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karly codr May 18
shoot for the moon
because even if you miss
you'll land among the stars

and then come hurdling back to earth
like an asteroid
either that or die of asphyxiation

actually i don't know what would happen
i'm no space expert
wow this poem is exciting
dorian green Apr 17
i am trying to come to terms
with gravity
as i fall toward the floor
with the awareness of the your
face framed in the hall door.
that's an exaggeration—
there's a certain inaccuracy
in conversations about bodies,
personal and celestial, revolutions one around the other,
that is unavoidable due to limitations
of the form. so i like to be precise
where it can fit in between the
cumbersome dances we do.
i'm not falling toward the floor
but i might as well be. i can't tell you that.
what's wrong you ask again
but something i read about planets
is that they're much farther apart than the human mind
can even conceptualize. that most of space is empty
and cold as we dare to spin through it.
i'm thinking of the audacity of revolutions
and you just wanna know why i'm so sad.
i think about bodies. sinew and joints and the red
****** meatstuff that fills in the places in between.
a heart pumping blood and a mouth that refuses to admit it.
about the physicality, the weight of it sinking
into beds that aren't mine, bodies that aren't mine.
you're not standing in the doorway anymore, no one
stands in doorways forever. especially not
for someone who refuses ownership
of the space taken up by their own body. constellations
are outlines of disparate points someone tried to find a
story in. i'm not much better.
i think of heavenly bodies, i think of stars
but they don't tell me anything
i wasn't trying to deal with already.
1st draft i might revisit
Martin Boško Apr 10
Royal rings around
Saturn the devourer
Dominating space
Martin Boško Apr 10
Followed by many
Giant among the giants
With an orange mark
Mother of women
Locked in eternal sun gaze
Clouds raining acid
Carlo C Gomez Feb 22
The rosy-fingered dawn
  bleeds excitation
and atmospheric trails
  for seeking out tomorrow

Are these stars like rain?

  Emitting imagination,
  refracting suggestion?

Perhaps a new art form swimming
about as cloudbursts?

In undulating waves
  war and peace
are colliding out from
  the center of the sun

Could they be
messengers from heaven?

  A signal from God?

Perhaps at magnetic midnight,
four horsemen shall ride?
Aly Feb 1
He must’ve forgotten he called me the moon when our pinkys were intertwined and his smile lived on my lips. How do I say this place revolving your life while a distant planet is not the life I wanted?
Comets hit planets all the time
Leaving  craters behind.
Creating  hellish landscapes
for man to study to get a sign.
Vulcanos erupting everywhere
streams of lava
cooling billion of years.
A cosmos created so devine.
Black space with eight known
planets circling around.
Around one flaming source called  sun.
Universe in motion still not done.
The mystery remains.
Countless scientists studying with little gain.

Cosmos, mysterious reflection of life itself.
A colorful amazing picture .
Natural mandala
Created by  God himself!

This poem is written for Peter, a special friend in Belgium, who makes the most beautiful mandalas
Svetoslav Feb 11
aqua planet lights
assembly of ghost planets
near crystalline shore
by Svetli
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