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midnight sun Jun 9
you are
my dreams’ reel
frequent inhabiter
rarely a bypasser
feelings lost
sight, almost
midnight sun May 14
my feelings are a mountain
i have yet to tackle
detached of my body
way ahead of me
in a sense it may have manifested its way of life
now it is a head, with a heartbeat
i’ll let it grow a hand of its own
perhaps two, even
limb after another
& who am i but a shell?
The past two days were recklessly engorged with alcohol.
Intoxication has become habitual. Each weekend, drowning one's self in an illusion of joy and folly; The jester entertaining not Kings nor Queens, but the ****, the weak, to deceive the empty crowd in my mind that I matter to someone. But matter is fleeting and we, myself and the abyss, understand the plight of today; waking up to nothing-- the empty abyss for which I am well acquainted with. Simply put, I am revisiting my old home from a not so distant past. The only difference between then and now is the relentless bottoms of empty glasses and a false sense of security and composure.
1 page of my thoughts a day to prevent my head from exploding!
Spriha Kant Apr 2021
When fear flutters me I close my heart's shutter for preventing its entry inside me.

Quiet Justin Nov 2020
I honestly really mis high school. When I moved to the UK a few months ago, I really though I was going to start off my new life in university meeting new friends and having the time of my life.

But so much happened that postponed that and now I'm at home in an area where I have no friends and nothing to do. Hopefully, that changes soon.

On the topic of missing people, I look at social media a lot and see my friends having fun and that reminds me of something else I read online once. It was about something called FOMO, which I didn't understand back when I first saw the word a few years ago.

Nowadays, I get what that means. When I see people my age having fun and doing things, it makes me feel upset. Kind of reminds me that I'm not living my life the way I really want to. But social media does that to you. It shows you the really happy parts of people's lives, the boring parts usually being left out.

It really *****, but I have next year to look forward to so I won't worry about it too much right now.
These are nice. I can be honest and don't have to go through the effort of being poetic. I like this
Dante Rocío Sep 2020
good riddance,/
no lyrical sides/
their call, heaven/
with cigarette word-
boat too close to the wall/
circumcising by verbals done/
up dying,/
Child us a sandbox of sense/
stretching holding/
out on a ghostly hand/
We are the walls/
place Poetry finds acute vivid lining/
verses, our eyes meshing/
hole unclenching/
Killing lectures about it, how dictionarising/
And Le Clézio’s wing alive/
Taking flight/
An entry, presentation, to my own self,
With a beige new paper crusting made,
Enduring  benevolent ego  for any who
that paper will find..
Entrust my sense showed again
In my 5 minutes on a lilac,
fragile like old Chinese art,
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

I merely express my rioted mind
A forest of thoughts and loves
screams and fears,
angels and demons that run rampant
Leaving no part of me unmarred
For I am too aware of all around me
With eyes that speak more than they say
I may not say it but I miss nothing
Perhaps if I were stupid, I would be much happier

My heart is a torrent
Can I no be soothed by a coat of dew and a kiss of rain
I merely a woman who wishes to live and not survive
To be recognised but not seen
To contribute to a craft that I so truly love
For I only am one and have one life to live
For all the things I lack in this life,
Physical beauty
Total confidence
A pure conscience

But my fire is there to keep me warm from world's chaos

I sincerely hope that my many mistakes
will not overshadow my passions
For now, I truly understand the power
of artistic expression and integrity
And I feel as I do not deserve to even
tread the path of those I have admired all
these years and have been immortalised in mind...

I truly do not want to be false, a fraud, a fake
But more then ever, I want to be free...
Never will I take the power of the pen for granted again
For writing may be the is the one true
thing that shows the best part of me...

An entry I wrote in my diary yesterday before bed.
I find that I'm my most emotional and vulnerable at night,
It's so easy to be lost in my own head.
Lyn 💜🌹
John McCafferty Aug 2020
Laughter and leisure as free will flows
Attention fades in this comfort zone
Chatter with chewing, mixed between both
Unknown senses tickle the throat

More than a stutter
Chuckle has froze
Esophagus tightened
Pretense to pose
Raising some questions
They already know
Air flow now closed

Gasping as no space left kept for breath
Eyes turn to water bloodshot entry blocked
Unimpressed to be consumed by death
Slapped to the back
Less access this isn't a test
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Daphne Mar 2020
The night is young
The night is dark

Fun is lacking
At the amusement park

It's not even winter
but cold enough to shiver

Shiver from height
Shiver from fright

A drop too high
One leap to die

So I'm sending you an invite
8PM tonight

Don't fear, don't tear
Clutch your heart
And take part
Tonight at the amusement park
First published poem in here. I hope this is not too much enough to scare you guys off. lol
The world is funny,
It is filled with the memories of a thousand Laughter,
I imagine how intriguing the moments are,
When the world greets you good morning from summer and spring,

I imagine how we live one day at a time,
I just wish at the end our humor is built to live for eternity,
                         Your sweet laughter was born of aspiration and dreams,
As awaken as noon and as conscious as nightfall,
I wish for a generation of laughter
We all dream for tomorrow
We all leverage our will

I miss my past as i stand with my future,
I like to fall in your arms,
I love to sail in your ocean
I love to wreck my harbor with your overwhelming fog

We owe our destinies to our creator,
She builds and waters all souls from glory to glory,
You were never as good as yesterday
You almost lost it for my sake
I raised you and prospered you
I brought you here to read my story

I will burn all my bridges,
Just for you to hold my hands
I know with you i need no plane to walk on the earth

I stood by all and yet the multitude watched,
Turn yourself inside out and watch my movie,
Be my heroine over acts and scenes

A scandalous heart is what you desire,
A wilful past is what you achieved
So remember i love you
I wish you were near
But now it’s noon time
So i must say goodbye to rest my head

If i have written something
That has caused you to grief,
I say a happy Halloween
I wish you a rebirth

A chubby little snowman
Had a carrot nose
Along came a bunny bear,
And what do you suppose

We laugh and make merry,
We look along to the wind,
Ode to what we lost and smile to what we achieved
I will see more of your smiles for i know
All what you desire is joy above all.

Your sweet laughter is the water flowing through my vine
The wind beneath the earth with blowing leaves,
My breath drawn in
And my excavation moves beyond
It is the forces that push all things i assist
Three things that make my life complete

Our love for Mother Nature will remain in our clan,
It will console us at the point of our want,
Your laughter made me a soul humorous to life
The best feeling i have ever known is the feeling of happiness
You can feel it keeping you above us

I wish to keep laughing till you tickle me to stop,
We do not get a chance per day to be famous
As the world feels our joy from a distance
They bless us in a thousand folds
Blessed with grace.

I love a world with you smiling at me,
I know you would not leave me alone
I am happy you found me when i needed your care
I would love your sweet laughter when i can be with you
In the absence of the world

I love you blessing of my youth,
I love what you made me do
You graze the sheep and water my bans
You are blessed beyond your reach
Your generation is one without causes

I will walk with joy and live with laughter for your stand
I am glad you bring joy to my *****
Joy to my world, a nation above the mantel
I build a castle of ending laughter
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