No love is more pure,
Than the love of a child.
No bond is more strong,
Than mother and child.
I remember,
A precious hours, minutes and seconds
I remember,
A tender talk

Since the day
I first saw you
I feel reflection of my mom
Silent, kind and sensible

The same day,
I wished for togetherness.
Genre: Love
Theme: Truth never dies.
You, my sister,
are the one friend
who has known me
all my life
I've known you most of yours
three years before I came to be
a few for which
I have no memory

I wish
I could recall

when I was new
did you lift me?
or stroke
my forehead?
did you sing
to me?

did you gaze
at tiny feet
in wonder

were we pals
even then?
even before my eyes
could focus
on your face
to see you
to know you?

did our spirits
know each other
bond in some mysterious way?
planning even then
their escapades
bare-chested, barefooted
in blazing summer sun
circling our tree
so "far" from home?
our adventures

did they see
the time ahead
when the fog would come
when we'd each
be alone to struggle
with who we are?

did they know
we'd find our way
back again
never completely losing sight
of our special bond?
a bond temporarily
blurred by life
by grown up sorrows

grim details
of life

like a broken branch
on a tree that hangs
by not more
than a thread
hangs on through
all the storms
clinging with all
its energy

growing anew
connecting fully

than before
She closed the door
closed all windows

I tried to peep
through the Lock hole
she glued it too

my love get loop holes
she never tried to realize,
whom she belongs.
Genre: Dark
Theme: Then, She Happened
I keep her inside the heart of my thought
Whatever I think, I first think of her
Whatever I do, I first think of her

I started to follow her
my peace resides there
she is inside me, that much

I stopped,
Unfollowed her, in my consciousness
To wish her grow in her personal space
Feeling, she may want this

Then, I was nobody
But my love holds the same

If this is not love,
I lost my faith on it
Because of  _

I don’t mention
Because I will,
love you,
Genre: Love
Theme: Then she happened.
You believe in what people say
In the lies they feed you
In the stories they exaggerate
You assume my people are bad people
And will do me wrong
But the only person that might be doing me wrong all this while
Could have been you
All along
I trust you
I look up to you
But your constant demands
Your perfect executions
Are completely ridiculous
I won't give in
I will be me
Whether you like it or not
It was beautiful getting to know you
I never saw any of this coming
You prove me wrong so many times
I lost count
You kept promises
That nobody would have
You supported me everyday
Through every decision I make
Even if it was bad
You opened my eyes
And showed me a different new world
Where not everything is rainbow and butterflies
But with the right people
I will be alright
You made it feel like home
Even when times were rough
Thank you just wouldn't cut it
Because you deserve so much
And I am absolutely blessed
To call you mine
Here and forevermore
Time flew by so fast, and I still remember the first day we met. The first date we went. You are the first of many things. All my crazy cafe addiction, our love for Kaison, and on the way of getting a pet fish (start small first, we - technically him, he killed our first plant) thank you for doing things with me. For bringing me out on adventures, and everything beyond that. I love you, I love the people you bring to my life and forever blessed for you. I love you from here to infinity. Happy anniversary, my love
justine grace Apr 15
instead of seeing the sunshine
i saw the darkness
instead of feeling the warmth
i felt the coldness
you taught me everything possible
but still deserted me in my worst
i wish you the best
the only words i hope to hear
justine grace Apr 14
As a child
You always taught me
Family was important
Regardless the situation
I can always count on family
I believed that
Growing up
We weren't the perfect family

I was allowed to spend time with her during the weekends
And you, well mostly grandma
The weekdays
She wasn't perfect either
But at least
Before she died
She made me felt loved

I can't believe after all these years
You made me turn my back on her
Yes she could've fucked up
Or maybe you fucked up
Well I wouldn't know would I
Cause I'm always the last one to know about something in this family
But anyhow
She still gave me that love
Even til this day
I could feel it

Always wondered if she took me with her
If we left together
If I moved away from you
How would things turn out to be

