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Lanech 3d
I want to leave a legacy for my young ones,
A legacy that won't be wiped off.
I want to be an example,
That will stir up the hearts of the simple.
I want to crossed the line that winners crossed,
I want to cross it clean and pure.
So while others embrace the dark,
My young ones will shine in the light.

I want to leave a legacy for my young ones,
A legacy that can't be wiped off.
That till a thousand generation,
My work will remain in motion.
That the future of my young ones
Will be encouraged by my little works.
That even when I lie my last
I will be honoured for my past.
JDMaraccini Jul 2013
So you brought a pen to a knife fight
you who write with brilliance
No need to fret
I guarantee you leave a legacy
life is not through with you yet

Your nouns have purpose
you who suffer every time you write
I swear this to you
every verb has profound meaning
let your poetry ignite the mind

I promise you this
draw from the passion you find in life
your adjectives will live forever
A spider web spinning digital dreams
each conjunction you weave lingers on

So you chose a pen to to conduct your life
choose each adverb wisely
You who creates poetry brilliance
For the legacy you leave with words
is how the world will remember you
© JDMaraccini 2013
Jade May 13
Atlantis shall rise again.

She will spear through the currents,
until the helms of her cityscapes
cleave the tides
that have entombed her.

In the beginning,
it hurts
as she guillotines
the barnacles
and bottom feeders
congealed upon her brow.

In the beginning,
she bleeds--

she bleeds--


she heals.

Shrugs the brine
from her rooftops
and hails over
the men and women
who sunk her Queendom
all those millennia ago.

As the moonlight
crescendos through
the stained glass,
timeworn prophecies
written in the jagged contours
of greek lettering
reveal themselves upon the pillars:

Atlantis shall rise again.

Ophelia's throne reclaimed
only by the one
who has treaded
The Great Deluge
and survived it

only by the one
who is fluent in
the language of drowning
but has not bowed
to the hurricanes

by the one
with hair like raven feathers
and dark eyes spun to gold
when they look into the sunset

by the one
who is named
after a gemstone,
the most precious
of them all--

Atlantis shall rise again


I shall rise with Her.
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Tatiana May 4
I plant another garden; sow seeds and pips.
Dirt stains my knees and my fingertips.
I go inside, escape the all-seeing sun
and erase any trace of ***** work I've done.
I don't know why
my hands are raw and dry.
Cracking at the seams of my skin,
revealed myself to be wrist-deep in sin.
I planted my garden, but at what cost?
What flowers grow when the gardener is lost?
Do you ever wonder what your impact is?
Sierra Blasko Apr 24
This today is grey and rainy
and feels painfully like a word
meaning neither yesterday nor tomorrow

And though reason dictates
it will be one soon enough
I think it will be one of the forgettables
remembered only by this paper and these words

(and today, please, today
i need the reassurance that
i will not be the same)
Nolan Willett Apr 11
Some few are immortalized for millennia,
But how long is millennia, truly,
Compared to when time began, newly
Forged, to the time where we
trace history to Mesopotamia?
Could it be?
That we are fools to seek peace of mind,
In the things we may leave behind?
All will be forgotten and fall into nothing;
So please someone tell me,
Why our names should mean something.
If I could write you a letter
It would go something like this
I hope this letter finds you well
And I hope that you are finding bliss

Wrapped in a million other feelings, still my love for you exists
Among other things, it's being in your arms that I miss
How they used to comfort me
When we weren't separated by distance

It seems fitting that the last time I saw you was in an airport
The place where we had already shed so many tears before
But this goodbye was different
And I felt it in my core

I think that's why I cried for an hour
Sitting in your car
I could tell when you said we'd be alright
Even you weren't sure

As you wiped my tears away, I knew you didn't want to stay
And it took you another month to admit it
But you eventually said the same
I lie awake sometimes thinking of other things I wish you'd say

I still love you
I still want you
I'm sorry that I caused you all this pain
Words I'll never hear and that has to be okay

Did you ever think that this would be your legacy
Not the laughter, not the love, not the California dream
But being the absolute saddest thing
That ever did happen to me
We're all passengers here
The earth is not our destination
We'll leave the same way we came -empty
We live so we can leave
Some will leave early
Others will leave late
Whatever the case is,
we'll still leave
Our days are numbered
But shouldn't outnumber our legacy
When I think of you
I’m reduced to tears
When I look away
Filled with regrets

I rather drown at sea
Than to hear your voice
I want the waves
To drown you out

At night I hug my pillow
Hoping that I can feel you
But instead your ghost hugs me
To remind me how cold it is without you
Niki Gray Mar 26
guts required
sweat,blood and tears
racing heart masking fear.
Relentless desire to be the best me,
leave a legacy of resiliency.
Enjoy, thank you for reading.  Shout out to everyone I care about.  Stay healthy.
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