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Simon 4d
The wind's pulling us apart
My words seem to let you down
I don't pretend to replace your art
But your voice's dragging me around
It would be so cool if you showed sometime
That you care and don't want me to drown
Are we stronger than this?
despite my flaws and the vices i'm into
you find the way to love me too
Still, my hearth aches when you push me back
But I get it, "take it slow"
I beg you darling, lets be clear with our thoughts
I can only act upon myself, you know?
So i'll give things time and hope it shows
We're stronger than this, let's take it slow.
She studies the ivory glare
in the spark of his eyes.
The sound of laughter
overlaps as time flies.

Salty, brisk waves
tickled their feet as they stroll.
The aroma of salty air occupy them
with a sight of a soaring seagull.

She smiles brightly at him
with the sun glaring up high.
Her majorelle eyes match
the waves of the sea and of the sky.

The sun shines on them
in a majestic and beautiful way.
Glowing on the brightness
of their golden, happy day

They look at each other
as the tide crashes at their feet.
A wonderful day at the beach
with their love just ever so sweet.
close your eyes
just hold it there
seconds too long
try not to stare
wide open now
call me by your name
we both know how
nothing will be the same

no more breakup poetry
unless of course you ever leave me
which you wont
cos you pinkie promised me
Luiz 6d
Part 1

She was the type
that would float
him to conversations
with angels

in one delicious word

Part 2

He was the type
that would caress
her sweet lips
to a silence
with his thumbs

so that he would not
elevate with words
above her and always
worship perfection
on his knees


Luiz D. Syphre
© 2018
an M&M Edition Series
Luiz Dec 2
Part 1

She was the type
to move mountains

for the one to
move her heart

and he left her...

Part 2

He was the type
to burn alive

for the one to
ignite his soul!

and he did
when he left her...


Luiz D. Syphre
© 2018
M&M Edition series
Mitch Prax Nov 30
I hope wherever you wander,
you find a piece of me
just like wherever I wander,
I find a piece of you.
Fọlá Nov 26
Tell me how to love you.
Show me your dreams, so I can make them come true.
To your heart, help me make a way through.
I know this might sound impromptu,
But you're the one for me. I can't do without you.

Show me your pain,
Let me take it away.
Show me the smile on your face,
Let me make it stay.

Show me your deepest fears,
And it shall never see the light of another day.
Tell me what your love entails,
So I can make it last, all the way.
A short poem on love. A poem about a partner who is determined to make the other happy. Enjoy.
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