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Cherry juice and sweet surprises,
how wonderful it is that you light up my eyes.
Cold and refreshing, sip of juice, like the sugary kisses that bright up the room.
Lick my lips, smother me in your lavishing desires, as for one day we will have forever eternal love.
I love to love you.
Summer gets darker,
Sun begins to fade,
Our lives get more wise, through the dances of autumns haze.
Leaves fall off and a charmed aroma of sweet cider symphonies come down the trees unto hearts that bleed.
Enjoy the rich colors autumn brings, deep burgundy red, grape purple, golden bronze and chocolate sweetness floats into the air of a summoned season that we call Fall.
Delicious treats on our tongue touched pallets,
soft, warm, chewy cinnamon buns, red stains covering our lips from that glass bitten candy apple we bought at the fair. Smells of apple cider and maple syrup and our lovers kiss that is smooth like a pumpkin spice dream when my chap stick smothers your face in such delightful ways.
I love the fall, it is my favorite season. What is yours?
Akriti Aug 12
What cannot be yours,
no further shall be desired of.

Sunk into shallow waters,
gone up in smoke,
narrowly ablaze.

Torn to pieces,
unabashedly re-framed.
No matter what you desire of,
at the end must be yours and reclaimed.
Sven Selle Jul 28
I remember times when we talked for the pure joy of talking to each other. We shared, laughed and cried. We spoke of anything our hearts desired. Mostly it was pure spontaneity, spoken raw. It’s lead us to the uncharted and in this uncharted we were discoverers of each other.

Those were beautiful days and my heart still brightens in recollection.

Now; it feels tedious to converse with another. Perhaps my wounded aspect speaks? Perhaps there is a massive break in how we speak with each other?

How much of our conversations are filtered through addictive defensive layers or laced with agendas? It’s become thought out and structured; I must tell you this for these reasons, here is my shrouded agenda, or here is an article, post or video that you should see. It will help you. Yet never set you free!

Have most of our conversations become preconceived, pre-planned and fixed out of fluidity?

Have we all become each others projects, projecting our **** onto each other? Where are the days of us speaking in joy for the sake of joy? Speaking for the sake of wanting to connect and share as we rediscover each other? Making a joke for the sake of having someone to laugh with?

Now it’s all comments, shares and likes. How many of us would pick up the phone in joy when our loved one call us?

There are so many of you I desire to speak with. Yet when I mention this, I feel your guarded silence.

I’ve connected more with posts than with the authentic, raw and the mess of a spur of the moment interaction. It may feel safer, yet this safety comes at the price of a box. And that is what I’ve come to know you all as.

Pre-planned, life becomes stale. It’s meant to be present, in the moment and in its authenticity, it is raw, ripe and yearning to be expressed.

Unplanned, unexpected authenticity enlivens us. It is unguarded, unfiltered and therefore raw. It leaves us in a spin that can be fright or delight. It leads to the uncharted and in this uncharted we discoverer of each other again.

I’d rather mess it up with any of you, than keep you in a safe box.

By Sven Selle
Match my strength & love
My goddess, overpower me
In the most primitive way
Make me laugh & Make me cry

But most of all
Don't walk away
Let's fall asleep
In naked bliss &
A passionate kiss
This is for my future lover.
Wherever you're,
if you're reading this don't hesitate to say hello...
Jammit Janet Jul 17
Sappy and happy,
My insides glow with emotion,

