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SiouxF Dec 2023
As I sit on this cold bench
In nature,
Twilight rising,
Feeling the crisp biting air,
Smelling the dampness of the leaves,
Sensing and finding solace in the space all around me,
I am reminded of a similar November evening as a child,
Where I stayed out as long as possible on my own,
Imagining adventures,
Enjoying the moment,
And the assault on my senses,
Until too much dark had descended,
And mum called me in.

Only the smell of a bonfire is missing now,
And no one to call me back in.
The next day I discovered this quote which sums up what I was trying to express:
“If your mind is still, you can sense the peace that emanates from the earth.”
—Eckhart Tolle
Zywa Nov 2023
I'm fully present,

my body, all my senses --

here, in this garden.
Composition "Saor" ("Free", 2022, Claire M Singer), for five organs, performed by her on November 11th, 2023 in the Organpark

Collection "org anp ark" #317
Mrs Timetable Nov 2023
I listened
To the dessert you made
I tasted
The lyrics you sang
Your eyes got jealous
So I felt
Everything you
Touched with them
The senses are interchangeable.
Zywa Jul 2023
Would the alehoof and

creeping-flower wish to flee?

From my weeding hand?
"Als in een spiegel" ("Like in a mirror", 2000, Cor Jellema)

Alehoof and Ranunculus repens

Collection "Skin-contact"
Anais Vionet Jul 2023
(a sonnet in iambic pentameter)

I was drawn to you, from the first instant
something about you aroused my senses
a message unspoken, and insistent
that could somehow bypass my defenses.

I couldn’t show it, you couldn’t know it,
so I sat quietly and ignored you.
When chasing dreams, love is unbefitting
this I’d been told, and so, it must be true.

When I met you again, you were funny,
not what I assumed, you were something new.

Hashtag, as a boyfriend, he’s been money,
such was the start of our kissing booth truth.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Hashtag: a symbol (#) used to categorize tweets
Kuvar Jun 2023
my emotions dread for peace
this space is so tight
I seem lifeless

why prickly numb and burning
are my toes writing a story
spare me a niddle to escape

For my fears are dead
Today I question life
Now I got my answer

Live today
Live today
Live today

(c) Olu Daniels -KUVAR
I felt so depressed but I found hope again, today , and tomorrow and forever. TO LIVE
Zywa Jun 2023
Live! Not dying
like all the sad-eyed people
but like the dog
that dances in the window

Wake up and look
There's sun, there's stars
there's daisies
and it swirls
in your ***

Wake up to a poem
Your blood flows
Spring comes and
there's bread in the oven

I'm not saying anything new
My words are clear
as water, as your soul
The sea falls and rises
but man is cruel
Poem "Cruelty" (Namdea Dhasal [Born near Pune, India, 1949], collection "Golpitha", 1973)

Collection "Different times"
Asominate Apr 2023
Thoughts that drift off into thoughtless.
I'm lost to the the darkness

I have no feeling
Deaf, blind, mute, tasteless seething

I'm lost, but I'm believing
Oh yes, I'm still believing in you.
Thomas W Case Mar 2023
It's the strangest
All my senses are
alive, ablaze with
ultra keenness.
My brain is
sweetly burned,
and my eyes are
on fire.

I can taste the
cotton candy clouds,
snd the cab that
I'm riding in smells
of coconut and

Those ravens have
mustaches like Poe,
and those raccoons
look just like
I hear an Opera by
Wagner in the wind,
and my footsteps sound
like the very
pulse of life
With being sober almost 2 months, I feel very alive my senses are on high alert.
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