PM Aug 7
I'm surprised at the way,
that people can drink bitter coffee,
to nourish their body,
but can't swallow a bitter truth,
and nourish their soul.
Kayla Gallant Jul 28
Don’t take me
I beg of you
Fingers bleeding
Soul screaming
Heart racing
I refuse
To be dragged
Into the pile of rotting flesh
Where innocent souls
Go to die
Greg Jones Jul 17
She stares in my nervous eyes
Her steady hand touches mine.
Im breathing her in, the air's getting thin.
Im open wide.

She presses her lips to mine,
My hands climbing up her thighs.
And all I could see was pure ecstacy
Oh, my head wont stop spinning,
No, my heart won’t stay still.
Oh, nothing can be,
She has only begun.

She's laying inside my arms
While she seduces me with charm.
My emotions sway, I beg her to stay
Recover my beating heart
So naive from the start.  
I know that she'll leave once she's done with me

Oh, this room won’t stop spinning
No, what have I become?
Oh, the fantasy's,
I am coming undone.
I've been shoved violently off my feet, into the dirt.
Love is the only way I'm able to stand.
The painful gashes that cover my body sting even more with the absence of you this summer.
Exerting as much force as I can
I wipe the merlot blood away from these wounds in hopes of learning to stand without fear once again.
Now I'm very aware of how substantial this phobia is.
Now I know how unlikely it is for me ever to get up.
need to-
Dheeraj Jul 1
I was in a jungle, dark and dense,
stranded among the trees, with heights immense.
The breeze swept in and squeezed my resolve,
carried away my courage and made me devolve.
Tears rolled down and sweat oozed out,
I prayed to heavens. It'll help? I doubt.
Among all this chaos I saw a shimmering light,
miles away, yet so bright.
It gave me a hope, and a hint of glow,
I was able to stand, I felt my toes.
I summoned the winds with a roar so loud,
that the clouds tore up and the sun was proud.
I began to run, through bushes and thorns,
bruises all over but the light is what I want.
Through lakes of crocodiles, through ditches so deep,
I climbed mountains, oh so steep.
I felt my blood rush as I neared my goal,
It was my dream to get out of this hole.
Adrenaline rushed through my veins,
as I finally reached the light,
shining in all it's glory and a pompous might.
It's elegant aura is worth the pain,
worth the struggle and cleared my bane.
This was my dream, to live and survive chaos,
to cheat death and to break through loss and cut the chains of fears.
This was a journey I did not sought for,
did not wish, but was something to die for.
Asiah Jul 1
Know your worth before you know anything else
Because in the end that's all you'll have to stand for
Scarlett Jun 21
we are the dreamers
we are the lost people
wanting a light to guide
but unless
we riot and
fight for our rights
we can do nothing
you see
it takes an army
to win a war
but it can only
take one voice to
make an impact
Martin Luther King Jr
did just that
but why is it that in our
today can't stand up for what's ours
when a man
who had so little did so much
we need to take a stand to make what has the gone wrong right and it will be hard but to save what little humanity is left we must do so.
Diana Garcia Jun 18
You in the mirror stand up straight
Stand tall, don’t fucking cower
You have the ability to devour
Turn that rage that’s kept you in a cage into drive, there’s more to life than having to survive.
There’s that awkward moment between birth and death..
You can be a mess
You can the best
What matters is that you breathe
Till that last breath
Remember to sing when that light above starts gleaming
Remember to embrace love when it feels like you’re dreaming
Remember each bygone sings a different song
It’s not about who has what, the bad or the wrongs..
You can rub the Buddha’s belly and wish for good fortune
Or get all mad and jelly cause you didn’t get the same portion.
You can damn god and pull on the breaks
Or you can shut the fuck up and join the ranks
Hear no, say no, see no, be no fucking evil
Build up and grow, best of luck
Pain and suffering, let it all go..
The more you feed the bullshit that makes you bleed..
the less likely you’ll be freed
Come by and sit with me
Bring a friend or two or three
see the change you want to be
Let’s eat some fucking cheese
Fart together im harmony
But shackles under my feet
Pull me into the sea.
The world's most genuine kick-starter.
Unfathomable dreams,
I don't know what they mean.
Perhaps this sea's just shallow water to conquer.
stand and conquer
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