Seema 4d

A battle building within
Enforcing a war zone
With their spirit, their soul in
Simulating the sins unknown

Another person linked by mind
But they are what others define
As the sages of demonic kind
Of what they believe and refine

They say every human has a third eye
Located in the center of their forehead
But none to believe in the fact, why?
There is no evidence of such when people die

I guess it's the sixth and common sense
That is referred to as the third eye
Visually hidden but lays in the dense
A raider sense that acts like a spy

I keep away from such weird sages
As we all have a sense of awareness
It's good to read about them in pages
Then to be brainwashed to self unfairness...


The self proclaimed human gods.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 9

The Sun is the Father, strictly ablaze.
The Moon is the Mother, serenely benevolent.
Mercury is the Child, innocently babbling.
Venus is the Sister, beautifully affectionate.
Mars is the Brother, stubbornly resilient.
Jupiter is an Elder Man, wizenedly kind.
Saturn is Elder Woman,  knitting wisdom.
Uranus wields the Hammer of Change.
Neptune plays the Harp of Dreams.
Pluto swings the Blade of Strife.

All Nodes have a written destiny...

© Lyn-Purcell
I just had a lucid dream of flying through the galaxy and within the planets. I wrote down what I saw...
Seema Sep 1

Some say,
The high and low tide of life rises
Coz of astrology...
The good and bad, the power and obsession
The poor and the rich, the success and rejection
And all other happenings, from family to relationship
Good days, struggles and all the hardship
Coz of astrology...

In our culture, we have nine planets which rules the daily work course of life
Each planet, has its own pros and cons on a person
Behind the occurrence, there's a reason
Most in our culture believe that if good deeds are done with,

Clean heart
Clean mind
Kind soul

Then it's your good karma and thus,
The angry planets stay away
Some say,

Learning and knowing about each planetary god
Rises million questions, that it becomes hard to word
I myself, did bit of reading and research on these planetary gods
And all I can say is that, just keep doing the good deed
Help those who are in great need
If you can afford enough, cook to feed
Try to save yourself from envy, anger, jealously, greed, conspirator, expectant, obsessed mind
Always calm yourself and remind
Every life deserves happiness in any form
Such that it can heal that life from a storm
Be generous, be kind, be calm, be lovely, be helpful without expectation
And leave the rest on god without hesitation...


Believe or not to believe, just be a better kind soul.
Effy Royle Aug 23

Aries: We are walking in the forest. You are slightly in front of me and talking about your favorite tv show. You ask a question, I can tell because the end of your sentence raises. I apologize for not paying attention, you say it doesn’t matter and that it was a dumb question to begin with. I know you’re upset, but then again, we are breaking each other’s heart while trying to keep the other one alive. Our heart beats sync into one and I wonder if this is heaven on earth.

Taurus: It is nearly October and although the leaves have not all fallen, we are playing in piles of orange and brown. You are laughing about a distant memory of your dad that has somehow made you forget all the bad he has caused. I grab your hand, which makes you stop mid-sentence. You start rubbing my palm with your thumb, you draw a heart then close my hand. We were never the type to have completely comfortable silence, but at that moment I believe silence is the only thing that feels right.

Gemini: I am ringing your doorbell on a spring day during grade 12. You told me to come over before you left to go back west. I love seeing you smile and it is the first time it has been genuine in years. You finally answer the door and greet me with a hug that felt like it could take away all my problems. I have often wondered what it would be like to be yours but then again, you have always been mine.

Cancer: We are talking about a future neither of us are well enough to live until. I often hope you will outlive me, because it will be hard to explain to everyone why my happiness fled post-mortem. The sun is almost rising and it is now that we realize how much we will miss the other. There are still broken plates from the night before and we try to sweep them up as well as our half eaten hearts or maybe bagels. We have each other but that does not always mean we are there for each other.

Leo: Christmas was never either of our favorite holidays, which gives our families another reason to call us the black sheep. We are driving down a wooded road and your hand is on my knee. I turn down the radio where some classic rock song is playing a guitar riff that reminds me of your dad. I open my mouth to say something about how much I wish we were happier but then I remember that bringing those things up will only make you more upset. Maybe this is the year that Christmas is no longer blue.

Virgo: We are sitting across the table in your dad’s condo while drinking some form of mixed drink we didn’t bother to name. It is super bowl Sunday and your father is making himself a sandwich. He’s been living alone for quite some time now and I can tell it hurts you to see him lonely. I am watching you, watch him and it makes me smile. I realize that although we are alone, we are alone together.

