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larni 18h
a milk chocolate man with yummy espresso eyes,
a goofy, crooked smile that never quits.
tight, soft curls pushed back in a black wave,
and a voice that floats on feathers
i'm in love ahh.
you're the moon in my dark sky
the happiness in my sadness

the highlight of my life
the arms around me to hide my fears

your smile that drives me to laugh
the sound of your heartbeat that soothes me

I love you beyond doubt and measure
explicit beyond these tattered pages

I love you,
my moon, stars, and everything
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I wanted to write
the perfect poem for my
beautiful husband

To tell him how much
I love him but then I just
realised no words will

ever be good enough
A cuddle and a kiss and
some good old English

laughter is much more
important and just being there
for each other is

is all that truly
matters , holding hands , drinking
tea and eating a

lovely warm dinner
topped with gravy and a pinch
of salt and pepper!

Putting up our feet
Watching tv together!
Working together

painting houses with
tinned paints and a decent brush
Tis perfect for us :)
I love my husband dean **
You told me, "It's over..." again. I know that, Jorge... It's been over.
You know that and I know that.. And of course...
You know I know that.. So who was the validation for?
Let me ask and pretend I don't already know who..
Let me ask and pretend like you'll tell me the truth...
The truth that I already know with every fiber of my being..
The truth you know is the truth, but will NEVER have the ***** to tell me...
Let me ask who has been taking your time..
& doing such a great job keeping me off your mind...
& let me go ahead and pretend
To believe all the lies
that escape your lips then,
like rain from clouds, so effortlessly... so naturally...
Jorge, it's true.. ignorance IS BLISS..
So I beg you, for my own sake, let your lies fall all around me,
All the while,
I'll dance in them proudly
Because I HONESTLY believed You. Were. Mine.
& please love, don't stop.. Until I'm drowing in THIS...
In my last Moments -
leave me.. Like you've done every time...
To sink.. Like an anchor carrying the weight of the world, deeper..
and deeper.. and farther away from the surface..
Still too blind in love to even notice...
That I'm the only WHO
is wasting away... all the days in my own life...
But I'm still seeing visions of YOU...
So I believe that I'm fine...
Even though you've proven you will never BE..
here - to stay - by my side..
The ludicrous hopes in my simple mind...
Absurd, are so pathetically con-vinced;
It. Will. Be. Different.
... this time.
It never had been. It never is.
I know, I know, I know this...
& yet... Despite...
I still think you'll come back & save me..
Cause you wouldn't just let me die,
Although my love - you did.. Let me die like this..
Time and time and time again...
I'll gladly die this way - it's my life to spend -
drowning, figuratively, a hundred, a thousand, a million more times...
Until then,
The beat of your heart is ENOUGH,
to keep my feet above your falling words, but they rise...
Dancing in my own death, So in LOVE...
Ignorantly.. pretending
I believe all your lies.
By: Miranda Martinez-Perez
Sun. July 6, 2018 (11:58pm) - Sat. July 7, 2018 (3:04am)

This was actually a letter I wrote to him... Only.. half way through writing it- I realized it was a good letter, but it was begging to be a great poem. So that's what it became. .....
It's still to Jorge, though...
I love You...
& I'm missing you.
We've been down this road before.
Each time it hurts a little more.
I really don't know what you want from me.
When we are doing good, WHY won't you let it be?
I know that you love me, don't say that you don't.
We say we can find better, but we both know that we won't.
Cause the connection we've shared.. and you know we still do...
We were a match made in Heaven, ****, and Earth, too..
What we have in common outweighs our differences by a ton...
There's examples I can say, but showing you'd be more fun..
Like our saying, "If you know what I mean..."
Face-down, biting pillows, so I wouldn't scream.
You can not say I never tried to surprise you...
With outfits, gifts, whatever you wanted - I'd buy you...
Who's out there putting in more effort to be with you than me?
If someone else is - fine, as long as you're happy....
But just let me know, though, tell me the truth.
Don't drag me along. Don't leave me waiting for you...
Come out and say it, if you know you're not coming back.
After all we've been through, you should at least give me that...
Cause just as ready as I am to keep up the fight..
I'm just as ready for the final good bye...
So think about it long, and think about it hard...
Next time we talk - tell me.. if we're the "has been" or "are..."
To: Guzman
By: Miranda Martinez

Wed. Sep. 12th, 2018
beth 3d
We took quiet steps down a lonely street
I had never stepped foot in before.
The air felt tense since it was
more than clear that you didn't feel
like talking, not anymore.
You stopped suddenly and backed me
against a wall.
We made out slowly whilst I felt
an old lady watching us from her
front steps, maybe I was just imagining her
since it was time for me to go,
I had to meet up with my friends.
Two steps forward and you stopped again
looking at me with a shy smile and
intertwined our hands.
My palms were sweaty and my rings
poked at your skin but you insisted that
you didn't care.
It was also the last time
we held hands.
- hand holding.
Inspired by a prompt from Madisen Kuhn's Instagram stories. "Write a poem about the first time you held someone's hand".
Luna D 4d
Come touch my soul
Cut me open
Break my ribs with your bare hands
Pure strength
Hold my heart
Feel it pulsing, beating, in your hands
Feel the blood trickle past your fingers
Do you like the way my eyes stare up at you?
My blue and lifeless eyes
The windows into my mind
Do you feel better now?
You finally have all my heart
But look what you had to do
Keep it forever
Leave me here to rot
Leave me here to become one with the earth
I dont need my heart anymore.
I hope you’re satisfied with me now
I’m the perfect dead girl
I’m your perfect dead girl
We burn too bright

We meet
We fall
We kiss
We love

A whirlwind burst
An intense intent

We drift
We fight
We cry
We leave

The burning fire

Is quenched.
Eachmilidh Sep 28
Fix it up with duct tape
Staple it right back
From where he comes, destruction goes
A brazen, bold attack

Gather it together now
Sew along the seam
You should have known that this would be
More nightmare than a dream

Shake the fog that's in your brain
And open up your eyes
You saw this from the very start

So why are you surprised?
You make my life feel like a movie
A transition piece

Sitting on your bed by candlelight
In your hockey shirt
With smooth jazz on old style records

My legs on yours
Nose to nose
A lightly brushed thigh
Your lips pressed firm on mine

If this were a movie
I'd rewind this scene
And pause
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