I've never been in a relationship myself,
          but i think it's terribly sad when two people break up.
                 "break up." Even that sounds quite terrible.
                        What is it that they're breaking?
                Is it the bond? the trust? their hearts? how sad.
                   But the reason why i think it's terribly sad,
          it's because of the fact that you just have to stop seeing them.
             You go from spending so much time with that person,
                                      to stop seeing them.
                                   And you must respect it.
                 You have to keep the kisses you want to give them.
                       The sweet words you want to tell them.
                    And... they take their affection, as well.
                           You don't feel loved anymore.
                          They left, and so did their love.

The tear stained shoulders we both share,

The secrets we have are because we care.

No one knows the depth of our love,

Mom and daughter a gift from above.

The truest friend - a gift for life,

Amidst the trouble, the pain, the strife.

We both rely on the love we share,

Forever knowing the other is there.

No gift compares to the one that is free,

My daughter, my friend, a lifetime to be

Copyright ©2011 Jennifer Lynn DeLong

Written for my daughter
Xaviera Allan Oct 12

We wear stained jeans
Blood red
Our hearts are made of metal,
oh, well, oh, well
Our brains are made of glass,
mad, yes, mad, yes
And for eyes we have black holes instead
What a curse, always wrong
Sought by savages among us,
They rip out our golden teeth,
sing, pretty
sing, pretty pretty little bird
They cut out our silver tongues,
oh, speak, bright angel
I thought you called my name
What a curse, always right
Sometimes the pools of tears are all we find
I'm not ready for the knife

We see trouble straight
Glass eyes
Our fists are made of bone
Oh, shit, oh, shit
Our souls made out of paper
Sad, yes, sad, yes
Sent by death, the living seek us
What a curse, telling only truths
Can you hear us coming?
Crawl inside a jungle bed
Mad dreams make life deadly
I want you to think about my head
Mad dreams made life deadly
What did we put in them again
We remember tomorrow but we prefer to
All go back to bed and sink into the past instead
What a curse, telling only lies
Shadows are all we ever came here to find
I already told you twice

We chose this life
Devil's souls
Our fears are made of roses
Why, then, why then,
Our lungs are made of ash
Dark, yes, dark, yes
And now our minds will never grow old
What a curse, oh never mind
Fight back emotion win the prize
They show us our failures,
pray, sinner
pray, sinner sinner of the lord
They tell us our reputation,
oh, stand, little bully
I thought you called me weak
What a curse, good luck next time
Blinding bright light is what we will find
We've never been wrong before

Pull me up and hold when I fall
When you are down give me a call
For few moments together, let's pause
Let's talk opening up our heart

Ups-downs and highs-lows
Sail together in same boat
In this stream of time floaty
Let's flow together smoothly

Frustration charm and madness
Such is the path of togetherness
Be there always with me
From you I want this much only

Moving ahead persistently
Maybe fast or slowly
Always be my co-traveler
When weary wait for each other

Maybe uplifts or setbacks
Face together let's not give up
Many challenges to meet
Let's share by joining the feet

There may come one day
From the nest, chicks fly away
Both of us will be here
At the end for each other

Share the full moon/no-moon nights
Also the dusks and twilights
Be it a shiny or cloudy
In all weather I need you only

I need you as you are
I need you as you are

Today it's "Karva chouth", a festival of husband and wife in india.....wife observes fast for husband's health happiness and long life. Concluded with worship of deity, feast and flaunting in bride like get up.
Although i don't observe, but lot of emotions are involved here. It reminds the eternal bond between them.
Lupus Kuro Sep 24

Take me with you
    Though I haven't decided where
  Explore the chassis of galaxies
       together we'd devour
Sight a thousand stars
            alight in a shared dawn
    Or sup upon the essence of incarnation
Bound by the ties we utter
                lets go on a search  with futures overlapping
Even if the universe will grind to a halt

Tribute to Grimoire of Zero
Lyn-Purcell Sep 20

It pains me knowing that I live in a
world where primal physics
is valued more that

Lust over love...
There's more to life than sex -__-

I was my father's Backseat Driver.
He had no sense of direction,
And I didn't know how to drive.
As Buddhists would say,
We were,
Yes, my Father OWNED a good Car.
Being able to drive was part of being an independent adult for him,
But he claimed that he "couldn't read" maps
He just wasn't interested.
So, as Confucius would have said,
My Father "knew what he didn't know",
And I knew that my well-being and safety
Was dependent on playing my role as a navigator.
As I reflect,
I'm always searching
To RESURRECT that sort of Intimacy
And interdependence,
And to be RACIAL,
I never find it in a White Face.
I find REJECTION in White Faces.
The Black Man needs me,
And I need him.
We EACH have our limitations
Like members of a Band.
The Drummer can't play the Guitar,
And the Guitar Player can't play the Drums.
Now, maybe,
A part of me leftover from the Past
Wants this Paternal  Intimacy with this White Man,
But a part of me HATES the White Man.
All of 'em!
You can say that this is petty and racist of me
"What sort of way is That"
"For someone of Jewish Background to think!?"
My only response would be,
"Feeling useless causes one to hate"
"So, in a way,"
"I understand the mentality of White Supremacists."
"Maybe, they're missing their Fathers too?"

Jack Jenkins Sep 12

though my words are few
they mean everything
from me
to you
You made the dark veil
around my heart
open and burst with love
when you held my scars
and declared them beauty

I recently met an amazing person on here who I grew close with. They make me happy for the first time in a long, long time. Totally disarmed me. So I dedicate this to my beautiful friend. You know who you are.

salt is a tasty rock
but broken down. . .
you get a poisonous gas
and an explosive metal

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