Libra: We are sitting in your childhood treehouse when it starts to rain. I am tugging at my own sleeves wondering if I am still able to feel my own body warmth. It is Thanksgiving break and our hometown seems like something out of a young adult novel that became a movie. I want to tell you that I missed you but soon the drugs will take effect and then I’ll be able to blame my feelings on that. Our high makes our heads fall on each other which causes you to fall asleep. Your breaths slow and you start making sleep noises that remind me of Saturday morning cartoons. Your hair tickles my neck and it is then that I realize, this is love.

Scorpio: There are raindrops on your shirt as you walk in our favorite coffee shop to meet me. You’re wearing a slouchy beanie that makes you look like an indie rock musician. I smile and wave from across the room, hoping you won’t notice my tear stained cheeks. You take a seat across from me and I start wondering if you are running late on purpose or if you really did lose track of time. You ask me how I have been and I the same, but it is different. Not forced, per say, but more so it seems like having small talk with me has become a chore. I look back at my overdue essay, the cursor is taunting me and you alike. We spend the rest of our date in silence, minus the occasional sips of Chai and keyboard clicks.

Sagittarius: You call me well before sunrise yet it is still late. You are sobbing quietly and of course I ask what happened. You explain to me how life does not seem worth living more than usual tonight and how better off everyone would be without you. We continue to talk up to sunrise and it is then that we can finally say goodnight or I guess good morning. I let you hang up first because I know how easily your heart gets broken. I want to tell you how I wish I could’ve held you or even held you longer but it is too late. We are across the country in apartments so similar it’s scary. I wish knowing people loved you from 2000 miles away was enough for you to stay alive, but we were never that black and white.

Capricorn: We are driving down a country road where your grandfather used to take you. You take a turn too fast and dirt spirals up, blocking my line of vision. You laugh as though death was on either of agendas. I have always loved your laugh and nothing, not even the fact that you are leaving in two weeks, could take that away. I want to tell you about my classes and new friends but I know that will cause the weird jealousy that overtakes you during the fall months. You have always been my favorite color and I am terrified of running out of paint because you are so rare. I love the freckles in your eyes and the way you sometimes elongate my name as if in tune to a nursery rhyme. As the sun sets I am reminded that this was never a reality just a more truthful fallacy.

Aquarius: It is a rainy April night and we are listening to cars pass over the wet street, both of our favorite soundtracks. You are watching a cat run into the alleyway across from your apartment. I get up off the grey ottoman that separates the living room and kitchen. When you first moved here, you were scared of the vastness that a loft provides but you said with me there it felt more like a home. I am reminded of this everytime I see you with someone new, which seems unfair to you but then again it is me that you are hurting. I put on another kettle to make more tea although neither of us enjoy the taste. You are watching me now and I can tell you want to say something but decide against it last minute. I want to ask you what you’re thinking but I already know the answer. After half drank tea cups dictate your coffee table, we reside to our respected places in your unmade bed. You take my hand in yours and place it on your heart; it is then that I realize you were made for me yet I was not for you.

Pisces: I am drawing shapes on your back as you drift off into light sleep, only waking up to describe new ideas for movies neither of us are motivated enough to make. You sit up abruptly and run your fingers through your unwashed hair. You check the time and say we should get going. We are meeting your family for a dinner, most likely with a discussion we won’t be prepared to have. I fix your tie, it’s the one your father let you borrow for your great uncle’s funeral last fall. You give yourself a thumbs up in the bathroom mirror which makes me laugh. I can tell you are nervous by the way you’re chewing your bottom lip. Taking your hand, I reassure you that we are real and this is real. On our way to your childhood home, I can’t help but think we are each other’s missing piece.

Winter Raven Aug 21

Nobody's hero
On the battlefield again
First death
Struck down by a man clad in red
Blood poured out
It came back
Everyone attacked it
Killed it
Again and again
But it came back.

Its former friends saw it as a monster
Monsters hurt people
It ran
Another monster found it
They stayed together, laughed together, were on the battlefield together
It was killed by the friend it had vowed to protect.

One year later
He's human
It died again twice
He sees what he's done
A wounded soldier stands before him
But it's too late.

The traveler continues
Maybe if it watches some humans it will be one.

The observer is trapped in a game
Love on the line
But he was its friend
Monsters don't have friends
Or love
Monsters are to be hunted and killed.

Another year
Chess king returns
Not even a word of apology
But the observer is lonely.

Killed again.

To be expected.

Maybe it's over?

The sky goes dark
The lions appear
A mage dressed in blue stands before it
"Why?" the next one asks.

"Why not?"




It stays down this time, a coat of blood hardening on it.

Eight lions protect it
The mage understands now
But does it matter?

The traveler isn't coming back.

It has to change without dying.

I'm a bit of an astrology nut and the eclipse is affecting my 8th house.

