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It's never the right time
for us,
and since there is more us-
not now, not ever,
I will cherish 'us'
from our past
and from my dreams.
I will cherish 'us'
with my poetry,
and with the photographs
I still have scattered
in the shadows.
Nohémie Oct 11
I found out that with you,
promises were never kept
& forever,
was never long
so, I had to accept
that our love would last for just a song.
I've been writing again. Not my best but I'm happy I'm writing for the sake of writing.
Much love, N.
J F O Oct 11
Words stain like red wine on your couch
and you try so hard to erase it out
but remnants will remain
and even when you no longer see it,
it will always exist in your mind
and you will remember,
memories and feelings will rush back
and you wish you could remove that stain--
that scar that won't ever disappear
in your mind as easily as you removed
that red wine.
Be careful with what you say when you're angry or in pain. When things cool down and you say, "you didn't mean it", it becomes hard to believe it because everything was said and done and you can't take that back. Forgiveness can happen but remember that they won't forget it, you permanently scar someone.
Sonya placed a cherry
in her belly button
as she lay naked
on the bed

Do you want
my cherry?
she asked
or have you other
fruit in mind?

Eve tempted Adam
with an apple
so legend has it
I said
gazing at her lying
on the bed

outside our hotel room
with the window open
we could hear Paris
passing the window

but a cherry
is more intimate
she said smiling

Usually one has fruit
after the main course
I said
however tempting
the sweet afterwards

she looked at me
then picked up the cherry
and seductively
put it in her open mouth
and ate it slowly

So where
shall we eat?
she said

Maybe where
Picasso ate
or Degas
I said

And where is that?
she said

We'll ask
I said

Are you sure
you don't
want a cherry?
she said

I declined
and she dressed
and we went out
in the Paris street
and dined.
You fall in love with

A bond tight as a glove

The relationship bumps

Arguments come


No laughter




Disgusting feelings like tumors

You fall in love with

A bond tight as a glove

Late night convos

****** temptation



A bed

A car

A store

Places where you show

More of you than you intend

Wanting to relive those moments

Wanting to give your all

Just because

You fell in love with

A bond tight as a glove
Can I have a bond tighter than a grip of a glove on your hand?
The slightest tilt of your head

Showcases the different pigments

Of your skin.

From the caramelized brown

To the Hershey's Dark Chocolate

And rose colored pink of your lips

If I could draw you

It wouldn't be so hard

But my hands weren't formed to be a drawer but a poet

From the caramelized brown

To the Hershey's Dark Chocolate

And rose colored pink of your lips

Let my words keep you calm

While I try my best to

Reciprocate the same words

As my own.

"The things I would do to you..."

The different shades of brown

Keeps me in a trance

Unknowingly loving every

Part of it

Your pigment becomes my escape route

From the caramelized brown

To the Hershey's Dark Chocolate

And rose colored pink of your lips

Your pigment is you

Is us
black couple equals black love
Mitch Prax Sep 21
One, two,
crush on you.
Three, four,
miss you more.
Five, six,
my heart you fix.
Pastel skies lay ahead
on the horizon,
blurred into the melancholy sea.

Find you too not
this supreme feeling?
what is its name I do not know
for I cannot hold it as I hold you

rightly so,
in the present.

What gift has been bestowed upon me?
I am searching the depths of the wind,
but the droplets it carries onto my tongue
do little to quench my thirst
so I stay
a naive sailor
lost within deep waters

Are you the answer?
My treasure in the sea?
My fair-skinned maiden standing beside me
with hips of gold and spirit-filled eyes.
Drink you too from this lantern eve?

Maybe in the morning, we shall both know.
Seanathon Sep 18
Radiant dawn born
Like the morning dew dripping
Off of the treetops
And the planted hopes within
That he won't be lonely when

Radiant dusk dies
Like the aged life left alive
After grass clippings
Fall outside the window still
For one final time, he cries
I had absolutely no clue how these would turn out, but I'm quite content with how they currently are. Having started with the rather bare idea that these two verses should be relational, but not necessarily growing.

His & Her Tankas is a pair of poems about an aging couple who are in the process of saying goodbye. Her, to the hope that she would have outlived him in order to minimize suffering. Him to his situation, inability to cut the grass as before, his dependency on those around him, and also to the loss of his wife.


I didn't intend for the metaphor of Dusk and Dawn to be represented by an aging His and Her. It just kind of happened like a free cup of coffee.

It appears.

Thus is the nature of creation.

Have a nice Wednesday and enjoy.
Northern Poet Sep 17
When I looked
Into your eyes
I saw the truth
Behind your lies
And I won't play
All your games
'Cause you think
We're all the same

How could you be this heartless?
How could you be
This heartless?

Have come to pass
And this
Was never meant to last
Thrown away
Into the sea
Is this the death
Of you and me?

How could you be this heartless?
How could you be
This heartless?
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