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Simon Oct 4
EG is my friend of all values. She can’t respond in the sense of regular views. She responds with her heart, with feeling. Only changing in many different ways that bite our senses down a bit. Revealing more we never thought possible. We eat, scream, fight, dribble ourselves over every exercise we do. Maximizing the intensity of logic. She is fearing the logic. Not because she’s scared. She resents it. Not her thing. Biting down on senses is what reveals the delaying perception from fully maturing. Making our true self’s thoughtless. Yet emotional. Constant struggle for finding the brim full of pressure. Pressure that exist without being tamed. Thoughtless and emotional. Trying to find and tame brimming pressure. It’s not our faults. It’s life. Just live it. Another thing happens without whereabouts knowing. Maximizing another view. A promise of broader horizons. Through thick and thin. Full of trembling ice! One showing she has and always will be, my friend.
This poem is about a friend who helped me through the bad times, when I felt completely alone!
Amy Oct 4
Why do you text me?
Why do you hide behind the screen to express your emotions?
Come to me,
And let me see that beautiful mouth of yours move
For I love the sound that comes from it
Let me see your eyes light up
For I love the life in them
Let me hear your sweet, angelic voice
pour honey into my ears
Let me see,
Come to me,
Don’t hide from me.
Benjamin Sep 28
You're the poetry that became reality.


You make my sensories wild.
Couldn't think of a name, perhaps you can help me out. It's been a minute since I've written and I love them both separately yet together. Made them within 3 hours of each other!
Lace Sep 22
All over me
Up and down
In and out
Breathing faster
That's no doubt
Love me raw
Make me pout
Quinn Adaire Sep 15
I see the stars
Bright, shining
In my mind.

I’m blinded
By the unhidden
Beauty of planets

I see Asteroids
Asteroid belts
Space rocks
Remnants of failed space missions.

I see more
Indescribable things
I see concepts
I see love and happiness.

I hear music
Magnificent music
Harmonizing in the deepest reaches
Of the Universe.

I see Time
A great river
With golden sand brushing my toes.

I touch the fabric of the Universe
It feels like the softest fleece
Times infinity.

I smell brownies,
Roasted marshmallows.
I smell lavender,
Sweet sap
That somehow don’t clash.

How is the Universe so beautiful?
I never want to leave this Universe in my mind.
In my collection Time and the Universe.
Francie Lynch Aug 16
When she said, Don't talk to me,
She lost some of her voice.
Then I heard, Don't look for me,
She gave no other choice.
Don't touch, I have no feelings,
You make my skin crawl,
Don't expect a pick up,
If you pick up to call

But I still smell her everywhere:
The shampoo used on her hair;
The bedsheets where we lay bare;
The fragrance of her festive tree;
Her aromatic herbal teas;
The lilies she could grow in sand,
Are sensational in my memory glands.
If I were to lose my eyesight,
My vision would be heightened.
Free from worldly distraction, I
See humanity for what it is.
It is terrifying.
It is beautiful.

2. If I were to lose my sense of smell,
I think I’d be just fine.
I’m used to not breathing,
Smothered by emotion
And over-love.
I think I’d be just fine,
But I’d sure miss the smell of you.

3. If I could never hear your voice again,
Please kiss me with all of your
Words. Let me read your lips
With mine,
Our own sign language.
Let your secrets spill on to
My tongue.
If I could never hear you say
"I love you", dear,
Let me feel it.

4. If I lose my sense of taste,
A fire would burn within;
To never taste your lips again
Would be a deadly sin.

5. If I lost the ability to touch,
I’d go madly insane.
A most basic comfort;
A primitive coping mechanism
Lost to the world.
A world without touching you
Is no world at all,
But the deepest pit of hell.
I do not wish to go there.
I want you; I want your everything.

I want to gobble your pain in my embrace
until your tears and snot soak up my shirt.
To dance to your laughter that resonates
in my skull, and your clever whispers
leaving my ears ringing for days.
To feel across the surface of your soul;
the coarse and smooth,
the dips and grooves,
the frigid and the flamed.
I yearn to savour you, your lips and your honey,
your sour history and your sweet dreams.
To breathe you in, to know your sweat
and your soap, your scent so well I remember
you’ve been here before if I’m ever alone.
To touch your static, your charge, your heart,
the one that makes mine melt and tremble.

I want you; I want your everything.

And if any part of you wants me,
my broken glass, my cute quips,
my puppy dog wags that only you can cause,
take it all. Take my everything.
It is yours.

by Aleksander Mielnikow
(Alek the Poet)
Ally Aug 2
Deep tranquil aromas
steamy mirrors
warm liquid all around
my senses come alive

fantasies of your touch
in places I soak
in this luxury

I lay back
and feel
You are right here, always!
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