Megan 21h

Constant faces
pass me by;
a wave of starlight
returning from the ends of the universe
to order sushi
for the warp-drive home.

Listening to snippets
of interstellar conversations,
talk of galaxies
and far from home
interplanetary excursions.

Can you imagine?
Me, the human,
eating maki rolls
making idle conversation
about whether the meteor shower
will affect putting the washing out to dry.

Questioning whether anyone has heard the
Voyager Golden Record yet,
like some space hipster
with indie music taste
and infinite curiosity.

Pulling planets off the
ever expanding
conveyor belt,
racking up colourful rings and moons
to calculate my travels
when I get the bill.

Seeing a fellow spaceman
and exchanging a nod
over salmon flowers
and Diet Coke,
a taste of my home planet.

Beaming back smiles and reviews
to tell my parents
about all the wonderful friends I’ve met
tell my grandparents
that I’m making them proud
tell my sisters
about all the planets I’ve found
that would make them happy.

Possibility is on the menu,
and I’m having mine with a side dish
of optimism,
and a serving of recklessness to start.

Hanging up my spacesuit
in the cloakroom;
in just a t-shirt and pants
eating sushi
watching the shower of stars outside
clinging onto chopsticks
like they’re the ignition keys
for an intergalactic adventure.

But we all have to stop for sushi
at some point,
to give us a little raw taste
of remembering what it felt like
to try something new
for the first time.

My two favourite things are space and sushi. I went to the cutest little sushi bar with my parents today, where I had various rolls and salmon flowers and miso soup. It was amazing, and I thought I should combine my two favourite things into a poem! Funny story about today - my dad put lots of soy sauce on a brown ball-type thing, and then ate it, and looked up and said "this is chocolate". We didn't realise there were desserts on the conveyor belt too!
honey 7d

sun girls:
they’re all bright eyes and warm hands, they’ll kiss you on the cheek. beautiful freckles. glowing skin, sunflowers and paintbrushes gripped tightly in their hand.

moon girls:
dark clothes and a eyes-closed kind of grin, beat up sneakers and an arizona iced tea, hair that shines, they sparkle even in the dark. soft kisses that taste like spearmint.

mercury girls:
smooth talkers, could convince you to do anything. big eyes and round lips, hair tied up or tucked behind their ear. late night walks and quiet conversations.

venus girls:
lipgloss and breathless laughing, soft hands and tummy. kissing their girlfriend randomly. a voice like honey. hypnotizingly lovely. muffled music and strawberry lemonade.

mars girls:
quick winks and subtle smirks. would kill for you. a love deeper than the ocean, strong shoulders and collar bones. bloody knuckles healing over and tight hugs.

neptune girls:
dreamy girls, hazy around the edges. tilting their heads to the side and sleeping soundly. delicate hands and cherry chapstick. hot cups of tea served with knowing eyes.

saturn girls:
sharpened pencils tucked behind their ear. serious eyes with a hint of laughter. tapping their toes and paying attention. books piled high with the pages well loved.

jupiter girls:
moving their hips and applying lipstick. a smile that electrifies you and lips that entrance you. has a hundred admirers but loves the one girl she can’t have. red lights and excitement.

pluto girls:
confidence that carries through the air. tastes like energy drinks and lightning. crooked smile messy hair. continuous movement with no time to talk. gesturing hands and shuffling papers.

i stand on the farthest planet
there is a broken telescope in my hands.
and i lift it to my eyes
hoping to see you again

—it's too dark to find you
Pagan Paul Oct 10

Isolation explored and typified
but the corona of the sun,
forever within touching distance,
but never to be as one.

An absence of a true connection
exists between the pattern,
loneliness drifting in deepest space,
distant like the rings of Saturn.

© Pagan Paul (08/10/17)

Today, Oct 10th, is World Metal Health Day.
zero Sep 23

We always said we'd fall apart,
but somehow we fell together.
With the stars and moon within our grasps,
we floated into the light.

We tossed the stars into the sky,
the moon played centerstage.
As the planets began their number,
we tumbled to the dark.

The stars acted as winking eyes, but
we were blind and stumbling.
Because, although the dark is nice
we all need a break sometimes.

