She told him

Her love is from
The Moon to back

He told her

His Love is from
The Heart to the Soul

He in She
She in He
Their Journey continues
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Journey towards infinity
Let your heart pledge allegiance to me.
My son is back from
holiday,  I'm so happy
The banter begins
My son conner as just come back from his 10 day holiday with his gf in Tenerife I've missed him lots , we share such silly fun banter ''tis so lovely makes my heart bloom and my laughter echo ever so loudly xxx
If anyone asks,
what will you do for me?

Just reply,
I will give you today.
Genre: Q & A
Theme: Precious Time
No No No
It’s not too far

Beside those walls
Even you don’t know
Where you ultimately belong

You resides
Inside my head
From there, you
Travel in my thought
Change the state of the mind
Transcend the past
Reset the tempo

Sync with the curve of
Every word
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Too far, yet too close
Silently watching the lives
through my phone
Seeing the smiles and connections.
Sad to see, all the things I’ll never have.

A connection that lasts longer
then a few years.
A bond stronger than the tides
and as bright as the stars.

Someone to honestly share the views of the world with
to show them myself and give them every
minor detail.
For them to love what they see.

I watch their lives through my phone.
I see that world through it.
I so badly want to live there
I so badly want to say

Hello, this is my first poem on this website, and I'm super excited. I'm pretty new to writing poetry so any suggestions would be great! Have a magical day!
Jme Love Jul 8
Only i am to blame.I carry with me this heavy burden of self pity and shame.
I took time for granted always thinking I had enough.Wasting it,losing it,always in a rush.
Never did i realize what was passing me by.All those memories that should have been disappeared in the blink of an eye.
The time I wasted is no longer around.The time i lost can longer be found.
I sit and I dwell.My thoughts are proof im living in my own personal hell.
Only I am to blame.I wasnt there and everything changed.
I missed all those special moments in time.Now im sure im the furthest thing from your mind.
It breaks my heart.Please have no doubt it tears me up inside and out.
Only I am to blame.Im the one that left and nothing was ever the same.
I hope you know you are always on my mind.If time would allow I would surely press rewind.
Time was no friend to me you see.I took it for granted now its left me empty.
There is one thing tho that can not be taken by time.Its the bond between your heart and mine.
Please remember no matter how much time we lose,You will forever be a part of my heart and i will always love you.
mothers day 2018.a letter to my 3 children
There was a writer
Who once said
Let me write about you

He tried to weight
Connected words

Less appropriate
To describe her

He knew noble respect
She deserves

She is different
She is special
She is disciplined

Without wings, she is an Angel
She is from the outer world
With a newer height

She is the answer
The lifeline
The key

Being blocked
He thought hours
Struggling to defy gravity
Wrote a note

She is a part of me
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Beyond Words
Bexis Jul 6
No one tells you what it will be like.
This is something you learn on your own.
Trial, error, trial, error.
Until you think you've found the one.

Movies, TV, books.
They don't tell you how hard it is.
It's not a magical prince or princess coming and sweeping you away.
They lived happily ever after.

What they don't tell you is how hard you have to work to keep things going.
It is always worth it.
No expectations, no standards.
Just two people trying to make it in life together.

You have to try everyday if you want it.
You can't be lazy about it.
If you can't imagine this person not in your life, work to show it.

I'm still working and learning myself.
I try everyday and if I get lazy, she knows it.
She is worth every amount of effort and time.
I make myself better for me and for her.

We are bonded for life.
The strongest bond you can imagine.
We will always be there for each other.
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