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Lydia May 10
I’ll love you forever if you let me
If you want me to
If you feel the way I do
because I believe you hung the moon
and we met in the galaxies
somewhere when our souls were just stardust
and energy
our vibrations are higher together
I have met you in every life and I’ll meet you in every single one after this
I remember whispering to you
“I have waited for you for so long, I’m so glad I found you”
Khoi May 11
There he said it,
time to go solo honey?
she paled curling her tail.
It was their last goodbye
the year of mates.
I love you my agnostic girl! I will howl from the rooftops your sweetest name!!! I will die a poison-ness death in every lifetime if I have to. I will live at your morning breath. I will run a thousand miles just to be near you my heart! I will walk a million generational curses just to kiss you, my love!!!
I am your Wayward! So yeah, I will devote the rest of my poetry to you, sweet cheeks.
I will fight wars and cross galaxies for you! I will make peace with my past so you won't be afraid of me.
Pizacas23 Mar 9
They say some souls instantly click. Whether you're lovers, best friends, soul mates or something special that words can't quite explain it. Then as I accept this person for everything they are. These souls  that I encounter and know in just a very moment that we're supposed to cross paths. His presence makes me feel safe, calm and I feel like home whenever I'm with him. Yes! They are without a doubt the most special person I've had the privilege to love. Yes, there's no distance, time or person could come between the bond we've shared. Everything about him like his kindness, being a good person etc. Somehow makes me feel a better person, because life is simply better with them in it. I would say that whatever form he may come in, that soul is my happy place, my comfort, my sunshine, my everything and to be honest I genuinely could not imagine life without you and If there's another life I wish you can choose me without having fears.
Douglas Goins Jan 27
I used to hear your voice in my dreams, & it may be because a ‘goodnight’ over the phone was the last thing I heard before I let the night take me.. but that was so many years ago, & your voice now is a distant enigma attached to fond memories.. of times where we breathed the same air, with pyrotechnics illuminating our souls whenever your lips found mine, & the warmth of your skin as my own tries so desperately to conjoin to make more than just our souls one…..
I don’t hear your voice in my dreams these days, & it may be because the distant gave way to new ‘good nights’ before the night takes us.. but I do still dream of you, because the air we shared, our fireworks display, & the desire of soulmates is something distant could never take.
It's difficult to describe,
as if something your eyes
have never seen yet you
struggle to put iit into words.
It's like being melted into
one another, in the middle of the horizon’s beautiful swirling colors.

Time flies at ultrasonic speeds
  spent happily.
Each other putting their own
happiness and needs above
  their own, for their soulmate and yet it's not a sacrifice:
It makes you happy to be compelled
  in such a way.
There's no competition, you're as if
  one, and that makes a hell of a team
There's no fear in this true love.

It always adds to one’s life; it never “takes away” or brings pain or unhappiness. It is not one sided
nor can it ever be “lost”; hence, True Love is everlasting (just like it is in romance novels and fairy tales).
~Author Ven J Arnold
True love between two people that is totally selfless is rare. It's a rare gem and if you ever find it don't let it go.
f Jan 8
lay weary in bed with me.
let the minutes morph into hours and hours into days,
the world is right here at the tip of our fingers,
in the way we embrace one another.
lullaby from home
Preeti Pal Jan 5
Zaroori nhi ki do pyaar karne wale log humesha saath rahe,
Dur rehke bhi pyaar nibhaya ja sakta hai, agar PYAAR saccha ** toh...!!!!😇
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