T 4h
From days down low, to days up high.
To days where you just want to die.
Just remember, that you'll survive.

Time is an illusion, often causing confusion.
Your personality, you might consider an abnormality.
Just remember, everyone's living the same reality.

Everyone is in the same race.
Yet we pretend we're different, just to save face.
We place importance upon others discordance.
Others are a bonus, don't let them be your source of lowness.

Surrounded yourself, with those that thrive.
Distance yourself, with those that deprive.
Love yourself, the rest will follow.
That's the key to not feeling hollow.

We all have scars, just read anyone's memoirs.  
We can't change the past, so don't let it last.
Go forth with steadfast, and forget the past.
Use it as a lesson which will always last.

I believe, in that which you may not be able to conceive.
Just give it time.
Trust me, you'll be fine.
E l l e 2d
Disposable likes

Dispensable loves

I wish I could throw it all away.

Somebody tell all these recyclable guys
To step down from their endless pride
and just be sustainable- but reusable for later

Reducible heartbreaks

Reprized 'I love you's'

I wish there was a safe way to get rid of our minds.

Without polluting everything around our youth
Because none of us want our children knowing
That one day they might be susceptible to that typa thing...

The world would be such a better place if we didn't waste

Maybe if we all knew

Sometimes we need to dispose of things the right way;
Instead of putting in on top of another pile-

It would be.
Take it how you want it, but this is definitely not about the earth.
Deemz 3d
Forgiveness should be given,
but when a liar asks for one,
forgiveness becomes forgetting that
"once a liar, always a liar"
and then in order for me to forgive,
I now need to forget how your lies once taught my heart
how to be suspicious, even of its own beat.
Shireen 4d
I’m not made of skin
and bone,
As most of you may be
My ribs have been replaced
by stems,
Stems that harness
miniature golden flowers
Those of whom tend to mimic
the sun’s rays
And brighten the darkest
of days

These fancied flowers
have replaced my internal organs
Their petals,
my external ones
Through the obscene anatomy
composing my own being
I have come to the realization
Of the unidentified
beauty within,
Beauty, sprawled across my skin
You are the best

Please give me all your knowledge, I have too much I need to learn.
Teach me about words; become my way of life college.
There are only so many ways that I can talk about her.

Inspire me to become better, I am chasing those stars.
I am still a poetry novice
And I don’t have the time to take your journey to get to where you are.

Patience is something I have never had,
Because I need this so badly!  I want to be write.
I want to right and imagine a good time, not this bad
And I am without the road map to be able to share your spot light.

In magazines I see your faces and inside my mind I cherish your words.
I need your advice to help me to find my own way,
To cure this heart that still hurts.
It longs to be loved for doing the thing that I love
And I am so desperate to leave this home life behind me;
I have had enough.
But I have no idea as to how do I become good?

No, good is insufficient to explain the passion in my soul.
I need to be spectacular, unbelievable, great, amazing and wow!
I want to be one of the best, so I need to find my way to go.
What do I need to change, or do?  Tell me so that I can know.

I do all I can at the moment to write all the poetry that I can,
But it will never be enough until people need what I say.
I cannot sing, but I want a rock and roll life of a band
And if I have a book published,
It would show me the way, to find my way.

Am I taking the right route?  Do I push on through?
What will it take to get my message through to you?
If all it can be is a hobby, without success,
Then at least I can say when I write my poetry,
That I have always been true to myself
And I have been able to show you what goes on inside my head.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
A psychic connection

I have planted a seed inside your mind,
So read my thoughts from time to time.
Let me become a part of your conscience;
If we move as one through this world,
We can offer each other guidance.

We share an understanding and a way of thinking.
A poet explaining and a song writer singing.
The very best of the best;
The best we have to give.
Life is a constant test
And we must learn how to live.

Forever we are changing, evolving day to day.
In a future version of ourselves, we will know what to say.
From the babies we were, we have grown to become strong of thought.
We have passion and clarification;
We now know all that which we have been taught and so much more.

From school until now, we are constantly learning;
From baby to adult, we are advancing.
A hope is all they had, the Mom and the Dad;
Now I am simply here to give thanks.

The more we grow, the more we know.
After a time of being just a person that follows,
We are now strong enough to walk alone…
We are no longer a clone.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I used to
Trivialize photography.
I didn't believe
That a picture was worth
A thousand words.
I didn't understand
Why my wife
Was photographing
Rabbits, squirrels and mice?
I have no more wife,
But I've learned to appreciate photography.
Stills are enough.
It's really not necessary
To keep watching the news.
How many horrific photos  from Syria
Do we have to see
To realize that profiting from war
Is wrong?
In photographs,
You can see the suffering....
The poverty...
The anger.....
As well as human dignity and beauty.
When I was youth
And looked at the photographs
In Playboy Magazine,
I thought that they were a very poor substitute
For a real lover,
I see that even these erotic photos
Can open the door
To sensuality
As well as  Cultural appreciation.
One moment,
You're  contemplating
A beautiful Latina Women.
You find yourself absorbed in the music
Of Los Lobos from East L.A.,
The Buena Vista Social Club from Cuba
Or Luisa Maita from Brazil.
Funny how the mind works
As idolatrous
As that may seem.
I’ve learned how to dismember my ligaments
For those who need body parts, how to
Digest vomit burning the stomach lining.
I’ve learned how to read the bible
As a poem and not a story, as
A way of life; not an outline of life.

I’ve learned how to open my arms
To those claiming refugee on cement sidewalks.
I’ve learned how to sing; not choir songs,
No symphonies nor harmonies, but sing
With a shaking voice from the pits
Of carcass burnt within fiery honesty.

I'm still learning how to scratch the surface
To let scabs turn to skin, because I have always
Been fascinated with the process of healing,
But I become nostalgic when I outline stains
On my skin from previous memories.

I’ve learned how to paint the silhouette
Of a smiling man saying goodbye to his wife
While holding rifles pointed at the cross
By the church where they used to meet.

Knowledge comes in two forms;
The first resides within yearning, the second within coping.
I do not know how to tame forest fires
From flocking flames feathering forgiveness:

I guess I haven’t learned anything after all.
This is me letting go...falling slowly from the cliff of selfish desire, into the cool and clearness of the conscience below.

Of you and my desire for you...this is me letting go.
From the Sleepless Feet Collection.

A wise man said...that every seed dies before it grows. And so then it becomes...is what love remains therein enough to let them go? To relinquish what you want...I think so.
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