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I want to seek out, the time going backwards.
Want to breath in, the love and laughter...
Nostalgic memories, fill my heart with a gentle caress.
First time we met, was a time of excitement...but now having you
in my arms forever.
I want to go back in time, travel to our realm, of memoirs and happiness. Times' stood still, for a moment or two.
True love in our hearts, stood tall and strong.
Every day you see, it's you and me...
Chances that we had took, made time fly by with memories.
Forget the fights, I know you love me.
I love you too, i'll never forget our love.
It's hard to sleep, knowing the time keeps going faster, faster...and faster...but as long as it's just you and me, i think i'll stay happy.
I want to turn back time when I close my eyes to sleep, relive the good old days, our first time to the middle of a winter storm, sitting in the front of your old car.
Listen to tunes on the radio, as you drive through the traffic lanes, staring at your face before we knew that our love was true.
I will always love you
Now that times go faster and time won't stand still...
But the moments we make, love we see will take us back through time to feel.
True moments
True love
Our souls can never keep us far apart.
I ' am worried for the future, I love you M.C
Something scarce is eating at my melancholy.
As I deliberate, a vigor burns beneath my blood.
I get so warm thinking about his hands griping my hips.
My cheeks flush at the thought of his skin pressed heavily against mine.
Unalloyed ecstasy
His subsistence is the key that reveals my coffer.
I beg to feel his breathing
For him to cognize how much I want to gratify his every desire.
Slow motion when I fantasize.
A room bursting of fine riches I could erupt with gratification.
A gentleman who can pleasure me both with innocence and sensuality.
Rarity that comes as one.
He demonstrates loves configuration, he bestows complexity and certainty.
One could ****** with the thought of his supportive charisma.
I weaken at the awareness of his reciprocated needs.
The definition of love is embraced through his actions.
Bleeding perfection, he is untouchable.
He makes me feel amity.
He is the dream I want to feel as I shut my eyes at dusk.

I can sense him so close,
yet when I open my eyes
I’m alone.

He is what every women searches for.
Tonight I cry,
Because I' am a fool.
A fool for love, the kind I gave to you...

Every day you made me feel like the one who meant the world to you...but now I see why maybe...just maybe...I should run.

But the magnetic pull of my heart holds on so strong, I don't want to let go, the elastic band stretches apart near its peak and then retracts into a heartbeat that breaks like shattered glass.

I trusted in you, that you kept your word, but today you left me all day without a say and come back a drunken fool.

I fought you, 3 hours because my feelings were hurt and you never gave a **** and wouldn't understand, because i' am the mean one.

Where are the loyal people, where are the ones who just want a pact, to be loved and give love in return without needing to be asked.

I lay here, 3 AM alone in my bed, wanting to sleep but my foolish heart can only think of you.

You left again, because you couldn't take my pain, the truth I expelled from the midst of your spell but you still continued to hurt me and hurt me and hurt me because like I said, you wouldn't understand.

Why am I a fool?
Someone, help me understand my own feelings, because I don't think I can...
You tell me you love me, but then do it again.
You never make sense but expect me to think twice before speaking.

You are confused.
I'm sad and my heart is aching.
A glance at you is all I see when you are in front of me,
Take my warm hand and we will surrender our love as if it's our first kiss.
Trusting secrets, laughter and love, how bitter sweet this pleasure.
Pleasure for pain and pain for pleasure, we are all in the same boat of searching a love for loving another but another will love until your end comes near, but if it's eternity you won the game called love.
Searching Oceans and searching rivers to a never ending stream, love games play far and near and they say be careful with what you here but when it comes to love, be careful with what you see as for an eye to eye can be sinful pleasure of a dangerous lover.
Dangerous lovers, and people playing the love game.
Breath of air, feels through strings of my hair,
dancing monkey, aren't you pretty?
The way you move your feet to the sound of the beat.
Let's play a game, a game called living while we
look at our pictures, when times were better, we were laughing and sharing a sweet lick of our favorite treat.
A sticky kiss is all we need to feel love again underneath the heat.
Surrender to me and let's laugh through the orchards chasing valleys and valleys amongst our horizon...a horizon of love and warmth.
Now we're left broken, but what mends pieces back together is the memories of of hearts...
Happiness, Memories, Warmth and sadness, Part fiction and part non fiction.
LC Apr 6
closing my eyes as the sunlight kissed the window
a blooming rose lightly caressing my face,
confessing his deep, passionate love,
wrapping his leaves around me,
protecting me with his mild, earthy scent,
loving me with softness and strength.
#escapril day 5!
NAL Feb 26
I took a step back and thought about it,
cause' there's always repercussions
when it comes down to you
heavily-inspired by She Wants Revenge 's "Tear You Apart"
Nikkie Jan 30
You are some kind of man to me.
You take your problems head-on;
and still have the strength to help me
ease into mine.

You care so much for me;
so much so, that I can feel it in my soul.
I’ve never known a man like you,
I thought I did in the past, but I was wrong.
You bring new experiences into my life,
things that I’ve never seen before.

When I take a deep breath,
I feel you, resting inside of me,
preparing yourself to come through when
I need you.
You are passionate about those you care for;
and I know that you care for me.

You bring joy into my introverted world,
I can’t even describe right now, how
you make me feel.
At times I feel like I am dreaming,
because I’ve never met a man like you.
Your downhome goodness as a human
being first, and a real man second brings
me a contentment that I know is indeed
a blessing from God.

I know you have to take an unexpected road
in our journey.
Have no fears, I am always here.
I will stand beside you, I’ll hold your hand.
I will always be there for my man.
If this journey gets too much for you to bear;
I will wipe your tears in my own loving way
and kiss your face to bring you comfort.

I may not be with you physically, but that’s okay.
I will rest myself inside of your heart,
I will prepare myself to come through to you.
As you’ve come through for me when I’ve
needed you.

I will leave a kiss for you to take with you.
I will wrap my arms around you tight,
and tell you, my King, that everything will be alright.
I will say a prayer and kiss you again, and one
last thing for the road, I’ll tell you  I love you
and see you in your dreams.
Juno Jan 3
I like to think
all these years of schooling and essays and grammar
existed so i could one day adequately describe my Love for you.
SomeOneElse Dec 2020
I wanna have ***
I want to make love
I want to be desired
Like a fire is to oxygen
I want someone to want me so badly they can't keep their hands off me
I want to have ***
all night long or til we pass out and then **** some more
I want to **** like there's no tomorrow and our lives depended on it.
I want to taste ***** and feel a woman's thighs wrapping face like a vice grip
I want to kiss and lick her *** and get lost in the moment
I want her to lick and **** me like I was a 3 star michillan resteraunt and she hadn't eaten for days
I want to make love
I want to lay on the couch cuddling in front the tv
Or laying on the bed spooning the whole day away
I want to look into a woman's eyes and see the love and and passion waiting to pounce on me.
I want to have ***
I want to ****
At the park at night or in my car late at night
I want to **** on a hike off the trail where no one can see (but might)
Or some public bathroom where we might get caught.
I want to have ***
I want to use toys, rope and blindfolds, candles and wax
To get as ***** as the moment takes us as we explore our bodies and sexuality
I want to have ***
Something I wrote to express the frustration forced celebacy and lack of dating has had. Maybe some of you can relate, maybe not but this was something I needed to write
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