It's time for our long sleep my love,
Unwilling to let you go alone,

When I fell in love with your Soul, long ago,
You changed my life on that day,
The day I pledged to have and to hold an angel's Soul forever.

Am I wrong wishing to sleep with you for eternity too?
I'm not willing to let you sleep forever alone.

I only know one thing.

I love you and don't have the strength to live without you,
Love, please take me with you to Heaven's home.

Closing my eyes, I want you to be the last dream I see,
Falling asleep for eternity.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

[Sub español|rom|eng][MV] F.I.X. - Even When I Die Sword and Flower OST

Benny had some book
he was reading.

I wanted him
to take notice of me
as I undressed
for bed
but he didn't
look at me
but turned a page

I slowly removed
my bra
letting all
fall free
but he stared
at the page
and not at me.

I took off
my underwear
and stood there bare
but he turned
another page
and didn't stare.

I put on
the baby-doll nightie
he had bought
white with pink lace
but he just turned a page
a blankness
on his face.

I climbed into bed
beside him
getting as near
as I could.

What's the book?
I said
moving myself
up close
wanting to have sex
in the dark.

Women In Love
he said
it's quite a lark.

I sighed
and lay down
head on the pillow
and gazed
at the light.

He closed the book
and laid it aside
how about it?
he said
turning off
the light
and moving
up close
my thigh.

Ok if you want
I said
don't know why.


Mrs Ford
went to the window
and peered out.

Just roofs
she said
and smoke
and grey skies.

I looked around
the bed
and breakfast room
we'd hired for the night.

Not much of London
to see from here.

See more later
when we go out
I said.

But it'll be
dark then
she said.

She drew
the drab curtains
and looked back at me.

Have you slept
with anyone before?
she said.

Yes a few
I said.

my age though
I bet
she said.

One older
I said.

She raised
her eyebrows
Casanova are you?

No just been lucky
I said
does your husband
know you're
with me?

She looked away
at the room
the double metal

Not with you
I told him
I was meeting a friend
and going to see
a show up here
she said.

Was he suspicious?
I said.

Couldn't care less
if he is or was
she said.

What shall we do first
go get a bite to eat
at one of the restaurants?
I said.

She looked at me
do you know a place?
she said.

Yes my brother and I
come here often
I said.

Or we could make
the most of our bed
and room
she said
before dinner.

She gazed
at the old bed
then at me.

If you like
I said.

We'd not
had sex before
so were

She began to undress
and I began
to undress too.

I watched her
as she took off
her top and skirt
undressing myself
out of routine.

The wallpaper
was dull and worn
the single light bulb
was dim
and the shade dusty.

We stood naked
looking at each other
then at the bed.

I thought of what
her husband would think
and saw him
watching us
in my head.


Dalya sleeps
in her sleeping bag
on the other side
of the tent.

I lay awake
thinking on the day
the visit
to the Van Gogh

The meal
in the restaurant.

Our conversation
on art and philosophy
and the psychology
of Wilhelm Reich.

Late night revellers
walk through
the base camp.

The rock music
from the loudspeakers
has ceased
and a peace
like deep fog
settles over us.

Someone drunkenly
sings going by.

When we made love
I noticed a mole
on her inner thigh.

I kissed it
for luck.

Tomorrow we make
the journey home
and each go
our separate way
our journey
in reverse
a fond farewell.

Seems an age
since we first met
that first day at Dover
awkwardly gazing
about us
waiting for
the minibus
to pick us up
to rover Europe's
and see the cities.

Keep in touch
she said
but I don't suppose
we will.

We live too far apart
to make it last.

A few late night
wanderers go by
into the night.

She sleeps peaceful
over there
like a child
without worries
or care.


Parisian summer
I had showered and shaved
except for the moustache
which I kept.

Felt tired
although I slept.

Sonya was
by the window
looking out
at the Paris
street below
from our cheap
hotel room.

The Solzhenitsyn book
lay face down
on the bed
I decided to read
the Dostoevsky book

She smoked
hand holding
an elbow.

I dried myself
viewing her
fine figure
her behind quite neat
naked feet.

Think of all those
famous people who
lived here in Paris
she said.

Henry Miller
Ezra pound
Joyce and those
great artists
and even Hitler
came briefly
so I read.

Now all
of them dead
she said.

Now we are here
I said
just ordinary folk
who like to dine
and wine and kiss
and poke and joke.

That waiter
last night
in that restaurant
he eyed me
ever so much
she said.

Guess he did
I said
but what's in that
he probably eyes
all the dames
that come and go
then goes home
to his lonely room
and lonely life
or ugly wife.

Guess so
she said
walking back
to the bed
and lying down
stubbing out
her cigarette
in the ashtray
by the bed.

Shall we before
we go out?
she said.

So I lay
beside her
and it was
a Parisian summer.

The room was small
and bed hard
but we did
before we went out
cars hooted
people called
or gave shout.


The hotel restaurant
was not busy
a few came in
bleary eyed
and silent
like a breed of nuns
or monks
of a silent order
and took seats
at tables
far from each other.

