The ink is pitch black
And the fountain pen was white
Summoned a poem.
A little haiku 5-7-5 poem :)
Tomorrow will be today
Today will be yesterday

That one yesterday I
promised to get work

Quills in the inkpot
Papers scattered but
they're ready

But I put it off for tomorrow
                       ­                 tomorrow

The same tomorrow of today
when today is yesterday

It's become my art form
Wasting time for tomorrow,
the thief!

The thought is so daunting
Ever so daunting

Of a piece of my work
that is left unfinished
It's so easy to get into.
I've put so much of my work on hold because of it.
One excuse becomes a thousand and what I wanted to do rarely gets done.
Happens to the best of us!

Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Blessings in winter
Rain of spring leaves
Drift home once more
Hearth captures all hearts
with love as a cloak
And we bond
This one is an old poem I just found reading my old journal from 2012-13.
Man, time seriously flies! And the trip down memory lane is great!
It really shows how much I've evolved with my pen!
And I sure as hell will keep on inkin'! ^.^
Thanks so much everyone! You're all amazing!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
My heart is like my pen
Everyone takes them in hand
Some throw it in the trashcan
Or use it until it can not write anymore
But she refilled my pen every time
Because she loves to write with my pen
And I feel her ink flowing through my pen
But there was no ink in my pen
It was her love that brought my pen back to writing.
emnabee Jun 6
My pen is like a limb
A part of me
Ready to take aim
Ready to spill
At my will

My pen is me.
My pen is not the biggest, but it is the best :)
(Ok maybe not the best, but beautiful nonetheless.)
She Writes Jun 3
You were her muse
Every time she picked up her pen
Undoubtedly she knew
Her clumsy heart fell again
E over c2 Jun 2
i never expected any of this to happen
but here we are
winter has begun
and now you shine as my own little sun

so remember to breathe,
when you get back i'll still be here.
when you're there hold the watch to your heart
chest filled
eyes closed
im here
and there
for you

your monsters hide in the darkest corners of the mind
but remember that the pen is mightier than the sword.
and with every word you write
every one of my words you read
those monsters get slain day by day
so listen to me as i say and say
i love you.
even when you can't love yourself
so that one day you might learn how to.
Sit alone, below a single light
no people surround, it's late at night
my pen is suffocating with paper
equations and pieces compiled, I am my own creator.
Faa May 28
Do my fingers
Find its way
To grasp pens and scribble
Endless adjectives on paper
Until I drain the ink out
And fill all my notebooks with lead
Striving to describe your immaculacy?

Do my fingers
Run their tips across
The keyboard of letters
Pressing out the syllables
Forming verbs and nouns
Struggling to define how much of my heart you hold?

Does my heart
Find harmony in wasting my time
Pondering, writing, loving, day dreaming
The perfection you have become?

Is only all I ever asked myself
But I have never wondered;
How I manage to make the simplest of words
Sound so exquisite
Whenever my hands
Scribble and scribble endlessly
About you

Forever asking the Why’s
And never asking the How’s
The How’s that prove
My own worth along with yours
Doug Miura May 26
Isn't it?
The child in me
Still laughs
Most die
Old children

I get along great
With people
If they have the confidence
To speak up

If you're thinking
Don't hesitate
I'm at your fingertips
Doug-Gentle Warrior-aka-King Kong lol!
How much safer could you get than meeting here?
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