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Laokos Mar 5
i'll raise an electric fence around
the gods up there
in mountains and ivory towers
and they'll all wear shock collars

i'll spread peanut butter on bread
and send it to them through
the mail

i'll write them letters from the
lower world saying that 'time
really isn't a bother anymore
because apples rot in home
baked pies down here'

i'll reach through my own
tainted build up of corrosive
discharge and pull a petal
from the flower of life
to eat in front of
them with a coffee toothed smile

i'll throw weeds over
palisades into
groomed gardens

i'll **** on the flaming sword
spinning like i do
heavenly gates

i'll put AA batteries on
my ******* and force
feed the north star
until it bursts

i'll stain the glass in windows
extolling failures and shining
blunders under vaulted

i'll be nothing less than
the imperfect son of
an imperfect man and
an imperfect

all too human
after all
How do you pick the perfect apple on the tree without taking a bite?

At first, it seems impossible.

But when you look into her eyes,

And your heart begins to ache,

And you know you'd part the seas for her,

You've found the only apple worth picking.
Elizabeth Sep 2020
I did remember the feeling of apple picking season. I remembered the fall weather and what it was like to find the perfect one. The apples were of red and green, sometimes both, but colors that reminded me of warmth and the candle mother had lit just before dinner was served. It was cold that day but not cold enough for a sweater, just for apple cider and pumpkin donuts. The apple I picked was red, all red. I stood upon the ladder, feeling giant, I reigned over the trees and felt like howling over top of them. I remembered then, the applesauce grandmother would make. I would remember the first bite, the bitter taste of fresh apple, sour but sweet. Grandmothers home.
Green bluff:)
Lane O Aug 2020
Bushels of apples
Picked from the orchard this fall
Ripe, crimson, and sweet
Poetic T Aug 2020
Sticky pips coated,
    Groping this Apple

No biting only licking

     Teasing her with

My tongue..
Ann Pedone Jul 2020
I thought the moon
forever in the sky would always
be in the sky but then you
handed it to me gave it to me
on a silver platter it tasted
of sour pear and apple it filled
my mouth with
winter song and euca
Betty Jul 2020
Pick juicy apples
Windfall fruits feed hungry pigs
Nature wastes nothing
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020
Golden, flaky, butter crust
Peeled bramley apples
Cored, sliced, sprinkle sugar, salt
Kiss of cinnamon
Flour and lemon
Flute edges
Twenty-fifth Epulaeryu! ^-^
Yes, my sweet tooth returns with a vengeance! ;)
Been a while since I did one of these!
The Pâtisserie collection continues!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Betty Feb 2020
The apple of the mind starts small

A tiny bud without form

Flowering in the spring of our lives

Full of hopeful promise


Summer sweet

Red and juicy

Or crunchy and full of bite

Some are windfalls

Cast aside

Before their time

Others become *****

Hidden maggots in the heart

Ripeness gently falls to autumn decay

We wither and we die

Returning to earth when we have cast our seeds

Leaving younger fruit to take our place

On the tree of life
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