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Testudo. The Turtle forms, we

Stand. Hunker down under your shield/my shield
Now and then shifting smartly left or right to ****/hate
the enemy.

Could it be
Enemies you love?

Ought not so to be.
Something's wrong,
the Turtle's misformed, deformed, in form

the center cannot hold...

And that was the lesson, war don't make things better,

Nobody, *** Almighty included,
ever looked on war's results,
at a human-dirt level, and said "That's good."

If I am average,
I may make certain assumptions based on self evidence,
things mine own eyes witnessed, as it seemed.

I can stand ready to give answers to every challenge to the faith.
(Stipulation, mine, the faith
That is in me.)
I cannot so stand for the faith that is in you.

Rise to the challenge.
It’s your faith you’re defendin’,
I got mine covered.

Your hate shan’t hinder me, I shan’t let it.
Letters can naught contain.
Your hate has not to gain. Spell o' respect,

on you. R E S P E C T find out what it mean.
D I V O R C E, curse on you.
Spell o' bitter'n average ****** in yo' mouth.

Tammy and Aretha walzin' wit Matilda,
put a spell, on you, onus ennui, pay attention, fool.

Gainsay that.

Beyond the shell of your belief is all that’s called unbelievable,
Beyond the bubble of all you know is all you don't.
Simple to sublime.

Here’s this deal:
Your fair share of everything,
in return for nothing. Grace for grace.
Take it or leave it, makes me no nevermind.

Thank you, Knower of all, for what's granted.

You could stop there if that were your childhood prayer routine.

Amen makes it so.

A command from the bridge, “Make it so, Mr. Solo.”

This tortoise may bear the weight of the world, but

Can we believe it?
Standing on such tortoises all the way down?

Ready. Sistere.
(Google it, f’Cry’sake. E’en scientologists know
you gotta know what the words mean
when you read ’em or hear ’em or say ’em.) Define yer term.

Lies powerless, the idle word, bleeding from the wounds,
redeem them all. Sense and sensibility,
Pride and pre-
next, like yo judgment changes the future.

Sistere's the command to stand
given prior to the command to form Testudo,
the Roman version of the tortoise
military engineering adaptation
young Alex used to maul
Persian  shieldwalls. A human tank, back then.

Wallbuilders! Sistere.
Shield of faith.
We have the mind anointed for the appointed time.

Build another wall, or we will loose the mob,
after the futbol game.

Can you believe that?
Test u do, then wait.

Cool, it’s shady under such a cloud of witnesses.
Toying with lead soldiers. That, and lead paint. Maybe I am mad. Or only old.
Maybe, no, wait and see. Let patience have her perfect work.
A smile that glistens wide,
and rivals that of the sun,
You shine more golden bright,
than horizons by the thousand.
Beat the drums that do wake
sleeping, bled, timid heart,
Pump my soul back into shape
bring back life once depart.
You turn to hallow graying ground
and collapse pillars that belittle,
You fill hollow bones of holy sound
temper the brittle to solid metal.
So stand and whittle them down with
strength found within inside of you,
You are a miracle and a curse that
You choose to give with all of you.
Dani Oct 3
A beautiful mountain, white with snow
A light breeze, a wind ice cold
Frozen in time, I stare in awe
Under ice is a heart so raw
Diamonds glistening, ice shimmering
An imbalance of time and minds dancing
Beauty and despair frozen in ice
Waiting for summer sun to pay the price
Still and quiet, but the pain screams in your head
Frozen in place beside your bed
Staring into the pains
A hundred rocks flow through your veins
A thousand needles biting skin
Outward calm, but screaming within
Summer warmth approaching
Ice slowly melting, diamonds gleaming
With perseverance you break the ice
It falls, shattering, what a sacrifice
I watch as there is nothing I can do
As your body shed the ice encasing you
It is beauty and despair, intertwined
Dripping to the floor, Oh how I adore
To watch you come alive. An uproar!
No longer frozen, full of motion
As if watching a glistening ocean
Your stand tall, high above us all
For you melted the ice, made it fall
Leaving only a memory
Your fight so strong, dauntlessly
Standing, living, believing, and yet...
Your feet are wet, so with regret
I must inform of icy returns
Gone are the days of summer sunburns
For ice will come, it will be done
Your body shunned from our warm sun
You will freeze again, be lost again
Icy diamonds will shine like back then
You must remain strong while waiting,
Frozen in time that is crippling
Shed your ice everyday, overcome
One day Summer will stay and all this will be done
Auto-immune diseases has riddled my mother, and some days myself. Sometimes it feels as though you are frozen in ice waiting for the pain to end. I remember my mother being up at 4 am to allow body to "shed the ice" and get through the stiffness and pain that came every night.
The  thief  1

