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Kayla Gallant Sep 28
Lie across
Train tracks
Without fear
Call it insanity
Yet you stand
Hand on chest
Pledging your life
To the men
Who dictate you
mindless sheep
God organized already all.
I know time will pass by and everything will have own place. The truth love will stand against the storm and rain.
I don't need to worry.
I believe in God.
I see you lost, my darling.
Don't cry, please do not cry.
I know that everything,
is gonna be alright.
The night was turn light off for while.
But please do not be worry.
The light will come like sun will raise.
And sun will shine for you, appraise!
I know it's here no light now.
I know exactly how it's feels.
But please my dear, you got a breath still.
You still alive, my dear!
You can stand up again so straightly.
Here, coming here.
The path is here, just feel it
You are so close to see the light.
And nothing gone and nothing stopt.
You just forgot that you existing.
My folly little girl.
Stop crying, here's a door!
Stand strong.
You matter, not alone.
You strong, you not alone and you can do it.
New people, opportunities.
Life goes on.
Stand straight and strong.
Keep your head up straight.
I proud for you.
Erian Sep 9
I can count your name a million times
From fading stars to sunrise
There's nowhere I'd rather be
Under the sun's shining gloom.

If meteorites faded upon the ground
If the moon danced, crumbling down
If the galaxy was safe and sound
Would you stand there with me
Under the sun's shining gloom?

If we sank beneath the sea
If the world's turned upon our reach
If we watched Earth plummet underneath our feet
Would you stand there with me
Under the sun's shining gloom?

Or would we drown below the blue?
Would you pull away, as you do?
Would you pick up the pieces, lathered in glue?
If we stood under the sun, blazing like crystals in the dew
Would we fall apart?
Or is it too soon?
In a second, you lose your ability to talk
In a second, all the sweat in your body seeps through your palms
In a second, your bloodstream's struck with an adrenaline rush
In a second, Death sneers at you from a distance
In a second, a switch of life flips from 'ON' to 'OFF'

When a bullet's scream pierces the air,
When will society ever realize that enough is enough?

I'm tired. You're tired. We're all tired.
Yuki Sep 5
Be the thunder that
breaks the silence
if noise is the only way
you have to be heard.
Be the thunder that
breaks the silence
after a lightning
triggers its violence
against your fragility.
Be the thunder that
makes the storm come.
May 22, 2016

Toes warming up
You are waking up to
The fact that your house
Is on fire

No escape
Your eyes awake to
See flames covering the door
The only way out of the
Master bedroom

Skip Scene

You open your eyes
Jesus Christ!

Is before you a Man
Like no other!!

Glowing White

White robes
White skin
White teeth

He smiles
Like he
Has been

Just For You

You think you must be in shock

But if you were in shock...
Why am I moving?
Is this a

I pinch

But he's still
There smiling at me
Ouch I think

I notice that I am swaying
Back and forth
And then it
Changes into a four step 1,2,3,4


Am I cha-cha-ing
Right now?
Jesus Christ!!

Is watching me!
So I make sure to put on
A good show

Fortnite dances
Come to mind
I floss

Floss like no one is watching
Jesus is watching
But I dance like there is no one

Breaking down now
I get on my knees

My stomach
I lay
On the
Ground now

I wriggle
Like a worm
A worm like no other


I don't remember
Like this before

I was alive...

I must


Only an angel could
Dance the way
I twerked
A bit
For Jesus
Not too much
We don't want him to

Get any wrong impressions
About who we are
Or who we were
We don't give

Not for free
No free
Or free dances

The only thing
Free is salvation
I guess cause I thought
I was going to Hell

I start to shimmy now
Shaking our money
Like an
Anaconda we got
Back and we know it

We give Him

All That We Have


We turn away...

Facing the stairway downwards
We take two steps down
Towards Hell

We don't want to worry Jesus
But we do really
Like to make men sweat

A little bit

And then we bend like
We dropped a
That up I'm
Wearing a robe too now!

Feels like a dress I let my
Legs show for Jesus
Ankles to the knees I show


These robes are nice
But I know my Jesus likes
My skin and bones
More than any old rags

Here it comes
I feel myself
Backing up


Oh no! This is no dream
This is a real

I back up and back
Up until I'm
On Jesus or
He's grinding on me

Facing hell I don't
Even know His reaction
Is anymore?

Wait what has His
Reaction been this whole time?
Niki Gray Aug 25
Drew a line in the sand
unsure on which side to stand.

To cross it means venturing into the unknown,
a journey I must travel alone.

Remaining on the side I know.
How could I ever grow?

Never leaving my comfort behind
or reach the potential God had in mind.

So cross it I will, to be the best me
and step into my destiny.
Thank you to all of you who read and encourage me to be a better me.  Thank you to my family and friends who inspire and love me for me.  Special shout out to Jimmy, my kids, Favour, Sheela, Courtney, My brother Todd and my adopted kid Christian couldn't be me without you all inspiring and encouraging me.
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