You breathed organic life back into my aching breathless chest’s lands
You took my depleting breath and tied it into knots of trust, they were as thin as the sands
They can easily be cut by a scissor, your teeth or even your hands,

Nevertheless, you didn't break my strands of threadlike trust
You didn't pull my delicate veins apart in sadistic enjoyment
You didn’t rip my fragile flesh into pieces to cook and season
Nor did you prick my haggard heart with paralyzing needles of plum poison,

You left me alone when I needed time to rejuvenate
And was there by my side when I needed company
To keep “Myself” from angrily destroying myself for my brain’s meal plate
To keep “Me” from murdering myself ever so slowly,

You're the one to make all the stars laugh until they burst into sugary stardust
And I feel ever so selfish to have you and your trust
To have you for: “Myself”:  That quite, unhumorous rust.

You pulled the tape from over my muted mouth (It was a Talking Tax)
And forced me to spit out the purple poison that had been infecting my empty blood vessels
As all the blooming blood had been running out from the periwinkle poison’s tracks
But with you here: In Insanity’s Domain with “Me” you’ve nestled
All the burgundy blood came gushing back in streams of red, refilling my cracks,

Definition of a “Talking Tax”:
A burden that disables the number of times I am able to do “Speaking” acts
For the “Talking Tax Collector” has taken:
A large number of words from off of my tongue, a break in.

I push you away only because I find it difficult to believe you like “Me” (The truth, I refused)
I still don’t understand why you would?
I know I’m not the only one you like of course (Ignoring “Me”? You could)
But you went out of your own way and came to “Me” (That day, you uncovered my lid)
And asked “Me” If I could be your friend? (I hesitated)
That’s insane. No one does that. But you? You did.

Also, the reason I still rarely ever speak to you
Is that since you’re always with someone else (You play your attracting thurmes)
(And everyone wants to play you since you yourself is a breathtaking drum)
I feel that I’d be stealing “You” from them,

So I leave it be, I mean, why would I take away:
The richest source of fun and mirth from their bay?
It’s difficult to do so. It’s considered theft on their sleigh.

Anyways, let me tell you a little more about myself and my heart’s destroyed fort
Maybe things that would make you change your mind about our relationship’s brew,
Yes, I understand and I know you said that I’m not a “shirt”
And that you can’t just take “Me” and be like: “Mmm I don’t like you anymore, I’m returning you,”

But you see, I do feel like a shirt, even less sometimes: Worthless
And that, that one word, can change everything like a pebble distorting the water’s surface
Because again, “maybe” you can change your mind’s version,

So here goes Another Introduction after two to three years of small talks with yourself:
I am the ignited fire that ferociously gnaws at my own flesh and skin like a burning tree
Even after my flammable light has been put out by myself
The viscous smoke renders my safety to failure, it’s beastly
Failure from preventing an attack by “Myself” against myself
Fueled by an enemy's hatred and an undying anger towards “Me”,

Me: Nour
Arabic Definition: Light:
The luminous light in people's pitchy lives (Well I’m supposed to be)
The sun's raw energy that brightens the day with its constant smiles
The intense light that illuminates the starless streets and blinding rooms like spreading breath
The bright fairy of hope in a sea of Dark Serenity
(Dark Serenity - Code Word: Death),

You see friend, my mind has fallen splat on the ground, my sanity out the door is flowing
I’m not sure why but it started once again for the second time in my life’s notice
Before the final examinations of grade ten, my dead pink roses were growing
But that fall changed everything, my head’s so much darker than ever before broken
It’s now filled with withered roses that have turned black and are covered with parasites (My Thoughts)
Let me explain what I mean with another poem because these are the words left unspoken:

The stars are not always there when we need and their light and rhyme
For in our bleakest nights when we lay in disgust
They have decided it be the best time
To burn and leave nothing behind but stardust,

Stardust:  A simple trace to recall how many have died
Without meeting the world’s expectations that were engraved in thought clay, dried
They are a disappointment,

The stars are a disappointment to me at least
For they have escaped my frail grasp, unwillingly released
And fell away in moments I begged their stay as they are my soul’s ointment
A disappointment, like me
I am a disappointment,

For the stars didn't accomplish the main reason of their own existence
To light up the sky (I don’t even know why I exist under these skies)
When the moon itself is smothered by smoke's scarf by persistence
(The blindfold the clouds have placed on top of The Moon's eyes),

So that it too (The Moon), disobeys its duties
And gets lost in a place known too well of feeling droopy
For its peacefulness to ever be forgotten, it’s natural beauty,

Lost in the peaches of the galaxies and its dreams
Where heavy blues and violets open to a world of:
Pinks, whites, and the lightest shades of green
Simply serene, it seems that life has lost its meaning in such a place of love,

There is no reason to go back to one's duties, we flee
Because there is no reason to continue living after visiting paradise
For death, is paradise
And a dreamless sleep is death to “Me”,

These moments when the moon is led by Peter Pan
A thief in the night and lover of innocence, an old friend
Are moments In which Pan obscures all possible problems and instead permeates:
The moon's mind with a hazy kind of lust for the end,

A melancholic wish to leave, never to return again, with Pan they flew
To live in Neverland, never to age another second through
To be free where nothing can ever trap thou once more, the dead knows
To float upon indigo moons in black holes where only nonexistence exists
Is the placid paradise The Moon and I look forward to.

