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Janine Jacobs Apr 10
When I look up at my ancestors and the struggles of my family tree
I realised I was made from bleeding hands and shattered hope
Pouring their lives from cup to cup, generation to generation
All the things they couldn’t be
I was made by them but also for them
Passing down onto me their tears and  hardships, and all their untold stories
You see, they chose me
To uphold their legacy, unravel their truth
Breath the air and smell the soil of places they could never see
I was made to be everything they weren’t allowed to dream
My path will sooth their pain
I am meant to live loud and carry their sacrifices as my war cry
Steve Page Apr 1
I can’t reach you, you far off,
you unborn, you yet to come.
I can’t reach you, touch you.
converse and engage you.
I can’t reach you, embrace you,
you beholders beyond my borders.
But my love invested,
my ripples,
in time, just might.
After Rob Mckelvey’s workshop: Cultivating a hundred-year vision.
I S A A C Aug 2022
tender love and care
unfold, allow myself to share
all of these precious gems
before their existence is solely tied to mine
if an isolated man dies
who will tell the story of his tries
of his cries, of his lowest lows and highest highs
the way he spoke, his piercing eyes
tender love and care
i give with each breath i take
Jon Arntsen May 2022
Dear Father

I hope you found sleep tonight
You’ve come in off the field of play
You’ve put away your sword and armour
Nothing more to say

Rest your warring mind
No need now to rage
Against the rising of the tide
The long night is upon you

The golden wheat stands ripe
As you stride through the field
Let peace run through your fingers
No need to hold so tight

Your work here is done
The battle not over
But your part played
We will carry the day
Let your tired bones rest

I wonder what gifts did you bestow
We unknowingly don lightly
Unaware your legacy is informing
Our daily lives with small moments

Little things that trip us up
All unknowingly speaking
Of a man gone but not forgotten
I hope you found sleep tonight

I shed a quite tear
Writing this in the still dark
Before the dawn light seeps
Across the rim of the world
Breaking held breathe
I hope you found sleep tonight

Are you resting quietly
In your imagined eternal night
Or delighting in the halls of your fathers
Raising a glass in silent salute
A small smile upon your face

I hope you found sleep tonight
My father died two weeks ago. Complex, difficult man, who suffered towards the end, out of his depth, away from the one he loved, unaccustomed and uncomfortable with his new life.  He particularly couldn't sleep in the final weeks, towards the end, and  commented on it like a sad lonely child. He was a logician, uncompromising academic with 5 degrees, intelligent, a successful chemical pathologist, very linear, with a black and white world view.  Not very warm and lovable for many years now, somehow got lost in his latter life. He really did rage against the dying of the light. He was an atheist, who a clear view there was no afterlife. He is of Scandinavian origin.  A distant man, closed and introverted, yet gregarious once.
Dave Robertson Mar 2022
Not lost as much as misplaced,
gone from where you should be
in bosoms of families
and conspiracies of friends
still adding your narrative arc,
your author’s hand

It is for us to ape your style,
continue your quirks and syntax
so the story, like these spring bouquets
will bloom well
Christina Jan 2022
Theodore left an unknown legacy to himself and to everyone, in American history.
That two hundred years from now, women’s children’s, children, children will learn about Ted Bundy and his devious wrongdoings back in the simple, maniacal, chaotic nineteen-seventies.

When his hopeless, vulnerable innocent victims that weren’t able to make it, didn’t get the
opportunity to
accomplish life’s greatest gifts, as their lives were just getting started. They didn’t get the
chance to become wives, mothers or grandmothers when they should’ve. As over forty years passed since those tragedies began, there’s still this reminder of : NEVER EVER AGAIN.

Monsters unknowingly appear in all shapes, sizes and even faces. They instantly appear right in front of your face in any place at any time of the day. Morn

They don’t hide under your bed, basement or inside your closet, like our parents told us in children’s folklore.

But right in front of you as you walk down the street in your friendly neighborhood, grocery store or taking the edge off  talking to a stranger from the long days work at some random local bar or coffee shop. They could even be your best friend.

You. Just. Don’t. Know.

It’s like whenever you see a vintage VW Beetle, driving down the street downtown or down your neighborhood street, fellow women all around must feel an internal bone-chilling shiver creep down their spine’s. That that warning is still there to watch out, whom you encounter with. To never help a man who is in need.

So take  this notion to be aware of all of your surroundings and be cautious of who, when and where you talk to. Lock your doors, windows and get a high-tech security system if you have to. Because you just never know, when your life will turn into a three-sixty mess in a matter of seconds.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2021
He knocks.
Time, it's time,
the Kuroi Jukai within me.

Finding an unordinary
drifting off to sleep point,
a hollowed-out spot,
where I can let
God dream for me.

Whistles in the wind,
in lullaby the sky and sea
seem to trade places,
bending around me
as vertical blanketed surges.

My carcass is a colonization (of bones)
for my dearly departed ones,
forbearers of migration,
seeking endless sea,
until like them,
I settle upon
their ancestral shore.

Kuroi Jukai (Japanese, translated as Black Sea of Trees)
Hope Jul 2021
Freedom was a writer from whom his name was stolen.
That of whom left his breaths on every page he wrote the meanings of which, were torn from his chest.
He was the fruit of his works,
of his labour.
And was the whistle in the wind that blew that blew through silence.
Hanging tastefully in the air.
A sweet sensation.
Who grew from dismality, was named and married to him as Hope.
The growths of their union,
the words of the tormented writer and the melodies of the candied breeze,
were songs of story sung for acres.
And who’s dawned legacies are the working times of their lovechildren,
Emancipation and Liberty.
The story of our people.
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