They will make you feel complete
You'll know, when you first meet
Cause they are your missing piece.
It's once in a lifetime,
Don't look for a sign,
They'll bring peace to your mind.
It will happen at the right place
And the right time.

The connection will be strong.
so many things in common
You'll naturally bond.
You'll talk for length of hours
About the sweet and the sour
And they won't judge you.

You'll have endless joy
That Nobody can destroy.
You'll dance and swirl,
You two against the world.

Love is unto vengeance
when you are
deeply moribund
A thought to faith......of hope
then Love......yet still unfinished

of loss.....a promise
a vow of spirit......souls
in forever a bond

Revenge of the righteous
for all that is known
of treachery's treason
against all that is borne
Of irrational reasoning
denying the truth
unequivocally shown

Hating with
reverent perfection
the source, the thought,
the deed

Pure avenging absolution
despising all veraciously
all in total.....all contemptible

Life again......through vengeance
for Love that was lost
Hearts once beating together
as unseen moments depart
Possibly a waiver....yet
never to fall

Love unto vengeance...
....Revenge unto Love?

No, Unfinished Business
Just Cause.





People ask questions
My existential meaning
Is to enjoy life

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.  But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?  Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present." -Albert Camus

When the night was finally over
When the dark had finally gone
When blood turned to water
And when lust was replaced by love

That's when the sun rose
And light was shining over all
When water refreshed our souls
And love was the force behind it all

This was the shortest time ever
As brief as a lightning's strike
As long as a bee's life
But as good as a happy ending after a ride of long downs.

This was when I had it all
And all meant I had you
When you and I were against the world
And not the world breaking our bond.

This is what I am longing for: the repetition of it all
My heart cries please come back
So that night can finally be over
And the sun can rise again
So that water refreshes our soul, instead of our souls drawning in blood
So that lust can be replaced by love
And love be the force behind it all.

One of my own favorites. Written in 2016

I am casting shadows
to stop the growing
smiles of petals
for they are feeding thorns
carving poems on my skin
I can't unlove your demons

The bond of love The bond of Trust
The festival which truly celebrates
the bond between a brother and a sister (siblings and cousins)

Celebrated in the month of August on a full moon day(purnima)
Known as Rakhi Purnima

Rakhi-The sacred thread ,
which the sister ties on the wrist of her brother .
This festival is known
as Raksha Bandhan

Raksha - means to protect
Bandhan - To be bound (Bond)
Raksha Bandhan - The Bond of Protection
A festival celebrated by Hindus all over the country.

The Celebration
The sister buys a Rakhi for her brother
Prepares or buys sweets for her brother .
On the auspicious morning ,
The brother and sister both deck up in their traditional fineries.

The sister readies a plate full of sweets ,
with a little vermilion soaked in water
along with a few rice grains ,  to be applied as vertical mark (tilak) on the brother's forehead.
Believed to blessings from the lord .
A lit lamp for aarti
and the Rakhi(sacred thread) which she ties on the brother's wrist ,
wishing him the best .

The brother in return promises to look after her and presents her with gifts .

* This is not a poem , more of an account of the festival and the celebration.
With time and distances it is not always possible to bring in the festival together.
However, the sister mails across the Rakhi  to the brother, as I did :)

Have beautiful memories of this festival from my younger days , celebrated with siblings and cousins alike .

Thank you all for reading !!

This year ,The  festival is on 7th of August , that's today .
Happy Raksha Bandhan to all brothers and sisters ..
Vikram sikki Aug 6

He is dead and close
As he never shows
Tantrums and huffs
Like others all the time

He never jumps and scare
Does not annoy anymore
Never turn up and never turn down
Never offends, never complains

Just silently lurks in memories
And looks all happy
Quietly stays in the past
That will always last

We never talked that much
Now I wish I could
But he ll never know
That I wished so

He will never be
The friend he could be
Will never know my secret tree
My top ten and our best three

But it's good that he didn't see
How I cried and cried
when he Ceased to be
And gone like an escapee

As if a song finishes abruptly
Only never to be replayed
Your mind tries hard to rewind
But sorrow distorts memory all the time

But wait
Mine is dead
Yours may still be here
Some so dear, some not near

Do whatever
Talk, sing, cry,shoot, send
Anything is better than
That one dead friend..

Nothing happens later
You know better!!

Do it till you can.

As our breath blends together
we become one
Planting slow deep wet kisses,
so intense, so passionate and so strong
An immense secure and infinite feeling
dripping from your mouth into mine

When our eyes meet
we develop a deep thirst
Our body becomes so sensitive to every move and word
Pulling each other close; creating strong waves of love full of our sensual touch

The way we looked right into each others soul, is the most intoxicating thing we've ever had
A bond so deep, passionate and so strong

This isn't only love
It's pure ecstasy at its finest


Mane Omsy Jul 20

It could last long
My love
I've come back
Not from the dead
But, indeed
From the graveyard
Where once you burried me
When you said
You don't want to see me
But, I knew
You couldn't hold
Any longer

I'll be there, always for you and for the love you lost in the desert of your craziness.

She who praises me

Praises me well

Sometimes she Pampers me

Sometimes makes me feel like hell

She who praises me

Is one of a kind

Though chiseled beauty she got

She also have a mind

She who praises me

Is herself well known

Still she behaves like

Her attitude is long gone

She who praises me

Cries on what not

Then I make jokes on her

And she laughs a lot

She who praises me

Praises through her core

As she encourages me

I want to write more

She who praises me

Is not my significant other

Sometimes she be my best friend

And sometimes my mother

She who praises me

I cannot thank you more

But I'll have a corner for you

That is for sure

I wish you all the happiness

in your life

The man will be so lucky

Who will have you as his wife

Never mind I'll keep writing shit

That's from my side

And this is it…...

Write this one for my best friend pooja
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