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Anastasia Oct 8
he had a galaxy
in his mind
and it showed
through his eyes
it spilled
from his lips
at his fingertips
planets in his pockets
moon drops in his pen
he drew what he knew
again and again
Stephen James Sep 16
above the waters
we rose from
our souls
and the sky
they become one

cloud connected

where molecules
and vapor
bound with
the dust of
the deep

the product
that begat
arms, legs,
and feet

a singular instance
was set off
in the distance
detected through
we've learned
that this mind
is transcendent

destined to live
among ancestors
who populate
their own
star clusters

the authors
of their own
forces of nature
self-contained rapture

we stand
twelve leagues
in stature

grasp this

where digital code
has been found
what was once thought

stellar decryptions
revealed the answers

we're no longer
defined by classes

from the time
we named
the proton
and then
split the atom

we've mastered
the diagram
of strings
that keeps
all things connected
by way
of revolutions
that have proven
a poem
To think that the planets might have been misguided
when they let your star sign be my rise;
they would never have guessed
how in twenty years my sockets would confine
sullen, sunken, eyes
surrounded by darker spaces,
recurring insomnia I try to hide.
Worn-out clothes now, twice my size.
You gave me the longest summer of my life.

I hate my voice booming static
on the other end of the line.
I miss all my old friends,
and I can't figure out why
I wait in my tower for a knight,
but when at long last he comes I'd
throw him out the window
expecting him to survive.
Space the universe
Planets out there moons
Everywhere the cosmos
Aliens chase it too

Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Once upon a little day
The Earth Martians alien
Spy hide by of moonlight
What in the worlds there starlights

Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Let's ask the aliens they'll know
About all the planets
Starry the moons of the galaxy
A UFO to outer stars like Earth the aliens

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
Planets, stars Martian aliens
Quite a commotion they come just one
The locals watch twinkling dots there from
Visits to our Earth just passing along???

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
Oscar Valdez Aug 22
Can i get a minute of your time.
A couple of minutes to see if i can change your mind.
You know i feel you, been crushing ******* the idea of us being together.
We met Score years ago and since I last seen you my lifes been looking a little better.
Can i take you out some time
a little time together to see if i could make you mine.
I've been thinking about you since the day we last chilled.
Wondering what the hell went wrong my light just went out like i didnt pay the bill.
Can invite you to a conversation
a chance to talk for hours about random things you know imagination.
You know you're a dazzling woman; beautys perfection.
From your hair to your lips, the way your eyes shine like star beams.
The way your smile makes the room glow like the sunshine gleam
You're universal a goddess even planets follow you..And me...
I'm in orbit around you...
Ira Desmond Aug 10
Saturn’s rings
are disintegrating

and Jupiter’s great red spot
is shrinking

and the ice caps on Mars
are sublimating

and our very own Moon
is slowly untethering itself
from Earth’s gravity.

In eight billion years,
the Sun will turn red and swell up

like a toddler on the verge of tears,
and incinerate

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars—
all of our histories and fossils,

our legends and loves,
our monuments and our ruins.

You and I will be long gone by then, of course—
nonexistent to the extent

that we’re not even aware of our own

Some people may think of death
as an inky void,

but it must be far more final than that—
an inky void would be copious by comparison.

What if there is simply nothing
on the other side of the curtain?

Perhaps it would be for the best.

For I never was able to avert my gaze
while driving past a smoldering wreck,

and you never could build up the courage to take a look.
acacia Jul 26
What are you? All you are is blatantly morbid with a subtle hint of fidelity, just like my wretched citrine.

What am I? All I am is whisked and blended Uranian, Neptunian, and Saturnian beauty—that is all.
I don't mean to compare or make you seem like you are just a speck in reality, you are much more than we know, more than God himself realizes (implying you are God*)

(*implying we all are God)


Seth and Rosaline, this is for Seth and Rosaline.
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