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When the eyes lock
You will find
Your way

One foot in my heart
And another in my soul

Beyond reason
  You are a living dream
I never thought
I would feel like this
So much more
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Forever waiting
Dear Brother,

We do not have the same mother
But the trust I have for you,
Is like no other,
Cause the bond we have
Goes beyond a color

Through thick or thin
I will always have your back,
For the times you had mine
All the those dark days alone
When I could not be fine

Cause you more than just a friend or a homie
You my Brother
Cause you really know me
When you meet
Like minded who is
Good to your soul

You will find
What was never lost

It taste like love
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Still unaware?
May be
It's the spirit
The compelling eyes
The life like smile
The familiar vibes
Honest affection
Authentic raw
So much more

Genre: Observational
Theme: Aura
Prachi Sep 30
It is a feeling that hurts,
More than a heartbreak;
Impermanence it asserts.

The connection never ceased;
As the plant that has dried now,
Its seed was pure love.

Fragile as its leaves were,
It carried a bond impermeable;
Hence still seems near.

Forgiveness is the glue,
To fill in the cracks;
As the purpose is to renew.
To the most treasured bond in the world.
If you want
To love
Love that deep
Even a stone heart melts

For whatever
It worths
Longing to have
A recycled soul
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: That makes sense
Author Note: Make stone humanoid, then add some emotions which makes it human, then after.
No one question
It just is

Still unsure?
It's not
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Intuition
If you could see
What i see
It's love
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Harmony
Coffee is just
A mere coffee
Until you sip it
Then it's love

Who offered it
Genre: Observational
Theme: Coffee Culture
Carlo C Gomez Sep 25
Her constellations move differently

She no longer controls star systems

Only one remaining cluster
now orbits her

But it is more than enough

For they need and love her as their light-giving empyrean
Title inspired by the poem "Benign" by fellow HP writer Puds:
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