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Divine might through hinesight.
Unsure of what I could've done to make it right.
Mistakes, tragedies, my past is a blight.
Struggles, suffering.
I did my best to win the fight.

Hope, happiness, all lost in the dust.
Memories scrambled, diluted with lust.
All of my efforts corrupted with rust.
All in all, my life is a bust.

Looking back now, my faith has been lost.
My hopes and dreams have been trampled and tossed.
What do you do when all lines have been crossed?

Tell me now, where do I stand?
The truth, the answers are what I demand.
I've fallen so far, so where will I land?
Lord, reach out. Let me fall in your hand.

Get it together. Its all in the past.
Your trials and tribulations are not going to last.
Your burdens and heartbreak need to be cast.
Do not dawdle, you need to act fast.

You know your purpose.
You know your role.
Your faith and your power aren't defeated.
They have not become null.

You know, you've seen.
The light that's within.
You know the truth.
You know who will win.
You are the victor
over your sin.

Take action, be strong and take part.
Its not a game, its a demonstration, an art.
Show them your power, you're not foolish, you're smart.
Aim at the bullseye and unleash your dart.
Something I wrote after I spent time thinking about my past struggles and what Id like to see come of them.
She was learning
to choose herself
to love herself
and to take care
of herself
But it did not
come easily
she wanted to
loose herself
in herself
and love herself
every moment we spent together
flows through my veins.
with each beat of my heart,
they are pumped through me.
these memories will always be there.

they will be there when
we’ve both grown old
and given up the reckless lifestyles
that we never wanted to lose.

they will be there when
you move far away from here
and hug your family goodbye,
knowing that someday
in whatever city you settle down in
you will start a family of your own.

they will be there when,
years from now, you sit in the backyard
of the house that you share
with the family that you assembled,
and tears fill your eyes
because you have lived a life
that you are proud of.

they will be there when
I finally stop running from my past
and find somewhere I want to stay,
somewhere that feels like home.

they will be there when
I kiss someone who isn’t you,
and I feel the same happiness
that at one time only you could give me.

they will be there when
I find the answers that
you inspired me to search for,
when I have this sudden epiphany
and I realize my purpose,
whatever that may be.

they will be there when,
years from now, I sit on my rooftop
staring up at the stars
above wherever I decided
to settle down, with tears
trickling down my cheeks
because I have lived a life
that I am proud of.

and you and I
will live these lives apart.
we’ll move on and forget
what it felt like to wake up
beside one another,
and we’ll find what
we’re looking for elsewhere,
and one day, we’ll understand
why this all had to happen
the way that it did.

what we have
will always exist somewhere.
in the sidewalk cracks
we used to walk over
in the lyrics of old songs
that neither of us
have heard for years,
in the dust gathering
on boxes buried in our attics.

and sometimes
we might remember each other.
when I see a young couple
laughing in a diner booth,
when the bright beams
of a car’s headlight
shine through your window
and jolt you awake,
when we pass road signs
that we once drove by together
and cross through
states we once visited.
we might think of each other,
even if only for a brief moment.

and despite how important
this all was to me,
and despite how important
it still is to me,
I’ve folded up the days
that I spent with you
and taped them into
the messy pages of my journal,
stuck somewhere between
my 3am thoughts and an old,
yellowing photograph of us.

and now, I’m running.
I’m running away from every
droplet of self-doubt
that is trying to wedge its way
between my ribs,
running in the opposite direction
of words like “regret”
and any intrusive feeling
that is trying to trick me
into worrying that
none of this was worth it,
and that I am destined to face
a life of bitter loneliness without you.

because those thoughts are convincing,
but they are liars.
because all of it meant something.
even if parts of it hurt,
even if, to this day, I still can’t
understand the meaning of some of it.
because all of it was worth it.

and maybe you and I
didn’t have the fairytale ending
that we always imagined.
maybe we didn’t live our
happily ever after.

maybe the only place
that you and I still exist together
is in crumbled photographs
and life lessons and
these memories that won’t go away.

and maybe, even now,
there’s still pain there.
maybe the wound has healed
but still feels sore when it’s touched.
maybe we wonder what we could
have done differently
and what our lives would
be like if we had.

but in the end,
it doesn’t matter
how we began or
how we fell apart.

because in the end,
I’m just so happy
that I got to love you at all.
you tell your six year old daughter
all about stranger danger.

