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My true love you threw your magnetic pebbles your magical out worldly rocks
on my lap
you called my small momma your portal to heaven
I called your small Daddy
the bridge to heaven
and we call each other
Mama and Papa
I guess we lived many lifetimes as man and wife as twin souls interchangeable twin flames before.
In almost every book ever written where love is lost or found and in every lifetime we found each other I'm never alone, we remain just one thought away.
I notice your waves right here on HP they fall on my writ pond and mine fall on yours my beloved.
You might just as well call me Delene where both of us vidut in some mystic time travel space ship.
In love with your poetic waves revealing secrets;
true love always takes chances on Earth and up in some exotic E.T. mother ship.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
with Karijinbba.
Debbie Lydon May 29
He became infant prescience,
He had to go so far ahead of me,
A strange and whispering comfort that brings,
One who was one with me in our growing,
Knew or still knows the bird that never sings.

Many times I had wondered, when in my loneliness,
If it could be that he still exists somewhere,
Only a question without perpendicular relief,
But perhaps it is possible that he still laughs,
Because he still resides in my question and belief.

I feel my closing drawing closer,
I feel it will be soon that I could meet him in my dreams,
So separate for so long, and our reunion means ceasing,
Our hearts once played their percussion together, and when mine stops we can meet in new grieving.
I first saw you at the bookstore
Months of texting culminating in that first moment
Days filled with vulnerability and laughter
Hours of silly photos and odd Tik Toks
Bunny videos and cat dramas
Books, games, and basketball
Family, dreams, and needs.

During those first months, I envisioned
how it would feel to meet you
If I would recognize you
If it would feel as natural in person
Would conversation be filtered?
Would we not know what to say?
Would nerves get in the way?

The wait before I saw you was tense
Knotted stomach and sweaty palms
Aimless strolling without seeing
Picking spines off shelves
While my own swivels every time the door opens

Surrounded by vanillin escapes and bitter coffee
Seeing your pink sweater and jeans
The heart calms and breath steadies
Chatter and rustling dissipate
Every crevice of my being thrums
As I watch you approach
Sparks shimmer up my arms
A mirror soul stares back

I first saw you in the book store
Walls filled with happy endings
Hopes and dreams of others' imaginations
Yet those stories I held so dear told me lies.
That I was worthy of a fairytale kind of love
And for a moment it felt real.

Our first hug felt too short
I didn’t want to let you go
Our first kiss left me wanting more
I melted in your arms
Our first misunderstanding dropped me
I didn’t see it coming
Our last conversation left me shattered
I wanted to keep going

But I’ll always have when I first saw you
The outside world ceased to matter
The smallest touch set me aflame
When everything stilled
When all was novel
When all was ardent
When all left me animated
When all left me breathless
When wistful was just a word in a book
Ave Maria Oct 2021
Amidst all the fire, all the days flying by with my head disconnected from my body, he returns to me.   Right in the flesh. He tells all and waits in fear, expecting his eyes to meet with my back once more. All the cold, ruthless lies about him I had believed in my brief time of confusion from the ignorant who prey on the insecure no longer ring true. I grab his weary soul and intertwine it with mine.  I kiss his wounded heart and melt in his sweet eyes of chocolate. The fire continues, but he will not let go, and nor will I. We shall relish as we burn alive hand in hand, without the care of anyone else. A lifetime of caring too much for judgement had done nothing but steal moments of happiness. No mind of another fool could change our passion nor commitment. He knows this as well as I do. I smile, for I finally found my mate in this twisted labyrinth called life. He smiles back because he knows.
Wrote Sep. 1st
Thank you. Us reuniting in person in August took my breath away. I cannot wait to meet with you again in November and eventually wake up every morning to your sweet face. I love you more with every passing moment and I cannot wait to build a new life with you.
Karijinbba Sep 2021
keep me posted.
I am heartstruck.
willow gold you.
you play hide and seek
I play if love is the end..
Remember my story poems
you remind me of someone
I touched your robe poet
beyond inks facade is love
I am safe with you
you are safe with me too.
to many welcome hellos.
You reign wisest poet
how shall I pen it best?
I'm not lit red ridding
hood just a fool for love.
you know I write to ghost
I am busy living like you.
my secret garden prose.
Ts better to have loved
and lost then never dear.
I paid bitter fines
for being a fool seeking love
your sky paints me loving.
and true so I am.
Karijinbba Sep 2021
Not in voice?
If I want to know
if he really loves me so
  in his kiss there's fire,
nowhere else I can know.
I felt this flame in one love
I find it again!
Because it's right
because I own this fire
and my lover owns same

No it's never too soon
or too late for true love
to meet half way masked
The Kiss! Anxient fire
ages asleep awakens díer
twin flames unrequieted.
Memory ignition the key
We long to see that face,
we die to hear that voice
our beloved breaths on.

