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Minnie Chuer Jun 16
I feel like I'm going to love you forever
like I thought I'd love her forever
like i thought I'd never love again
it gets worse when I listen to love songs
or read romance stories
and that makes me believe none of it is real
that I'm just yearning for something with anyone
real or not
but then you do something
you put on a funny voice
you make a joke
a silly sound
you put that :p face on your texts that you'd never make in real life
you say my name
ask to play a game
tell me you were thinking of having me over
thinking of a gift for me
and you spoke so softly to me that one time
gentle, reassuring, patient
while i was anxious out of my mind because i can't even cook in front of other people
but I got through it because of you
because you wanted to be my friend
because you are my friend
and I don't know what kind of love this is
platonic, romantic, delusional
but I know I love you
and I think I always will
oh poster of ariana grande, we're really in it now
N May 29
I could swear I’ve felt your touch once,
I wonder why you couldn’t
bare seeing my raw wounds?

You know,
it is never gentle to disturb
the dead with the promise of love
So why did you do it, darling?
N May 29
I feel a fire starting under my ribs
It is swallowing everything,
my heart, lungs,
and memories too

Or I may just be missing you
to the point where I set myself ablaze,
Tell me, does my cloud of smoke not reach you?

I suffocate with a burning longing
Do you not understand?
I burn, I burn, I am burning for you

Be with me
if only for a moment
For soon nothing
will remain of me
N May 21
The piercing sound of
your silence pains me

I wish to hear you speak
for as long as I live
Shorter version.
N May 21
To you
who’s silence
pains me deeply

I admit,
I still converse with
you in my head

I have slowly forgotten
the sound of
your bewitching voice

But I remember how
your small mouth  
was my greatest desire
N May 21
I have but you to love,
it is only you I dare
to want so violently

I am afraid of
my relentless
yearning for you

It sickens me
to want this much
and for so long

I have never wished for you
to turn into a memory that
only brings me great pain
Louise May 16
But he's out there standing tall,
making a difference
while I'm sitting here, falling short,
staying the same.

But he's far away, far-sighted
and breaking new grounds,
while I'm at arm's length, half-blind
and on the verge of breaking his heart.

And every day he's fulfilling
a bigger purpose.
And come what may, I am only
writing of sad proses.

And he's moving relentlessly,
he's ever-growing.
And I'm staying stuck and dry,
I am simply withering.

From his stares,
I would most likely seem small.
And I think he knows
by now he have won.

With his touch,
I would most likely feel like a little girl.
And I'm trying to grow
So I'll try to go...
JKirin Apr 4
I thirst for palms on my skin
to burn through me with desire,
for lips to make my world spin,
to set my body on fire.
I dream of breaths mixed with mine,
as pleasure tears me open.
As fingers brush, intertwine,
my thoughts are left unspoken…
For you, I yearn, don’t you see?
Do you ever dream of me?
about pining
Crow Mar 20
meet me by the sunset tree
meet me at the lonely sea

meet me now and meet me then
meet me soon and yet again

meet me while the music plays
meet me through the brightest days

meet me with a broken rose
meet me where the water flows

meet me neath a weeping moon
meet me past a tarnished noon

meet me on my lowest tide
meet me even if I lied

meet me when the tale is told
meet me as the wind grows cold

meet me in the sullen chill
meet me if you love me still
Noura Mar 13
and I would look and look, for poems that might begin to etch away at my armor, exposing me to your loving gaze
but so little was found, I take it upon myself
to write you a poem
of yearning in its simplest form
for a love so present in every moment I hesitate to be anything but yours
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