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The striped
Coloured planet
With that crazy red dot
So round
So perfect
That one is called Jupiter
My pearl.  
Happy birthday.
You were my world
I revolved around you like crazy.  Bringing you waves and a beautiful thing in your sky.  
But you didn't like my waves
Or the way I looked in your sky
So I drifted away.  I didn't have to revolve around you.  I chose you.  
And I can take it away.
Katie Mar 30
                     Revolve        Around
                               Like Us
I was blinded by the sun
When you took my hand
But as you took it
We just ran and ran

We ran away from the sun
To a world of brighter stars
But suddenly I could see
We for what we are

You showed me a world
That was calm and free
Where the galaxies would sweep
Between you and me

I was blinded by the sun
But you became my universe
Now all I know is you
And I'm fully immersed
Penny Rhode Mar 25
He was my whole world
With him my future was furled
Yet my soul felt there was something a lack
Of what I couldn't find a fact.

My wandering heart began to stir
For another planet I began to explore
But I couldn't find anything like the world he gave
Though what I found I began to crave

The new reminds me not of the old
It makes me feel things that couldn't be told
My mind no longer chained to the ground
To no ones planet am I bound

I rest now a moon in the sky
For I told his world goodbye
Now it be just me and I
Searching for what makes my soul fly.
You are
1 in 7.5 billion
people on earth

Our earth is
1 in 8
planets in our solar system

Our solar system is
1 in 500 solar systems
in our galaxy

Our galaxy is
1 in 200 billion

Our universe
1 in many possible

We are so small
The planet closest the sun                                
Harbors me, myself, and I                                    
I am the path on which it moves                          
And the axis on which it shifts                              
I meet the sun every day, every day                    
Waving hello with every waking moment              
In this world that’s not my own                            
      I alone feel welcomed                                                  
ǝuolɐ llɐ sᴉ ʇI
sɹǝǝd sʇᴉ ƃuoɯɐ plɹoʍ ɐ uI
ǝɹǝɥʇ uǝʌǝ s’ʇᴉ sʍouʞ ǝuo oN
ʇɥƃᴉu ʎuɐ 'ʎɐp ʎuɐ uns ǝɥʇ puᴉɟ ʇouuɐɔ ʇI
ǝɔɐld sʇᴉ puᴉɟ ʇᴉ sdlǝɥ ǝuo oN
ɥʇɐd sʇᴉ ƃuolɐ ʇᴉ sǝʌoɯ ǝuo oN
ǝuo ɐ ʇou 'lɐᴉɔǝds ǝuo ou sǝʌloʌuI
uns ǝɥʇ ʇsǝɥʇɹɐɟ ʇǝuɐld ǝɥ┴
Silent Moon Mar 9
I’m craving blood beyond bones, vessels beyond skin, universes beyond soul, self beyond worlds...
Only if I can find ingredients
Hopelpuff Mar 7
Hello, Earth
How are you
It's been a while since we've really talked
I've missed you
Have you missed me
Of course
I already know the answer to that question
I'm floating slowly
Away from you
I hope I don't float too far
If you disappear
Who will I talk to?
I don't have many people left
All the others ignore me
I miss you
Do you miss me?
Metaphorical stance, Pluto is me. How y'all doing today?
Sometimes late at night when can't sleep, I look upon night sky think to
my self what Is out
there far beyond that to which I can see with my eyes
There has to be something out there far beyond this planet we live, out there somewhere In the universe other life forms
are probably looking back at our planet and saying exactly the same there has to be another life form out there somewhere In this vast wilderness of
We can't be just the only life form In this vast expanse of space all these habitable planets
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