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I want to see your face
I want to smell your scent
I want to hear your voice
I want to feel your presence
I want to touch your skin
I want to
But I cannot

I cannot do these things
You were once a love to me
You once made me think I was a princess
And although I would like to
I cannot go back to you

You have done unspeakable things
You have shushed me
When my voice should have been heard
You have muffled my screams with a pillow
The pillow of lies
You have done more than you know

My whole life
Centered around you
My whole existence
Was for you
Yet still
You have done unspeakable things

I would love to go back to it
To go back to the way things were
But you are a toxic human
Toxic for me
You make me do things
I would never do
And you make me feel things
I would not like to feel

For I am scared of falling
Falling in love
For you have shattered me
You have shattered my being
My existence

Your presence is no more than
An uncomfortable aura
Your touch sends scary shivers
Down my spine
Your smell makes me
Want to spill my guts out
Your voice sends panic
Throughout my body
The sight of you
Is enough
To make me faint

And yet I forgive you
You ask me why
I tell you
I forgive you
Because I know
In some parts of my mind
I still love you
Dor 5d
I slowly open my eyes
And colors swim
Before me

Blurry but
As I blink rapidly,
The world grows

I strain my ears
Listening for the
Tick tock
Of the bathroom

I feel the soft,
Cotton sheets
Under me.

I breathe in…
The fresh smell
Of fall time breeze
Rolling through
My open window.

I try to reach for my
Digital world--
So close
Yet, so far.

But I stop myself…


Close my eyes,
Yet again.
Using my magical senses
To explore
And enjoy

The time
We call
Olayyyyyy, this could have been better BUT...meh. Maybe I'll write another morning poem:) thanks for reading y'all x
Anya 6d
A glance
The little black figures
of endless text
pass me by
my eyes
seeing nothing
but little
A stick
slathered in
chocolate, and hazelnut
the sweet
The crunch makes me
The sounds
pelting me
things to do
things to hear
being blown away
in the wind
past my
A lone
buzz takes
The sprite
gluggs down
my lungs
A crinkle
from the now,
The led
****** my fingers the
keys click clikety click as I
tap tapety tap
the computer keys the
piano keys
tingety ting
as I push
that little piece of dirt I
rub rub Rub RUB
scratch SCRATCH
The frozen
unbelievable painfully
sweet sweetness
numbs my
cold as
ice freezes
my brain
My brain
My brai
My bra
My br-
My b-
in a blanket of
my tongue is all I know
as I
It's a strange feeling I've tried to inscribe onto these pages. A bit dark, obsessive, attempting to numb obligation with food, some OCD in there. But all of these are maybes, interpret it as however you'd like I hope you find it interesting.
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem.
I am glad I had Faith,
I believed in HIS ways,
I adhered to HIS path.
Now,I am six feet under,
I see, feel taste and hear HIS Light,
With countless senses,
With every fibre of my being.
I understand the sureness of his plan,
There are no sequence of events,
No, questions to ask,
All answers are here,
With downloads of information,
You are never confused,
You have a deeper sense of self awareness.
Sorrow, anxiety and remorse has no place here,
It's beautiful,
It's heaven,
My abode,
With only the presence and love of Allah and HIS Angels.
In the darkness within the light
I cry.
This shield from the world smells of you.
I can feel you there,
From miles away,
Staring at me.
You wonder why this is happening,
Wonder why I’m sad.
I’m not sad, I’m angry.
I’m angry at him for trying to stay,
I’m angry at you for causing this pain.
I’m angry at everyone I’ve ever known.
I hate my parents for breathing life into a soul that should have been
More than that, I’m angry with myself.
Why do I allow myself to make these decisions?
Whose idea was it to give me power over myself?
Free will? It’s a prison.
I want nothing but to be rid of it.
Please, let me sleep.
I only want to sleep.
Yet I continue to breathe you in.
You are sodden with my sadness, I am broken again.
LadyM Oct 4
I just wanted to say
that the sound of your voice
wakes up my senses

When you speak
I'm melting away,
giving in to the consequences

You're a room
full of candles,
I inhale without a choice

I scent cherry blossom
and vanilla flames,
you sound like roses and apricots

The sweet aroma
of your melody
smells like candles of passion fruit

I'm drawn in
by your tone,
for me, you are an absolute

I'm enveloped
in daffodils
as your words glow in yellow

Your voice
is so hypnotising,
euphonious and mellow.
Being in love is like being surrounded by a million flickering candle flames, giving out the most precious aromas, mixing up all your senses and awakening them at the same time. <3
Ollie D Oct 4
The sound of your soft breaths as you sleep,
Your sweet aroma filling my lungs.
The texture of the blanket as I stand up,
Look at how perfectly messy your hair looks,
And go to rid myself of the taste of sleep.
A good night's rest tastes revolting.
I always steal your sweatshirt
Because it smells like you
And you are my favorite smell
I always look for you in the hallways and everywhere I go
Because when I see you, you make me feel better
And you are my favorite sight
I always dream of kissing you again
Because your lips were so soft and sweet
And you are my favorite taste
I always poke you and hug you and touch you any way I can
Because your touch makes me feel safe
And you are my favorite thing to touch
I can pick out your voice out of a whole crowd of people
Or with my eyes closed
Because your voice also makes me feel safe
And you are my favorite sound
You are my favorite person
You are my favorite everything
My best friend
I love you
Clelia Albano Sep 26
The shape of your forehead
drops thoughts of light and
honey over my senses.
You're unaware of your beauty
when you take me by the hand,
gorgeous fingers blossoming on
my skin. Playing this mute game,
weaving the veins of my muscles,
you're unaware of your beauty
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