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A little girl
has two apples in her hands.
"Can I have one, sweetie?" her mother
asked. The girl looked at the two apples
in her hands and took a bite out of both
of them. The mother tried to hide her
disappointment of what her daughter
had just done. The little girl looks
up at her mother and hands
her one of the apples.

"Here mommy,"
she says,
"This one is sweeter
Sometimes things are not the way they look. Don't judge by what you see just on the outside.
allison Feb 17
  y    ou
noticed the most
common thread in fairy tales?
your best wishes and desires will
all come true if you indulge in one
life-altering task. losing your voice
for legs, going to a ball for a few
hours to fine true love... it's all
a fictionally painted image.
telling us that something
amazing will
                          if we take a bite
                                 of the poison apple.
it's supposed to be a caramel apple? i have no idea if that came across, but the caramel apple is a reference to Enchanted.
Elizabeth Oct 2018
It was fall now and something fell from the sky and atop my head it sat. I figured it be something of green leaves or the tears from a clouds uncertainty. The water lay in cracks deep underneath the piles of autumn leaves over sidewalks where children played games of hopscotch and three pile. There was something of fall when things grew old and shriveled that made me realize the meaning of old love, there was something in the crisp air that let me feel like a new beginning. The leaves told me it was time to start anew.
The best season of them all
Ash Slade Aug 2018
packed in the family car,
going slow down the smaller
roads. radio set to a classics
station. we talked about
the latest news, things
we've heard, how work was.
sitting in silence for part of
the ride, as we listened to the
wind from the sunroof and

the apple picking harvest
is back again. I can't wait
for supple afternoons with
a crisp breeze. drinking
sweet cider and munching
on powdered rounds.
walking orchard rows of
tower trees \plucking red
noses high and low.

sneaking bites in between
picks, juice dripping down
face and sticky fingers.
it's like you're a child again,
on slow weekend mornings.
dragging day passes on,
the parts tied in
conversations and quiet
moments. ***** of twigs
a crushed creed

that fills the spaces of apples
falling to the floor, bruised
by a sharp hit. I pick them
up to look at, taking in the
dents and gray flesh. I
throw them back to the
compost beneath the fruit
tree. the pieces that escape
scars, I plop into my sack
that's gradually getting
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
Her lips wrote
All over the walls
Shook down all
The Apples
And let them fall
Picked them up
One by one
Tasted them
Remembered each lesson
Straight down to the core
Emily Jul 2018
The humble apple
Is the fruit of fate
The reward for those
Who have rebelled
And for those who loved

Your love of knowledge
Is the requirement
Of my hatred
Of both you
And myself

If I was to bite into
An apple
Red, crisp, delicious
Would you believe
My love or my hate?

Regardless, I believe in my fate
Which is to somehow rise above
Petty things like the material
And to submerse myself in the immaterial
A platonic difference
I understand
Like I understand my dreams
Indistinct, wavering, but not forgotten

Therefore, I assert
That if any of us
Should take the forbidden fruit of Eden
It should be me
For my heart
Is fit to break
And my hatred
Is deep-seated
I'm quite fond of the motifs in Kunihiko Ikuhara's work
YoungFeather Jul 2018
I have eaten
the apples
that were
on a tree

the golden ones
that were shining
in the
morning sun

and probably
were forbidden
at all

I'm not willing you
to forgive me
but by eating them

I learned
how important
it is sometimes
to take a big risk
knowing that you
can change the world.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
What a surprise!
A single bud on a rose tree,
Blushing to open,
As glistening dew bathe it.
I moved down the orchard,
Ah! The Rose Family (Rosaceae),
Apples (malus),
Raspberries (rubus),
Strawberries (fragaria).
Having a morning chat,
In awe to see the blooming of their cousin,the rose,
Their leaves trembling with joy.
Roses are red my love,
So are their cousins Prunus,
Plums and cherries,
Red as fresh blood,
Nodding in the gleaming sun.
What a get-together!
Joe Momma Jun 2018
i ate an apple
then rubbed my eye,
hoping the juice would
get in my eye.
Fritzi Melendez May 2018
Everything feels so out of reach right now.
I feel the pain from the snake sinking its fangs to my skin.
Puncturing and filling me with its poison.
It doesn't release enough to **** me, though it still leaves me paralyzed.
And some times I have to force myself to not taunt them.
They will know my motives and slither away until I'm better again.
Then the fangs will bite down on me as if they were eating a delicious apple.
and evening will come to fall for the sadistic trickery.
Thus leading to the eradication in which I had made my world to be.

I am powerless.
It hurts when you are blamed for something you have no control or didn't have a choice in.
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