Kit 1d
I've heard that the first and last are those remembered, but neither stays, nor all those in between, the then and now.

We lose first the face then the feeling, like a thing we hold a little too tight, but then suddenly we have no tenderness, no memory of holding, no memory of soft beds.

Just standing in the hallway between here and there, wondering what could we have possibly said to fill that void.

First breaths, the walls echoing soft moans or thunderous wails.
Frozen prision pizza, the last meal of a dying relationship.

Maybe in that space beyond anything we known, perhaps your tiger tails of dash and dust will cross mine, an arcadia light years from now.

Perhaps I will remember your sent, your smile, the arch of your back, or the way your nails dug into my skin as your lips curved to whisper my name
     before black arcs
Scre­aming past planets and memories that have no name to me any more.
However, what truly stays? Even this moment is now
Thinking out loud
The closest thing I have to faith
is the breath in my lungs right before I say your name –
it is the way you stare up at the stars,
so longing, so absorbed
the closest thing I have to faith
is the colliding worlds of you and me, separate planets
destined to meet, destined to be destroyed and reformed by one another.
The closest thing I’ve ever felt to faith
is in the way that your existence crushes earthly ideas
of bitterness, limitation,
and transforms every ray of sunlight, every flickering star,
into an orchestration of wonder.
I bite my tongue, and what I do not say aloud
is that whatever little faith I possess
Exists within you.
footsteps on hard snow
jupiter strikes twice
the crudely painted door
of my tannic home
i eat the key before i look

the body melts
and famous parting words
arrange themselves
in geocentric patterns
(vacant chair, empty sky)

a goodnight
to the cautious fingers
that skip across my back
like paper-thin stones
on a cold lake of glass
Mari 7d
Earth's here
and she's there
and on a clear night
you can
see it all.
Where are you from?
I hesitate to answer
you've probably
never heard of it
E McNamara Mar 3
I loved Him
Like the moon loved the stars
I studied him
Like the stargazers
A masterpiece

Please be mine
Never to be mine

Two planets
With different routes
Desperately wanting.

I destroyed myself
For you.
So that my meteors
Would go closer
Than I ever could,
I’m yours for good
meekah Feb 15
i check my horoscope every hour
just in case
the planets decide to change their minds
about us
Dee Nore Feb 5
Like the Sun, that surrounded by Planets
The warm effect that gives comfort
Without realizing, The Planets speed to surround it increases
Wheter the Sun is not realizing his effects
or is he just happy to be surrounded?
lol idk what did i do
kayla Jan 30
i think he breaks more
than he puts himself together;
because once he shatters,
he doesn’t try to piece things back up.
those million pieces
break into another million pieces,
and then he is dust
that won't blow away.
he wilts in the back of the universe,
watching the dead activity around him;
he is only collected
not put together, i guess.
So, I'm currently in the process of making a literary magazine, and the theme wraps around the idea of the dwarf planet "Pluto." I might post some more entries for this magazine soon.
Bethie Jan 24
Most people forget the night
It is the time we go to sleep
They forget the stars above
And the beauty that they keep

The stars and planets dance
In their celestial homes above
And those who merely watch
Can learn, then, how to love

On cloudless nights they shine
With splendor and with light
But no one here below
Regards them with a might

What would our lives be like
If above us we would look
And give out all the shining love
That we ourselves just took
Out of the stars galaxy
Earthlings r starry
Planets like ours the Earthling
Twinkling we see nightly

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