'Cause when I say, "Go to sleep,"
It means, "I love you."
Or when I tell you to eat,
That means, "Hey I care."
When you tell me that you love me,
I call you an idiot,
That's me saying it back but with the equivalence of stupidity.
You are the reason I stay awake at night and dream with my eyes open,
You are the stars in my dark sea that I have been constantly trying to drown myself in,
You are,
For Gods sake's,
My Planet Earth because what else is going to supply me the oxygen I need when my brain says,
"Don't breathe."
You make me not want to die when all I could think of is dying cause you know,
You are my alarm clock to when I sleep in,
My everyday phone call,
My back up plan when my back up plan needs a back up plan.
There are a billion of people out here that could have chosen me to deal with but you,
You at least tolerate me.
Thank you for the tolerance, at least.

Inkveined Jul 2

Once upon a time

I planned to run away

To another place

To another day

But I forgot to take a map

And couldn't read the stars

So, now I find myself still trapped

Like the two moons of Mars

Black holes are consuming nigh
Everything to see
Galactic mess of stars and stuff
All that would ever be.

Neptune sings ‘bout winds and death
While Saturn sings along,
Its rings are light and made of ice
As Jupiter stands strong.

Eight planets (perhaps nine) or so
Could wrap around the sky!
Their beauty is as unmatched as
Venus’ clouds up high.

Empty dark with rocks that fly
Down to our steady lands
This earth, this sky, this ground well meant
Can’t burn it all to shreds

At the start of all we see
The sun’s rays never cease
Until it goes, like us, like those
Like me who’d be at peace.

Maria Etre Jun 13

If space and time
were to entwine
I'd loop through
the galaxies
with fantasies
infinite times
in my mind

Over stars and black holes
comets and planets
If only time and space
were to entwine
infinity would turn
into my everyday

Jair Graham Jun 12

I wake up only to fall into your galaxy-eyes;
We lived before side by side on some other planet where the dirt was pale-blue and poppies grew in every direction for miles.
We were identical to the people we are today but had different names.
I found you again; it's magic.
We'll forever keep meeting one another, I know for certain;
So don't be afraid of time and ageing; we'll never be truly gone.

Silent Circles
Suspended in light
Spiraling eloquence
Reflecting the night

In a dance
One shadows
Then becomes shadowed
Circling each other
Within passions sight

Ruling sun rays
Lines them up
To each an audience
Rounding each other
As One

With haloed shoulders
We mask the solitude
‘Neath the starry valence
Of night
Oceans waving
Conjoined in balance
Of our ever enlightened might

Life is
As a grand eclipse
Fleeting moments
Around the sun

Once shadowed
We forever shadow
Till morning’s dawn

To and fro we sway
Dancing with words
We say
Living eclipsed
As one

There is energy in everything. One energy sometimes eclipses another in nature. Sometimes that happens to us as well. When that happens you can come out of the shadow of another by simply moving toward the light.

The sun is rising and chasing the night
I only feel safe when you hold me tight
And if you're not there what am I gonna do?
The world is dark like a black hole without you

Billions of stars in the universe
And millions of people on the face of the Earth
But I only need one thing in this whole world
Seeing you would make me the happiest girl

The sun is setting and the planets align
Waiting for the moon to give me a sign
A shooting star crossing above a dark cloud
I hope it will make me find you in the crowd

It all started with luminaries
Deisphorios May 18

When I first met him, our meeting was nothing extraordinary. It was nothing more than a mere exchange of words and a quick glance of the eye. We were a few years apart, which made me scared to talk to him. But yet, when I looked into his bright blue eyes for the first time, I felt like I saw something more within him.

At the time, I knew nothing but his name and I knew nothing about him as a person. Despite that, it was very easy to see the emotion trapped behind his blue eyes. It amazed me how expressive his eyes were, despite the fact that he was wearing a mask that hid is true self from other people. I don’t know if anyone ever noticed it before, because he really was amazing at hiding it. Even though I barely knew him, I could tell that he was hiding his real self.

Later that night, I was lucky enough to be able to look into his eyes again. It was the second and final time of that night, and this time I felt like I saw something different than before. I saw happiness. But, why would he be happy now when he obviously had a mask that hid his anxiety before? I wouldn’t realize it until later, but I believe that I saw my own happiness in him.

This raised many questions. Why could I see a glimpse of my happiness in a guy I had barely met? If there was a possibility of me being happy, I think I may have found it in him.

Two years ago, I had hope. I hoped that somehow, I could start talking to him and maybe become friends. And now, two years later, it seems that the stars have aligned.

Oh, and they’ve aligned alright. But not in my favor.

It was almost as if the space dust and particles in between the stars aligned just so I could see the shadow of his existence walking past me. But that same space dust covered my vision and left me blind, searching for the man that I had barely seen. It seems that my chances with him were made near impossible; he was put just barely out of my reach.

Everything was too perfect, too set in place.
I don’t think we were ever meant to officially meet.
If one tiny instance were to change, then perhaps there could be a chance.

But, I don’t think that whatever is out there - god or something - ever intended for us to be together. I saw my life in the reflection of his eyes, standing in front of me.
And in the next moment-

I never saw it again.

Some thoughts during a storm. Writing these story things really helps clear the mind wowie

Once upon a time,
there was a princess
named Luna, she
ruled the kingdom
of the moon, until
the queen, the former,
now elderly, ruler had
passed away, so the
kingdom disappeared
and the princess was
left to wander the
stars, her heart
was a void of
sadness after the
queen died and the
kingdom dissolved
with the mist, she
roamed the shadows
of space, until
she found a
peculiar light,
upon floating
closer, she found
the prince of the sun,
he was also sad, as
his planet was
engulfed by a
larger star, the
princess said
to him, "we are
both very sad,
so we will heal
each other"
they held hands,
feeling the power
of their hearts
glowing the
light of love,
and together,
they birthed the
new kingdom of
Luna and Sol

Earth a planet in the stars
Martians maybe so also r
But looking up where from like Earthlings
Lots of lights a ufo comes, aliens???

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