No flames on hold,
Roaring, soaring,
With the Texas heat,

Temperatures rise,
Hearts accelerate,
Start to pound,

Palms sweat,
Pants wet,
Mouth dry,

Animal instinct,
As we collide,

In another dimension,
Of passion,
And prose,

That satiate our senses,
Down to our toes.
My mind is going crazy thinking about you 24/7...
Where have you gone, it's like you flashed before my eyes?
You have abandoned me, avoiding my love for you, ignoring my heart when it works hard to beat for you everyday.
I have worked with all your challenges of your mental strains...
You vanished in thin air, not even a good days hello.
I miss you,
i'm losing control, going crazy, you have become the Ghost of July.
I hope you come on soon. I need your love.
cea Jul 3
bare and vulnerable
hug me til dawn

cover my flaws
caress my scars
kiss me
as if my skin is porcelain
with no lines that say i'm broken

delve yourself into me
let my heart beat for your own
as your own does for me

hand me your love
and pull my pain away
let me taste the eternity
and passionate severity

oh, please tell me
that this is not a ragged hum
of a wild beast when midnight come

tell me you love me
tell me you still love me
in spite my skin
in spite my bare being
Lyn-Purcell Jun 30

My love,
I pray you forgive me for this.
By the time that this letter is received,
I would have found peace in my

Please, have mercy on my handmaid, Hui.
I insisted that she compose and deliver
my final words to you herself...

As one of the proud flowers of
your golden garden,
I braced myself but I was still
unprepared for the chill of regret,
and winters of loveless eternities.

I will forever love and appreciate
the warmth you provided me.
I know your love is a true promise,
never one made on illusory grounds.
But what is the point of love if it is
shown yet true thoughts remain unsaid?

Before you, I am a mere moth,
and I prayed I never have to face your regal ire...
And though my heart bleeds greatly for the losses
of our twin fruits, it weeps even more
so for the loss of my sisters.

Meihua was kissed by her blade.
Yuyan was caressed by wine of gold silkworms.
I will not deny that Yuyan was proud
but she too had the dragon's blood,
it was expected of her to be so fierce.
But I never doubted her affections for you.

Forgive me if I impose but
I pray you forgive the frost of her words,
and not take them to heart.
Such thorns are born from a place of great anguish,
and it pains me so much to see you racked with it...

Even more so now because the Gods saw it fit
to take back our son and daughter both.
As the nights grow longer for me, and the days
more painful, I simply ask that you do not
take out your pain on the Second Prince.

None of us are perfect, my love.
Yuyan had fire, perhaps even too much of it...
And for that, she reduced Meihua and herself
down to embers.

Sister Yan's thoughts of Sister Han
were hot and biting, and I cannot say what
truly happened between them,
to the point that it resulted in so much bloodshed...

But I beseech  you, please do not take out
the sins of the mother on your son.
Hong'er is such a sweet and smart boy.
I imagine he has came to beg you for his mother's
mercy. That cannot be faulted, he is still a child.

Though I failed in my duty of bearing your
regal dragonseeds, I love all your children
as if they were mine own...
And soon, I will be with our ill fated children,
Our sweet son, Bai and gentle daughter, Ding'an...

I beeseech you, please, please do not blame Hong'er.
Your son needs you more, now more than ever.
Please give him all the love and support he needs
from his father now that his mother is gone.
Such a sweet child should not live a life alone...

Please promise me that you will try, that he will not be
left alone. And, if I may be so bold, confess it
to my body while it is still warm.
I may not respond, but I assure you that I will hear it.
And I will be watching of you and yours as
I tend to our babes in the Heavens,
Provided my soul is accepted and clean enough
for their Gates...

I pray you forgive me,
I am naught but a feeble, weak woman
who has failed her family, her sisters,
her children and now her husband.
Forgive me for adding more onto your grief.
But know that I am watching, with the
lotus fan you gave me many Summers ago
on my breast...

I pray that you will come through this storm
unscathed, and that you will soon know peace,
my dear Dragon King...

