Peter Pan

We are not all Peter Pan;
We must grow up one day.
We must do all we can, while we can,
Before it all goes away.

TV has more than the Disney channel;
There is so much out there to find.
One day you will not be able to afford Chanel,
So be rich and poor at the same time;
Make the most of your life.

Our guardians protect us and raise us.
Hold their words close to your chest,
But one day you must leave the nest
And walk alone; relax and take a deep breath.
In fact you must go, because it is good for the soul.
You learn to fly high into the sky,
Before they plant you in the ground.
Technology does not save us all,
So cry aloud your nature call.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Daddy always said I had a good head on my shoulders
But I'm wondering how it's holding up as I'm growing older
It seems like the world is only growing colder
Words as weapons and guns coming out of their holsters
Things aren't the same since you were alive
I've really changed since that night that you died
I can't tell you how many nights I've lost to the tears that I've cried
My jaw is tired from holding this bullet I have to bite
To get through these hard times
What could I have done to deserve
You being stolen from my life?
You won't be there to walk me down the aisle
On my big day when I become someone's wife
You aren't here to help me when I struggle
When days seem filled only with strife

My world just keeps on changing
And there's no one here for me explaining
"It's ok, you can do this, there's so many things you'll be gaining"

See to me I just figured you'd always be around
Or at least until I got my feet on some solid ground
If there's anything that I've found
Is more sooner than later you're the one 6 feet down

So in the mean time I guess I'll just keep being confused
Being lonely
Learning from the abuse
Because that's all I can do
Now that my life doesn't have you
I'll miss you every single day
All the bad parts of you too
I'm sure one day I'll figure it out
Hopefully before I'm dead and blue
sara 6d
Deep down I know what I'm searching to find
I race through the trees but there's nowhere to hide
I follow the scent but it all smells like pine
I look hard for the truth but then lock it outside

I leave it shaking, shivering, cold
on a mountain top where the four winds blow
Until I start drinking; warm, inside, alone
then I'll unlock the door, invite truth to come over

"You can't stay for long", but he takes a seat
and comfortably takes a few gulps of my drink.
My lips to his neck and his tongue to my mouth,
in the thick of it all, it all somehow comes out

What I want, what I need
Things that I couldn't see
Things I ran from, tripped up on frequently
Labelled them nightmares, just too scared to dream
I learned to stop running when truth came to me
don't run I guess is the moral of the story
Oh darling, learn to thank the rain.
Let it crash, soak, and pour.
Don't ask it to go away; don't beg it to be tame.
For it is through the storms that you learn:
We need the water to bloom and be more.
I am most happy when I don't feel the need to prove it
when there are seeds being planted in my belly and flowers blooming everywhere I touch
and my own company is enough
and if every person in the world had a negative thing to say
I'd wrap myself up in my own kind words and bury theirs with yesterday
and when it hurts- because transitions always do
I remind myself of the battles won
the regrets I shed like second skin
and the warmth I felt from the bridges I burned
Aa Harvey Apr 11
I wrote this just for you

You alone will find meaning within my words.
My poetry is just for you.
Your interpretation is right and the only interpretation that matters…
To you.

What you think is so important;
I agree with you, it is.
Whatever you find within the rhymes of my poetry;
You are the seeker and you will find what you need.

Go find the truth, beneath the words;
Learn to read more poetry and you will find joy inside him or her.
Write your own words and they will not know you are a nerd;
Speak from the soul
And you will become anything, when your words are heard.

The fires are burning; you are the worm that is turning.
When you have left school, you shall continue learning
And in the end, we all become more;
This is not the end of forever…we are the beginning.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Some people say
That they don't know how to write,
But it is only necessary
To start at "Square One".
It is not necessary
To prove that one is a genius
Marleny Apr 1
Heart break is the seed that
pollinates from chest to chest.
So it should not come as a surprise when
a crimson rose blossoms behind the sternum
with a wealth of thorns surrounding it.
Evolution has dictated that
If anyone comes too close,
they will get pricked in the process.
A subtle form of protection, but also a warning.
A "Come no further than this."

The thing about roses is that
they are capable of self pollinating.
Sometimes we just do this to ourselves.
We get off to our own misery,
and as crude as that sounds,
for a lot of us,
that has been the truth.

A broken heart can only protect itself
the best way it knows how, but
when did protection become repression?
It is too easy for the same thorns that defend the rose
to become its own enemy, choking the flower
out of the nutrients it needs.

We can justify all we want that
if somebody truly wanted to pick us first
to put us first,
then they should be able to withstand
a little pain to reach us...
And some do,
but should that be the standard,
to hurt someone and see if they stay?

That is how cross pollination occurs.
We fuck around and hurt people
by refusing vulnerability
that is owed to them.
And after all the bullshit,
the other person can heal
and grow stronger from the experience,
or the rose they have wilts
and a new one blooms in its place,
one that contains undesirable characteristics
that would not have existed if
we had just loved openly in the first place.

Heart break should not beget heart break...

Why do roses symbolize love anyway?
Michael Ryan Mar 30
With time I grow--
growing similar to a tree
layer upon layer
my trunk
becomes ever sturdy.

Mental stamina
is the deepest of layers
that can outmatch
any muscle that I could have ever built.

Muscles dwindle within days,
but the fortitude to continue on
will never stifle or faulter;
nor will it ever  need a rest day.

So people
there are aesthetics of beauty
that the mind can accomplish;
some feats never dreamed
by even the most physically ept.

When you find time for the gym
remember that time was at a loss
from when you could
have learned something new
anywhere else.
For some reason most people never work out the muscles that would last them a life time.  Just because you can't see it; doesn't mean it isn't happening.
Helene Marie Apr 16
i know
i'm not really
that good at
putting my words
in a way
that makes perfect sense

and i know
i can be really loud
and i laugh
for too long
at some really
foolish things

i am well aware
that i can be
and i can let my
emotions overrule
my logic

and speaking of logic
i know
i overthink a bit
...a bit?
fine. a lot.
and yes, i'll probably
what you say at
some point

but at least i'm learning
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