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aj 2d
I just said goodbye to us as we've known it
I don't feel like I did it right, the goodbye
It wasn't soft or spiritual
We never locked eyes
You just hugged me tight as we both pretended to be fine

Then you kissed me
and turned around and left
no glance back

it was a simple goodbye  

Not five seconds out the door
it took me one moment to realize
that I had just said hello to the end of us without even looking you in the eyes once
This night's been cold,
this night's been warm
bringing me back to a memory
of a summer's parting.

So difficult as it left a trace.
The sun could have risen,
Everyday, I become someone different,
Someone else, 'til I never realized...

How I've lost "me".
Thanks for talking to me last night, but unfortunately
I'm sorry, too. I can't give you what you want.
Benton James Oct 3
My darling,

Though our time was short, it was the happiest of my life.

The time has come to say goodbye. Until the 16th century, “*** be with you” was the phrase people said, and I imagine it had special significance with those in love.

So, *** be with you, until we meet again. I will miss you terribly during our time apart, but the bitterness of waiting will make our reunion so much sweeter.

I love you.

Yours forever.
I wrote this a while back when I was dealing with a breakup. I didn't send this to her.
Easterly Sep 26
Basking in the same star hardly makes souls familiar,
It takes time, sometimes even lives,
Yet familiarity becomes a curse 'tis that souls depart
And all depart- some by death, some by hatred, the omni-vice,
So I sit where I'll be free from too much of familiarity
No one to wave, no one to read out loud the epitaph of my eyes,
Unknown crowd is a bliss- the first mother one ever cherishes,
Covered on the lap velvety ******* the milk of possibility
Yet be carefree to the cruelty of a union resulting into solidity.
The star revolves- crowd thickens and familiarity lessens,
Unless, one joins even bigger crowd,
O harbinger of equity! Talk the same tongue, dressed in the same shroud,
All the same space, all the same meat, same journey, all equally proud,
Worms too rule like the ruler who did justice to his throne,
So familiar on this top, I'm one jump away from home.
HTR Stevens Sep 17
Why should I be reminded of you,
Now that we’re apart?
Let not your fair image be renewed,
Deep in my heart.
Let the past forever,
Return to me never;
Let it be wiped from my memory
Though we may meet,
Now in the street,
We will not stop each other,
Nor greet with a nod or smile,
But take each other for a stranger,
And look away all the while…
tyja the cat Aug 10
I wept in the car
the streets didn't give a ****
but I know you do
our love knows no bounds
With my hand into hers,
curling in to fit in the gaps.
Fear in the heart; a loud thump,
still the portrait of calmness.
In the weather of adieu,
the rain poured longer than ever.

Woven into feelings drizzle and downpour,
tugged in the garland of hugs,
eyes deeper than Pacific,
the sky deep red.
plunged with terror,
she shielded me with valiance.

The sky blacked out,
hers and mine were one on one.
Her heart gave a shiver,
following it was my hopeful smile.
Kisses aroused the thunderous bolt,
Before the golden rise, it was last moment of dusk.
I love you Mom. Thats how I felt when you just cried and I just hugged you and we both were under the umbrella of love drowned into the ocean of love. This heart is all yours, mamma !
Nic Mac May 18
love letters Unsent
because for you? they’re not meant.
though written in this language inspired by you.
this place discovered, with your hand, as it led me to.

but further, we were not to tread.
and some of these words, are not to be read.
thankyou's, are to be sent instead


for opening this door,  I could not find,
illuminating what lay behind
i to be seeing with eyes for the first time
that had not, and did not, see
what had been within my capacity
with shackles shook free.

this rusty heart begun to speak
within the flow of my ink
as paper below allowed words to sink,

but to send..was not on the agenda
you cannot hear what I shout
as past fears on ears pound
it’s not meant for you and me
not to be truly or deeply,
was it not the reason fate had written?
our stars were those, that would simply, find each other,
to find ourselves.
Stepped in to the street.
Two rain drops fell on my face;
A cloud’s parting gift!
H Jul 13
I thought I knew you

Your green eyes and how they may wander
The touch of your thick, ashy hands
Your determined heart, may it not go asunder
The strength of our tight wedding bands

I thought I knew you

The heart in your chest with the strength of a lion
The mileage and baggage of the grief you've traveled
The look in your eye when I know that you're lyin',
The realization that all that we've built has unraveled

I thought I knew you

The idea that you could betray me for another
And I thought we would fight 'till the end
Yet I knew that you'd go and find a new lover
And our love now I cannot amend
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