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Luiz 3d
I want to share the moonlight rays
with you under the covers
of the sandy beach at Corner’s Bay

I want to talk to you
feel your warm voice in my ear
and look at the reflection
of the stars in your baby blues

I will feel your candy coated lips
strech and curve to your ears
when I’m not looking

as I will dive deep within you to retrieve
and then release that joyful expression
for you are the last woman on earth
as you are the only woman I see

I will die if I don’t caress your sweet face
and trace every wrinkle
and line with my index
until I know all the contours by memory

I wish for the anticipation of our first kiss
as we come face to face
with our breath of whiskey
and the encapsulating scent
of burning mesquite

I fantasize to be growing weary and tired
listening to every one of your stories
until the break of dawn
as the sun rises in your diamonds

and there in your look, is where I see
the bliss I was never to have again
a young married couple
enter the temple &
sit down
in their designated positions,
the Wife asks the Master :
"when will the suffering end?"
the Master looks at her
with innocent eyes
(takes a deep breath before responding) :
"it never ends"
(she becomes in a shocked trance)
the Master then continues his guidance
as following :
"one only found out
how to handle it better,
to keep it far,
far, far, far away"
(the Master takes another deep breath)
"far away from the skin,
far away from the heart,
far away from home..."
they all shiver in coolness
all at once &
the couple bow down to the Master
as a gesture to leave,
they head outside
with some heaven inside &
continue their silent walk
up along the silent mountain...
i still remember your birthday
and your favorite color
how we got together on a thursday
and when i left you in the summer
Shellyku Oct 19
Hello, again.
For a "hello" that never have the answer.
How's your day this monday?
I hope you are good.

Monday, Oct 2020
I was wondering everyday
why i have this feeling?
am i feel lost my way?
am i just feel empty so that's why i feel you around me?
do you know?
It's not my first,second or even third times for me,
trying to moving on.
I almost there..
But it's always end up getting back to you.
When i feel there's something wrong with a people who trying to closer to me, i feel like i dont need them.
There's a voice always remind me to "waiting you"
That's why i promise myself i only keep my feeling for you, even i don't know what the answer.
let's falling in love one more time?
i keep telling myself.

every single **** day of my life since 3 years ago.
i really i want to let you go..
honestly, i really want
but why when i start to letting you go.
i failed, i failed, failed again.
it's keep repeating almost 3 years now.
can you imagine how the **** i keep my feeling on you for the whole 3 years?
can you imagine how i crying for 3 years?
can you imagine how i always tell myself that you are no longer mine?

let's comeback, let's falling in love again.
please don't hurt me more.
can you say "Hey" one day?
Demi Oct 14
Two sticky Devils pit ciders
embalmed in strawberry juice.
‘Tell me why you messaged her’.
It’s not just the sun causing
those sweat beads.

Fiery fingers fly through
your book as you ignore
me. The sand creeps in
between my folds and
Irritates my skin as if

it wasn’t crawling already.
A beautiful scene mocks us.
Glittering grasses, crystal waters;
today is perfect.

If I forget that you’re next to me.
When the scenery doesn't match the vibes.
we went someplace we both know
it is familiar it is a safe place
you don't say no
no hate, no haze
the time spent together is enough
I'm satisfied but at the same time need to be tough
check out some warnings
there might be some beginnings
to be yours to be called your own
wanting you to own me
make me and be jealous for me
never let anyone touch me or laugh with me
is this a hurricane or a storm, is it?
are you here to find the eye and go ride with it?
be selfish just to love me
hey love, can you miss me
coz right now i miss the smell, the touch
why are you not missing me
please say that you miss me too

Amanda Hawk Oct 1
Your smile reminds me
Of mornings with blue skies
And I grip my cup tighter
Pulling it close, as if the steam
Dancing from the edges
Had your form
And I wanted to gather you closer
When mornings are overcast
With storms teasing the clouds
I could almost ignore the rumble
As the sky thunders
And you tell me, I remind you
Of your favorite color
Decided to do poems involving favorites... this was my favorite color blue
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