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Where do you wish to travel?
He asked

Next to you
Not too far
Wherever you go
Let me be the parallel line
She replied
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Naive infinity entwined

When Nate was born,
My heart began to beat.
When Brandon was born,
I took my first breath.
When Jace was born,
My spirit awoke.

L. Mack
Dedicated to my children
Through blood we are bonded infinitely
A sideways eight for the world to see
Just how much you mean to me
No love is wasted
In its amusing form

Let it destine to eternity
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Many times
So many among us
Tried to define
What love is

Many times
So many among us
Corrected the earlier defined
Meaning of love
Smile like a calm breeze
With the heart of flowers
Whoever you are

That is enough
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Blending beautiful smile with soulful heart
Rich 5d
The icicles dance in my glass
the sun’s as low as the eyelash in your gaze
- almost set -
and I feel that stare in my bones
from my temple to my tibia
You’d like to take a peak behind this aura
and see if the body it houses is one you’d hold dear
Open these walls,
what appears?

Because I’m hoping you find a kindred spirit
I’m hoping you see I'm down to earth,
reach beneath my surface,
pick up a lodestone and find yourself magnetized
pick up a grin, borrow it on days that you need one.

But most of all I’m hoping you pick me up like a habit
And I promise I can take you places envied by your dreams.
Let me simplify
What it is

He felt it in your eyes
He read it in your words
He knew it when you smile
He appreciates you so much
He sensed the fragrance in air
He started to trust your forever
He noticed when you get blushed

How warmly
He calls you, a rose

It can be
No other than
Genre: Love
Theme: language of love needs to be simple, let the naive understand
Joanna Charis Sep 10
This bond we treasure,
could not be measured;
Blessed to have you, my friend.

These memories, I will keep;
held within so deep;
We stay together till the end.
I’m crazy
But you are beautiful

I’m wired
But you are beautiful

I’m reserved
But you are beautiful

I’m selfish
But you are beautiful

I don’t love you
But you are beautiful

I hate you
But you are gorgeous

You are too much
You too, JUST LIKE ME.
Genre: Observational
Author Note: It's conversation.
First line, her voice. Second line, his voice.
Samantha Sep 6
I knew I loved you
When you held my hand
Pretending I was your girlfriend in that bar.
When we drove down the
Hill, windows down
Music up, singing along
High as the moon in that night's sky.
I knew I loved you
When you called me crying about your dog
And didn't know what to do.
When you sang to me
"Don't you worry, don't you worry child" in that club
And you told me it'd get better.
When you made me smile all the times
I was down.
I knew I loved you when you
Though my weirdness was cool
And when you let me be my exposed self
You never judged, it was easy to
Tell you my deepest secrets.
I knew I loved you when we took that selfie
And pretended to kiss.
When it turned real as our
Connection solidified through our lips
I knew I loved you when we pretended
It never happened because we
Didn't want to lose each other.
I knew I loved you all the
Times we fought and drifted away for things
I can't even remember.
When our opinions would clash
And our lives kept changing.
I knew I loved you when I hated you
And all your girls because I knew you could do better.
I knew I loved you when you finally met her
And it pleased my heart
Your gamble was finally over.

I Know I Love You
Because I'm smiling as I immortalize our bond.

I Love You
My Best Friend
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