You always said that she was this
And she was that
And I wasn't even able to defend her
But now that I'm older
And I'm figuring things out
I'm figuring you out
I'm finally able to realize all the faulty measures in this family

Why they both left
You may be right one out of three
But I'm going to prove you so wrong

I thought I got my heartbroken enough by my past lover
And now that it's healed
And I'm finally able to believe and trust someone
I'm content
And then there you go
The feeling of my heart breaking
Because of you
Just saddens me

I've never said you're a bad person
I've never said you've never carried your dutis and responsibilities
Yes you have and for that I thank you
But besides all that
Just because of it
You think I'm going to stick around
To tolerate the mess you created
The person you are

Years I kept in inside me
Years you put me down
Never believed in the things I do
Always assuming the worst of me
Believing the lies people feed you
Over me
And you call yourself a -
It breaks my heart to even say it

I kept it in me for years
Never said anything to anyone
Thought that maybe one day
You'd realize
But as the years go by
You're becoming worst
Bad to worst as a matter of fact
You're favourite line that you love to use on me

I finally found the person that I am able to tell my deepest secrets
Not because I want him to judge you
Even then
I'm afraid because I don't want him to create this image of what an individual you are
Because you're still that person to me
However I'm a goner
I need to let shit out
If I keep this in any longer
Trust me
I might lose my fucking head

In this whole loop
I can't trust anyone
Not you
Not them
Not anyone

I don't know what the future may hold
Yes I may be with him for the rest of my life
Or I won't
That's for Him to judge
But it's alright
Because at this exact moment
He's the person I believe in
He's the person I love
And willing to make sacrifices for
He's the person you said that's not right for me
Well you're wrong
Dead fucking wrong

He's the person, the only person
I'm able to be my complete self
Without being looked down on
I may be foolish at times
Make stupid decisions
But that doesn't perceive me as an idiot
Am I right
Or nevermind
Who am I kidding
You'd say I'm wrong
So nah

I'm leaving
Could be now
Or tomorrow
And whenever
When that happens
I promise you
You don't have to see my face anymore
And unlike her, she came back
Oh, how sweet
But no
I'm not her
I'm not anyone you're trying to make me be
I'm a cold-hearted, selfless bitch
Only to you though
So don't worry

I treat the people I love with gentle and care
And I found my family
And that's me

Some may disagree with my doing
But I make my decision
I am living this life
I get to do this
At least this
For my sake
I'm done
Good riddance
My whole life has been a lie. I've been living in this bubble that mentally tortured me daily. I was always taught in church to forgive and forget, however, I'm already sinning enough in my life. So forgiving and not forgetting isn't a big sin to me. It's alright if I go to hell for this, I'm ready to face the consequences. Just as long, as I'm out of this living hell hole. Cause once I'm dead, I won't feel a thing.
justine grace Apr 11
He wandered,
The chosen path,
Where he took an oath,
That life will never take a toll on him again.

His thoughts lingered,
To his last lover,
Her tenderness,
Her longing touch,
The memories
That felt like home.

It was misery,
Absolutely tormenting,
To walk that road again,
His love, his care,
Was never reciprocated,
He felt foolish,
The divine love,
That was once imaginable,
Turned into classic horror.

Where she would cook at night,
With his shirt on,
Oh how she looked so beautiful,
Standing there,
Imagining something different,
Something deserving,
Yet it was all deceiving.

A broken heart that could never be mended,
Where she broke his heart,
Over and over again,
The nostalgic feeling,
Move him more than anything,
In this world,
Which nearly brought him to tears.

Much awaited,
The healing process began,
He outgrew the pain,
The hunger of revenge,
And made his heart full of love again,
Never to be deceived,
Is one thing,
But never to let anyone,
Take away his spark again.

Imagining those little tender kisses upon his neck,
He slowly let's go,
So much so that,
He'll be able to get on the right path once more,
Take himself on a journey,
Where deceiving isn't an obstacle no longer,
He was hungry,
Hungry for happiness,
Hungry for passion,
Past and future,
May never come across one another,
And find himself believing
Of finally accepting himself,
For who he is,
And for what he may become.
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