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KM Hanslik Jan 12
Everything through my eyes,
breathing slow through these
steady styrofoam lungs
origami heart, I fold like the paper that covers your skin
it rustles when you move,
barely a shield against a world of sharp teeth and daggers
but you tell me you're invincible out there
you tell me that armor is just another disguise
I disagree, but I guess that we
are all free to choose how and when we want to be bruised.
s Willow Jan 11
The darker armor
on the stand.
blood dripping
clenched in it’s fist.
Kelsey Jan 1
We lower our masks over our faces,
Put on our armor,
and get into our places.

You start with a playful jab
But it ****** me more than you know.
I raise my weapon in defense,
You take a couple of steps back.
I think the match is done
Until you come swinging
Because you need to know that you've won.

If only you could take your mask off
when we're not sparring;
Maybe then we wouldn't need to fight.
underestimated Nov 2018
You will be safe as long as I'm here with you
You don't really need me, it's true
But I'm here
I'm not what you expect in a knight
I'm not charming
I'm not super strong
I'm not even that brave
My armor is old and rusty
My sword is broken
I don't even have a horse
But for you, I will fight
For you, I would die
For you, there is nothing I wouldn't do
I promise I'll keep you safe...
Daniel H Shulman Oct 2018
The defense of age.
Our hearts become small.
We’re loathe to engage.
We put up a wall.

In an armored suit.
Seeking protection.
To be resolute.
Avoid connection.

To one more heartbreak.
We like to think so.
But that’s our mistake.
Our hurt makes us grow.

I have tried to be.
It was just pretense.
For your love found me.
It pierced my defense.

Was never a thing.
I was closed off to
Almost everything—
Everything but you.
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Madison Sep 2018
She needed to be saved,
But her Prince was nowhere in sight.
So she forged her sword and wore her armor.
She slayed the dragon and any man who dared cross her path.
Soon she was more feared then any Dragon or man.
Jolan Lade Jul 2018
To you, someone special
My heart was rickettsial
But you arrived and my heart was absorbed
You kept me unadorned and took me as who I am
You knocked down my walls, set off my alarm and let in the cold
But your beauty kept me calm and your golden heart kept me warm
She has to be someone special
Samuel Louis May 2018
Brown Hair
  Blue Eyes
    Big Smile
***** him down bare
See if he cries
He is just a child

Stripped of his armor
Where is his valor?
IDk, there are things in life that go on, and I wonder if putting on a brave face is worth it or not. Sometimes I feel like I put on a brave face only when I am scared.
KM Hanslik May 2018
. conscience of gold
never stopped me from wrapping
my heart up in the darkest of things.
don't go, tread
softly on this newly broken soil. Kiss
your palms once each before you touch
anything that resides here. Leave
your twisted metal heart at the door, it won't pass
the screenings.  I want to know what summer tastes like
I want to know how the colors rest on your tastebuds and dissolve
into your bloodstream, warm and
welcoming. Brush
the dust off old phrases
turn them over in this new light to see
how they fit.
Shelf them, along with
iron fists and barbed wire. We've no need of such
weapons in this place.
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