“don’t get into a car
with someone you don’t know.”

“don’t listen if they say
that they have a puppy
or candy or something fun.
they don’t.”

your six year old daughter
knows exactly what to do
if she is ever approached or touched
by a strange, unknown man.
but does she know what to do
if the man who touches her
has a seat at the Thanksgiving table?

you tell your thirteen year old daughter
that someone who she loves
should never hit her.

“if punches are thrown, leave.”

“use that can of pepper spray.”

“if you have to hit back,
aim for the eyes, or the groin,
or anywhere weak.”

“run away.”

your thirteen year old daughter
knows to never let a man hit her.
but if he yells at her,
and degrades her, and scares her,
and maybe even grabs her
but not quite hard enough
to leave a bruise, that is still abuse.
did you tell her that?
does she know what to do
if he doesn’t leave any marks
and tells her over and over again
that he’s sorry?

you tell your sixteen year old daughter
to yell “fire!” instead of “****!”

“people will care more
about the well-being
of their own property
than they will about your life.”

“they will come running,
but only if the situation
affects them too.”

your sixteen year old daughter
knows that people can be selfish,
and if they don’t want to see something,
they’ll simply turn the other way.
but there is good in this world too.
there are people who will care
and who will love her
and who she can trust.
did you tell her that?
if she stops believing in love
and genuine people,
does she know what to do?
or will she settle for the first man
who gives her any attention,
thinking that he is all
she will ever find?

you tell your twenty-four year old daughter
that one day, you hope
her future is beautiful.

“marry an amazing man.”

“have grandchildren.”

“live happily.”

when you tell her this,
you unintentionally add
your hope for her happiness
at the very end of your sentence,
almost like an afterthought.
your twenty-four year old daughter
wants to get married
and live in a nice house
and give you grandchildren.
but does she know to put herself first?
or will she marry a man because
she thinks he wants her to,
and have grandchildren
because she thinks that’s what you want?
does she know that
she has her own voice?
did you tell her that
she doesn’t need anyone
other than herself
to find happiness?
eva-mae 3d
you sit and eat cereal off my floor.
talk about the way it was before

I know your soul like I know no man's land
You know little about me.
you sit and eat cereal off my floor.
I talk about the things i want to be

ode to the peach tree,
sage leaves and chai tea,
to learning how to play guitar,
to undressed, endless summers
wherever you are.
Prenatal learning isn't a myth
Even animal species learn sounds, tastes and smells before birth
What to say of babies human
Learn languages, music in mother's womb
It isn't my theory
Well documented scientific repertory
Kerala girl Aryananda Babu is the evidence
She won Sa Re Ga Ma Pa li'l Champs 2020
With no background of Hindi
Her mother told the audience
When she was in her womb
She used to listen Lata Mangeshkar's songs
All mothers-in-law, please listen
Don't hammer your daugthers-in-law like a blacksmith
They are golden crowns of your clan
Care for them like a goldsmith
Lest mentally ill or criminals are born
Prenatal learning is a reality. Best nutrition, ambience, care and conversation should be provided to pregnant women. Governments are taking care of nutrition, but other aspects are being ignored in the society.
A character
In Hindu Mahabharat
Learnt a great deal
In his mother's womb
Learned and adroit
He came out
I thought it was a myth
I turned out to be a poor blacksmith
Evidence there
Some poets learnt poetry
In mother's womb
When they came out
There was boom boom boom
I look for words, ideas, stimuli
Quotes, poems, stories
Of other people
Try to express
In my own words and style
Things said time and again
Ever since thousand
Years ago
You can't change
The basic concept
Decorate it with
Your own style and words
Adding new dimensions
Hitherto unobserved
I often wonder
Am I in a monkey business?
Lunar Oct 13
The monster is hungry so he eats
He fills his stomach to satisfy his greed
He then gets sick and starts to bleed
He looses weight and weakness succeeds
He only then realises the importance of food..
That every flavour and texture was unique in addition to its looks..
But as time passes the monster lives and forgets what its like to be hungry and starving for something good
His black hole is full and no remains left .. and so he starts again...
Will this vicious cycle ever end?

Does he have to die or does the food have to rot
Or can the monster ever change and learn from his mistakes?
The mind
Is fertile

Any age
One can learn
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Enroll
Lee Carter Oct 12
You either learn from your mistakes
or become better at making them.
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