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We hearts of gold
both already possess
our very own
private time machine.
It's our mind
So precious twin soul, meet me
at Astilleros or Independence street;
walking, smiling
desperately hungry, to devouring
each other, regardless of name, nationality or social status.
We belong together.
Just one thought away
our time machine
By: Karijinbba
74-2020 infinite love.
First day I saw your eyes your hair your face i lost my mind
that was a life time ago.
precious love...
If I had a time machine
I would always go back
to the same exact
moment in time.
Rachel Spell Nov 14
eleven (11:11) eleven.
we see
in each other.

eleven (11:11) eleven.
you and me.

eleven (11:11) eleven.
so what
will happen
when we touch?
11:11 11/11
Sadistic, sinister:

              The evil twin sister

I fight, I resist,

              But sometimes I still miss her...

From birth was a friction –

              Affliction – a blister

Now alive, I must die

              Every day and dismiss her

A poem about that ugly shadow of myself that still follows me around everywhere I go...and which only goes away when I consciously make a choice to **** IT - to "die" to it - each day.
Beckie Davies Oct 28
Guess who I saw today?
In you.

I wonder if today you saw
In me.
our reflections are twins
Our flames dances in the dark
by morning they’ll be one
melted together
dancing for eternity
Our love is on fire
Lighting up passion
for the closeness we desire
by the morning let’s stay in
and wait for the sun to set
so our flames can reconnect
swaying under the stars
Claudius Sep 1
I go to order a drink to help me forget
As I look at the menu one catches my eye and all I can remember is what you were wearing when we first met
Samuel Adams printed across your chest
and now you're all I can remember when I'm trying so hard to forget.
My twin flame I will stop chasing if you stop running. It doesn't taste the same since you left.
The Empress is about to take Her Throne.

The Queen awaits patiently;

for after The Long Wait,

they both shall reunite

and reign together

in a Communion of Alchemical Union---

of two halves of a soul; from the same soul core.
2020-2022 Prophecy.
Let's see what's on menu from now on forward to 2022.
FWood Jul 20
The morning we met,
we spoke to each other
with a progressive urgency
to catch each other up on a lifetime apart.

My soul recognized you
though my mind did not.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 30

Daughter of the moon
Ride swift winds with a taut bow
Fierce upon the hunt

This haiku is dedicated to Artemis, Goddess of the Moon.
Again, another Goddess whom I adore, haha!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
A heavy poem will be dropping soon, just making the final touches!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
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