If only we were
Dogs, unconditionally
Loving without thought.

The world would form a
Bond, that would be unable
to perish or break.

The bravery she thought
That she could handle
Bursted into tears that rot
Agony, a pathetic blown candle

She barely stepped in front
And shared a glance
We locked eyes that burnt
Innocence into wild stance

A strong armor to lean on
A shelter she seeked in me
I let her belief carry on
She have tamed the beast in me

The moment I realized, it was too late to act like a rebel.. Be bonded or act like it.

And our meeting is so eloquent
that we can sit together for hours,
felicitously mute.

Ryan Holden Jun 18

Tasting your skin
Whilst you scratch my thirst,
A flavour into the uncharted,
Flashing lights on our taste buds
As we fall into one another's worlds,
Our legs intertwine like vines,
Our breaths match simultaneously,
You raise your back like you're
Stretching your senses into my soul,
I separate you into two dimensions
And you still come back
For another whole universe
To explore.

Alexander Jun 15

There are views that are alive and vivid
However, there are those that have long been lost
Ones that are called love and bond
Could I ever get of them rid?

Ryan Holden Jun 13

Beauty has always
Shined from your heart, mind and soul,
Since the beginning.

I haven't had much time and won't have much time to write. So I thought I'd put a few Haiku's on that I wrote on my lunch break today, just for you guys! Just quick thoughts, that's all :) I'll be back soon!
Mary-Rose H Jun 14

A thread shoves against
the confines of my chest,
reaching forlornly
for the dear people
I so long to trust.
It breeds a
and a rising
that I can't shake.

I beg God
for an opportunity
to demolish
the wall
that holds my heart
a heart burning
for the deep-running
whose absence has been
a gaping hole
for too long.

I thought I could survive
without this b-o-n-d,
but it turns out
that shouting
my deepest emotions
into the hole
where trust used to be
isn't anywhere near the same
as whispering them to another
in complete confidence.

Trusting after losing a best friend is so much harder than I would have thought.
Donna Jones Jun 12

I see a cut down
tree holding the sun , I see
two old people kiss

I thought of this one yesterday the tree behind my house has recently been chopped as it got to big , so can see the sun and it made me think of an elderly couple who manage to share a fulfilled life together x
aashi Jun 8

The silence and darkness are like twins joined at the hip,
like lovers holding hands,
like tress rooted to the soil.

Why do you let fear fill up these crevices
that form because
anything dim yearns for the quiet,
and silence curls her fingers around the dark,

The bond remains, however twisted,
till the end of time,
a bond of love.

then what are you so afraid of?

∞ twisted right angle, bond forever broken in 8 months..

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