He looked at her face

The old woman still called

She called with high voice

She looked at the princess face

She saw her tears

She asked "why are these tears"

She said "you want him to stay"

And not be arrested and go away"

The princess nodded with aye

She said" I will do my way"

"To save him from jail"

The guards were coming suddenly

They knocked the door loudly

The old woman hide him in hurry

He stayed under the bed without voice

The guards rushed into the room

The leader asked with frown

We heard callings that were coming

From that floor and this room

If any thief entered her

He must be hide her

If he threatened you

You must say without fear

He talked loudly with whisper

Pointed to his place with you eye

And he will be arrested and got

What he deserved as dared

To enter the lovely person in the palace

The old woman looked at the princess

She saw her face filled with tears

She lied at the guards with say

There was no thief  her

She narrated a story

To a princess to make her happy

She forgot her mind

And higher her so she was in a story

The leader said "do you say a truth

You know f you are false

The princess looked to him with anger

The old woman said and ordered

You must dismiss urgent

The thief got out with a face

Pale as he got up from a death

His knees were knocked

He could not bear to stand

He went to set down

And tried to start a talk

The woman ordered "no talk?"

to be followed
from the
the love needs clear hearts ,who make the world very happy
B Elizabeth G Feb 26
I set fire to my ******* today.
Right there in my yard
For all of nature to see.
The pair I wore the night you tried to take advantage of me.
You were unsuccessful
And yet somehow I still feel a piece of me is gone;
Like I've lost control of my own body.
Maybe it's confusing because I thought I wanted to;
I thought you'd be sweet and gentle and respectful.
I was wrong...
So wrong.
You were pushy and persistent.
You don't know the word no.
I feel disgusting.
I set fire to my ******* today.
MicMag Sep 12
Never has this nation stood as tall
As the day after its great fall
But now?
So many years after we've risen?
Not in ages have we seen such division

Divided we fall
   and united we stand?
Have we somehow flipped
   the values of this land?
That terrible day
   mourning hand in hand
Has faded away
   to competing demands
   of Make Us Greats
   and Yes We Cans

Now we stand opposed
   diametrically divided
   if ever again
   we'll stand
   happily united
In reflection of the national unity in the days following 9/11/01, and where we've gone ever since.
Gale L Mccoy Sep 8
why do i have to stand
when i could fly
my feet are glued
to a ground set on fire
ive waited long enough
for my wings to grow
no matter how my hand shakes
i will grab each feather
try try try again to stitch together
Rotten Peach Poetry, Ep.4 Ground set on Fire  https://anchor.fm/galemccoy/episodes/Ep-4-Ground-set-on-Fire-e25fbv
Gemma Davies Sep 6
Being under pressure is part of life...
We all know about strain and stress.
But becoming overwhelmed...
Can lead to mental health distress.

Promote the importance of wellbeing...
Don't bottle everything up inside.
Stand up and speak out on stress...
Don't keep it all within and hide!

Don't be scared to ask for help...
Talking is a great coping device.
Don't be afraid to talk to others...
By sharing you'll get great advice!

We all need to raise awareness...
Let us end the stigma right now!
You can't always control the wind...
But adjust the sails somehow!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Jose H Aug 30
You say you're a hopeless romantic
A man that has fallen in love
In love with a simple one night stand
A one night stand you figured you could handle
Rather the inappropriate love lingers
Tied to your mind with every ounce of paranoia
Rattling thoughts of love, ****, and confusion
Is it love?
Is it a future to be had?
Thousands of thoughts, scenarios, actions and complex emotions
What could it all possibly mean?
Sitting there tangled in thoughts of a one night stand
The one you wish to have over and over and over
Till love meets ****
Until you find the meaning of the awkward meeting
Oh, the torment of uncertainty!
It is nothing, but a one
If only your obsession with attachment would let you see.
I have issues, let us leave it at that.
Powerhouse Aug 27
I stretch my sore arms out
Spread my fingers as far apart as they'll go.

I open my mouth,
And with my yawn comes a mighty roar from behind my sternum.

I try not to flinch,
But that old wound hasn't healed entirely
Just yet.

I can feel myself
Begin to crumble from the weight of
My own voice.

But I dig my heels
Of the feet attached to my aching legs into the burning, ashen ground.

I stare up at the blazing sky.
Twinkle of mischief in my eye.

Tell them to rest easy--

The dearly departed.
Because I'm just getting started.
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