They sang us a lullaby,
Lulling us to sleep in their arms,
With our deathly state, kissing us on our cheeks,
they dropped us back to earth
So we could be complete.

My lovely Hollow, on this day, your untimely death.
May you rest in mother's arms once more, till we meet again.
Until then, my love...
Marc Hawkins Sep 11

Don’t ask me where my mind is
It has sworn me to secrecy,
Instructed that I shut it in a case
And hide it away from view.
All I am left is a dark expanse -
Blind nothingness
Stretching on and on.
I am a fish never to be landed,
Hooked on a line and pulled
As if drifting to far galaxies.
A pointless mission on a loop
With nothing in between,
No planets or stars
No life
No light.
Situational dormancy.

I think I see a light in the distance,
Or a spark
That flickers for a second
Then recedes again into the dark.
A flame where no fire exists
Snuffed and suffocated
Within clenched fists.

The sheets soak up the sweat
And in the morning it is always cold.
I am alone.
I go to the case and try its lock
But my mind is adamant,
It is not ready for me yet,
I am an annoyance to it.
I am left to self administer,
To self heal -
A lesser seen form of self harm.
I am a fish that has slipped its hook
But not one that is free,
One that is lost, a dead planet
No light
No life.
The nighttime is always cold.

The light flickers again
But I am too late to see it.
A moment of heat, I feel its presence
Then return to inspirational vacancy
Where time in space is ever missed,
A beginning where beginnings end,
An end where no beginning exists

Copyright Marc Hawkins 2016

Kaels Sep 10

My soul is the universe
and the planets are reflections
of the feelings I have and the stars
are the people I meet and the more I discover
the more I feel less alone in this great widespread universe

Lyn-Purcell Sep 9

The Sun is the Father, strictly ablaze.
The Moon is the Mother, serenely benevolent.
Mercury is the Child, innocently babbling.
Venus is the Sister, beautifully affectionate.
Mars is the Brother, stubbornly resilient.
Jupiter is an Elder Man, wizenedly kind.
Saturn is Elder Woman,  knitting wisdom.
Uranus wields the Hammer of Change.
Neptune plays the Harp of Dreams.
Pluto swings the Blade of Strife.

All Nodes have a written destiny...

© Lyn-Purcell
I just had a lucid dream of flying through the galaxy and within the planets. I wrote down what I saw...
Seema Sep 1

Some say,
The high and low tide of life rises
Coz of astrology...
The good and bad, the power and obsession
The poor and the rich, the success and rejection
And all other happenings, from family to relationship
Good days, struggles and all the hardship
Coz of astrology...

In our culture, we have nine planets which rules the daily work course of life
Each planet, has its own pros and cons on a person
Behind the occurrence, there's a reason
Most in our culture believe that if good deeds are done with,

Clean heart
Clean mind
Kind soul

Then it's your good karma and thus,
The angry planets stay away
Some say,

Learning and knowing about each planetary god
Rises million questions, that it becomes hard to word
I myself, did bit of reading and research on these planetary gods
And all I can say is that, just keep doing the good deed
Help those who are in great need
If you can afford enough, cook to feed
Try to save yourself from envy, anger, jealously, greed, conspirator, expectant, obsessed mind
Always calm yourself and remind
Every life deserves happiness in any form
Such that it can heal that life from a storm
Be generous, be kind, be calm, be lovely, be helpful without expectation
And leave the rest on god without hesitation...


Believe or not to believe, just be a better kind soul.

Come with me
To a place where the planets and stars
Are closer than we are
Surrender your soul
To the whispering winds
Of an ancient voice
Murmuring ripples
In the moon-soaked water
Surrender your chains,
Your bonds to the nebulous hands
Of the universe
Surrender your eyes
And see anew

Follow me there
To the old painted caves
Spiritual, ancestral signature
Of times and peoples past
Follow me deep
Into the place where they bathed
In liquid starlight
Where they sang silver streams of wind
Into the frozen night sky
A place where they drank moonlight

Now feel the ancient drumbeat
Now hear the wild flute laugh
Trade your body for a spirit of water
Come thrive with us
In the womb-like heat

Listen to the people sing
Songs of past, present, and future
Watch them cremate memories
Fire clouds the sky with the essence of time
And trade them to the gods
For another sun
To come tomorrow

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