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ScaryGary Jul 29
I failed 7th grade three times because I refused to **** wildflowers and press them between wax paper. I also refused to dissect frogs and other animals.

Those wildflowers and frogs were all I had in the patch of woods...where I had to hide.

My science teacher looked just like a toad with a beard. Ms Farley. Vermilion Middle School. Ohio
They talk about the monarch going extinct. I am more worried about the larva caterpillar stage...and the pupa
New words that part my lips are vast and wide
Still sometimes spilling sweetness, shame and spit.
A pattern simply changing with the times,
So I can't say that you're to blame for it.

New insights, clouds, dark lakes where pebbles drop.
Ideas float around that serve me well.
The light with shadow, night with glowing dots.
Sweet intricacies dance while we repel.

I've learned to ebb and flow beside my lungs,
To hold the space, despite the urge to run.
This burning flame needs fuel to elevate,
To learn the lesson. Protect me, I'll wait.
It's been a while! Hello again 🦋
Jammit Janet Jul 7
Finding the flow
The balance
The art
Of fulfillment
And letting go
Knowing when to say yes
When to say no
Self care at its best
Proof that I’ve grown.
MuseumofSoph Jul 6
Piece by piece you took me apart

Beginning with my sanity,

then my loved ones

I watched as you took them away

Next my thoughts, no longer my own

Piece by piece you robbed me of myself

I looked in the mirror but saw someone else

Who had I become?

What have you done?

I began to collect each piece you stole

I gathered them up and arranged them like so

First my lungs so I could breathe

Next, my eyes to see, more clearly

Then my hands to hold on to theirs,
I couldn’t do it alone.

I may have put myself back together

But I am not who I was.

I waved goodbye to the self that I once knew,

To welcome the one that knows my weaknesses

Broken to the point of no return

Built back up to be who I am.
neth jones Jun 14
Return to infancy;

Before true perception and intelligence
            Were explained away,
Before the mind joined the infantry,
Before we learned to be rationally afraid
                                           Of everything.
brevity homework 4
1.  Is there no way out of the mind? ~ Sylvia Plath
i know
the raven quoth
and croaked
himself horse
for Lady Macbeth
while the crow
is an omen
of doom
or a messenger
carrying secrets
for the gods
if i saw
one of these
blackened birds
in solitude
i doubt
i could tell
which it was
Om Ggai May 30
So dope but I could never be a dope dealer
All the aspirations wasted, our society is a hope killer
Reflecting on the society
Reuben F May 28
Slow as a growl
Go some verses from a folio,
Like little frogs in dozens wake up on a lily pad,
And I'm singing them inside.

Cloaked is an owl,
Toads converse as roams an embryo
Like fiddle logs and cousins make up on a silly path,
And I'm singing on a ride.

Float does the vowel,
Go some verses from a folio
Like tittles fog in fuzzes flakes up on an ill leafed pad,
And I'm reading them with pride!

Slow as a growl
Go some verses from a folio,
Like little frogs and cousins make upon a lilly pad,
And I'm reading on a side.
If I became your ex
What would you tell the world
Would you tell them a side of me that loved you
Would you tell them about the late night texts
Would you tell them about the 12 hour conversations that ended when the sun came up
Would you tell them about how I would pick you up, go on random trips
Hold you tight when fear was near
Wipe your tears
Trace all your scars
Would you tell them about the dreams I lost while trying to make your dream a reality
Would you tell them about the hours I worked just to get you the finest things
Would you tell them about the insecurity wall you helped me build over the years
Would you tell them about how toxic I became  
While your heart fed me poisoned love
Or would you tell them about an expectation you set so high, that no one could attain
Better yet to build your confidence would you  tell them how a terrible person I am  
but leave out the part in which you helped me become who I am

Let me save you the time
and just leave you with this

If you chose to love a past you couldn’t get past you shouldn’t of committed to making a worse past, a past that promoted demoralizing a broken  heart, a past that left scars a surgeon could close
Crying out for closure in a room full of hunted memories!

So please don’t read a book you not willing finish,
me and you are the authors to my insecurity
Annie Apr 4
Is there romance in ***?
Does romance deplete once kisses turn to slobber?
Do I feel love when my shirt comes off?

After "I love yous" have been said
Or more accurately,
after I finally said "I love you too"
They lay me down
Say they need me
In this moment
It means so much to them.

And I can't tell
Was it romantic?
Would it have been moreso
If we just
Held hands?
Or stared at each other
In loving astonishment
At our mutual feelings?

Am I learning to feel the romance in ***?
Or do I just adore
That they
find romance in something that is so
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