After years you know this:
that the course of reliable love runs
not through a slough of habit

but along a curving hillside
where even familiar landscape
offers daily surprises.

Those palms, those pine trees
outside the window, that stretch
of shoreline, this sleeping face,

so surprisingly familiar, still
catch you unawares in
a shock of recognition.

What you have done before
you do again:  you say yes.
You wake, and turn, and are thankful

to rise even from the happiest dream
into what, solid, factual, still strange,
you keep choosing.

Practice makes more deliberate
the thing you’ve done a thousand times,
each time an act of consent:

you pour the coffee
you feed the cat
you turn off the bedside lamp,

loving the simple labors
of shared life, loving
the changing light, evening and morning

and the currents of dailiness that run
deep under the whitecaps
and the waves.

you’re a force to be reckoned with – a hurricane;
atypically full of love and passion instead of hate and disdain.
in a whirlwind, you sucked me in and wrapped your arms around me
protecting me from everything that’s ever broken my soul into debris.
Your love is a protection I never thought I'd receive;
trapped in every fibre on my being; now in love, I believe.

The way he looks at me
I melt on the inside
He holds me
Not caring about my flaws
These stretch marks
My nappy hair
Flabby stomach
He grabs it all
And tells me
"You ain't gotta worry, woman"
"I'm not going nowhere"
The sweet soul of him
The toughness in his hands
The gentleness of his heart
He works hard
He comes home
He still me treats like the first time
We met
Bright eyes
Pearly white smile
And goofy ass attitude
Makes me feel like a Queen
And he's my King
He's enough
And he tells me I'm worth it


When i dream, i dream of you
When im with you.
I wake up wanting you

Your beautiful smile perfects my art
Art i draw between your legs

My love dont be afraid to express it
My love you are my special one
May time beings become together
As one
As us

AJ Jun 12

When my chest gets too heavy,
When my eyes are closing,
When my skin becomes shabby,
I hope you’re still there.

When the world is gloomy,
When everyone’s dying,
When we’re withering slowly,
I hope you’re still there.

When my heart is breaking,
When no one is here,
When you will be leaving,
I hope our memories are still there.

When you found someone new,
When you let go,
When you leave in blue,
I hope you’ll grow.

When you realized that you’re everything,
When you were still mine,
When we were smiling,
Until the end of time.

Let's watch the sunset together
the forever ups and downs
the sun and the moon
when they die every night and every day
to let the other one live

Eve Corvinus Jun 5

My soul is really hurting

      I know it's weird hearing me so poetic
But damn, I just love her


J.S.P explaining what he feels for S.R

Benny will you put
down the book
Sonya said.

I looked at her
blonde hair tied
in a ponytail
blue eyes
gazing at me.

I put down
the book
I'd been reading.

If we're going out
we need to get ready
she said.

I am ready
I said.

I'm not
need to sort
myself out
she disappeared
in the bathroom.

I heard water flowing
was she showering now?
why tell me
about reading my book?
she'd started showering

I went to the bed
took up my book
read on
where I left off.

She was singing
in the shower.

I could have
joined her
we could have
washed each
other over.

She was singing
some Mozart aria.

The sky from
the open window
of our Parisian room
was blue.

We'd made
love earlier
to the passing
noise of traffic
and people below
in the street.

I wished
I was in
the shower
with her
kissing her
from her long
blonde hair
to her slim feet.


Abela and I
took a boat trip
to the other island
this morning.

The sea was rough
and a few
of the people aboard
were puking
and the bogs were full
of vomit.

We were ok and sat
and thought
of the concert
the other night
by the string quartet
or last night
after leaving the bar
we made a big thing
of getting ready for bed
and had sex games
before sex.

It was like the build up
to the star act
she taking off
most of her clothes
I watched
then I undressed
real slow.

Then she put
the radio on low
(some classical work)
and we began
the sex games.

After the build up
we kissed and got
into bed just as
Mahler's 5th began
on the radio
we made out.

The sea was rough
people puking
the sun a dull grey
the island in the distance
she beside me
on the rough
rolling sea.

Harley Hucof Jun 2

I saw you, you saw me
We can't turn back you still have alot to see

I thought too much, i realized
It is time to live, it is time to fight

Embrace it as it comes
Even in stranger days we danced and fucked

This joy is mine, my ultimate pleasure
When you're gone, i'll leave town to find a new lover

As we walk the path of shame and tears
Voices will signal your strangest fears

I see the driver, i see your fake smiles
It's too late, fly fast this time

Kill the warden and run, find a big tree and a stone
Because my baby and i want to be left alone

Words Of Harfouchism.

Life is too short and you are too divine to let people manipulate you
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