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moon 5d
we grew up together playing house,
i remember one night you called me your king and i called you mine.
it was nothing but a growing, childhood love.
my star projector let us count stars on my bedroom ceiling until we were old enough to sneak out, lay on park benches and count the ones in the sky.
our heads touching each other was the only thing that could help me fall asleep.
time never stopped for us,
even if it did feel like it when we held hands,
we grew taller and eventually,
not even the warmth of my arms was enough for you.
we grew up and apart.
i waited for you one summer night on that bench,
closing my eyes, pretending my hand touching the tip of my head was yours.
the sun began to rise and you never came.
i dreamt that you came and we counted the stars again.
i wanted to count your eyelashes again and see how many galaxies your eyes held again,
but i couldn't.
everything has faded again and
the only time i see you now is when i close my eyes.
inspired by nap of a star by txt.

the song itself is beautiful and inspired me to write this piece, which is now a favorite piece i've written.
Soulmates are rare
Deep rooted bonds
An otherworldly bond
Nothing else completes

Just and only that one person
And you just feel complete

Nothing else matters
Not a care in the world

Just you, just me

This one man gave her everything she needed
He gave her laughter, comfort, strength, and piece of mind

He is her knight in shining armor
He makes her feel like a queen

Even when she is low
The sound of his voice raises her higher

He is her light in the darkness
He is her rock, her missing piece

Her soul had found the one she has been looking for

moon Mar 10
their faces became so familiar that i started to feel like i've known their face for my whole life,
even before this lifetime.
thank god they're here.
without them,
i wouldn't be here to write
or love.
Mitch Prax Mar 6
I don’t fear getting lost
in your eyes,
I fear getting lost in your voice.
I see myself in those eyes
and  I see my home.
Your voice, though-
it can swallow me whole
with all your little words
and I would
never return.
ChrisL Mar 2
Our relationship, deeper than any pizza base.
Our love, saucier than the finest italian passata.
Our feelings stronger than the maturest of fine cheeses.
Our willingness to please the other stretches such as the most glorious of mozzarella.

To what do we base our feelings upon,
Be it the interchangable toppings or the structural integrity of the strongest crust.

Akin to snowflakes no two pizzas are ever alike. Each one differing to the last, be it the char marks on it's peak or the flame kissed bottom.

Our choice in toppings may differ so vastly, you with your ghastly pineapple and myself with my overly rich and greasy bbq meatfeast.
Alas does this mean anything at all? Nothing but a matter of opinion, toppings change to peoples liking, but our bases remain the same our sauce the binding glue to hold it all together.
Mitch Prax Feb 26
Our two souls were
brought together
from different worlds-
perhaps to be entwined.
Our stories were weaved
into one-
through the seas and storms
that couldn't keep us apart.
ChrisL Feb 25
My love for you a raging inferno,
Incinerating all in it's path.
No living creature or material able to withstand the destructive force that ensues.

You make me feel like no other, each and every day you feed the fire within me.

When i first met you i was but a small ember, slowly suffocating and craving oxygen.

The more time we spent together i felt myself grow stronger as you nurtured and fed me with your kind words.

The small ember i was no more, now a great flame akin to that of a furnace of the gods capable of smelting the hardiest ofmetals.

If not for you I would be even less than the ember i once was, a mere spark floating in a sea of emptiness and despair.

For what use is a spark without fuel or the oxygen it so craves, forever bound to wander the earth in search of true love.

You ignited something deep inside of me, a yearning for more. To better myself and those around me. You allowed and encouraged me to be my true self and showed me how to be a better person.

There are no words strong enough to show my true appreciation and undying love for you. Forever will you be the oxygen to my flame, the love of my life.
Rough draft trying to show my love, would like to add more as i feel this is not enough.
I dream about you too much
Sometimes I loose myself in those dreams
I imagine the way you breathe
As you would lay next to me
I dream about
How your smile makes me feel
I dream about
What your voice sounds like
And how your laugh is music too my ears
I dream about
The way you think
And what your eyes see
I dream about
Tracing my fingertips
Along your freckles and marks
But I remind myself
That you wont be there when I wake up
And I guess that's why
I'm so afraid of the dark.
Sheherazad Feb 18
Your exhausted heart longs
for the pillow
of my beating one
As much as
your weary head
yearns to rest
there too

But do not cry,
my love
That we are apart
in this world.
What is separation
for a single soul?

We are two aspects
of a single breath
Think of
how deeply we are exhaling
  what a relief it is
to have found you!
though you were in me all along

We are not apart
No, not really
For we cannot be parted
How does one sever an ocean
Or an eternal flame?
You are not my life
But we are life itself

And look how much we are living it.

Life is a veil
And we are the riders
Carrying opposite corners
to vast expanses
Spreading it over the world
and coloring gardens beneath
in the deep scarlet
of our undying hearts

Do not cry, my love.

We are a compound
that cannot be split.
    We were always
    one element

Originally published on my poetry IG @sheherazad.poetry. You can also follow me personally on @soraya.beheshti
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