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Humming requiems
orbiting her

Wafted mutters
dampened in
her eyes,

curbed monsoons
whereof she’s

The hue of his
caprice still

her sanity unable
to deem it as

A fire no force
could put out,

flared up by
desire’s blazing


even when
he has ceased
to be around,

Her soul
emptied like
the hollowest

voided by
all means,


Her mouth
chanting sonnets
like never

Her being still
by his fantasy  

Which is
and isn’t,

an invisible


yet relentless by
the myrrh of
her love,

Writing out
his name with
the ink of her

None but she
will be able
to read,

Swirling through
her obstinate

to enigmatic


Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,

Her anguish
its vertex

now fondly
fading into
love’s air..

left to be her
If a tear could
carry oceans,

If a heart could
have a tongue,

If to a rise would
be a demotion,

If two rights could
make a wrong..

These venomous
damps exhaled
so feebly,

have deluged,
scarred and

So much so,

that the vows
hopes and

I kept inside,

have disbanded  
inside the malice
of its rigour,

A liquified glum has
remained where
once was a

I have become
restrained for all
I unfeignedly

None of the oceans
I’ve wept could

against the unjustly
trial wherein
my love was

Fought to be heard,
I prayed and

a final decision
much other

'Oh you unworthy!

I forbid you to act
against the tides
of life,

To deny the
rules that sprout
from its devise,

Recluse yourself
and rest your
tedious case,

Tuck your wounds
into the blanket
of your banes,

Oh you convicted one!

Enfold your
weary heart,
send it away,

You won’t need
it anymore,

For it’s now deemed
the sole part of
you extant
in vain..


Any last words
from the detained?'


One day this world
shall comprehend,

that if pride & unjust
can turn a sea
into sand,

then it shall only
be true lovers..

who'll dare to
grow flowers
in that cursed,
SilentDreamer May 12
An assuage brush of air
coloured in
the passions
of my heart,

a sigh of relief that
once rested wearily
in its darkened

Seeing your face
so abruptly,

my guilted

In the span
of a moment
I left behind
my sanity,

sacrificed it
for an inevitable

Fathoming that
our souls are one
and the same,

vividly revealed,

that every sigh,
every single word
I have ever
let out,

has merely
wanted me
to once..

your name
Silverflame May 10
Like many before me
the mirror is my enemy
it shows me things I don't want to be
it shows me a twisted image of reality

It haunts me from within
by planting hoaxes under my skin
burned to my core is the malicious grin
hatched from the depths of my mirror twin
The fading shroud
of your glistening

caught a glimpse
of my mourning

the coyness of
my smile,

Our love that
heaven’s bliss
seemed to have

A fleeting moment
of flame’s union,

that yet
so hastily

Of all that
was expressed,

nostalgic stares
and desires

When before your eyes
I had my soul

Merrily with your name
vowed to enlace
my death,

No mist could
taint the echo

the melodious
rhymes I sang
the skies

My soul passed as
the mirage of
what once

Never vivified,

yet enclosed in
what lived

A dusted tale told
of every loss

Like crashing thunder
in the locked up
chambers of
my heart,

with lingering drips
of passion in my

A lost tear
imprisoned by

I absolved in
the lucidness
of a dream
I had at

that shall now

sustain me on this
Watch this before reading:

“Hearts united in pain and sorrow will not be separated by joy and happiness.
Bonds that are woven in sadness are stronger than the ties of joy and pleasure.
Love that is washed by tears, will remain eternally pure and faithful.”
- Khalil Gibran
Clouds keep secrets
of a deep sacred

Rain spills them
onto the drought
of a beseeching

letting go of the

The sun burns
aeon in her own
forlorn fire,

for a marred moon
woefully seeking
to hide,

Don’t you know?

Her existence that
illuminates this
dim world,

can vanish in
a single square
of shadow,

Don’t you see?

The way she bows
for the increasing
blackness after

Giving a vow of
duality as ransom
for an endless

Most rules are
taken for

like the belief in
an obscurely

faith that
the sun shall
rise again,

But who told you
a tomorrow would

Some romanticise
the moon,

its infinitely
concealed light,

But never do they hear
his pining whispers
in the solitude
of a barren

Why not understand
why he stands alone
between a million
glowing stars?

Why not unfold the
secrets he’s

the gruesome
story behind
his scars?

