Emily 17h

My heart seems so shiny and new,
in tip top shape, I get it inspected every year, thank you very much.
Underneath the paint job is a rusted mess,
peeling off in huge strips and trailing behind.
It seems so sturdy and infallible,
unyielding and unflinching in the eyes of chaos.
But if you were to push, to drive too far inward,
it would collapse, crunching, to half the size.
Scars exposed, shoddy repairs unveiled,
at the mercy of the outside world.

My heart seems so shiny and new,
but underneath it’s fragile,
just like you.

Monica 23h

It's like we're stuck on it
Somebody jammed the remote button
And now we're stuck in circles
Going around and around and around

It's like we're in a tornado
Always opposite of one another
Coming so close
But never close enough

You're drowning
Sinking down into your own depression
And I'm floating
Unable to let out enough oxygen
To sink and save you

But do I want to sink?
Do I want to go back to drowning
Just to save you?
Is it really worth that much pain?

If you asked me this last year,
I would have said yes
But I didn't know
What being happy felt like
And now that I am happy
I don't want to let it go

So we're stuck on repeat
Spinning in circles
And around
And around

Neither of us wants to give up
Neither of us wants to leave
Even though we both know
That it might be best for us to let go

she’s hurt and she cries,
screams as if she’s going to die,
but do you even hear her?
no, because you don’t even bother.

she’s hurt and she smiles,
believed each and every of your lies,
though she already knew it’s fruit,
she set aside all of the truth.

she’s hurt and she’s scared,
because none of you really cared,
for your love is too sweet,
that makes her hard to breathe.

she’s hurt but still loved you,
eventhough you made her feel blue,
believed you once again,
but never forget that the pain left a stain.

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My mind is insane
Crazy within its own self
I know it's not true
It makes me feel like a burden
I should downgrade myself
Make myself into less
Delegate myself to support
Support him
My heart destroys me
Aches when I feel this way
I feel like crying
I feel dead
I feel done

Chi 3d

I often wonder how it feels like to fall in love with someone who could love you back, but chose not to.

They could fall in love with the way your eyes sparkle.
They could fall in love with the way you smile and laugh at their jokes.
They could fall in love with you, but chose not to.

They could fall in love with the way you dance at their favourite song.
With the way you sing with them.
Or maybe with the way you write all the things you love about them.
They could fall in love with you, but chose not to.

Instead, they chose to fall in love with someone.
Someone who doesn’t know them
Someone who doesn’t love them
Doesnt know their favourite song

Then you wonder why
Why did they chose not to fall in love with you
When you know everything about them
When they know that you will always be there for them
When you love them

But sometimes, love isn’t enough.
Just because you love someone, they will love you back.
Even if you’re loveable person, they will still choose not to love you back
Because maybe, maybe they really wasn’t for you

How can one think as they try to swim
How can I sink to drown on a whim
How do I stay up at night too tired to sleep
When the memories of what was make me feel weak.
I wish it came natural to explain
My emotions; I naturally show all this pain
You call me a mess and tell me I'm wrong
When I say my hearts beat has long since gone


I’m not a fan of those little lights.
I never talked to them about her.
They never calmed my heart.
They never helped me out.
Like tonight, they just watched us
move to separate roads without
looking at each other back.
Even the moonlight sucks
for lighting my way to wherever
she will never show up.
Ahh, but why did they do that anyway,
while I was looking at her
they glowed her face
leaving me breathless and speechless
like that time she wore that white dress.
My heart sank, regretting
why I’m walking away.
So much for not believing
with these stars, I might never
forget this day;
how much I love her but
I am not enough for her to stay.

Diminishing the hope in which you thrived.
Allowing for the demise of the greatest warrior.
Cowering in fear of the unknown,
So you remain silent.

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