Donna Jones Jan 2

in my Lovely house
its loud and crazy mad
everyone shouts

all eight of us talk
at once , wanting to get heard
our stress levels rise

the walls begin to
shake , neighbours wear earmuffs
and turn up tv's

then all of a
sudden we are all laughing
like mad hyenas

we cuddle we kiss
then we get on with our day
with a happy heart

we are all adults
living under the same roof
but our love is real

even the moon sits on
window being nosey
what a bloody cheek!

and our big house is
shrinking , kids are growing like jolly green giants

but I love my mad
family , I sure wouldn't
want it any other way

Mims Dec 2017

Dancing to Jon bellion in the kitchen
Screaming the words at each other
Making dramatic hand jesters
Lay on the floor
And mouth every lyric
This is how we feel
This is how we heal
We've never had a great relationship I've never really known you
But we bonded over this music
And you're my sister and I love you

Rachel, I'm glad we have such great music tastes.

When I met him for the first time..
It seemed like I was abducted and thrown into a meadow.
It’s jolt was such an impact, yet overwhelmingly mellow.

The breath of fresh air. Away from all my usuals. But most definitely, my type..

And there he was. Standing with his words all over the place, but he’s smarter..
He has them all decorated like an uncomplicated flower arrangement, better !

When I met him for the first felt like he knows..
He knows how to grab my attention, but he does something bigger..
He exposes his soul to me, opens up in a manner that is a little wee..
Now that he’s naked, and raw.. I can finally feel the marks of that paw..that scratched his soul, it wounded my own..

I wanted to tell him, out loud..
That I was here. And that he could count..
Count on me till the end, for this was just a speed bump, the F1 race is far from over..

When I met him for the first time..
There he was, like an open treasure chest, and all I could feel was like Jack sparrow, at his black pearl’s quest.. I wanted to tell him that this is just the intermission, life has it’s own gradualization..

But he looks up, and cracks a joke that’s fake.. he is trying so hard to hide the ache.. but little does he know, that I pile too, When it all gets much too..
but fear is what gets us going.. defines our being.

Suddenly I feel his breath on my shoulder, for now he has taken shelter..
His hands getting colder..
Yet the embrace getting bolder.
He turns to me.. says will I be alright ? And that’s when I know he was already a little better..a little right.

So when I met him for the first time, I asked him too..
If I could drop my curtains..?
All he could do is be all ears.
And listen to all the nasty anecdotes over my years..
And I think, I finally found my soul mate..
who said it had to be someone you marry ? It could be someone with who you can relate..

When I met him for the first time..
It seemed like I was abducted and thrown into a meadow.
It’s jolt was such an impact, yet overwhelmingly mellow.

ChanWakhan Dec 2017

Remember me, please,
When the last sliver of light cease,
When the sound of the last sigh slowly dies,
When my hand no longer caress your chin.

Those lips curving in smile, tenderly pressed against your chest,
The single, crystal-clear tear that would never leave my eyes,
And the laughter you would always break free from my sorrow.

Caress those memories:
The warm assurance of unwavering bond, the calming embrace,
The reason to be and the reason to withstand,
And that sweet melody when I called your name.

Do remember, and smile.
As all of it had happened once, I assure you,
however unreal it may seems, like an illusion or a dream.
I promise, I will remember, wherever it may be.

If I ever had the opportunity to say the last words to the only person that has ever truly held my heart and has seen the deepest ends of my mind, I would certainly do.
aaliyah Dec 2017

A sun and moon cross like a heart
But are far apart
But always near
And very dear
They bond

They bond
Like how the grass is green
And the sky is blue
They all come together
Like 1 and 2

They will bond
Till forever more
And beyond

Samruddhi Dec 2017

And the moment felt so right
When he was holding on to her so tight
He could feel her heart racing faster and faster
And he knew that he was her only master
Knowing so he loosened his grip
And alas! That was the very moment she tripped
Roaming all around so damn free
She was like a bird, not settling for a tree
He came around and saw there was a flaw
That the bird now was going towards the Hunter's claw
He whistled and whistled and called her back
She had returned slowly but something still lacked
No longer did she desire to be held by him close
For her the danger and risks were her familiar dose!
Hoping that she could just stay longer
She knew even her master was no stronger
But that was their fate
And they had to accept it before it was late
For her wings were at stack
And the master simply couldn't hold her back
He had to let her go
Because she was meant to be in that flow
He set her free and let her flew up and above
Because he never had a cage for her..but simply tender love

Genie Dec 2017

I’ve lost the bond of a loved one during the journey of finding myself.
I only have myself when I’m not fitting in.
How I’m not giving in to what’s socially acceptable or the traditions when there’s only so much I can give.
I’ve always been an observer but as a child I kept expressions in.
Putting on a stoic face as my depression grows within.
I thought of this just as temporary but then the approach begins again so once again I’m just a kid.
Yearning for that old relationship with my mother and the comfort of a home.
But I'm too different from the rest so I come off as complicated, I’m alone for not being a clone.
Can't find happiness of my own,
I've never felt so obligated.
My mind never focuses on that.
Not merely since everything in my environment has my mind on different paths but never fulfilling anything.
Never accomplishing what I go after, how I drop everything I pick up.
My failures seems to come back to back from one another playing tit for tat.
Most things that come to me never last.
Unless it's a dark mass or anything traumatising I'm trying to get passed.
Feels like everything in this world is robbing me but I always see it coming, it's unmasked.

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