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Michael Apr 2021
Soft as clouds of tranquility,
flowing with notes of sweet melodies.
This pipe of mine's an escape from reality.
Music never sounded so heavenly.
Dreams are exhaled from the life
     of my lungs.
Faintly they're heard, in whispers they're sung,
with the chiming of bells, distantly rung.
My heart know's the words.
    It just can't teach my tongue.
I want to keep writing, but I'm dying to find the rhyme,
my mind is numb and on the run, and I'm feeling so dumb,
I gave up everything for a bit of fun,
a bit of dope, that made me lose hope,
I'd grab the rope and wish to choke,
letting those thoughts soak till my heart broke.
Use to wish I was famous with pockets of dough,
while out on the road living a life I don't know,
and that **** made me real,
I started turning down a deal, I don't want to be the one to ****,
I'd feel I was chill until someone would peel making me tilt and grab a knife wishing I could carve out their insides,
so I hid all my feelings and made myself a tranquil,
no emotions now and I'm thankful,
use to being so hateful, now I walk and I am faithful to a fault,
you couldn't pick me for a bloke who use to make loads selling dope,
Nah couldn't pick me for a dude who plays the guitar, or drives a ****** car Nah,
just wanna blend in,
just wanna be a face,
just want to be a nobody,
for no one to know my name,
and that's real, make no mistake, I could bake a cake and all you'd say is
"Thanks, uhhhh Blake?"
I Always thought I was useless until I found the truth,
and now I'm a short shot from being as good as you,
I always told myself, I could never be a star,
now I tell myself, that I should never give it up,
yeah, I'm use to getting hate,
use to getting blamed,
use to getting ****,
so I guess we're all the same.
(What a shame)
I'll fight to stay tranquil,
I'll decide when I'm tasteful,
If you don't like this little taste fool,
You can get out of my Facebook.© Kaleb Webb 2020
Jay M Mar 2021
Air of crisp breeze
Lingering scent of pine trees
Fine needles of evergreen
Stars above, twinkle and glow
A scene so calm and serene

All about
As though they had fallen to Earth
Little ***** of humming illumination
Yellow, like delicate embers seemingly flow
Without care or doubt
Like fragments of fire from a hearth
Drawing ever nearer
A vision almost never clearer
As the nights rise and fall

- Jay M
March 6th, 2021
Found it in the journal! Took me long enough, haha.
leeaaun Mar 2021
finally, she has learned how to
love herself, till the sun shines
and moon comes back—
to lighten the night
the storms calm down,
waves become ceased
and the ocean is tranquil
in all chapters of her life
she has mastered the techniques
of surviving in hell
everyday can be special, if you can treat her right
Strung Jan 2021
Open gangly arms are reaching
Forward, to a magic gate
Red and faded, painted beady
dragon eyes.
Little water house, you sing to me,
Ears floating from my head
Towards wispy cotton cattails.

I crave a jaunt with ducklings
In icy morning air,
Even if the pond is softly frozen.

Who lives in murky water?
And sings early winter songs
To a fragile gangly girl
Who's prone to listen
And respond?

Palm-sized apples, bitter cores
Losing noons to grape groves.
I wished to be a raspberry ferry
Floating downstream
Man Jan 2021
dying is an interesting feeling
i suppose, up till now, ive never seriously considered it
the physical sensation
guess it's cause you never really know how you'll go
it just happens, and it happens
that's it
sometimes its really slow
or very painful
lucky ones go peacefully
and for them, it's all very tranquil
though who has luck
Jennifer Nov 2020
hot tea kisses nurtured
and the morning is patient
and barely speaks.
cold hands are warmed
under bedsheets
and wordless admiration
silently exhales.
mundane tasks become
a thoughtful feat
and sitting by the fire at night
i flutter into a loving sleep.
gentle time passes
for she knows of such innocent
satisfaction beyond peace embraces
day and night,
being is effortless here
there is no need to take flight.
hiba sajid Oct 2020
The sky looks cheerful, maybe it had a good day.
I began to have a good day too
as she enraptured me with her presence,

Across the horizon she flaunted her charm.
Captivating is her beauty,
even across the magnificent sea.

The sea commands his waves to dance in a rhythm so divine
as if to express his sincere gratitude
for the lovely colors bestowed upon him.

And the birds soar high and wide across the sky in tranquil
as if to please her majesty for the radiant show.
I smile back at her to thank her for this day,
A day that felt like a tangible summer romance.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
how tranquil it would be
to sleep as deeply
as an anchor
at the bottom of the sea
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