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Mid day liaison
His fire rings around her
Eclipse by her soul
Haiku #114
Elysianne Oct 8
Each time a plane crosses the sky
my heart stays still
and I think of your smile

— Elysianne
I’ll never look at planes again the same way I did before meeting him.
Elysianne Oct 8
If I could make you fight for us
only in you I put my trust

If I could take away your pain
and tell you I will always stay

If I could even turn back time
for universe to give us signs

If I could show my love for you
to mend our bond and mend you too

— Elysianne
If only I could make you see, I’m with you all infinity.
Elysianne Sep 25
Whenever I see two trunks of a tree
joined together as twins
I think of you
and wish we could share their bond

I'd gather all the water and air in the world for you
to watch you grow
into the magnificent and majestic being
you were always meant to be

— Elysianne
It’s so beautiful to find twin trees in forests.
Elysianne Sep 27
Our hearts entwined
a silhouette
what might become
what might have been

I cannot reach you
I cannot reach
I know you will not to let me in

With walls so high
and eyes so low
you can’t be mine but I am yours

— Elysianne
Shadows on the grass
Tails untold
Music in the clouds

I lost something close to me
Most go an eternity and never come close to its warm embrace
I felt it’s lips
Caressed it’s skin
And with every kiss t'avais promis
With every smile t'avais promis
Every tier t'avais promis
You were mine
You were uncompromising
Sharp and precise in what you wanted
And I like a babe dove trying to fly
Blowing up a storm

But age is like time is fleeting
what stands true is always within grasp
time waits for no man and age cares not for your level of wisdom.

Be the man
Be a man
Are you a man

It will not wait for you to understand the value of her
It will not converse on your behalf to turn back time.
Get it right the first time
Try hard
Try harder
Try even harder

sweet yet better
True yet fickle
Has no mercy for those who cannot be true
Not willing to embrace her with both arms
She will scorn you for your misdeeds
You are in training
And at some point you’ll get a second chance
don’t let it go
stick to the Promise, t'avais promis
Don’t let its eternal warmth fade
be true.

BFFF ***
She was perfect
I was flawed
We were great
A life untold
Elysianne Sep 24
To feel your skin next to mine
To feel your lips all the time

I regret nothing
if all the things that have ever happened to me
lead me to you

You're everything

— Elysianne
The first poem I ever wrote about him. (March of 2018)
Falling in love is a beautiful thing

Those moments where you think he isn't looking,
Are the moments where he'll tell you
What he notices about you.

Your features
The way you bite your cheek
Or play with your hair .

He'll tell you how he's always aware
That you're staring at him,
But pretend not to notice

When you argue,
And he points out something small you do,
Something charming and cute
Reminding you of how much he loves you

Those moments
Where he stares into your eyes,
Feeling how much he genuinely loves you

Caressing your face with his palm,
Ever so gently
Reaching in for a kiss
Soft, yet so passionate...
Mitch Prax Sep 7
Finding the right soul
is like searching for life in
the dark space above

1:25 PM
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