We'll have 7 days in our hands
What will we do with each day?
Go race car driving, or wine tasting?
Shit I guess we'll figure it out in LA

Perhaps we'll skate on a beach
Or take a long drive to the Bay
I don't really care, long as I'm with you
Everyday when we're in LA

I wonder what the future holds
And if we'll ever find our way
I want to see mutual success
Abundantly for us in LA

I want the privilege of knowing you
More than I already can say
Stripped and bare with nothing to hide
I want us to flourish while out in LA

Our chapter here will soon end
And we'll wake up somewhere far away
I think I'll be able to handle such distance
As long as its "you and I" in LA

For the loml
December 11, 2017 8:12pm
We'll be moving to LA in January shit is crazy
Lily 6d

Dear love,
We have such a different type of love, one that no one can understand. From strangers, to best friends, to the love of my life; isn't it crazy how life works like that?
I never imagined falling in love with you, but somehow it happened. We have our ups and downs, but no matter how many times I frown, you always treat me like a queen and help me pick up my crown.
Your smile is the light in my life, it makes my heart soar to new heights.
My whole world becomes complete every time I hear your heart beat.
Dear love,
For you deserve only the best, which is why my love for you never takes a rest. Through the months, even years, I will never give up, and when you're down I will always pick you up.
Until the end of time, every day and night, I will forever pray for you to stay mine.

Slowly, gently, I lean over and wrap my arm about her waist.
Her skin is soft and warm,
As tan as the sand of the sea shore.
She leans her head against my shoulder.
Smooth locks of rich brown hair cascade down her shoulders and lay against my neck.
I look into eyes as green as the grass and the leaves of the trees.
I feel as if I am staring into a forest of adventure, wonder, discovery, excitement.
Thoughts are racing through my mind; but as I look into those eyes, so deep and pure
I think only of her. Of my love for her. Of my desire to be with her forever.
I move, she moves, as if the same voice told us to lean in at the same moment.
Those soft, beautiful lips are against mine.
They are as red as the purest rose, a faint smell of mint fills my senses; telling me this is real.
I reach out and lay my work-roughened hand on top of her slender fingers.
They are so small, so delicate, so beautiful. I think to myself.
Without a single flaw, they remind me of the elegance of the very first cherry blossom,
As it slowly lifts its head to the sun and shows off its radiance.
And then she is speaking. Her voice dips and flows like the sweetest melody.
Her silvery laugh rings out like chimes in the wind.
I could hold her for hours, feeling her in my arms, listening to that sweet-as-honey voice.
The sun slowly fades into the west, suddenly filling the sky with every hue and color.
It’s time. slowly, I get down on one knee and pull a small box from my pocket.
“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me” I find myself saying
“And I cannot imagine life without you. My love, will you marry me?”
That one word. Yes. She said yes. That means she is mine.
My Beach.
My Forest.
My Flower.
My Melody.
My Love.
My Life.

Aerinlia Dec 4

Dear my prince,
I love you
You are my first thought in the morning
You are my last thought before I sleep
You are my sunshine
You are my hope
I'm so happy that I have you
Ever since you walked into my life
I always walk with a smile
I really cherished our memories
I want to be with you forever

I put the letter on your tomb
You proposed to me just yesterday
You hold me just yesterday
You wiped my tears just yesterday
You kissed me just yesterday
On a night of christmas.........

Death will not set us apart
I cannot live without you
Let us marry
And love each other for eternity

I take my knife
Please wait for me, my dear
Please welcome me
And our eternal love.

I just want someone to
Love me
Look me in the eyes
See my pain
Hug me
I just want someone to
Hear me
Listen to my tears
Help me conquer all my fears
Don't conceal me
Tell me all the good and bad
Don't care if it makes me sad
Feel me
I just want someone to
Acknowledge me
Realize there's more than meets the eye
See I'm standing in disguise
Understand the analogies
I just want someone to
Pray with me
Help me strive for more
Open every hidden door
Save me
I just want someone to
Embrace me
Kiss me on my knicks and knacks
Call them pretty
Claim it's facts
Don't degrade me
I just want someone to
Lift some weight off my shoulders
My problems eat too many carbs
Sucking on emotional shards
Train my mental soldiers
I just want someone to
Memories my iris
My clothing's not important
Try not to be abhorrent
Don't care if I'm not stylish
I just want someone to
Ignite me
Pull me from my deepest dreams
these mazes are not what they seem
Excite me
I won't settle for less

Aerinlia Nov 29

Your eyes
As black as the night sky
Completely consumed
By your search of certainty

In this crowded world
Full of uncertainty
Please let me hear
Your name...

There is only one certain thing
On my mind
I want to be with you
Till the end of time

If you are ever scared
Just call my name
I'll be there
Holding you till you feel better

I want to protect you
Whatever is the cost
One day, we will find
A place that belongs just to us.

Billy Nov 27

On that beautiful night
We were on the open grass
Under the sky with a million stars
And the moon shining upon us

It was as if we were on a show
We were the main actors
With the whole world watching
The lunar beam gave us the spotlight

I kept my hand on your hip
Your hand on my shoulder
Our eyes met
We were barefoot, dancing

The way you moved
Your dress spun around
Your hair waved to the stars above
Your whole soul just screamed life

I still remember it all
Like it was yesterday
The way you smiled at me
The way your lips touched mine

I wish we still have it all
I wish I can get the time to move slower
Because I'm still trying to remind myself
That you're no longer mine

Aerinlia Nov 27

Bells are ringing
Candles are lit
Santa Claus granted my wish
I can spend today just with you

You laughed,
"This is silly!"
As two of us decorate our room
Let's celebrate every year from now on

This town, only ours
Let's shine our light of love
I can deliver my every thoughts
You have granted my every wish

Merry christmas and...
Will you marry me?

i know this is too early for christmas but eh, december is coming soon
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