Joyce Joadiyce Apr 21

Earth a planet in the stars
Martians maybe so also r
But looking up where from like Earthlings
Lots of lights a ufo comes, aliens???    my alien poetry site
The Lonely Bard Apr 11

Oh Stars!
Enlighten my life
With your light.

Oh Earth!
Fill my canvas
With your colours.

Oh Air!
Elate my lungs
With your youth.

Oh Rivers!
Quench my thirst
With your freedom.

Oh Forests!
Hug my loneliness
With your completeness.

Oh Oceans!
Supply me oxygen
With your phytoplankton.

Oh Mountains!
Take away my vertigo
With your refreshing heights.

My HP Poem #1490
©Atul Kaushal
Natasha Apr 4

Venus is in retrograde
King of Hearts,
Queen of Spades.

Or Queen of Diamonds, is perhaps
more suited to me.
For when did I start to think
so materialistically.

Timothy hill Mar 26

Beyond the moon your soul recites.

Cold space bright sun limitless from current place.

Zooming all ways forward.

Your beauty is so great.

Words can't describe the beauty you dictate

Sun space moon life galaxies stars plants
Timothy hill Mar 25

Love is some thing all life supports.

With out it the world would fail.

The Earth would also become pale.

If we yell and scream, at the movies and watching diaster and actions go un punhised.

What's the point in which we construct these out comes.

Down and applued, we strive for less friction in a world meant to hate.

All out comes in life are choas theory.

It's said a point of refresh in a moment spells greatness in outer ways.

Anti Struggles in a frayed life, would be nice if like flawless with a twister of held mischief.

Fictitious, his ambitious where you couldn't have thought of your own inventions.

Ingenious, with his very own mission you call him god I call him devious.

Mysterious, her cousins is with the hammer of dawn he seeks.

Many miles where traveled his path still un finished.

Until the hands grasp the power they will never have problems in life any more.

No more falling of tears.

Many days smudge with hard core pain.

Oceans rase each year over laping the coasts and its piers.

What to do too stop what it will yield.

Egos gone completion needing a new depition.

Reason of a world held high captions.

Compassion of a few is a winners ball.

Fades of ego in a darkless room.

Colors are prized as found of new surround.

Life movies passion sight ego limitless
requiEM Mar 24

Mercurial in my moods,
I switch up, off and on
Mercury rules me
Disputations nailed upon
My churches doors
Gemini explores
Sagittarius saged
and Cancer galore

You cannot buy indulgences
And use them on me
The only swaying I do
Is when the wind blows the trees
On a cool summer evening
When the Moon is nigh
And Orion looks down
From his hunt in the sky

Regan Collins Mar 8

We're from two different worlds,
You and I.
I desire to reach out,
To touch you -
But my hand is swallowed
In the galaxies between us.
Your eyes are cobalt planets -
Deep emerald waves
Crashing upon their shores.
The smoke curling from your lips
Is dark, dreary:
The forsaken Milky Way.
I watch you,
And I know -
I will never close that space.
There is too much in the way,
Too much noise,
Too many opinions,
Too many disapproving, shaking heads,
And furrowed brows.
Our asymmetries are miles deep,
Coursing through
Your bloodstream,
Coursing through mine.

ali Feb 27

planets sprout from the ground
venus is picked up by a boy with nothing but good intentions
stars fall from the sky, and i reach out my tongue to taste them
i tell you i think we need to learn how to
dance in the stars,
tiptoe through the milky way,
tap dance along the constellations
we walk on ceilings here
and we sleep when the sun comes up
everything is backwards
upside down
flipped on its head
we walk on clouds
and we smile when we are sad,
and you tell me you love me
you have always loved me
you will always love me
everything is backwards.

And dawn,
Rendered into one, the promise of morning
Against the timeless, ancient values of night,
Eclipsed by the brutal reality of day,
Seen in the sky like distant stars,
Orbiting but separate and never the twain shall meet,
Save for when they do,
For all those times a baby’s cry sounds to ring in
His mother’s last breath,
Or he, stillborn, does not speak at all,
Destined to be silenced in the cosmic noir,
Mute, but not forgotten,
Or when, at our final appointment in Samara,
We hazard to ask,
“O Glorious Death, what is next?”

Poetictunes Feb 21

Her mind and body is living on two separate planets

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