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Twin ancient pyramids
standing still we are
a mystery to ponder on
aren't we
jealousies hunts me though
ancient twin love
I am crazed a human in love
sinceĀ I first looked at you
and with just one look
thats all it took
I fell madly in love with you
I guess I found a praying saint
poet teacher mine
I dreamed of making
mad passionate love to you too
you were irressistible
sensual carefree with a white
slanted mysterious smile
to die for and ayyy amor
how painful this is!
I imagined you Alien
owned in heart
and in another's arms

yes the rivering watterfalls of
earth swipped me down with
force just to drop me back
right into your ocean

I find you everywhere
in poetry mirrors too
you are wind near and far
my starry looking eys
are fixed
looking up ******!
in awe of these powers
connectimg us in mind in heart
everywhere I look there is you

guess bad luck is mine
such sacred true love found
to lose it again and again
sorry I blocked you
my only friend on earth
sorry I asked you to unmask
I am only human
most poets won't unmask

how painful to be fallen
just to stay pushed down
Ayyy aay your bending blue -green eyes bewitched me so
Ayyy ay what pain not to see them live except in mirrors
nymph sacred tree Dryad!?
how late i understood
that with you I had it all
and lost it all but this is earth

theres still heaven
there's more justice there
in the ballancing scales
meassuring hearts
inner core's true love
we are in the inside twins
and outsideĀ so much alike
you can't really ever hide
you are me and I am you
our innercores
and outer waves countenance thunderous laughters and all
we are one and the same
twinsouls flame soul
anxient pyramid wonders
never really part
By: RhettlvScarkett
no words left to write
only can say how
not all is a loss
"Inspired by
a great poetess
I admire
my twin mind to mind
my beloved
Sacrelicious Jul 30
Consumption is the most
complex of crosses
to carry.

Christ like with my
Yet, though you were the one,
to descend.

Sweet Hannah.
Sweet and selfless.
I'll see you next time around.

Thank you for the beauty.
But ******* for the insanity.
I carry no shame.
I've been an opportunist since before birth.

I'm not the best twin this time.
I didn't see how writing
words could infect
until I read
I read until
my words infected
Like a poisoned pond
The Only Thing
I Remember
The Matrix
Is Which Pill To
Are The
Transgender Twins
Are The
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