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I do not need you,
I think I just need to not
need you anymore

11:02 AM
on wet wood

Black ants and poisonous snakes-
Creeped out and slithered around-
The rotten wood full of ugly desire-
As I ignite the fire.

on Shakespeare

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”
Summer of terror and discontent;
The funeral of Shakespeare’s sonnet-
As I weep in tragic.

on pouring rain

Sunday is in silent agony;
Lights out, curtains down;
Angry sky cries in vain-
As I mute the rain.

on bittersweet coffee

One, two and more of grandé
Iced-cold caffeine in my blue vein;
Hands are still, the world’s unstirred-
As I sip the last drop of despair.
This is the third part of my poem. Read "The Prologue" first, followed by "The Encounter".
aledyyL 2d
I'm not sick,
I'm not mad,
I'm not disappointed,
I'm not surprise.

Look closer, Hear me more.
Can't u see?

I'm hurt.
It hurts, so bad.
Owen 3d
Every night I look up
at the moon,
the stars,
the spaces between,
and I know
you're not thinking about me,
not even a little bit.
Our ghosts still pillow fight in my head.
My relationship
with you is like that
of the sunflowers
and moon-
always distant
and dying in the absence
of your light.
Time keeps passing by
No word from you ever since
I am tired of waiting
When will this end?
Meet me in my dreams
That will be my closure
Do not forget me
I want you to suffer
idk why I keep thinking about them
Dream 6d
Don't you worry, my love, I'm doing just fine.

I smile all day and I take my tablets at night.

I talk all day and I flood my pillows at night.

Don't you worry, my love, I'm perfectly fine.
Thank you for your concern.
Ash 7d
You once made my sky blue,
reason why I can't hate you.
I know you loved me too,
but now you tore my heart in two.

I loved you all those years,
I fought away your fears.
As I drink all these beers,
I am fighting back my tears.

I was always your believer,
while you're a heart breaker.
Promising a life together,
I should've known better.

You begged to let you go,
while I yell back no!
I had stoop so low,
taking a heavy blow.

You have moved on quickly,
while I'm failing miserably.
You even replaced me easily,
played with my heart selfishly.

I want to feel all the anger,
but would it make me lighter?
Would it make things better?
Or would it make me bitter?

You already left,
leaving our book in a shelf.
Another love story has ended,
another protagonist that's wounded.

There's no such thing as happy ending,
I should just stop dreaming.
I should just stop trying,
I should just stop searching.

I know you're already happy,
and it's not because of me.
I am finally setting you free,
even if it kills me.
Written for a friend of mine who loved a person for 8 years.
Ash 7d
A world where you need to hide,
a world where you need to abide.
As your inner self has died,
people not knowing the times you cried.

A world where you would need to impress,
a world where you would need to suppress.
The real you that you want to express,
until your mind slowly becomes a mess.

People who expects you to be perfect,
someone who doesn't have any defect.
That's when they give you respect,
when you show them you are not a reject.

Parents disowning their children,
just because they were different.
You can only come back when you repent,
or experience hell's eternal torment.

This is still the world we live in,
Can't be comfortable in your own skin.
And just by being yourself would be a sin.
Whatever you choose you can never win.
Karijinbba Oct 16
Respectability boredom
The basis of your
very happy marriage.
Added to it my painful
everlasting suffering.
My heart-ache,
and heart-break.
It all came to it's
inevitable end

Everyone everything
comes to a holt called "end."
I roled your evil dice back!
You now rip back all
from your own garden
and mine as you've sawn.

This universal law applies
as a balancing Libra scale!
It just never fails for anyone
It's all an ever
pendulum Oscillation.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights apply.
We all rip what we saw
my unprovoked enemies too :

Jose Oscar Haro, Billy Win,
Haralambos Mantalozis
haralobo matasolo matador
human predator poisoner
child torturer biggot
Henry Welonek Henry Robert Welonek Elizabeth Welonek
their team of Charles Manson's advocate s witches voodoo human trafficking haters racist human predators; Arthur Susan Raitano
Kitiaki Elena Olivia in Athens
Billy Panajotis Basiliki in Calamata
and even you my twin soul Pat J. Cham
aka rdd..Susan Miller Caugh...
and the many Veracruz predator thieves of all my burried loot by my twin soul.
Jeff Albrecht, John Christianson
cowards lacking courage brains heart biggots habitual drug user idiots
All who hurt me because I was simply all alone in the world. I never hindered any of you knowingly nor unknowingly I was simply existing living doing what great righteous people do best loving caring and surviving all of you
two face predators with greedy ******* agendas where malice greed mattered
more to you all
than my life and my children's life.
Now you rip as you planted for I return to you all evil doings and bind them to you
for all eternity in Jesus, Gods name
and it is God tells me so.
revenge is from the lord.
the blood of my saints and mine is in your hands
As for the only human ET like myself
who wished me well may you rip the gold
you once burried for me that was my loss.
As fir the love you gave I keep as my own and add it ti my hearts wealth. I am not all that I won't forgive you evil doers go to hell...the same hell you gave me plus interest..

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