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Summer 4d
But what is eternity, if not
a whisper of frost,
landing softly
on the red lily’s lips β€”
the deadly flower on the other
side of the wall
spidery fangs, stretching claws
a breath away from
a beckoning memory
of our last parting
I am posting poems with pictures to better conjure the imagination in my poetic instagram account! You can find me in @xsummerblues if any of you are interested :)))
Norman Crane Sep 28
how many times
can we part
and still remain whole
That night I saw you sail
on wind made into words
on surf breaking in sound
on foam-crested verses
and your song called again
rolled back and called again
in this storm of meanings
wrecks were made of reason
my tears became the rain.
der kuss Aug 20
senorita, his lover, my glass shards
it was one of the shortest nights when
he brought the bright girl-child
in slacks to the backyard

in a waning day, salty skin, mid-july
by the waters of lethe, he found his annabel Lee
he shivered when retracing the gleaming july
when i was forgotten and he was loving annabel lee

he knew anything would last forever in summer
but forever was wasted and short-lived
and so he walked her out and drove her home
and made me listen to their parting songs

oh, the radio hurts! change the station, please?
(no, said my man) and he kept on driving away from annabel lee
and so the song played through seven red lights
and i collected the shards and dust of his crushed heart
Lyn-Purcell Jul 9

Here I am, my love
How I long for you...
My heart may break from constant yearning as the memories of our love
sweeten the air like petals in flight
My hopes lay adrift upon the pools below
For I know with the rise of first light, the sun in your smile will embraced me yet again
The whisper of your name calls a kismet
forged by the hands of Heaven
I pray it is never broken
Your face is carved on my very beating heart
Rainfall in my heart, is soft and sweet yet misted by strife
Please find me and guide me
Never leave me,

I apologise for any typos, still as sick as a dog...(curse my weak immune system)
But despite it, I wanted to write something.
I suppose an upside me being unwell is that I really get in touch with my emotions, haha!
I dont know why but the myth of Kaguya came into mind here...
So in a way, I am continually the women of myth series! Ill defo get back to writing more once I recover.
Thank you so so much for 364 followers!
If I havent seen you message, I apologise, please give me some time.
Be back soon with more.
Much love,
Lyn πŸ’œ
I have a garden
on a windy city

it has sunny days for weeks
and stormy nights for months

my plants overheat under the sunlight
and drown everytime the clouds cry

the flowers have scorched petals
and the weeds grows and settle

of some flowers I still take care
but there's dead plants that I could never have back
EmVidar May 25
of the things
you used to say
but you're gone now
so why did the fear stay

-em vidar
GRAVE27 May 21
We were a part
Love each other's heart
You fixed me
From who I can be

We're not that far
Of a difference and our scar
Forgive me
For who I've been

Can you call me for tonight
For I've missed you the whole night
Can't forget the moments that we've had
I know for the past that you're right

If this is the last day to miss you
Then tell me the things you want me to do
Promise me this is for us to continue
But then words ripping our heart out

Can you call me for the rest of the night
It's been cold but you're my source of pure light
If you leave, please forgive all you might
Don't worry I'll be fine and I'm alright

For you
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