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Broken Pieces Dec 2021
The day is bright and beautiful
The sun is shining
My life is lavish and wonderful
Smiling, but not trying.

The world is quite colorful
My dear you are lovely
My life is perfectly perfect
But hidden within it's ugly

The world isn't bright
People ***** out the light
Everyone eventually hurts me
No matter what I can't be free

Everyone just smile
Everyone stay for awhile
People throw me around roughly
Isn't the world just lovely...
Debra Lea Ryan Aug 2021
As I  look to the sky
Through the depths
Of the night
I  see you shining
In your own right
For you are
A Shining Star

Then when I  wish
Hope or Dream
Even experience reality
I know exactly
Where you are
Dear Shining Star
You Witness Me

My every breath
That I  take
Showing how
I partake
In a sense
Of being struck
Star Stuck
By your  Love!

Debra Lea Ryan
My Heart Today!
Even a lump of diamond
will remain a diamond
even in a pile of dirt.
Indonesia, 19th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Gabriel Apr 2021
You wanna talk balance, huh?
You got a lecture to give,
and I’m not allowed to pour a drink
to get me through? Well ****,
if this ain’t ridiculous,
but I’ll listen. Nothing else to do
up here in the snow and the solitude and the shining.

You say things started alright,
and I nod, sip something unreal,
and say yes, my dear,
yes, perhaps I broke his arm
but I’ve vented the pressure
out of the boiler now.

And ain’t it a **** shame
that I don’t talk to Al any more?
‘Cept to sneer about the history
of a place that’s too far away to push
him back to drink.

So sure, tell me I’m unravelling,
and I’ll call you a *****
and you’ll lock yourself up in the room.
Give him the key, I’ll show him
that the **** in 217 is far worse
than a broken arm and a ruined career,
because this will take me away.

Who’s the other one inside me,
worming into a space
that I thought was mine?
Two in one body, a ******’ perfect
discount deal on everything
that can destroy a family;
check one, a son with a broken
arm and a fractured mind,
check two, a ***** for a wife,
and check three, me
the head of it all,
proclamation, divination, damnation
of the foundation of this stutter
looking over, overlooking,
a broken record skipping to the part
where I **** the pressure,
**** the boiler.

I’ll see you in the next one.
From a collection of poetry I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in second year of university, titled 'Spiral'.
bilbo Feb 2021
ice as white laces
which are shining at the sun
are cradling the heart
Nikkie Jan 2021
So what will take the place of you?
Shall I drink of your lustful stare,
are shall I hold in my hand the key
to your heart in which you gave to me
on bended knee?
Do I have to wait to see your face?
Or take your photo and sleep next to it.

On your pillow your scent is alive.
I sleep on what you left;

I woke up this morning, a song reminded
me of just how much I’m missing you.
On cold days, I turn up the heat, and
cover myself with your spirit alive.

When I finally get to sleep at night, I dream
you up and you come to me.
Everything you offer is stored in a special
bottle that can only be opened when I
dream about you.

I feel complete when you’re in my presence.
When you leave, a brief disappointment clouds
my everlasting state of mind.
In your heart, I see the most beautiful day that
was ever made; the sun is shining, the temperature
is perfect, and most of all, I see you.
The mot beautiful person (in heart) that I’ve ever
For the rest of my life, my entire being, is required
by nature to keep your spirit alive.
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