My Brain = Pink Mushed Material like Wet Sand.
It died and has taken so much of - m e - with it
I feel replaced by my “New” self, I’ve always known growing up is hard
But if life is going to be grey forever, I don’t want to stay, I’ve lost interest,
I want to fly with Peter Pan and all the Lost Boys and Lost Girls to Neverland,

And no I’m not an “Attention-Seeker”
If I ever wanted “attention”, I have my poetry and art to go around the school with like candy
And they’ll all be amazed but attention is not what I want to fill my beaker
I want to be happy,

I think that I understand after I had been repeatedly tossed:
That we are all Lost Boys and Lost Girls in a strife
But I think I’m losing the already lost girl in - m e - Like melting ice I defrost
Lost. Lost with the time, the winds, and the so called: “Life”

Have you changed your mind about staying with “Me” now? You have nothing to gain
Because no one in their right mind would want to be friends with a person like “Me”
Let me repeat: You’re insane.

I came on to find lots of sweet comments on my poetry and decided to upload another poem today! Thank you guys <3 <3 you are the best poetic family I could ever ask for.
Baby Girl Jul 11

at first i thought you were a constellation,
all knowing and beauty lying in your stars.
wise, old, about to die, soft and glorious.
analytical and cannot stand having his time wasted.
it makes me sad that those stars say we are polar opposites
and that we shouldn’t be. of course, this is based on what the demons say.
but the angels say to love who you want, to love who you need,
to not listen to the demons because they want us to stray farther away from Love.
love, as long as we’ve got love then it’s all about love.
don’t take it personally, but we’re opposing signs and because of
this: it’s said to just be a fetish, and that’s a problem, but we know it’s no problem
and it’s more than an attraction; setting ourselves free from any
fear or shame and give in to each other. forgive me for my insecurity
because i know that can’t be attractive but you still love that part of me.
love, love, loving you. i don’t care what the astrologers say because as long as we have
love, trust, faith, and belief that we will be together for forever then forever is in our calendars.
we do whatever we want, love however we want, and this is about love.
we represent the exaltation and the fall of Mercury and Neptune,
earth and water, rain and mud, sand and the sea, Virgo and Pisces.
you’re looking for science, seeking for perfection in everything you do,
in everywhere you look. funny enough, you, beautiful virgin found perfection
in a drowning fish like me.

i usually try my hardest not to believe in astrology... but the more paranoid i become, the more scared i become. i need to listen to the angels and love him because i need him, because he makes me happy, because i care for him, because i want to make sure he is happy. i love you james despite what the astrologers say and despite what your sign is.
Jenn Linh Jun 21

Belongs to its beholder.

If only we are to recognize.
As we let ourselves and everything surrounding us just go.. like the breeze on a windy day as it flows without order or rhythm blowing the leaves through the trees.
Illustrations begin to unfold
from illusions or that from random dreams vaguely remembered.
Casted by dawn, down far beneath the astronomical sky.
Like the differences in characteristics set in personality's from zodiac signs
All unique in each way and
To each has their own fantasy or fate.

© Jenn Linh

olivia Jun 6

past tense verbs with their pesky sense of definity
those who drink the water say
is the now and
already there
but what was makes me weep
and I can't breathe now
not with my neck craned around-intimately eyeing the ghosts of christmases passed
and oh god, don't make me hear "eventually"
I can't stomach "let it happen"
I've known you in nine lives
I've remembered you in all nine
and in the eleventh hour you've made a pearly bust of your apathy
but your lips are half parted
I drip with desire
but I only ever see you when I follow the hand around the clock

olivia Jul 10

just so you know,
I make a lot for you.
more than I ever show you
It's just that, I can't quite seem to give it to you quick enough
Much like what we're all in, my love for you expands infinitely.
Defying the laws of time and space, a hawk and eagle soar the cosmos laughing while howling along the way
the value of your freedom means as much to me as it does to me
To sing you a poem or whistle the notes of your reflection back at you
Would only ever be, at least, a little golden lie to you
honesty non inherent
truth only achieved if presenting my creations as time capsules of my boundless, ever-changing love for you
there is one little corner of my soul that you won't be able to see, but only because it must be hard to view from that vantage point
the eye of the storm

trapped inside of space and time with you.

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