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all I've ever learned from love


in the trying is the finding out
of the
all about,
losing battles to find yourself,
a war-won victor and a long term loser,
making the process new, expensive
the event expertise training
acquired to shoot your foot straight,
laugh about it when you do it again
and again

for the relearning is the crown jew-el,
that jesters rob from their kingly masters,
pride in love is the fall season preceding
Canadian winters, always thinking
you know better, be better at keeping warm,
this time which is the next time

you cannot learn from love,
cause it’s twice, two times,
never the same,
past lessons ain’t no prologue,
the body is maybe in the wafers,
sometimes vanilla,
sometimes chocolate

and the epilogue is
100% of the
poem~songs that I love writing
and hate remembering
solfang Jun 5
my worst heartbreak
is when I learned
to love someone
who isn't myself
self-love is important!
Aaron Layton Jun 5
Dear Death,
I have nothing left
No more room on these arms
No more room for these scars

Nothing but a empty shell
Happiness left as tears fell
What is left for you to take?
How many more years must I wait?

The light shines bright in my face
Not ready to imbrace
The love she radiates
Lifting off the shoulder weights

Why did you set her apart in my eyes?
To give me hope then turn it into lies?
She said she loves me for being me
But does she truly know me

The wars in my head
The countless of times I wanted to be dead
She can never know what she truly saved me from
I love her even if i dont know where she came from

3 years now I count her as a blessing
I dont feel the need to be depressing
My arms are free of scars
And happiness runs through me like shooting stars

For people who suffer
Surround yourself with love its so much tougher
Be who you want to be
What you want to strive to be

I live after all I've been through
And you can to
But the first step comes from you
And only you
Amanda Feb 23
From my parents I
Learned the strongest love is one
Riddled with hatred
It seems like you can't have true love for that many years without a little hate too
I have this one
who I hate so much.
I don't talk to her
during clases;
I avoid her during lunch.
She hated me,
I hated her;
we both hated each other.
I've done
no bad to her,
she's done
no bad to me,
but we just didn't mix,
and that
was clear.
I don't know
why I hate her so much,
but to me,
she always looked like
a bad image.
That was all until
my math teacher did something
against my will.
She sat us together;
my enemy and me.
I didn't think that I'd get through
that class,
but I did...
The next day
I hated my enemy even more
than ever before.
I hated her so much
I wanted her
to go straight
to hell.
But soon
something changed;
I'm not sure what,
but I could tell.
I'm not a big fan of writing 'long' poetry, but here it is. I really felt like I had to write this. I will add on a second poem to go with this soon, I just don't have the time now. Anyways, hope you enjoy this!  :-)
Angel Turner Jan 13

It’s little more than a quiet thought.
The impending feeling that the loneliness
was a creation of my own imploding self-conscious.
I wouldn’t have hurt you voluntarily,
so what outside force could know my mind so well?

It’s little more than a spoken word.
The rumble of the oncoming storm could be felt
from as close as 1.6 miles away,
where the darkness of your room invaded the
not-so secret spots of your heart.

I’m prone, to the truth in your words.
I’m not used to the idea of confronting my thoughts
And sorting them out to you.
Is it that I spoke wrong words? Or I stopped before they meant anything?
You mean so much, and now you are out of my reach.
I did the first two stanzas and Austin did the third. I really like it, it's the first poetry collaboration I've done.
Anya Nov 2018
We were raised by your many hands
To hold and guide us all
No other fool understands
The strife behind our fall
Johnny walker Nov 2018
There been times In my
life when I've not always
been right, but never afraid
to admit being wrong
For I was  brought up In
the old fashion
Learned to respect to hold
doors open for a lady help
other's less fortunate In
live than
But end the day one can
only do so much, hope at the
end of life If I'm to be judged
they will see at least I tried
my best
Old school Baby as the Americans say
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