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irinia 7d
words come to me from the roots of a resonant hazard
I wonder if we fool ourselves that the future is open
Heisenberg paradox in our eyes, starseeds in yours
billions of years of solitude haunt me
we carry supernova physics in our bodies only they
know what we are attempting, we are crazy
enough to dislocate the inception of language

we should carrefully ponder the meaning of the words
with which we slowly killed our bonds
we should consider the poiesis of living
words have no meaning, only texture
At times
I wonder

You are emotions
Feeling everything

Worth knowing

At a time
And all the times

I want you
To know

Of my soul
Zywa Jul 19
Two teenage girls sit-

ting opposite each other --

form a closed circle.
Novella "De eerlijke vinder" ("Finder's keepers", 2023, Lize Spit), chapter II
Zywa Jul 1
The songs of that time

were our world, the places where --

we saw each other.
Poem "Het tankstation op de route" - 2 ("The filling station on the route" - 2, 2013, Jan Baeke

Collection "Stall"
Karijinbba Jun 10
Dearest jewels of my crown motherhood
Go to the nearest FBI office
Accuse all you call friends of a hate crime drugging you without you knowing to make you feel **** and think you are nuts hallucinogens and methamphetamine s do that
Do not go to psychiatrist they will trash you
your Mom and remove your parental rights forever a Susan and Arthur and Elizabeth already bought you from Haralsmbios a human trafficking psychopath sadist torturer like kiriaki and many more in Greece
Those you trust here in USA hide Crimes they are a team of murderers and thieves since 1980
They assimilated Jeff and John through drugs
Free yourselves.

They all are your deadly enemies they document all lies half truths use assassination of character and fear of your Mom to hide their crimes

They are who lie divide you and plan to ****** your Mom too for financial gain.
They made credit cards with your name in it to finance murders for hire ..
And tell you it's Mom buying thousands of dollars in clothes that's a lie from Satan
They are black mailing you.
to extort money to **** Mom.
Remove your blind folds fight for your freedom take your children run to FBI office use me as a living witness I am on your side.
I love you all my children.
~My Story poem.~
The greatest deception is calling everyone
a friend
Today I admit that from ancient times
am blessed to have had his intimate
piece of heart
thus my life was worth while.
I declare that even here
I was blessed with this
Outer Limits De-Javus;
I am forever a grateful Mom,
granted to sacrifice my
love, my life along with everyone
I ever loved the most.

There's still justice to be granted; triumph waived
with defeat acknowledged.
Not only have I waived and yielded to every misfortune
but was trashed to the eleven winds as my evil enemy
lied to divide me among my dearly beloved offspring
planning as in above the law to profit from my demise.
By: Karijinbba
All Rights Reserved.
Dedicated to the Jewels
of my crown motherhood-ERJ
My beloved surviving children.
And the love of my life
ratoncito blanco at Janehiltonmay.

Dedicated to my best friend best lFATHERover best husband best
Zywa May 4
Not grown apart
still familiar, changed
/by each other's attention
Grown along in the other
in who we are

For everything
there can be a time
For slow days
/For closer to home
For constantly creating order
For new projects
and old friends

a message
without a hold
/on whether it fits
in the moment
and falls, falls
into place

the nearness
of our voices
/our most unique selves
talking freely
with open endings
for other times
For Maria Godschalk

Collection "The Yellow House Museum"
LeBobbe Apr 10
A cat's paw on top of my chest,
Is a gentle reminder of love and rest.
Kneading paws on my heart.
Knowing we'll never part.

A cat's paw on top of my chest
Gives me reason not to stand up.
I won't move till they wake up.
They are reasting in their nest.

A cat's paw on top of my chest,
A bond that will last for years.
Until one of us eternally rest.
Having you calms my fears.
Two of my cats love to sleep on top of me.
Steve Page Feb 11
Like a bond song, rising from the depths
catching the theme, casting its charm,
holding the frame, teasing us
giving us just enough of what we’re waiting for
and keeping us all in the moment,
gun shot by shot, brass blast by blast,
until the action breaks across the screen,
drawing every gasp, taking every heart,
holding every gaze, clutching every throat,
- until the strings break in
and bring release and joy and disbelief
as the hero survives yet again
to bring the world its peace
Watchin the documentary ' The sound of 007 ''
Many moons ago
With sips of exotic coffee
And a fluid conversation
With a profound beauty
Laying next to her
Drowning into her eyes
With ambience so tranquil
Celebrating gravity of being
With emotive senses
And precise words

With last sip
Finally he proposed her

"Come live in my heart"
"And stay musing"
"And let me embrace you"
"At soul level"
"Like a poetry"

Looking into his eyes
With next sip
She replied

"You're welcome"
"With a vibe like that"
"You have touched my trust"
"I want to read you"
"In more ways, than one"
"Like a poetry"
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme_ Validation
No bond has
Ever lasted
One is
A pathological liar
And another
A psychological trustee

The light inside
Awaits to overtake the dark

Just like that
Genre: Observational
Theme: May be it's too critical
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