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Sharpe objects used to create pleasurable wounds on the skin,
Crimson liquid flows, you look at it like it’s the most beautiful thing.
Painful grip but not to ****,
You smile boastfully well aware of your skill.
Shiny black leather around the throat,
While you whisper thoughts sounding like a Salem oath.
Such soft hands causing this much pain,
Beware for it will mess with your brain.
Fear not venturing out into subspace,
For despite the pleasure this love will cause you unforgettable ache.
Call him master or you’ll be punished,
Be obedient and you will flourish.
Soft lips attacking your body, exploring every inch of you,
Causing you to wonder if such pleasure can be true.
Just when your legs start to shake,
That’s the moment you’ll finally be awake,
After realizing it was only a dream,
You’ll be in suspense when you see the marks on your body which it leaves.
some thoughts are not meant to be real.
Why do you persist?
Do you have any idea?
What I’d do
If passion pricked my chest
I’d move a million mountains
Still the seven seas
Drench the deathly deserts
Fling flames in frosted forests
Slay Hercules in his sleep
In order to cradle
You a little closer
And nip at your neck
So you say you’re sadistic, I think you’re perfect,
You might be creepy in some way, but knowing a ****** is worth it.
I don’t know if you are this way by choice, or if it just grew on you, but I like it,
I like your weirdness, your playful aura, your personality and the fact that you’re a ******.
I want to know something though, I want to know what goes through your mind when you stare at me,
Do you **** me a thousand ways in your mind, do you eye **** me or do you imagine me at your knee.
Do you want to have me helplessly begging for your pleasure?
Or would you rather have me all ******* and waiting for you to discover every inch of me like a long-lost treasure?
Must I give you my body so you can carve your name on it?
Would you find pleasure in choking me while I moan out your name like the ******* I am? Would that make you feel pure bliss?
Your ****** is growing within you, it yearns to get a release from the cage you’ve placed it in,
Don’t you want to feel the blood on your lips while you view the art you’ve created on my skin?
You find pleasure in hurting me, I find pleasure in being hurt,
A ****** and a submissive *******, do you think that will work?
Do you like whips? Or you’re the restraint type?
Are you a ****** just for now? Or will you be this way for life?
Either way, my mind imagines a lot about you,
I wonder if these sinful things will come true.
My body yearns for your bruising touch, please master, please touch me,
I long to be sexually hurt, I long to bleed.
Tie me down, lay out your rules,
I swear I’ll follow them, after all, I’ll be in your school.
Use your paddle and spank me mercilessly if I misbehave,
Don’t feel remorse for me after, for even the spanking will sexually arouse me just the same.
Command me to go down on my knees,
In the end, if I fail to swallow every single drop I want you to punish me.
Honestly, I just want you to make me shudder under your touch, I’ll still crave more,
Take my body and do whatever you want, even if it leaves me sore.
You favor the color red, slice me open and you’ll see the color you so desire,
We both know we can put a calm to each other’s raging fire.
Please, Master, make it hurt, make it hurt in a way which will have me begging you for more,
Please don’t ignore me, don’t leave me on the other side of the door.
Yes you are sadistic, you know you’re
You might be creepy in some way, but knowing you is worth it.
Inspired by someone who makes me crazy
Red Brush Dec 1
What do I do now
Now that I know how
It breaks apart, a vow.

Shall I search again
For love, to end this pain
Or is it all in vain?

How do I go ahead
Knowing what was said
And how nowhere it led.

Is there a way to be
Alone but not lonely
Or am I lying to me?
Talis Ren Dec 1
i. saudade
ii. a deep melancholy
iii. an unmarked gravestone
iv. yearning for something that is not there
v. dreams of faded photographs, scribbled out snapshots, a nagging
vi. a light you don’t remembering turning on
vii. reaching for nothing
viii. nostalgia
JS Carie Nov 24
At his face it got harder to stare
But in his truth he would glower
Into this looking glass
That looks right back
At the years of age
That washed his face
Over that disgraced fortnight
and it’s dragging scrape

What was his counted,
that ruffling came natural
In a sentiment of the innate
and the inner mechanics of his climate
Co-Walkers, he thought viewed him a cynics ornate
From then on, became perpetually discounted

Though his face got harder to look at
by its contents,
Optics inflamed
and wrinkles elongated
to his whiskers growing skyward
a striking true spruce in essence to become
Nevertheless a bedraggled authentic
Just before a flooding pooled his lids
or the dawning of his tears
Until this vanish to enhance
These characters took on relevance
Apropos of what he saw looking back
The girl, his love, the spirit inside his drive
She could see all directions, like hands on a clock,
Every hour the dialed sun would tower
Giving her all his angles,
She could anticipate all of this,
including all opposites
She could see all that
To her,
His face was not hard to stare
Still chiseled but shaved,
like polished marble glare
Her love was true for years
Opposing claims would be intercepted when asked if during she dabbled in deception
Then immediately accepted their quiz, taking near comfort as she’s done for years  placing her lips closer to his eyes,
she kissed his cheek and licked his tears
Sebastian Nov 23
I lost my dream
In the haziness of night-time.
It never was too bright,
So finding it
I never might.
It was strange,
Unfounded and confounded,
And it changed
While I wrapped my arms around it.

I lost my dream
But gained a glimpse
Into something real
That had been concealed;
A beauty so ordinary
And an ordinariness so beautiful,
A beauty in the ordinary
And an ordinariness in the beautiful.

I lost my dream
In the peculiar tunnel
Of a sleepless night.
And though I yearn for something
Beyond my walls,
I breathe peaceful colours
While I calmy stall.
M G Hsieh Nov 19
You cast that vermillion border
and glance at me with unswept eyes

Your voice holds pain and the comfort 
of solitude

I have journeyed you a hundred years.
The wind gets caught 
in your waves. You throw us back to sea

I hunger for you,
the clamor of rocks that descend into darkness 
and the clouds that hide your secret skies.

The ecstasy of you in the very 
pit of me waits to come out

and engulf me once more.
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