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Phia Aug 10
She was an entire universe
In a single soul
But all he saw
Was a planet
Strying Jul 2022
my eyes still burn
from the last time we locked them
you and I are like
everyone and everything around us
trying to extinguish us
but our eyes
they meet and make a forest fire
they meet and planets explode
it's like there's nothing else
keeping me from moving on
except for the way our eyes
used to ignite at a mere glance.
a forced broken love story
inspiration was my life but also "I burn for you" from Bridgerton
Ronin Jul 2022
you say you
need space;
but you are
my space.

you are all the stars
in my night sky,
the moon
that i look at every night,
and you are
all of the planets
in my galaxy.

so how am i
supposed to give you
the whole sky will come
crashing down
on me.
i will always love you, no matter what.
am i ee Apr 2022
I went outside
to visit
the moon
the other night.

And the lights
from across the street
were shining
into my eyes
all over again.

So I got mad
all over again
and went inside
and took up
my pen.

~ 17 April 2022
Never thought about it...too bright lights?  Light pollution? Your stinkin' bright lights trespassing, blinding people, killing the nocturnal creatures?  
Well, think about it! NOW!
oni Apr 2022
when i am alone
i stand firm in myself
like a boulder in the ocean

but when i love
the tide is too strong
and i am too often swept away

why do i try so hard
to formulate my own center of gravity
if i so easily let someone else
become the moon around which i orbit

if i am a planet
with my own biome
why do i let someone else
control the weather

i am growing older
and i cannot flourish
without letting someone else
come along and destroy my garden
i am writing again because i am hurting again.
LR Thompson Aug 2021
My eyes alight softly upon pale velvet waxing
Whose grace is as weightless as a tilting feather
Slowly orbiting between gentle arches
Caressing the space that separates two hearts
And minds locked in a tidal waltz

Waning, my gaze shifts to supple curves
Outlining the crescent shaped body
Which loving light reflects in full
As the beats of my pulse rapidly impact
Scaring the surface with my every rotation
That births a new phase with every rise
Yet sets my sights again upon distant beauty
Teasing the mind to reach out and embrace my muse
Relenting to the gravity ever drawing me nearer
Until we collide in throes of violent passion
Two bodies merging in the fires of love
To become one forever more
David Plantinga Aug 2021
Some planets flatten at their rumps.
Some have grown a paunch, and not quite round,
They wander from their orbital bounds.
Ellipses bulge because of lumps.
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