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thyreez-thy Jun 1
I got the message today, the finality is alarming
How all veils have been removed, as its regarding
Or would be love story, If I could be the One
Who takes you to see the moon and not get boiled by the sun

I shiver, I cry, I hope you didn't take to heart
The anger I spewed and the hope it doesnt break us apart
I came like a volcano, and you a Tsunami
Only now does it dawn for me how you're so far from me

I said thing to instill a reaction
But instead of satisfaction
I get the realization that this extended vacation
will be our dedication to what was and will never be

A girl and a boy manage to become best friend
But boy falls in love and girl follows suite
Unknowing they'd be each others rock, person
Now one stands firm and the other uncertain

Does it end tonight, do angered words repel honeyed apologies?
Can love conquer all and fulfill their destiny?
Do they become ones Soul mates to now polar opposites
Or day even more distant, now used to be's and Pessimists?
A poem on a current situation, a sequel of sorts to whale call, it hurts to type this all.
he fell out of love and it broke her
she spends her time
trying to find
the light in her eyes
that once shined so bright
now nothing feels right
her mind is a mess
her face expresses distress
she’s in pieces and still all she can think is
“Is he alright?”
I’ll get over you someday..
Nyx Apr 25
And when I met you for the first time,
I felt like my soul recognised you,
And yours mine.
In the dance of fate, our paths did cross,
Two souls entwined, neither at a loss.
In every glance, a world did unfold,
A tale of love, forever to be told.

In your eyes, I see the stars so bright,
Guiding me through the darkest night.
In your smile, the sun's warm embrace,
Lighting up my world, a radiant space.

Hand in hand, we walk this earth,
Our love a testament to its worth.
Bound by destiny, a cosmic plan,
Two hearts united, as one we stand.

Through the storms, we find our way,
Love's compass leading, come what may.
In every challenge, we find a way through,
For together, there's nothing we can't do.

In this journey, together we'll remain,
Two souls forever, love's sweet refrain.
Destined to be, forever and a day,
In each other's arms, forever to stay.
rk Mar 29
our love was a loaded gun
the beginning
and the end
your lips grazed mine
before swallowing me whole
one last bite
of the serpents apple
the sweetest martyrdom
and just like horatio
i'm aching
with the anticipation
of your ghost finding mine
waiting for sleep
just to hear your voice once more
each syllable
still the sweetest hallelujah
even if we're nothing
but the whisper of a memory.
- stay, illusion. if thou hast any sound or use of voice, speak to me.
Ginelle Feb 29
In those late, fragile hours
on those dark, desolate nights
my soul seems to wander the earth
searching for a heart that matches mine

if soulmates do exist
then i'm missing a puzzle twain
Plato wasn't fallacious when he said the soul splits a brace

once you cradled my hand in yours,
our fingers dance, entwined;
I sensed this eternal connection,
that we are forever, intricately aligned
worked really hard to repair this. what do we think?
Bea Rae Feb 8
Before you leave me

Please take all the memories

Enclosed in my heart
Caosín Dec 2023
You have no clue about the lengths that I'd go too,
To hear your curling name on the merciful wind,
To caress your slender fingers inside my own hands.
The earth bore my heavy footsteps-
It is a long fall here, from Eden, and I broke many bones,
Just trying to get to you. Just to
Roll your name inside my mouth like a prayer. Just to
Hold you in sweet devotion, the two of us, wanting for nothing more than we could
Fit in our hands.
So when you call me, late at night, with a bottle or two in your hands,
Telling me all the things your mother
Should've said. And didn't.
Know that to be near you-
Even in a phone call. Even in a dream.
Is the thing I have wanted since before I knew your name.
Lol I acc love her so much
Lily Priest Nov 2023
Silly that my heart should
Be a secret,
That my love should whisper wishes
Than wear them wilfully
On his sleeve.
But my soul only sours
In silent sharing -
The eyes meeting in mischief
Across a room busy and unassuming,
Of the quick lift of lips,
The stifled snicker, the cheeky wink
That makes something wonderful
Flicker in my chest,
Caught breath at the beauty
In the boon
Of being the only two
Who know -
Without obvious touch
Or flamboyant show -
The all of each other.

Silly that my heart
Should be a secret,
Given in confidential agreement,
But I only give all
For those who would take silently
The big and the small,
And shelter those morsels
Like a treasure,
Never measuring their worth
By grand shows of splendour,
But by the tender
certainty of together
In the quiet.
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