as I shut my eyes at dusk.

I can sense him so close,
yet when I open my eyes
I’m alone.

He is what every women searches for.
Tonight I cry,
Because I' am a fool.
A fool for love, the kind I gave to you...

Every day you made me feel like the one who meant the world to you...but now I see why maybe...just maybe...I should run.

But the magnetic pull of my heart holds on so strong, I don't want to let go, the elastic band stretches apart near its peak and then retracts into a heartbeat that breaks like shattered glass.

I trusted in you, that you kept your word, but today you left me all day without a say and come back a drunken fool.

I fought you, 3 hours because my feelings were hurt and you never gave a **** and wouldn't understand, because i' am the mean one.

Where are the loyal people, where are the ones who just want a pact, to be loved and give love in return without needing to be asked.

I lay here, 3 AM alone in my bed, wanting to sleep but my foolish heart can only think of you.

You left again, because you couldn't take my pain, the truth I expelled from the midst of your spell but you still continued to hurt me and hurt me and hurt me because like I said, you wouldn't understand.

Why am I a fool?
Someone, help me understand my own feelings, because I don't think I can...
You tell me you love me, but then do it again.
You never make sense but expect me to think twice before speaking.

You are confused.
I'm sad and my heart is aching.
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