blue 7d

i could never ever  forget the night i met nari. it was like magic, like the powers that be wanted our destinies to collide, to crash, to blend.

it was the night a meteor shower was to come to my small town. people came from neighbouring cities just to see them, these bright lights, these shooting stars. everyone was camping out, the high school's football field covered with trucks and blankets and tents. There were even people cuddling with blankets wrapped around them in the bleachers, their words filling the air as they prepared to stare at the sky, prepared to see something more beautiful than anything they'd ever seen.

i was doing the same, sitting in the back of my dad's truck with a blanket over my shoulders, but i was beginning to doze off. i was feeling a sensation much like falling, when i heard a someone speaking in my direction.

"need help staying awake?"

it turns out, i didn't need to stare at the sky and see a meteor shower to see something more beautiful than anything i'd ever seen. i just needed to open my eyes and look at her. she was smiling, and god, she had a smile that grow flowers, birth stars, and mend butterfly wings. and she was smiling. at. me.

an excerpt from chapter one of my cute short story ft. mira and nari

(irl mira don't be mad that i used ur name i just love the name and used it, but i can change it if you have beef)
V Anne Apr 17

i wanted to learn your thoughts. like an astrologer studying the stars. seeking answers in the mystic. the unknown. to observe in pure adoration. i wanted to tattoo my name across your skin. a mark with a meaning. and memory. but you are tattoo shy. and you do not believe in the power of the universe. you do not commit. and so, i left. full of too many unanswered prayers. wishes gone un-granted. i left. maybe you were not supposed to be my next adventure.

requiEM Mar 24

Mercurial in my moods,
I switch up, off and on
Mercury rules me
Disputations nailed upon
My churches doors
Gemini explores
Sagittarius saged
and Cancer galore

You cannot buy indulgences
And use them on me
The only swaying I do
Is when the wind blows the trees
On a cool summer evening
When the Moon is nigh
And Orion looks down
From his hunt in the sky

VC Mar 13

He wanted change

A catalyst

The empress to his emperor

Something to last through all of the seasons,

as reliable as mother nature

And then he met her

Pluto incarnate

The phoenix herself

In one karmic burst of light

she burned his life to ashes

& from this divine alchemy,

they birthed their own universe together

ali Mar 1

you say that i am your sun
because i am the center of your universe
and touching my skin gives you warmth.
i know that you are my moon
because you are always beside me when i am awake at 3 am
and you light my path home when i am stumbling
and drunk on you.
together we are an eclipse
one touch can send the whole world up in flames
i will always rise in the east
and set in the west
and we will never revolve around anyone else
but each other

ali Feb 27

planets sprout from the ground
venus is picked up by a boy with nothing but good intentions
stars fall from the sky, and i reach out my tongue to taste them
i tell you i think we need to learn how to
dance in the stars,
tiptoe through the milky way,
tap dance along the constellations
we walk on ceilings here
and we sleep when the sun comes up
everything is backwards
upside down
flipped on its head
we walk on clouds
and we smile when we are sad,
and you tell me you love me
you have always loved me
you will always love me
everything is backwards.

Sarah Parker Feb 24

A heavy hand, a heavier heart
full of every burden one can carry.
Made of earth, and stone, and stars
falling from the heavens, landing
with feet planted firmly in the ground.

{Set I: Brandon}
Have you ever fell apart?
She told me that I wasn't enough
Then she left me with a broken heart
She fooled me twice and it was all my fault
She cut too deep and she left me scarred
There's too many thoughts skating across my brain
I used every kind of Bleach to get rid of your stain
Your actions drained my body and soul
Life is a drink that keeps pouring, so I'm not null
In my story, one person kill-joyed the streak
Crystalia breathed life into me
She opened my crusted eyes so I could see
She deserves the universe, but I am just a star
She's that Northern Star that can be way too far
I have never been so caught off guard
I have never caught feelings this hard
The collision is harder than a Fireball that I drunk
With its flames burning my sails as I sunk
She used Nature's heart to piece together my puzzle
We've swam through Hell and I need to hustle

This is a dedication poem to a certain somebody who was there for me when I really needed comfort and support. Those two things will take you a long way. Never forget the genuine.
Hannah Jan 19

We are water.
We are fluid,
and bending.
We move with the ebbing tide,
and embrace the seas of change.
We are ruled,
by the rhythm
of a crying moon.
We are dependent
on her love
to lead us back
from deeper waters,
to lead us back to shore,
to lead us back to you.

For Cancerian Souls
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