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Emily 2d
I'm scared to say I love you.
Would you say it back?
Would you mean it?
This thought in the back of my mind,
that you might not be feeling the same way.
With time I find myself falling deeper.
You talk about a future and I hope you mean it.
I see you acting different.
Your feelings are more transparent.
Your affection is stronger than before.
We've been through it.
You did me wrong and I did you ***** too.
This time it'll be different.
Just you and me.
Nobody knows what we're building.
But when we decide to show it,
our bond will something that they desire.
Kuch gine chune se saal hai,

Jo hai yahi haal hai…

Thode rishtey hai jyaada waade hai,

Kuch pure hai kuch aadhe hai…

Chaar dost hai aneek iraade hai,

Jindagi haar jeet se aage hai…

Jo baate adhoori hai,

Adhoori hi sahi…

Dosto muskurate raho jindagi itni bhi buri nahi…
How's it going, these days?
   Pretty good.
How's your family been?
   I wouldn't know--
   I renounced the blood.
   In doing so, I kicked the sick.
   I can't make a better world, but
   I can pen an ending to this ancient curse.

   I can choose a family,
   & I chose the
   vertebrae that
   puts my spine back
   in alignment.

I always had this choice.
Now I can see it.
I can let the blood,
and guarantee the world,
I'll have no progeny.

Trust me, when I say
it's my gift
to you and yours.

Wayward 7d
She watched as the predator made his move,
Red flags of caution flashed in her head.
She knew his feelings wouldn’t be true,
Yet she couldn’t stop thinking about him as she lay in bed.

She had seen far too worse in the name of love,
But something about her predator seemed to captivate her.
She promised to be careful, that was her vow,
But every time she saw him she knew they’d end up together.

A glance turned into a chat and a chat turned into a touch.
With every passing day he stopped being a predator.
She told herself she'd be stubborn and not budge,
But she was breaking and his affection was her sedative.

It wasn't long before their hearts bridged the gap,
It wasn’t long before their lips met for a kiss.
It wasn’t long before she fell into the trap,
It wasn’t long before she couldn’t resist.

She was finally being accepted for who she really was,
And could bid her insecurities farewell.
She allowed herself to move on from the scars,
And cherished being the girl who fell.

                                                          ­    -Wayward❤
This is a chick flick in the form of a poetry. So I tried my best to portray an alternate rhyming scheme. Hope you guys enjoy it!
He never use
Common language
He made his own
Then seek the one
Who understands

With no duality
With superior abodes
With embodied entity
In transcendental pulse
Both could,
Felt the same

Pray a common verse
To see  every sunrise
To spend every sunset

Genre: Romantic
Theme:Forever Pheromone
Sienna Oct 23
When you left
I could see
That what I kept
Was not to keep

A broken bond
was what you made
I was so fond
and yet I paid

For all the nights
you said you would
It was not right
“Can” is not “should”

So yes you left
And I was afraid
But a bond of theft
Isn’t one where I gain

I will not devote
Myself to his cause
So I said “end-quote”
This isn’t a pause

My life does not stop
Because he’s not here
I will not drop
And I have no fear

So I move on
Myself in check
He is now gone
No more Russian roulette
I wrote this so soon after it was over. I try to tell myself it's better this way. I don't know if I believe it.
BlueInkDitty Oct 22
"Leave me with questions and leave me hanging,
Don't look back even if I am following,
The sparkle burns in this winter, swirls of warmth under my skin."

Heard the mirth and heard the sough,
Of the fire that wants her tough,
Her eye is dancing with her lips,
Colours burst, and her palms lose their grip.

"Squeezed in the jostle, only one thing I see,
A blaze, a lightning that can set me free,
Flames I want to love and a heat I can't carry."

The pull on her breath grew way too strong,
It silenced her voice and took her along,
The stiffened flesh, it moved instead,
Wading in memories inside her bed.

"Flickering sails, names of ships inside my chest,
Moorings drifting to deep welters without rest,
And the hulls are shaking as the waves turn to a nest."

Dreams of high hopes in the morning,
Had her slumbered estrangement mourning,
And she made the effort hers,
So she'd keep his love safe from smother.

"What do your warm hands feel, when there's more than flesh and bone ?
What will your head think when the mat under us is gone ?
Take the words you have said, and take the ones I've blown."
Do not fear the lonely night,
We shall sing of joy,
Beneath the moonlight.

Dare not quiet the sad tears,
We shall greet them,
With laughter and cheers.

Curse not the broken heart,
We shall mend it,
With comfort and a new start.

Dread not the sunken soul,
We shall lift it,
With the dawns warmth and glow.

While hope at times may seem,
But a distant dream,
A good friend always, I will be.
One need to
Believe the magic
Of a gravitational endeavor
For the union
Of souls

The Moon wispered
To the Sun

It makes sense
The Sun nodded
Genre: Observational
Theme: Here the gravatational constant is the love
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