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I told you about all of the times I believed that you didn’t matter,
You said “baby your heart I could never shatter”
I heard that time and time again in the mouth of another
But time nursed me like if I was her child and she my mother.

I apologize for being so cruel to you
I apologize for all that I put you through.
Just look at how beautiful you done grew
Baby look at all the amazing things that you do.
I am blessed to be... you.
In love with who I am.
Johnny walker Nov 30
No more do I hide my feelings, that, lay now
within my past all
bought to the
The day I laid my lovely
Helen to permanent
rest, Is the day I began
to open up to my true feelings
No longer afraid to express my Inner thoughts never
again ever to be walked upon as I was before I met
my true love
For now I alone have to become my own man again, to stand my ground no matter comes my way
never give
A poem of how to lose changes one to learn again to live on
your own, stand your ground
whatever comes your way
Maegan deme Nov 27
why should I believe in a ***?
for faith?
for comfort?
for power?
why should I pray for comfort?
to be happy?
to be useful?
to stand my ground?
why am I trying to go against the riptide,
why am I trying to staunch the flow?
why should I have my opinion?
if that's all I have to show.
Jodie-Elaine Nov 25
knocked off the nightstand,
tonight it rains
cold coffee.
Fourteen of us wrote life and each a singular way of looking at a mug. I was number three. I don't want to risk speaking for all and posting the whole poem without consent
R Nov 21
As I stand here in front of you,
I can barely remember the words that I need to say.
I can barely feel my legs.
My hands are freezing.
My hands are shaking.
I can’t feel a thing.
Yet here I am... standing.

Today I am wearing my battle suit—
miles and miles of white fields of fabric
and underneath is a sea of navy blue.
This is what I wear when I enter the battlefield.
This is what I wear when I enter a war.

Even though the curtains, the clouds, the tables,
The trees, the windows, and the chairs
are well aware
that I’m no longer Interested in fighting.
And even if I already lost my will to fight,
here I am standing.

I am weak.
I am sensitive.
I am fragile.
I am naïve.
I am flawed
I am easily overwhelmed.
I’m a slow learner
I’m a coward
An anxious person
A failure; nothing but a failure
And a disappointment to everyone,
I’ve always been a disappointment

I am just a student.
I am but a piece of sponge to absorb;
comply, learn, read, and write…
even if it doesn’t feel right,
and even if I am not alright,
look at me.
I am standing.

In this world where there seems to be no light;
where the only goal is to survive,
and even if I die inside,
I will choose to fight.
I will choose to be a soldier.
I will choose to be a fighter.
For I chose to be a student
and I chose to be here… standing.
I wrote a poetry slam which I will be delivering tomorrow. It's been a long time since my last poem. :))
Seanathon Nov 12
You think I’m scared of you?
Oh timeless fear

Of your taste for light
Which gnaws at stars
And nether years?

Well I’m not

I’m indifferent

Staring without impudence
Into the moonlit eyes
On metal roofs
Where feet can fly

I need not hold or soil with soot
My hands to cup the sky
As is, as it wished

No, nameless fear
I fear you not

But to challenge me with ferociously
Just try and see
What becomes of truth

When you tell me I should be afraid of you
Just to terrify the mortal in me
Just try and bend my eyes away
From the first new sight of another day
And I’ll break your iron will in two
With my indifference

Try as you may
Your power holds no heavens over me

As a broken line of sight is free
From the abiding night which is stripped away

With dawn come every newborn day
And spit in it's eye.
Star BG Nov 9
As I sit, drinking with sacred breath
life’s formula of experience,
I observe path taken.
Memories merge with moment.
Dark integrates in pulsating light.

As I sit, wandering with minds eye
before standing inside grace
I hear precious hearts song.
Music echoes within for peace.
Purpose aligns with Avatar self.

