hidden in the blinds of your eyes,
a memory unflinchingly forgotten,
erased, mercilessly timed
but I'm nowhere near

among the pretty, glazed faces,
frosted over time, the sighs
exhaled, perfumed blue
but I'm nowhere near

empty lies,
shallow thoughts, submerged in a waterfall
of emotions, shattered tomorrows
and I'm nowhere near - to be found.

What's a (wo)man to do,

I yearn
for peaceful oblivion.
Experimenting with wordplay (still).
The flame!
The flame!
The flame of my heart
burned only for you
The flame no longer eternally
ablaze for you
Free me from this melancholy
I've been feeling
The flame!
The flame!
The flame is put out after you
Now let's set fire to yours too!
i have to paint
this grey garden
with a rainbow of blossoms,
she said, holding the
forever-unplanted seeds
in her bloody hands 
from last night's rage;
green eyes staring at
Mary Sue's garden of
thousand kaleidoscopes,

until the day where
a sage came for one
nice cup of tea, 
only to witness 
her pathetic,
inane weeps,
the aftermath of
seemingly endless
stories of loathing 
and other poisons.

the sage stabbed
and scarred her
delicate hand softly
with feather-covered
needle, she wept 
aloud a cry of 
polychromatic agony.

the storms finally 
calmed, as she voiced
out her dubiety of
her own metamorphosis,
the last question of
the day,

the question she
asked herself 
in her chrysalis
days after.

a story of my own, how i'm impatient to change the flaws i have after someone told me that, and how it stressed me out.
Erik McKee Apr 12
My body is rigid
     when it is against yours

There is no flow of blood
     nor yearnings of heat

Just a topography
     of stone and bone and rubble
Saudia R Apr 8
Our Hearts
at one another

With wishes
So easily granted
rd Apr 5
There is no point
going back to him
again and again
When you know he is
not yours...

Wish he could
understand that
without him
insanity rules and mind is in
Sheer chaos....
svdgrl Apr 3
I hope you know that I think of you so often,
that I worry and hope to feel you in my pocket.
Every now and then, I'll think that I have lost it.
I wear my attachment enclosed in a locket.
Because I never want to ask too much. (that's too much.)
But lately I could use your touch. (let's touch.)
I wish you could just read this, but we're all just so busy.
I know it's not deliberate but "read" leaves me in a tizzy.
I'm blue when you're not with me but I will not make this heavy.
I'm scared you'll take advantage, can't bear to be so naggy.
Deflect and reflect a lack of true affection.
Poly isn't for when our hearts need protection.
I am not just an honorable mention; another soft option.
Nor do I expect you to get up and just drop shit.
Just wish to be valued and treated as such,
But I never want to ask too much, is this (too much?)
Too bad, lately I've been too much (that's too much.)
I'll sit here debating if I've enough (that's enough.)
While I'm really just waiting for your touch (let's touch.)
ronnie b Mar 20
i. deep hazel eyes
dark brown hair
reasonable and kind
the earth
grounded and content

ii. glowing pale skin
freckled galaxies
emotional and gentle
the stars
floaty and unsatisfied

iii. lightyears apart
the other
always in view
never to be touched
a deep yearning

iv. long distance love
with only the hope
of an eventual meeting
Her love
You know the sort
That makes you lay your head against the hardwood floor
Questioning yourself
Or no one in particular
Where did she come from?
Do you remember eagerly awaiting an answer
From beneath the crevices pushing against your jaw line
As the silence gnawed on your bones
Because I bet when she touched her fingertips to yours
Both of your souls response insinuated a path of many colors
Did her laughter warm your frost bitten lungs?
While her stare burnt bright behind your irises?
She probably tenderly confided in you a thousand silent words
Day after day
Until the depths of her beauty lit that fire inside
Igniting it with a smile that threw your heart into the wind
Every time
She was that commercial love , Right?
Misty meadows and crashing waves with summer salt
She was that drown in her kiss and leave you gasping for air, love
That lay your head on the hardwood and wonder where it all went love
Am I right?
To you I owe the little I know of
the sweet chalice of enchantment,
the burning flame of yearning,
the tine of the knife of envy.
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