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Our days were like our nights but with the lights
And our fear was fed by hands that would fatten us
So we sought shelter in the function of touch

The two of us could have gone anywhere
And hand in hand together
Mostly we did

This cold watery world is no place to go it alone
There are cracks in every surface to fall through

Without you I found diminishing comfort
In the microcosm

Together we circumscribed the universe
Everything is better together.  Give someone inclusion and you move mountains.
Create to start day
Relax by midday
Learn by late day
Contemplate to end day
Read when it's not day
Dream it all away
Six steps to happiness!
Renee Oct 7

01. Poison can be the sweetest taste (how do you know til you try?)
02. Sometimes people change their minds, it isn't always about you.
03. Tension is only as strong as the force from both ends of the rope.
04. Electricity without facility cannot keep the lights on.
05. A facility without electricity is still in the dark.
06. Not everyone will keep their word. Keep yours.
07. Not everyone is like you. Let your eyes stay open.

People are life lessons, darling.

For impressionable sons and daughters of time,
Tied like flies to spider web strings and mothers impossible dreams,
Wide eyed,
Lied to,
By ignorant ministers and cider soaked child choked brides.


For Children
Forever dulled and cowed by the good book,
Heavy on this earth like rocks in sand and impervious to reality,
Wide eyed
Lied to,
By gullible Fathers and wine wrecked god bothered priests.


Priests and teachers,

Words that weigh me down to the past and to fear,
Words that chain me to home.


Owen Cafe Sep 29
When I was young, I could fly.
From thought to wish to dream to the sky.
When I was becoming, I could think.
I thought I'd thought that they were thinking,
that I was simply thoughtless.
When I was discovering, I could feel.
I could feel the feelings of earth of mind of soul,
those feelings connected though fingertips and goosebumps.
When I fell, I couldn't see.
I could not see that they could see that I was blind,
the view is up when you are down.
When I was climbing, I grew strong.
Could see the bumps in the road, the connections,
the grips, the traps, the full scale of the map.

Then I saw it. Not far now.
Just another corner, my branches are full of colour and life.
I can see the flowers ready to bloom.

Spring is coming, and I am too.
Reflective appreciation of realizing the future.
Nylee Sep 26
It was just yesterday I revealed little of myself to you. Then again I changed within hours and discovered a little more of myself.

Standing in the mirror, the reflection and the light flicker. The candle flame added another warm shade as part of me fade away.

A plunge ahead comes with fall to follow, it is easy when we walk slow. The pace of my thoughts is lost, ahead of me in its exploration.

Someday there will be ease, hopefully with more of the inner peace. The sweater will keep me warm, my armour will save me from harm.

So open to the world and vulnerable for a second and more, shields up in moments later. Trust escapes and gets captured in a matter of time.

It is dizzy and not, words in world and too many thoughts. Aging but learning, drowning but burning, the ironies are shining bright.
Rainy Days Sep 24
I could write a 50 page paper about you.
From the beginning to the ending
And all in-between
But come even closer
And I could make a book with our stories
Stephen James Sep 18
There's a difference between essays and poetry. "Prose" is a type of poetry. It is distinctly different from an essay. One who writes essays is an "essayist"...NOT a "poet". The majority of you on this site are essayists and not poets. Which is fine, but defeats the purpose of a poetry website. The problem is...most of you don't know you're not actually poets.
98% of you, on this site, need to learn this.
Zane Smith Sep 16
it's crazy to think
some people's lives just started
some people's lives just ended
all over the world.
a celebration of life has begun
a mourning of death has begun.
no matter your age
no matter what stage of life,
everyone's still learning.
making mistakes
sure some have it easier than others
sure some have it harder than others
but in the end,
we have the chance to live
to live as in to be present.
we are here on this earth
while others aren't
recognize your opportunity
to be.
here is your reminder, here is your sign, to open your eyes.
Hilary Sep 15
Standing on a mountain
looking around
at other mountains
is not growing

Growing is climbing down,
looking around,
and choosing another mountain to climb

and while they say
that life is a journey,
Exploration without knowing
what direction to walk
feels a lot like being lost


These things I thought I'd mastered

I was skimming the surface of a lake,
talking about things
I had reasoned were inside

Throwing myself into the water
changed my understanding of it

Maturity means more than growing older
Vulnerability means more than speaking my truth
Intent is never finished or checked off a list
Community is a two way street

Experience is not always expertise
Confidence is not always complementary

A year has shown me
that life really is a journey
and I know which direction
I want to walk
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