Gala 19h
Desire burns as we throw caution to the wind.

Your lips,
Inviting and sweet.
Just as great as I have imagined.

My mind,
panicking at the implications
of our reckless actions.

Your eyes,
Gold shining wild
in the dark.

My heart,
bursting with love
and endless need.

Our fate,
Sealed through an unbreakable bond.
She called me her curved love handle
Always there to hold
A perfect fit for her loving hands
As we lovingly enfold

She called me her gentle spoon rest
A constant solid comfort
Shaped to scoop her perfectly
As we both dozed and slumbered

She called me her hot water bottle
Filled to the brim with warmth
Easily raising heat by degrees
Against advancing cold fronts

She called me to say her goodbyes
She said it wasn't working
She'd found a man less domesticated
And one far less demanding
Sometimes we experience relationships very differently
I fall in love a little bit more
each time we are together.
The sun warms up,
the moon glistens brighter,
as does your smile,
whenever I'm with you.
The taste of your lips
Sweet, and intoxicating
Let me savor you

The way your tongue moves
brought me to another realm
of burning passion

Explosive pleasures,
Your body in sync with mine
Lost in satin sheets

The early sun dawns
a soft whisper in my ear
"Morning, beautiful."
A haiku I wrote for a Poetry contest hosted on Instagram by one of the poetry accounts I followed.
Hope y'all like it too.
Annie 5d
He called me a flower
A torn, dried flower
Ripped off from its roots
All the petals almost falling —not yet have fallen
I called him home
A home so empty, all the curtains down
Polished walls, ravishing roof, crushed floor
No light –all silent, no sound
It's amazing what
a Man can do using his
tongue and two fingers.
Amenah Jun 15
We wonder when the Dawn
may finally grace the dark seas of the Night;

an endless abyss within which celestial beings of ethereal stardust align in
mapping Our lifelines
to places untrodden,
with disjointed souls
and weary, locked hearts.

the world hushes to a lull
in honour to the intricate crosses of Fates high above lands
  adorned by silver brilliance of the moon

I wish I too
could be asleep the thousands that are
unbeknownst of what roads their lives are strung to

I stay awake in angst
wondering if right now
I were brought any closer to You
the You I know naught but as a distant, unclaspable figment in my mind
promised in some past life of mine
the reminiscence of that fated coalescence
living heatedly within as a vague restlessness
Oh I wonder where exactly is Us mapped in the constellation I see above me...
pia Jun 14
She said that night
tell me something about love
I stood still
my mind racing
it was as if my head
came to an abrupt halt
but my heart almost immediately
came up with words
I don't think existed yet

I wanted to tell her
love is looking into her eyes
and melting on the spot
but somehow I couldn't
so I looked her into her eyes
and smiled

I wanted to tell her
love is caring
but somehow I couldn't
so I grabbed her a glass of water
she smiled

I wanted to tell her
love is two hearts
dancing to the same rhythm
but somehow I couldn't
so I asked her what movie
she'd like us to watch later
still smiling
she had a confused expression
the notebook
she wanted to watch the notebook

I wanted to tell her
love is patient
and that I couldn't stand that movie
but somehow I couldn't
so I kissed her on the cheek
and said ok

I wanted to tell her
love is admiration
but I couldn't
so I stared at her
and told her she was beautiful
all throughout the movie
even though you were teasing me
that I was missing half of the storyline

I wanted to tell her
love is warm
but somehow I couldn't
so I wrapped her in my arms
even though we were already
warm under the covers

I wanted to tell her
love is happiness
but I couldn't
so we laughed all night
exchanging jokes no one
else would understand

I wanted to tell her
love is so many things
but somehow I couldn't
so I loved her
and hoped she would understand
Annie Jun 14

Your morning face is so pretty
That puffiness in your eyes
That little naive smile

And when you look at me
You make it seem so gentle
So wild but tender

It's not just obsession
It's not love
It's a taste –from heaven above

This is one love song
And I can write a million more for you
Because you're here to hear my truth

Champagne, pretty ugly laughter
I put on my dress you've never seen
Love how you're always too keen

You let me cry
I pour all my emotions in your hand
You sieve them –so easy —just like sand
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