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There was a boy who lives alone
He likes his only toy and gazing the moon.
He had no friends.
But a toy and time to spend
He always used to say "I won't fear till my friend (toy) is near "
He was very happy
No one to care, to burden to beat.

One night he went out to riven
In cold night and everyone else would have shivered.
He went there to play with his toy and to had a little joy.

But suddenly a storm blew and taken his toy along.
Boy shed into tears and all his glow is gone.

He was crying, the moon stopped shining ✨.
Then a man comes and said "Don't cry, boy .storms will come and take will take joy.
It is the first loss but
life will take more than you think it cost "
"Everyone you love will go and in this world, you will left alone as I'm now.
Life will take everything you had and leave you in a state of sad ".

The sun set right behind him
While he tried to match his steps
Busy, the last hours of the daylight has always brought him the best
His lens captured the shining moments
As the sun set

Lane O Aug 8
Raindrops glistening
Shining diamonds in the sun
Sodden evergreen
mae Aug 6
To win my heart
You need not build me a castle
Just be my knight
And be with me in my battles
March 20, 2015 – 2:50PM
Amanda Jul 13
You were my knight
Shining armor
Chess board was our home
Queen's fondness you garnered
A kiss sweeter than honeycomb
Life is not a game but it's full of players  (and pawns)
Lane O Jul 11
I'm lost in your eyes.
Shining beauty like gemstone.
Hearts entwined, always.
haiku for my wife
Light walks into my life,
Like a shining stone at some height.
It show the path and made it bright.
Whenever I find myself in dark, it came to show right sight.
My strength is in me, it taught and made me strong to fight.
light, the source of which is unknown but most of us has encountered it once or more which tell us what is righteous to be done, we doubt it first,but at the end it was right.
Tryniti Jun 30
I thought it was my own glow
Turns out I was just reflecting your light
Never lit up, now I know
But I started to burn when I held tight

I wanted to stay in the heat
So I returned to you each night
And in the shadows where we'd meet
I became the match you'd ignite

It was the challenge that had lit my fire
It was the chase that had made me flush
And it was that phenomenal desire
Which shook my knees and made me blush

I was glowing white hot with you near
You were my star in the dark, you see
But you fell, and my light disappeared
It all happened so suddenly
Losing you was as I'd feared
And I was left with only me..
Written 06.29.2020
the sun's shining patina
was absent on this drab day
every quarter of the sky
showed grey billows
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