Abela and I
came in
and took a table
by a window
and looked quickly
about the room
then at each other.

She picked up the menu
and stared at it
as if it was in
a different language.

I'll have a simple breakfast
she said
after last night.

I studied my menu
running my eyes over it
me too
I said.

We both put our
menus down
and waited for a waitress
or waiter to come to us
and take our orders.

Music was playing
in the background
foreign stuff
which you could neither
dance to to listen to
with any zest.

She looked tired
as she sat there
her hair quickly
brushed into place
a minimum amount
of make up applied.

She had on a yellow dress
with small flowers.

I gazed at her
thinking of her
the night before
after we came back
from the town
after the concert
where some pianist
had played Chopin
and Bartok pieces.

We had got
into our room
and she was swaying
(we'd gone to a bar
after the concert)
and she undressed
as fast as she could
almost falling over
a couple of times.

Come on
she said
get them off
I want you.

I had undressed
as quickly as I could
in a kind of race
with her.

She won
stood there naked
and swaying
as if she stood
on the deck of a ship
in rough seas.

She lay on the bed
and beckoned me over.

I took off
the last piece
of clothing
and set it neat
over a chair.

She had gone to sleep
lying there
naked and bare.

All I could do
was sigh and stare.


In that exotic locale, where we met
Never expecting, but so may prepared banquet
Past times when I didn’t even know you,
You aren’t even my favourite asset
I can’t imagine, your now with me
From being shy and timid, changed in being coquette.

Holding both hands while walking,
Jerking, joking, and loving,
We talked just like a couple,
But realizing I am in the state of frienzoned
In being friends, Everyday warzoned
Because of hoping and begging in a state couplezoned

As a gentleman’s dignity, I will do the very best
So that we can love in very deepest
In every relationships, I will answer every test
So that t’ll infinity our link will never be the failest.

Woke up early in the morning with embrace
To never stop gazing at your  gorgeous face
Yes, everyday my kisses we’re too misplaced
Anywhere I want, even though your already in grimace.

I want to see you walking
In this memorable thing
In front of the altar,
Walking slowly with gentle
strumming of guitar,
I want to hear you saying ‘I do’
When the priest started saying
and I said ‘I do’ more than I Iove you .

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer
I love you as gentleman’s dignity
Having this serious matrimony,
Without difficulty, and experiencing this simplicity,
Now you are in my property, with my own security
I will provide you full priority
If you love me with fidelity.

Without guilt and anxiety,
Please love me so dearly,
In facing this perfect matrimony,
We can’t be judged since we are already in legality.

I will guarantee my loyalty,
I will be faithful with my own dignity
Until we reach the age of ninety
Playing naughty and having infinity.

Terry Collett Apr 22

After we set up our tents
Miriam and I
walked into Madrid.

We went to the Prado
looked at the art
at the Fra Angelicos
and Titians.

Then we had coffee
in a cafe.

I see you liked
the Eve painting
by Durer
she said.

Yes I like that
I said
and the Venus paintings
by Titian.

What is it with men
and nude paintings
always out to look
at nudity
she said.  

We enjoy the beauty
of God's creation
the artists were not
ashamed to show that
why hide what
God made
so beautifully?
I said.

So God made my
nudity then?
she said.

Of course
I said
mind you I'll need
to see it again
to comment further
can't see that much
in the darkness
of the tent.

She sipped
her coffee
we will see
that was a fluke
that that girl
I share with
was off with another
for the day
seeing the cathedral
in the Burgos
and other sights.

Shame she's not away
more and elsewhere
I said
for other nights.

Arpan Rathod Apr 19

Whenever I got serious, and told you that I just want us,

nothing else now matters and only you can flatter or shatter

everything that is mine.

You stayed like you are mine,

until no other guy gave you any sign

of interest

without another thought, you broke my trust,

it was unjust, felt like it was out of lust.

Was it all my fantasy, couldn’t you behave with a little decency?

When we started, when our hearts and sorrows parted,

you told me that you would never change,

that it would never get this strange,

or is it some kind of revenge?

It didn’t have to end like this,

3 years ago, being together was the only bliss,

and oh my! that kiss.

Can I say that I still love you,

One day, you will forget everything and say, Fantasist? Who?

Even then I will be within you somewhere,

my voice will faint and words will blare,

that’s when you will care.

My thoughts and words will blend,

but at that time, we will end.

For what happened on 24th of March and 14th of April.
aviisevil Apr 18

she keeps talking but I don't hear her
thinking about ways I can break her

no matter how much I try
I cannot hate her
dreaming about her
and i'm afraid I'll wake her

burning ourselves with love
and now tears are just vapours

ghosts whispering in my ears
how they're gonna break her

I'm just waiting for the day
when I'll carve her

the way I crave her,
I'll make her.

[in a better world
where i don't fight me
there'll be no hurt, never dear
when you'll be beside me

with all my heart i fear
that you'll never want me
and when I'm not there
i know you'll never remind me

i'll be a better man
when your love finds me
all my heart, my love i understand
but that's if you ever find me]

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