Between these
glimmering pearls
of luminosity,

each one
full of glee,

Moon’s immortal beauty
will be the only divinity
prodigious to see,

He hides and shies,

when every dawn
for his sun
he dies,

Never did
he realise..

he’s the most

For the beauty
of his lunar

comes after he
his wounds

The depth of his

thrives when he
gives in to the
burning daze
of his sun,

whilst the devotion
of her love shines
when she sees
him in her

Someday you’ll see
them together in
the same sky,

lonely and
far away,

their love to
give others

Who is the world
to see their

And you,
don’t you realise?

You’re only alive when
petals of love drip
from the corner
of your eyes,

then why run from
its arrows?

Why break them off?

Oh you unaware one, listen..

The drop of moon’s tear
overpowers a thousand
drops of rain,

The rumble of sun’s storm
screams louder than
the agony of
your pain,

Then why fear?

When all that’s here..

exist inherently
for you?
Listen to this while reading:
Candace Smith Apr 23
there’s a piece of you inside of me
I put it there for safe keeping
close to the beating pulse of my body
so I can still feel you when you’re not around

your presence envelopes me
your voice soothes me
your touch stimulates me

this piece I carry tightly kept
inside my breath
where no one can see

Sacred, where the she or him
Cannot take it from me
Solid, where the lack or not enough
Cannot waiver me

Protected in this quiet place
that may not actually exist
perhaps only in this prose

where letter meets paper
paper holds truth
truth is what I say
and I say this..

There will always be a piece of you inside of me
From now
until the next life we meet.
m lang Mar 21
in a moment of intoxication;
a moment of weakness.
i broke a promise to myself.
a promise i've made to you
a hundred times before.
never again becomes
always again.
this is the last time, please                            promise me that.

you know me better than i do
and you know i can't say no,
never to you.
i need an escape,
but how do i get away?
                                                           ­             you won't let me go.
my promises become a reaction,
or better yet-
a threat.
a weak one at that.
it's not about the promises you make;
but how well you keep them.
and i've kept mine,
as well as you've kept                                             away.
3-20-19; definitely had some Ellen Hopkins inspiration with this one! :) Love her poetry.
Kenji Mar 10
"Thought I found a way, a way out, but you never go away...
So, I guess I gotta stay.
Isn't it lovely, all alone, heart made of glass, my mind of stone, tear me to pieces, skin and bone."
"Somethings on my mind, Need to get out my headspace..."

Tear me to pieces, rip me apart, kiss me slow, hold me down, and touch me low.
Feel the flow. Gradually pulling you towards me.
Holding you close. Take me out of my head space.
I don't know what feels true.
Let me crawl inside your veins.
Hide you away, lock you up in my treasure chest.
Keep you, you're mine.
Take my wall down, let's do the unthinkable, I think I'm ready...
I learnt to lose, can't afford to anymore.
Billie Eilish _ Lovely inspiration
Paige Feb 4
I don’t blame you.
Honestly, I don’t.

I don’t blame you for judging me,
labeling me,
for me.

I’m a twin.
Apparently, I should know exactly where the other half is.:
I should know exactly what she’s thinking.
Exactly what’s going through her mind,
and apparently, I don’t have that power.

I’m a twin.
I don’t get everything I want.
I have to have approval
by the other half
before I get anything.
I don’t know about you,
but that’s why I don’t have good things.

“I don’t want to make her feel bad!”
You think you’re being nice.
You think your saying
“I’m trying to help the both of you!”
To me you’re saying
“You don’t get this because you’re different than everyone else!”
Didn’t we get past that?
Didn’t we get past people supposedly being less fortunate
because they were born different?

I have blonde hair.
I hate blonde jokes.
A blonde crashed a helicopter.
A police officer asked what happened.
She says, “it got cold so I turned the fan off”!”
Haha. I get it.
It’s funny because blondes are dumb.
Blondes are ******.
Blondes are special.
Ok. I guess I shouldn’t be here right now.
Giving this poem.
Bye then!

Oh, wait!
But that’s not all!
I have blue eyes too!
I must be Barbie!
Blonde hair? Blue eyes?
I’m a Barbie girl in a normal world.
Life in plastic…
fantastic is not the word.

Constantly getting judged
because I am a twin.
Because I am a blonde.
Because I am a Barbie.
I’m a dumb, know-it-all, Barbie.

Does that make any sense to you?
Cause even though I am a blonde,
and it might be different since my own mind is different
than a brunette,
it doesn’t to me.
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