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scraped knees and busted knuckles-
nine summers spent running with the boys.

precious gift-
stardust and curls.
my devotion to you was silently sworn,
my sister.

watching you grow-
the magical years.
barefoot ballerina,
wild daisy soul.

passing years
have narrowed the space between
my world and yours.

navigating the rivers
of motherhood

still dancing
wherever we go.
Wishing my little sister a very special birthday. XOXO, Lizzy Love
Sometimes, You don't have to say a word
Probably, You are speechless
The thoughts, I think

That she is
Genre: Observational
Shwetha sb Jul 23
When the waves of turbulent ocean, waves calmly all of a sudden..
the wind carries me to the blissful past,
transcending myself to other nation..
smiles and laughter of him ,all I could remember..
cause would he never let his cries to travel far in air...
I'm the one who keeps him lively he say..
all I did has nothing to gain, but a whole world of happiness
to share in my own way...

I can't change the dramatic genre of your story , you confirmed..
but you won't face it all alone as we agreed....
I only wanted you to stay away from desperation...
so that I made some reasons without any hesitation...
but I ain't noticed that my life was heading to bound..
I know I have to see before you, my end..
but I'm glad that I could share some happy stories before I bend..

but give me some time to confess little more..
that the happy stories I made you to listen..
or the happy endings I made you to believe..
was nothing but a sweet lie, told only to bring ,
that flawless curve from your face....
Night Jul 14
Call me when you want
Call me when you need
I'll be there when you think of me
Just a heart beat away from you
Following you into your dreams
I'm always there with you all you need to do is to think of me
And I'll be there
It's not about being there in presence to show them that you cherish them it's about how much they want you as much as you want them
My Dear Poet Jul 10
a link in love

a join of joy

a piece of peace
When it's real

He won't always tell you
He loves you with words
You will love your life
Much more

When it's real
You don't have to question

Answer appears
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Just like this
Author's Note: When it's real, your eyes will know it, so does your soul.
My Dear Poet May 31
just before you push me
hold me close
and kiss me
so that just before
you release me
you’ll know
you can’t leave me
you’ll have me
dangling you
beneath me
“Don’t let me go”
When ego dies
Love flourishes
Genre: Observational
Theme: Take Home Message
My Dear Poet May 18
A child found her soul mate
beneath the tears of her eyes
so she kept them in jars of clay
with sighs and gentle cries
wishing the days away
till that day when they would meet
and gift him the collected tears
in the jars when they would greet
Lifting lids from off the jars
he would hear the cry of her heart
pouring them into his soul
she wish washed his will to part
The first sip they say
Takes your breath away
And so it did
As I lifted the lid
Again to my smiling lips
The liquid falls and drips
But my mind is elsewhere
Thinking of a moment I share
With only you
Just us two
Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!
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