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Yemaya Jun 21
we are waves clashing,
to a pinnacle
from which we either fall into each other,
veer away.

and we both know,
what I want.
Carlo C Gomez Jun 18
When youth was moth, love flowed over us in prismatic waves—systems of romance.

Then came the phoenix of your heart, and everything was a ceiling. I moved clockwise past infinite shadow and onto your wall.

Sorry to wake you. [...] I forgot to tell you something. [...] I'm like the sun or perhaps the moon. And there are times when I know I'll make you sad.

Distant polyglot in its timbres, its psychological profile, and its pulse, it could not sound less like a soundtrack for a search. More like a Middle Eastern funeral.

Stemmed from a shared anxiety over self-definition in an indefinite world, and each of them has searched for answers in the amorphous space between where “you” end and “I” begin.

By turns, august and sweet—revealed a complex stillness, a set of detached passions attempting to rebuild themselves, a desensitized state searching for soul.

I have loved you into oblivion and now move into thin air. Please remember me as a time of day. As long as you can hold your breath, we'll always be together.
Yemaya Jun 18
two lovers in the rain
see each other
through a thousand new shades
each rain drop reflecting and refracting their love
into new beautiful hues
and shapes.
f Jun 13
had these gods ever felt the way your lips draw on mine—temples would arise to worship you instead.
cigarettes after *** . sunsetz
Carlo C Gomez May 30
Fading chorus
to a sing-along rapture
a laugh of clarification
a hasty placement of hands
and knees, dovetailed
yes, those eyes
~ still lit and power-surged
but give her a moment
for all the sudden
it tickles
f May 13
hungering that you would not leave.
visions of a future without you,
emptied out—i tread contrarily away from it all.
florence and the machine . back in town
Malina Mar 30
the steel blue of your eyes fixated on me
like my presence was a gift in itself
the calloused tips of your fingers
grazing over my skin and pulling me close
you held me like nothing else mattered
as if time itself had stopped and given us this moment

the good morning messages and the evening calls
we fell asleep together even when we weren't
your subtle snores down the phone
replacing the heartbeat i'd hear resting on your chest
but sometimes we'd stay up until the sun broke through our windows
not regretting a moment of lost sleep

the walks along the common no matter the weather
to that place by the playground where we'd lie and spot planes
and you'd laugh and say it wasn't a competition
but we both knew that was only because you were losing
the same grass upon which you took the picture of a flower in my hand
it's wearing away but you still keep it in your wallet

your dogs jumping up and greeting me at the door
and your mother's smile when she sees me enter
us playing football with your brother in the garden
and laughing over slow motion replays of goals scored
i felt so at home in your home
as if your family was mine, like there was a special place for me

now i'm left wondering what to do
how am i meant to fill this enormous void
of the life that we had molded together
you had become a part of me
and i don't know how to separate it and become whole on my own
Your wine stained lips
and their entrancing tales
Take me by surprise
Like two lovelorn drifters
On estranged shores
Consumed in each other’s eyes
Shellyku Nov 2021
In the last of July 2021
It's started by comment on instagram
He know me from my friend
He living in other country.

We talk, we sharing about each other.
We decided to meet.

In the middle of August 2021
We continue to know each other more than before
We start to talk about our planning to meet.

Yet, its September 2021.
I decided to moving abroad in his country,
to get closer with him.
I decided to find job in Uzbekistan,
A country i never visit before.
We keep talk, we keep texting..
we keep our promise to hold on until we meet.
we lack of conversation, we lack of communication..
we get bored..
we have dumb conversation..
and that's normal because we never meet.

I going back to my hometown to preparing everything to moving.
I got my first job there..
But now..

It's almost end of November..
But i'm still stuck in my city.
I haven't make my promise come true..
He's waiting...
We lost our communication..
I know it's hard to keep in talk cause we never meet before..
I wish that he know I'm waiting the right time to moving..
I wish that he understand moving abroad need a lot of preparation especially for financial..
I wish that he understand I'm trying my best to meet him..
I wish that he didn't falling in love with someone else when we struggle with our communication..
I wish that he know i'm waiting him,
I wish that everything i pray for and i'm waiting for is worth it..
it's not poem i know..
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