As I stand, dancing on horizon
before returning to source I smile,
I feel the power of love.
Wisdom anchors for action.
Human costume vibrates
to celebrate.
Life unfolds
to know I WILL make a difference.
inspired by Sophia
I’ve stopped trying to please the people I cannot please
And in exchange I find myself looking to please me
I’ve stopped trying to find goals and achieve expensive pieces of paper
Cause I’m the end we are going to the same place proper.
Heaven or **** in dirt encrested ground
Embalmed or silent ash making microbial sounds
someguy Oct 21
Shades pass me as I stand on the street,
Dark blurry unfamiliar faces,
They melt into a grand pile of dark matter,
The one I’m trying not to be a part of

And in the end, I stand alone,
On the outside only?... or on the inside as well?
Viseract Oct 20
People say I'm intense and aggressive
Not camping, just scampering, rampant
I'm too quick to take care and I'm helping
The message is **** bent on answering
All of your questions so let up the pressure!

Chat, chat, chat and you think you're all that
Talk some smack just so you can get back
Launch an attack on the boy in black
That boy so sad he makes me mad
That boy is trash have you seen his raps?
He's so **** suss I really wanna clap
Left right, goodnight, put him in the spotlight
And scrutinise like I have that right

Aye, I bet you think you know me
When all you've seen is nothing really
Yeah, bet it turns you green
To know that I'm better than what you carelessly,
Push away, in rage, that's cute, so sweet
When you stay, enraged, by your own heartbeat.
When you fake til you make and that's why you grin
Guess you don't know that to lie is to sin

Yeah I was the kid who got left out and yes I was the kid who'd always doubt
I was the kid who had no friends and I was the kid who'd get left til the end
Chosen for games as the last called name,
If I couldnt be avoided like I carried black plague,
But look at me now, I stand so proud, and if you try to take this from me I will knock you down!

I bring the rain and you brought pain
So I gave it back like, keep the change
Hate it when you take it
Hypocritically making
Bad choices lately, despise me for saying

So you sneak like a snake and talk behind my back
But it never really cut me so I wouldn't say backstabbed
You never really mattered so I'll be fine
You can drown in your ball pit of lies

While I raise the storm and I right the wrong
While I pave the way and still remain calm
The black dog follows and hounds at my feet
But I am electric you can't bite me!


You could call me Zeus I'm lightning when I move


I'm a Godlike youth that you dream to pursue

Bolt from the clouds comes crashing down
Charging the air like a love affair
Handle with care? I was kicked down the stairs
They called me Zaps so be aware!

That's spaz backwards! Ha! So funny
Now that I'm electric I guess it means something
Now that I write hectic I guess it means cunning
Yeah I'm spastic with my bars but I'm shocking and I'm stunning

You wish you had the talent to grasp words with magnets
And have the power to change the charge like its only magic
And link negative to its own, and vice versa
Take a slasher of a song and make verbal ******

Call out the curses, fill them with hurt and close all your curtains, the sunlight is burning

Go outside and raise your head to the sky
Dark clouds race to claim it all as mine!


Was the reject now I'm relevant

Yeah, Stormbringer

It's no dead ringer I was always a winner

Call me a sinner, I eat y'all for dinner
Those who call me a quitter, make claims that I never
Will get any better, when I'm rising forever
When I'm using my head and I'm light as a feather

I told you my name, don't use it in vain,
I gave you my hand, you can't do the same
So trust is reversed and storms start to churn
When I raise my voice it's a third degree burn!

I gave it non-stop what more could you want
When voices persist I'm getting *******
Continual fights and TV highlights
It took me a while but now I realise

Now I realise,
Now I realise!

I'm the Stormbringer....

Stormbringer, your head's like a spinner
Gasping for air, I crushed your throat from a distance, so killer, killer, killer...

Killer, killer, killer...

I shout out and you twirl around
Rotating one-eighty like you're an owl
You look at me foul like a fowl out of bounds so
This is just something for which you're renowned
Back in the day when you used to clown
Now that I'm clowning you're the one running around
What have I done? This isn't fun!
Come at me strong, or come at me none

Back in your cage, the one that you made when you went insane and told me to stay,
Never have I ever followed in your ways
Never would I ever listen to you persuade

You'd need some skill, and not fumble your speech
I've seen examples, week after week
Calling me out saying that I'm a creep
When I used to feel to get by I must sneak

Now the tides turned, I'm friends with Poseidon
I'm a demigod and you're just a pirate
Plundering the ***** of your best mates
What? You don't like the **** I say?


But I am no fraud
I am my own mob
I'm raising my head,
To inflict what I got!
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