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Svode Jul 31
I used to have an obsession with candles.
Their soft yellow glow shimmering in the air,
Their heat melting the surrounding wax,
Their wicks, a lengthy fuse waiting to be terminated;
Their glow shining upon the surrounding area.

They comforted me, like a distressed mother
Holding tight to her kin during a hostile tempest.

They flicker so,
In the still air moving to and fro.
as i gaze upon the moon
i immediately stare at your face.
i look at you with curiosity
i just can't really spot the difference.
The moon glistening through the sky cuts a silver through my whisper of thoughts.
Unwavering gaze imprisoned by that crystal kingdom
Of darkness.
Of pits and craters.
Yet so mesmerizingly beautiful.
Mesmerizing enough to blacken out my heart swirling around the shackles of yesterday.
Mesmerizing enough to pull me out of my trance that might've not seen me through the day.
Mesmerizing enough to forget the universe whirling around me in shades of sadness and confusion.

Beauty can go far in healing.
Especially the beautiful strokes bringing us to Him awestruck on our mesmerized knees.
A sudden inspiration that arose when I imagined a scenario where I'm confessing my brain is too pre-occupied and busy with things to be inspired to write poetry.
Carmen Jane Jun 16
You took your rays, you silly sun,
You thought you'd play a game
You thought that I would wait
Until you come back..

You did came back,
The second day
And I was still there
But, you just didn't recognize me
You shone your rays so you could find me
You melted glaciers for me,
But the more stronger your light,
The more blind you became
As I shone, too
Shofi Ahmed Apr 24
Oh, you already had a look?
Not me I am not hooked
but tell me if you could
how did it look?
Please tell us the truth.

Like the sun at noon
shining upon the rose?
Or a veiled beauty
in the dark hewn
like the Moon?
Rue Apr 3
Walking through the vast trees,
I see with loving excitement and grace.
For, beauty, surrounds me with ease
as I grin and feel Spring’s embrace.
Ready for Spring!
You were in Africa in June,
When in the head of the from sun skew?
Yeah, like drinking a liter of shampoo
For thin and weakened hair.

And you read young poets,
Trying to make a joke?
Yes, it's like living in the land of Soviets
And all advise far leave to live.
Louise Feb 24
she looked fierce and strong,
more than anyone
i had ever met in my entire life.

her eyes shined, oh so bright.
they looked like all the sunlight
got hidden deep inside of them.

until the very day she killed herself
her eyes were shining, oh so bright.

she always lived with such a passion,
that’s why i still can’t understand
why she didn’t want to be here.

not even after all the years
that were filled with all my tears.

so many questions left unanswered,
so much grief and so much pain
i have never felt the same again.

l. h.
Seanathon Feb 20
Those who are not just "I am"
Glow like stars in the night sky
And serve others
Even if they do not know it
As guides
In the absence of light
Is where they shine most bright
Not burning out fast, but slowly in time
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