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She pulled his sweater

Close to her

The freshness of cedar;

Aroused her to wake

The smell used

To cloak him

After his long treks

Through the forest

Visions of him

Wrapping her in

His strong arms

Pressing her face

Against his bare skin

Drawing of two hearts

In bold cherry red

Tattooed on their wrists

Fresh tears caressed her eyes

And a wave of nostalgia

Grew her pulse faster

Remembering their last embrace

That passionate kiss that grew

Into tender breaths of

Everlasting love

Let not this love fall into discontent,
Nor my eyes accustom to her allure.
Let not the sight of her cease wonderment,
Nor my passion bore with beauty demure.

Let not my lips stop quiv’ring for her kiss,
Nor my fingers ache for her velvet hair.
Let not my arms embrace with avarice,
Nor my desire leave anything to spare.

Let not her beauty ever be passé,
Nor my heart not yearn for her ***** breast.
Let not making love miss a single day,
Nor lying beside her allow us rest.

Let not me take for granted her boudoir,
Nor my love for her wane even a bit.
Let not my lustful eyes ever look far,
Nor my body ablaze become unlit.
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Ayush Gangwar Nov 25
One day I'll spread out my hands to get you in my arms ...
One day I'll drag you in my story of love ...
One day I'll get your hand in my hand ..
One day I'll kiss your hands so warm;

One day I'll show you what you mean to me ..
One day I'll make you listen how my heart beats ..
One day I'll take you to a world beyond imagination...
One day I'll give you all the  happiness you want.

One day I'll kiss you on your cheeks ...
One day I'll make you blush like the princess..
one day I'll take up all your pains ..
One day I'll heal all your wounds ;

All you need to do is trust me deep ...
All you need to do is show faith in me ...
I promise i will give you the best you deserve ...
And show you why i luv you till infinity.

I am in love and a guy in love is so very mad...
Madness of your love is so intense you won't believe ...
One day I'll run up to you with all l have with me ...
That day I'll propose you and tell you why you're my destiny...
Love is beyond any comparison. Just you do is to feel it
dream within a dream
me just stomping around in my subconscious lucid dream
corner turned
it’s us just short
passionate embrace
spiritual kiss
eyes ardent as before
combination solved to this complex situation
can we start with a friendship
just a freak in your mind
is that the extent of your creativity
i think not
did you just paint a ****** painting of me
and I ask in the dream
can we be friends
start of something great
you reached for me
the embrace of a hug I remember all to well
it was the quiver that got my attention
never in a dream
something as original
sun or moon
touching my heart
present quiver love
when I wake up
I’m content
profundity is you
haunting question
where do I find unconditional love besides my own
aesthetic little boy in me flipping over every rock in sight
Sahir Bhat Nov 20
Love is like seasons
You are winter and I am the fall
SomeOneElse Nov 13
Your perfect breast
Your perfect thighs
Are simply candy to my eyes
Your perfect waist
Your perfect hips
Would taste so great upon my lips
Your perfect skin
And perfect hair
I just can't help but sit and stare
Your perfect lips
Your perfect eyes
Makes me give a loving sigh
Your perfect face
Your perfect smile
For you I'd go the extra mile
Your perfect wit
Your perfect charm
I want to hold you in my arms
For this and more
My morning star
I love you just the way you are
Written for a crush
Sadly over the years
Helens, physical ability
became more difficult
for her
Through Increasing
pain, our Intimate side
of our relationship
But I loved her and cared
for her and that was all
that mattered, I married
Helen for better or
I will always remember
about six weeks before
my darling passed sadly
I was getting Helen dressed
ready to go out because of
her pain, I always dressed
and brushed her
Because she was hot Helen
left of her blouse till latter
to cool down I dressed her
In these black legging black
bra black
I was looking at her and she
looked absolutely stunning
of the cause Helen said don't
stare, I said sorry but you
look so beautiful I can't
help but
Helen realising the effect this
was having on me, she began
to tease but nicely, bending
over revealing little more of
her ample
If you don't dont stop doing
that I'll come over and sort
you out I said, well Helens reply
come on then what you waiting
for, So I did the rest Is history
But It relite a flame that had
long since burnt out, we enjoyed
so much of our regained
Intimacy then sadly Helen
passed away It was to be no
Regained love passion Helen so beautiful
In black bra legging and boots so ****
You would  fall at her feet
Megan Nov 4
My Heart is a never ending Fire.
My tears ash
My blood fuel
And I will keep Burning
     And Burning
          And Burning
Just try and put me out
Im honestly tired of seeing all this ****** injustice around me.. what can i do? I have all this fire all this passion to help and i dont know how to start
stopdoopy Nov 30
1 2 3
Seeds from fruit trees

I've missed you
My cherished one

You will be
With us again

Is the earth
Beneath soft snow

Way down here
The embers glow

Are we, beloved
Feelings freely flowing

Crashing into rocks
Passionate and fierce

4 5 6
Cross the river Styx
. . . . . .
Shadow Dragon Oct 28
Hands leaving passionate marks
for a crying nun
that has sinned her life away.
Let her pray instead of running away.
Let her cry warm wasteful tears.
***** fingernails explore
the filthy nuns surface.
Tracing bruises
and spreading pain
from the spanking received
for being too needy.
Forming nuances of red
on the prime target.
Sweet syrup fingers
dripping down the arms
of a freshly dead man.
Defeat for the nun
who now is done.
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