She liked to shower
before we went down
for breakfast in the five

star hotel, have her hair
just so, dress in her tight
clothes. I showered after,

wishing we could have
showered together, have
soaped each other over,

but we didn't, so I just
showered alone. Once
we in the hotel restaurant

she'd say: hey, look, it's so
and so( some famous person)
and she'd stare at them,

hoping they'd look over or
come talk to her, but they
never did, they either ignored

her or were unaware of her
staring. We ordered our
breakfasts when the waitress

came( some cute dame),
then waited, she gawking,
and I talking, or vice versa.

As she turned her head to
scan the restaurant, I studied
her profile, and drinking her

all in greedily for a while.
Isla 13h
nature flutters, waltzing in time with the breeze
lazy sunlight filters through branches
we lie together, two blending into one
you wind a stray curl around your finger
i turn to look into your eyes,
bluer than the august sky
freckles spatter your cheeks
all around us, things bloom
my heart along with it
yeah yeah I know nobody wanted more sappy love poetry but deal with it
We did the Eiffel Tower,
the galleries, the Cathedral;
drank and ate at the bars

or restaurants, saw and
listened to recitals of Ravel
or Chopin, made love in

that cheap Parisian hotel
in the uncomfortable bed,
read our books, argued

our philosophies cheek
and jowl, she her Kierkegaard
and me my Schopenhauer

until the cool early hours.
The quiet moments, books
set aside, arguments paused,

she lying there seductively,
murmuring me on, the small
radio pushing out some French

dame singing, and I undressing,
perusing her beauty lying there,
her soft fruits, fresh and fine

and waiting for me there.
“A supposedly Amusing ode”

I lay here staring can it be?
A midlife crisis  come for me?
But no it’s not true oh it taunts me
After all I’m not yet fourty

But oh I’ve lived a life so carefree
No morgage payments await for me
No insurence upon my life
Not even a pension
I’m nobodies wife
I’ve born no child it’s not yet for me
It’s all lie ins takeaway and adult TV
I can go out when I please
I have savings never
Sometimes I drink to much but I don’t feel clever
But wait .... oh no maybe that’s not it .... maybe that’s not what’s the cause of this itch
Maybe now I’m realising I’ve had it all wrong
I bought the wrong book I’ve sung the wrong song

No rock and band sit upon this hand
I’m not sure why I don’t understand
Why have these loins produced no fruit
Why does my maternal instinct feel so mute
I do not own these rocks and mortar
This cat here is my only daughter
My other half as bad as me
He just likes to snore and watch TV
Oh shit oh no it’s all to late
To fix my life get it straight
I must get married
I must produce life
Quick mark wake up and make me your wife
Hmmmm but that’s actually all quite expensive
And we are really not that tentive
To the young of age who make such a mess
The school run sounds like a lot f stress
And a morgage surely ties you down
What if I don’t like that side of town
Or county
Or country and want to live a life
Full of travel freedom and vice ?
Yes I’m sure it’s all ok
in our rut I think we’ll stay
With our own jokes and inside gags
Phew what a relief I can breath with no strife
And relax a little into mid life :)
Constantly my life is, what’s ifs, what should I do, I should be doing more,
Then I remember I actually like it how it is
Bella 4d
so in love with you

your skin against mine
all I need
all I want

you whisper i am so in love with you

And I am trying to believe it

Because why would you love someone like me?
Hold dear to your heart the Vespertine Star.
From my Kingdom of Dreams, I know where you are.
Down below where love's fickle as well as dishonest.
I hold dear the star as well as our promise.

For under the moon, you rest under a blanket.
And with soul-warming moonlight brings you here tranquil.
In a meadow of summer, we no longer repress
the love that we have. We're free to express!

For it was under the Vespertine Star that we both swore
That our souls will meet nightly in the moonlight's lore...
Funny how when you listen to instrumental music that words would just flow through you.
I love her.

With her dark brunette hair,
always down over her shoulders in cascading waves,
Or tied up behind her head so that I can see her eyes.

Oh, her eyes.
Bright and alluring and sweet.
Alight with a smile that compares only to the one on her lips.

And her lips.
Always tilted up in a bashful smile.
And one side always goes higher than the other,
But I don't tell her because I think it's cute, and I don't want her to stop.

Someday she'll kiss me.
Because I'll never be brave enough to try myself.
And the lips I love so much will touch mine.

I love her

For her hair and her eyes and her lips and her mind,
Which is logical, but with a hint of romance and a vast imagination,
An artistic eye and a sweet, flustered girl just beside that.

She's perfect.

And I love her.

I love her so much.
She left him.
For me?
But why?
She said she loved him,
She said it every day.
Did she mean it?
If she did, then why would she break it off?
If she didn’t…
What does it mean when she says it to me?
Why did she start in in the first place,
When after the fact she told me
She couldn’t love him.
She just couldn’t.
I don’t know.
It doesn’t make sense.
And so I just sit here in front of my computer,
asking my laptop whether or not she loves me.
Because I don’t want to have to ask her.
After all, that’s what he did.
And you know how that turned out.
Based on a real situation, but dramatized for extra poet-points

the way you make me smile is the greatest
You are my sunny days amongst the greyest
You make me laugh like no other
I am the happiest when we're together


You are a jerk, asshole and a selfish guy
you say I don't change, at least I try
There are days I don't ever stop crying
My sanity slowly dying


My dear to other couples they cant  compare  
We live our lives without a care
They can only wish and dream to be like us
Power couple like Bonnie and Clyde  once was


I am sick and tired of this bullshit and fighting
you say you tell me the truth, I know you're lying
You love me one day an then you don't
leaves me wondering should I leave you alone





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