Paul Jones May 2

I might see further,      should I bounce belief
on the bending rule      and raise my thinking.

18:00 - 02/05/17
Chan S Jun 22

You didn't raise me!
I aged as wine does in that prison
you kept me in!
You didn't raise me!
I suffered as a lil Baby in that prison
you kept me in!
You didn't raise me!
I was psychologically abused in that prison
you kept me in!
You didn't raise me!
My Soul was CRUSHED in that prison
you kept me in!
DID you Hear me?!
I said!...    
You didn't raise me!
So I ran from that prison
you kept me in...
and I left you there in that prison
you kept me in...
...Now you're stuck...there
in that prison
you kept me in.

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Mazen Edlibi Mar 24

"I'm not committed"!!!
Easy in saying... Deep in impact it leaves!
As a "Tribe" we raise... As a "Tribe" we Heal and Grow!
I don't belong anymore to "Tribe"!
Where do I belong then!
Where my soul will be straying around!
Where will be my home!
That is the quest!
Peace be upon you all!

Marte Lindholm Oct 2016

Hello, my love
I miss you quite terribly
I am not okay but I will be fine
If you just stay here with me

I wasn't looking for love when I met you
But that was exactly what I found
A love so strong it never died
Even though we’re thousands of miles apart

When I see you I feel happy
When I see you I feel safe
You raise me up
Even when I am at my worst

Months without you was hell
But here you are
With me again
I will not let you go

One day we'll meet
And then you'll be mine
Don't leave me waiting too long
I belong in your life and you in mine

Don't you see
Others will never be the same
It is only you
It will always be you

Please give me another chance
Give us another shot
I promise you it will be good
I promise you it will be worth it

I dream about you every day and night
So please come here in my arms
And let me kiss your lips
And feel your presence

I don’t want to be sad
But without you I am
So please don’t go
I just want to be yours

I will tell you something my dear
And remember this forever
I have always loved you
And I always will

Gabe Jul 2016

This is my promise: I will raise my kids right.
I will never raise my voice to them.
I will never raise my hand to them.
I will lay not a single finger to them.
I will never threaten to kick them out.
I will never drag them from our home.
I will never threaten to harm them.
When they do wrong, I shall teach them accordingly.
Not with anger in my voice,
Nor with fury in my hands.
Shall they wrong me, I will calmly explain as to what they did wrong.
I will not purposely anger them.
Nor will I manipulate them.
If I find me to be in the wrong, I will admit it, and I will not twist my wronging to make them in the wrong.
I will raise them right.
Not with anger or threats.
If they be gay, bi, or straight, they will always have a bed.
Should they be trans or not, my arms will always be open.
No matter what wrongings they have committed, I will never speak with rage.
They are my children, and they deserve respect.
They are humans, and deserve to be treated as humans.
Not as a dog that has torn the couch,
Or soiled the bed.
No matter what, I will be kind and gentle.
Never will I drive them away, nor shun them.
This is my promise: I will raise my kids right. With love and kindness.

Respect is not earned. It is always a given.
andromeda Mar 2015

you raised me from hell
an angel by my side
there, even when you fell
a soul in which to confide
you knew me well
my thoughts, i could not hide
secrets you would never tell
the ocean of my tide

lX0st Jan 2015

Eyes too afraid to see
A voice too scared to speak
My hands chained together
Legs far, far too weak

Waiting for secure arms
That, around me, make me greater
You have but strengthened my soul
My lover, my savior

^ ≠ religion
NewAgeOfAnarchy Jan 2015

there five types of anarchists
Type 1: Their some anarchist talk about anarchy.
Type 2: Their is those who read about anarchy.
Type 3: Their those who write about anarchy.
Type 4: Their those start movements about anarchy
Type 5: Their those who raise hell for anarchy.

2015 copyright Michael Cross
Frank Ruland Nov 2014

How'd you
manage to
than my

Valora Brave Mar 2012

Rushing, Rising
colors reveal what
regressing eyes wish to hide

caught, surprising
after all this
I don't even resist
and my guard spirals down

Feeling like I'm half found
though I am impure, you are my reason
you are my cure
and you are not to know
the pain I forgo

maybe time will tell
but my impatient soul knows one answer
and if your calm words could simply spell
their true meaning before
this takes it's toll on me

then maybe time could step aside
and maybe your words could guide me
in the direction you desire

Oblivious, I'll control
what I aspire to gain
for I only have time to blame
and time to take

I must wait.

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