Our grail lost found
so many times before
so many lifetimes on and on
twin soul ancient divine
the cosmic law of attraction
pairs up beings knowing
what we cannot unravel
we ask to see to marvel
as life times we struggle.
May we meet to tangle.

Let's not live of trinkets
dreams and memories
alone, sharks we are
no liquor can makes us
a sharks meal.
Why become ramora!

We're rascals Rhett
and his Scarlet renewed.
This world will never
own us, let's own it
we are the authors
of our own life and destiny
We know, we intuit
we are loved cherished
in ways so deep no words
exist to describe our
joy and happiness
the battomless loss
abyss free us in courage.
what we ask to see lifetimes before
is now reveled and revered.
Oh the silky breath
my Angel once withdrawn
in sadness
my love returns priceless.
Softly as rose petals tikling
memory chip's lock snapping
the long gap banished.
Evie Helen Sep 2021
I don’t think you ever really ‘get over’
Someone that you truly loved with all your heart.
You just slowly heal and become a new version of yourself.
A version that doesn’t need them, that doesn’t crave their presence.
But the old version of you still exists.
They don’t go away and they don’t fall out of love.
You just bury them deeper and deeper until you can no longer feel them.
And you can no longer feel the love that they lost.
That’s when you feel like you’ve ‘got over’ them.
But really, they’re still there, always loving and always hoping that one day they’ll feel that love again.
Raven Sep 2021
My mind is elsewhere...
and the only person I have on it; is you.
My mind goes back to that night; the way you spoke to me, touched me, looked into me, The way you kissed me...
The intensity and passion between us was so magnetic that even shadows could not bare to lurk.
Obsession, possession, love.
I want it all for myself.
I filtrate your thoughts, you obsess over it, you want to do more than just **** me.
You feel guilt.

Nobody has ever looked at me like that...
The mannerism of it was, was something I have never had or felt before.
I feel his thoughts, pulsating through my every nerve, my desires are not to be obsolete.
Our energies, it's intertwined in a way that I have not with anyone else.
An image, a reflection... Of me.
You are me, and I am you.

I want to feel you again, in person.
I feel you spiritually and it makes me miss you immaculately.
I see you in my dreams, waking thoughts, my soul longs for yours.
I know you feel me, I know you love me, I can feel it.
It's creating a hold of heartache inside of you, you are dared to not even breach because of your priceless ego that stops you from what could make you someone completely different.
You were hurt, and to never trust a woman again was your broken promise you made to yourself.
Yet, you saw something in me when you met me, and decided to run away and treat it for what it was not because of your broken soul that you were not ready to face.
Complacent, stubborn, you already know you are mine, and I already know that I am yours.
I've adapted, but I still think of you.
Profusely, I still remember the gleaming stare in your hazel eyes.

Yet, timing is a matter of precaution...
Yolan Govender; Do I say the least, openly and honestly.
An alluring Aquarian man that I may never see again.
But I still think about him, regardless, even when I try not to.
Karijinbba Sep 2021
"Ishq woh Aag Hai joh Jagaye Na Lage - Aur Buzaaye Na Buze"*
Many waters cannot,
quench love,
neither can the floods
drown it.
If a man offered for love
all the wealth of his house,
he would be utterly despised.
Many women cannot quench
a real mans heart only one,
A true love twin flame, may.
A twin flame can't be bought
nor sold or given away
his art is priceless.
Loves flame cannot be
except contained by my beloved.
flame who truly loves me.
I would lead thee, bring thee
into my mother's house, who would instruct me to cause thee
to drink of spiced wine;
of the juice of my pomegranate,
or my aged bubbly Purepecha champagne aged by my father David
under my starry skies where I was born.queen of my father's
forest lands.
Oh dearly mine beloved..GR
How I love thee.
Inspired by King Salomon.
and the love of my life.
Karijinbba Aug 2021
Secret bridal shelter.
"There is a legend about a bird
which sings just once in its life,
more sweetly than any
other creature on the face of the earth.
From the moment it leaves the nest
it searches for a thorn tree, and
does not rest until it has found one."
And singing among it's savage branches it impales itself
Upon it's sharpest longest spine;
bleeding, and unaware
of it's dying it sings to out Carol
the Lark and the Nightingale!
A song so beautiful God in heaven
smiles, for the best it's only bought
at the price of great pain
and sacrifice.
I voice love timely tonight
with cards left at hand.
Our inner feelings and thoughts
We ink new dreams on wings.
We are each others flame souls.
Never too late not too soon for us.
Lullaby hulla bulbul dear.
I love you! worship you!
I give my life to save yours,
if only you ask.

We betted bought love
at the cost of great pain
sacrificing a lifetime in longing
unrequited lost and now found.
He rules with heart of gold.
My king of hearts and I.
By:: Karijinbba
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