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Guntang 2d
your face in my sleep
singing ballads of light
weaves candles
from teardrops
the eternal
in sight
Mikey Kania May 19
...into the womb of my affection
your ******* are hollering:

Today is a good day.
Carlo C Gomez May 18
inner places of bijou

stone and mortar
of the exiguous me
wants the sweetest suspire
the complete rapture
to be within the maze
of you
BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, exiguous.
When she laughs, it is a musical sound that thrums and resonates with the trill of the hummingbird, the rippling of the lake, the falling petals of the cherry blossom tree, her voice a melody that resounds within his heart.
shelly May 11
My hands are tucked into my sweatshirt pockets
Headphones tether my ears to my phone
As I listen to the album that the girl I yearn for showed me
This is my fifth time listening to it from front to back
Last night, I fell asleep to her favorite song

I look up from staring down at my sneakers
To glance around the mostly-empty train that surrounds me
My eyes land on someone not too far away
She tucks her long auburn hair behind her ear
With manicured fingers, painted my favorite shade of blue
So her deep brown eyes can better read her book
Poetry, she’s a woman of taste

She looks up from her book to look out the window
Catching my gaze on the way
I blush and avert my eyes, but not for long
Her hand fidgets with the dog ear on the corner of her book’s page
I wonder what it might feel like to hold it
To interlace my fingers with hers and give it a soft squeeze
To coax a smile onto her face so I can gaze at it
Her hair escapes its place behind her ear and falls into her face again
Cascading down her cheek to frame her face like a masterpiece
I imagine how soft it must feel

Her eyes land on me again
She gives a small smile, showing the dimples on her cheeks
I can feel my face flush, as red as the shirt she wore
I wish that I could take a photograph of that smile
Her rosy lips part, she speaks, and I realize I can’t hear her
So I take my headphones out of my ears to give her my attention
“What are you listening to?” she asks me again
“How to be a Human Being,” I tell her
She smiles and says she hasn’t heard of it
But she’ll look it up when she gets home
I smile back, my mind unable to piece together words for a response
She looks away
I put my headphones back in
We never speak again

I think of her again
The one I yearn for
wrote this during a poetry workshop!
ktle May 10
In a crowd of a thousand
You are the one
My eyes find first.

When the lights are dimmed
To me, you shine
No differently from a star

In the buzzing of a crowd
Your voice rings
And I turn to find you

And even when you're distracted
You make me stop and notice

But to you,
I'm just another face
Another dimmed out soul
Another voice
That adds to the buzzing

But I cant help but hope
That one day
When I'm not noticing
You'll look around
And search for me.
an old poem i wrote for my boyfriend when i first liked him three years ago :)
Here I come,
I stand,
Weak and weary.
Carrying behind my burden and sorrows.
I stand powerless.

Not a ray of sunshine,
Or a speck of hope visible.
When the whole world shun me,
There you stand, a light of my salvation.

You are the gleaming light of mine.
A pinnacle of grace.
My darkness escapes in your presence.
You are the epitome of love.
A love which conquers the world.

I run to u, longing.
Yearning for the warmth of your embrace.
Your tender smile and laughter,
Calm my nerves.

When I rest my head on your shoulders,
My heavy cross vanishes.
For once hell transforms to heaven.
For your warm shoulders cannot be compared.
Compared to the greatest suffering in the world.
For the one who longs for a soothing comfort
I look out my bedroom window,
Searching for something unknown
What is it I want? What do I seek?
If only my heart can speak.

Do I yearn for something bigger
Than the life I am leading that's smaller?
Do I long to walk in the raging fire
Than give into life's pleasures?

Yes, taking the easy way in life is nice
But where's the fun? Where's the spice
In staying in the same, comfortable spot?
What a terrifying thought!

No. The breezy life isn't for me
Let me hurt, let me run free.
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