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Two people are all the same
If you see them in one frame
But they have two sides
The one I guess have sit besides
Two people are all the same
I think that is I am
But another's hide
And also need a guide
Indonesia, 2nd July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
If you,
my love,
my twin star,
my twin soul,

want me to be with another ,
I will fulfil your wish.

But please, oh please,
Make another wish.
Brewomble Jun 11
God Brought A Beach Towel

  Written By: Breanna Womble


I’m starting to understand
The slight of hand
That it takes to see this world as an ocean
                                                So vast and deep
                                  With secrets to keep-
I spread love on like tanning lotion
(..) I forgot how the sun feels from this perspective
As my heart beats quick with/          
                             as if it’s,
                                                                         /To keep up with lost time.
I know now I hold the full Collective
all the while I stay and destroy the retina’s in my eyes.
                               This time around,
                                    Loving me is the new objective-
gazing at new found patience with what follows sunrise
                                                                      And left these sands of time-
                                                                      One grain left to fall amongst the Hour,
All this chaos I hold inside of me-
                                           In-spite of trees that Fear let tower

Ahead of me is too far gone
twin flames too, burned away...
Lake Eerie drowned our fire quickly/
                                                           a parted heart of two;
half-hearted sunsets shadowed days,
To the boy I thought I knew.

Do you suffocate with silence?
Do the sun-rays burn your eyes?

All this technicolor vision Love,
Colorblind through cobalt eyes’

(..) I know now of not tomorrow,
                                                          But sea, to my dismay;

Salt lake kisses from Oklahoma/

                                                      ...Taste like soulmates in PA.

~Breanna Womble
Mother Earth Knows What's Best
Karijinbba Apr 24
And my twin flame wrote;
"So, it's either too soon
or too late for love?"
Later realizing
who had sent that poem
I gave my true conscious reply
But it was too late
I missed my mark in poem
and sadly before
without meaning to do so.

An ancient script on stage
at the Hilton resurfaced from
that glorious Sunday.
Mother's Day missing the mark,
fame and great fortune!
I so adored you beloved.
You changed my world
Yes everything had meaning!

"True love is timeless
without beginning or end"
It's never too soon, nor too late.
In spirit in the beginning
and from that Hilton labby
Glued together twin flame lover
I wished with you to be.
My darling!
Timeless is true love.
By: karijinbba
All rights Reserved-74-95.
REVISED April 2021.
ᴊᴰᴍ Feb 4
Pluck both wings off a butterfly twin,
toss five bones into a black stone cauldron.
Pull three strings of a skeleton puppet,
draw a white circle around a mandolin.
One burning needle, carve into a coffin,
six long shadows swing the pendulum.
A dagger to the chest, weave the mortal flesh,
pierce the embryo outside the yolk of death.
Jonathan David Maraccini
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Happy Birthday to my wife
World denies she isn't alive
Can't they see I survive and thrive
For she is my life
I am actively alive
Sharing millions smiles
Millions of vibes
Just for she's my beloved wife
Heart and soul of my life
Happy Birthday to my wife!
We are are alive, we are alive!!
Ethereal waves of twin soul
Without light and sound
Communicate in the cosmos
Beloved, Happy Birthday to my beloved wife
My life!
Karijinbba Nov 2020
We hearts of gold
both already possess
our very own
private time machine.
It's our mind
So precious twin soul, meet me
at Astilleros or Independence street;
walking, smiling
desperately hungry, to devouring
each other, regardless of name, nationality or social status.
We belong together.
Just one thought away
our personal time machine
By: Karijinbba
74-2020 infinite love.
First day I saw your eyes your hair your face i lost my mind
that was a life time ago.
precious love...
If I had a time machine
I would always go back
to the same exact
moment in time.
Rachel Spell Nov 2020
eleven (11:11) eleven.
we see
in each other.

eleven (11:11) eleven.
you and me.

eleven (11:11) eleven.
so what
will happen
when we touch?
11:11 11/11
Dylan McFadden Nov 2020
Sadistic, sinister:

              The evil twin sister

I fight, I resist,

              But sometimes I still miss her...

From birth was a friction –

              Affliction – a blister

Now alive, I must die

              Every day and dismiss her

A poem about that ugly shadow of myself that still follows me around everywhere I go...and which only goes away when I consciously make a choice to **** IT - to "die" to it - each day.
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
Guess who I saw today?
In you.

I wonder if today you saw
In me.
our reflections are twins
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