Kit Feb 9
If it makes you feel broken
in any way,
end it before it ends you
A courageous warrior
That suffered a lot
But still stood strong
And never gave up

Despite the misunderstandings
Also the times we argued and shouted
She was still there
Watching me learn from my mistakes

You used to hold me close to your arms
With eyes full of love and care
Now you watch me from afar
Which strengthens me to continue

You gave my life meaning
I'm grateful for that
You do mean so much to me
Thank you, mother
To the strongest woman that I've ever known, thank you for your never-ending love for us your children. You've gone through a lot and even if I don't always say it out loud but I am truly proud to  have you and I love you with all my heart  ♡ Happy birthday, mom
Petit Poca Feb 6
I shall be completely honest,
A bit courageous to fulfil my promise.
Once upon a time,
When my days were as sweet as lime,
I found myself judging,
The loving couples dancing.
The love they shared to me was fiction.
Nothing I'd do out of my own volition.

To be enamoured,
Was a thought that made me bored.
A feeling based on survival instincts
Would prevent us all from getting extinct.
A lonely human can't survive,
The awful world that lays outside.
Assemble we must,
And so our brains relied on lust.

In order to understand this concept,
I played a role I've seen on set.
I confess I took their feelings lightly,
And left them with no doubt inside me.
To me this proved that love was fake,
And all of this was nature's bait.
Oh and how a little twist of fate,
Made me realise my great mistake.

Love is not to be rejected,
Nor is it to be expected.
Play with it and you will see,
The pain of paying a hefty fee.
“If you want to learn about me,
I will share most of everything.

If you don’t share that you care to learn,
I will believe that you care to learn nothing.

And I won’t share anything let alone everything
to someone who doesn’t care to learn.”
Passivity is not the problem,
for even the weight of the wool over my eyes
could not darken the beauty in front of them.
Where I get stuck is when I worship passivity:

when my mind is no longer soft, supple cotton,
but an aberration conceived in thought’s basement.
Life and love can be––only when I am not!
And when I am gone, my love will be all that’s left!
––On full participation in the dance of life.
Chloe Feb 1
When I was young, I became infatuated with a girl.
She had hair like the sun and eyes like the sky.
She was in love but she was not in love with me.
I did not understand why she stayed around someone who made her so unhappy.
At the time I had no experience when it came to long term relationships.
I didn't even know what love really was.
I didn't believe that I was ever going to find it.
So, naturally, I was crushed when she did not choose me.
I did not understand why she was with someone for so long who seemed to make her unhappy.
She is now married;
and I now understand why she did not give up everything that she built with that person.
Love is hard.
It is ugly.
It is painful.
Oh, but it is magical;
and when you fall in love, I don't believe you ever truly fall out of love.
I used to always question why people in long term relationships fought so hard for their relationship when their significant other and them constantly were unhappy. I now realize that I only saw that one small portion of their relationship. Now that I have fallen in love with someone and gone through what I have with my significant other over the past 4 and a half years, I get it.
Brittney T Feb 1
You stay honest and quiet in these soft moments with me,
But walls go up when it rains too hard.

Soft moments are hidden,
they must be lived in fear. By cowards.

No. They are the bravest moments we have.
Vulnerability is forged here. But here it could be broken.

One of the first looked soft, but was prickly to touch.
He must have been an illusionist,
My dandelion was a small cactus.
What I know now, I don't regret learning the hard way.

Be vulnerable anyway. And learn softness when it rains.
Intimacy through truth will free us
from a hard world.
Break me down
So I can learn each piece
I feel like a puzzle that's not put together
I'm familiar with some pieces
I know parts of the picture
But others seem like a mystery
Or a contradiction
Eno Jan 7
We'll never survive
Without it
You know
Is a fabric that must be woven into
the very patchwork of life
But how can I?
How can I scrabble amongst the floor
trying to capture
the fading light
that has slipped through the crack in the door
When you watched me unravel
Down every step
in the staircase
and when no-one was looking
gently nudged me with a smile
and the side of your foot
down to the lowest level
where you stood above
casting your shadow of contempt

As I have made the long journey to the top of the tower
where our story began
and wound the wool around and around
I am whole
but hurt once again
and not quite as sweet as before
I must add the fabric of forgiveness
If I am to find meaning from this war
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