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Cut the cord
And rip out my
Like you do
Everytime you walk away.

At least my
Cynicism will be
There to greet me.
m 5d
I’m just so angry
That you kissed me and
Walked away
And that you missed me
And that all these men line
Up for a chance to taste
This body but never this
Soul and I’m so angry
That everything I’ve prepared for
Is never going to happen,
That my grandchildren
May never see snow,
That I may never feel peace
Again, that my heart aches
Constantly. Just constantly.
My home feels like a trap and I’m
Walking through molasses towards
My death and I’m angry
That nobody is here to hold my hand
constant thoughts of the end of the world
When I love,
I love too much
When I love,
I love with my whole heart

When I love
I worry
I always worry,
About those I love

I am going to lose them one day
One day I am going to lose a person I love
But just because I lose them,
doesn't mean its the end

When I love,
I never want to let go
When I love,
It causes me pain
And heartache
And suffering
But I love to love,
Because loving and not being afraid to love,
Is what makes the tears worth it in the end
In worthlessness and hopelessness
I had lost
my way

The treasury in misery
I don’t know how to cope with pain

— Elysianne
The cure is self-love
If I could make you fight for us
only in you I put my trust

If I could take away your pain
and tell you I will always stay

If I could even turn back time
for universe to give us signs

If I could show my love for you
to mend our bond and mend you too

— Elysianne
If only I could make you see, I’m with you all infinity.
Forget the crimson lips and heart,
forget they made you pale
Just write about your aching being,
Forget the fairytale.

Paint not a picture of your dreams,
Envisaging sweet laughters
Face life and look beyond,
Beyond the happily ever afters.
james 6d
your hair was golden blonde
and your eyes were equated to stars
far more than once
by an ocean of sands within an hour glass

his hair was shimmering bronze
and his eyes were blue as the sea
and he saw you
and he smiled as he answered your loving plea

i assume he felt like four leaf clovers, and shiny lotteries
oh all the sands in the hour glasses
when i spotted you among the masses
couldnt match the yellow hyacinths
that sprouted so surely from me-

for you walked in
hand in hand.

you are an angel bathed in light
as anyone could see
does it make me so blind to shift my gaze;
to know the light was he?
(you are a fair maiden with smiles so saccharine)
(i am a boy much darker than i am sweet)
(so why do i cry to the midnight sky)
("he should've loved me- he should've loved me!")
mads 6d
you always said
"no sense makes sense"
and maybe you're right
but what will never
is the way that every time
i think i have you
i don't
as much as i hate to admit
you're my person.
andY 7d
there is a cupboard in your mothers house
filled with the softest towels one could imagine.
you always said: just pick one!
then i would stand for a little while in front of it
trying to figure out which one would make me feel like home the most.
i loved that.
i'll miss that.
andY 7d
i know
i must let you go
disconnect everything
we been
from my soul
get to know
my own again
sit firmly
in my throne and then
be happy
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