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George Krokos Jul 29
Trees laden with fruit
all growing in the orchid
will be in season
Written in 2020
S R Mats May 16
A heightening of senses

Bristling beneath it

Sweeping up bodies -

From the Latin, horrere pilus,
"to bristle" + "hair" -

The most delicious
Can be the most poisonous

Exploding with each

Anticipation erupts

At the very thought
Of such delicious fruit

Contemplating the sensation of goosebumps.
Khoisan Apr 20
Respect the desert

the Tsamma holds providence

natural balance
A Khoisan proverb.
Amanda Apr 17
Watermelon sweet,
a juicy summer mess that
I taste in July.
Chris Saitta Apr 3
Sings a small boy whose hair is tousled by the wind,
As too the folds of his mother’s peplos and the robes of clouds,
When Greece gathers in silence like the stillness for a deposed crown,
And all Athens around, the song of eiresione for firstfruits of Autumn,
Singing boys with the olive branches of colored wool and garlanded gourds,
A fall-bird to wander the Ionic sky, foretelling of new sunrise.
How that joyful ancient voice still haunts the songbird of sunset.
Eiresione was an Ancient Greek song associated with a fall festival that some maintain was a precursor to Christmas.  Boys traditionally carried olive branches with colored wool and sometimes hung with jars of honey, fruits, and gourds.  They were then left by boys on individual doors as a token of good will and prosperity.
David Hilburn Jul 2022
Politer to fruit
In the name, of a toil's box
Sat by order's river, the irony we suit
To possess a stilled eye, which has savored not

Run, fool, run
Sown notice, of a quiet in the din
Of the jungle, we notice the hope of cunning
To save a charging guidance to what we have, for sin

Win, tool, win
Lead since, fed genius
Is a harboring cold, the driven nature of meant?
In the dim eye's I forgave, many tears come to season

Sun, who'll, sun
Avid in heat we prophecy, is a need's shame
Poised to entail all, the voice of method's begun
To make a wish in open seem, the order to a name

Sin, cool, sin
Token treasure, thunder in the east
So willed, for a moment to understand again
Looking for a chosen one, that we lost at a feast

Gun, soul, gun
Driven by horror and the beauty of childhood
Where a blind friendship with only a smile sung
Has come and gone anew, like a heart of would...

Halt and salt, why do you insist?
Savage as a paradise with a missing child can be...
A sign of the times, a sovereignty to ask, is a glue this...?
Miracles in a guilty eye, are we that we are, kindred's anarchy?
Heaven, was a voice that never cleared? (War...)
Odd Odyssey Poet Apr 2022
Ocean lines,— under those eyes;
and lovely tears of their blue.
I took a bite of your fruit; cherry lips,
red passionate desired kiss.
Smooth skins of curves; peaches compliment
the plums. Passion fruit, a sour grape mix;
of bitter sweet love at times of you.
A basket case; I'm the fool neither less full of your fruit.

It's under your shoes; glass pieces of hearts
you step on with your high heel boots.
The cracks of sound are the proof;
of your quickened harshness to be my abuse.
I'm no use,— of not being the type used to you.
Scared of a cost to being scarred by love;–
so sacred of you, and all it's holy oxygen in the room.

The atmosphere does change;
but never more like your shades.
I'm stuck in empty pages; trying my best to read into
you. Oh of how the longings I have to meet,— on that
particularly day past a pens dreams painted in ink.
Cornered by love, if when I'm dared to walk on it's street.

The sweets nothings on repeat;
the few awkward hugs, handshakes, speed dating,
and those meet and greets.

Best to find love,— before it comes hunting for


Looking Out Very Enthusiastically.
SøułSurvivør Apr 2022
The aspects of the Spirit
Have been compared to fruit
They're like jewels
within our crown
Brought up from the root
Of the Vine of Jesus
With the grapes so sweet.

Love is like a diamond
The priceless Kohinoor
It's matchless worth & loveliness
Eternally endure!

Joy is a fiery opal
Sparkling it whets
The fire in our spirit man
Reflecting sparking depths!

Peace is bluest sapphire
Pacific and serene
Imagine a perfection
As it Subtly gleams!

Patience is a virtue
The largest perfect pearl
It has sand within it
Yet gives grace to
all the world!

Kindness is a topaz
Unrivaled in Its warmth
It invites you to lie down
By its amber hearth.

Goodness is an emerald
The finest ever seen!
It shares its wealth
with all who need
So it stays ever green!

Humility is a chancery
Like the moon it glows
It is beautiful and so rare
Yet pride it never shows!

Faithfulness is turquoise
Persian and SO rare
It believes and it receives
Blessings not yet there!

Meekness is a beryl
Strong as Samson's arm!
It could break mountains in two
And yet it does no harm.

Long-suffering a ruby
It triumphs pain with good.
It's cut into a perfect heart ❤
Red as Jesus's blood.

Love and our Long-suffering
Are bookends bright and tall.
They keep all the rest in place
Yes... they keep them ALL.

SoulSurvivor aka
Write of Passage
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