                            Yours cordially,
                                             The Lotus
                                                                ­    Taihe ✾

This is a continuation of my poem,'The Screen', exploring the thoughts of 6 women and here is the 3rd letter. As stated before, there will be 6 letters in total, with entwining stories.
Each of them are consort, married to a King.
Meihua was first, then Yuyan and now, Taihe!
I hope you enjoyed it, I just let the emotions flow out of me.
And I'm so happy that I've hit the halfway mark now!
Once the collection is completed, I will let you all know and post the link.
Do tell me what you think!
Be back soon with more letters and poems!
And thank you so so much for 352 followers!
You guys are amazing!
Take care everyone, stay safe and well.
Much love,

Here are the links to the Screen and Meihua's Message. Please have a look at them when you have the time as there is more to their stories.
The Screen [Intro]:
Meihua's Message:
Yuyan's Message:
Lyn-Purcell Jun 27

My King,
I am light in the shade, and no slave to sin.
The charges upon me and mine name are false,
but naught can be done as you have decreed that
my kith and kin be stripped of their birthrights
and slain...

My grief knows no bounds to the injustice,
but the only assurance is that I will reunite
with them once I am free from the bonds
of this mortal coil.
The world of women is harsh and hard,
even more so as we tend to our gardens.
to be fragrant for you. To be fresh for you.
To be righteous. For you.

We are sold to carry our family names
on our shoulders and dragonseeds on our
All while living in a luxuriously guilded cage.
I am a one of many flowers you so tenderly,
proudly plucked and yet,
I am left drowning in nothing but
cold tears and everything I am scattered
to the wailing wind and raging rain.

As I take my leave of this world,
I pray you shall be of great health
and live for ten thousand years more.
You came into the world under the wings
of a storm of destiny
When the winds howled
and the seas roared

As the people paid sacrifices
to the Gods to still their rage.
Only with your loud cries did the storms
pass away and then all things became light.
The passion we once shared bore sweet fruit,
to our dear Second Prince who is carved
in your image.
He is me and he is you and he is he,
a son of the God who walks this earth.

You say you hold the Mandate of Heaven
in your claws, and all you do is mourn that
wretched sour flower with such affection,
not even seeing how my love withers in
the heart of your golden palms?
Do you truly believe that Meihua is without fault?
Without sin?
She only remained so white and youthful
because she bathed in the blood of those
she so willingly, wilfully, wrongfully spilt,
yet all you see is her aura of eternal
spring flowers?

...How I pity you...

Under her gaze was the guile far more
venomous than any krait.
I only wished for you to see the truth,
to tear her hypocritical mask of
innocence, and be your ***** friend.
As I still do!
But I see now that all my cries, my pain
our love, our history have fallen on mute ears...

I love and loved so fiercely.
I love and loved so purely.
And with the Gods as my witness,
as foolish as it may be, I love you still!
I kept myself clean from the touch
of man and have been naught but
a loyal, patient and caring wife to you
and our brood.

Meihua truly has you bewitched and
has bested me and my sisters, as she is so fang-deep
in your heart. Seeing how you will not accept
the truth, I pray that one day that it is seen.
My only wish is that you spare our child
and that he tastes only sweetness in this harsh life.
I commend my soul to the Gods,
devote my life to the stars...

And leave my heavy heart and memory
on the foot of your conscience.

For those who spill the blood of an
anointed line will see the karmatic deliverance
And not even you can halt what you
have long since set in motions.
I have resigned myself to it all.

Let the vipers lay claim to my titles,
my riches, my lands, my position,
but they will never pry the crown from my
hand nor the heat from my heart.
I will be watching all from the Gates of Death.

I have been wronged, so very wronged...

The wine of gold silkworms shall be the greatest
of comforts.
For that is sweet.
And you.
YOU are the poison which I refuse to
consume again...

                                         Yours once and never again,

And it's finally arrived!
This continuation of my poem,'The Screen' and 'Meihua's Message'.
There will be 6 letters or so in total, and each of them are connected to one another.
I hope you'll enjoy it, I just let the emotions flow out of me.
Once the collection is completed, I will let you all know and it will be in a collection!
Here are the links to the Screen and Meihua's Message. Please have a look at them when you have the time as there is more to their stories.

The Screen [Intro]:
Meihua's Message:

Do tell me what you think!
Be back soon with more letters and poems!
And thank you so so much for 341 followers!
You guys are amazing.
Take care everyone, stay safe and well.
Much love,
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