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Francie Lynch May 19
Where do society's extremists abide?
Rallies and Racists go side by side.
BBQs offer up well-done bigots;
On Jordan's lap dance the zealots.
Dogmatists rant in wild front rows,
True believers don't put on such shows?
Sexists cower in coastal Compounds,
Sects marry often in Salt Lake towns.
Troglodytes tan beneath southern suns.
Sepratists hold their final stand
On this side of The Rio Grande;
Fanatics occupy far Left and Right,
Partisans Op Eds are meant to enlight.
Mysoginists grab till they have blisters,
Huns and louts date brothers and sisters.
Philistines take our private spaces,
And whistle-blowers can't show their faces.

Of all the ists I know and abhor,
The musicist is a bigoted boor;
A connoisseur I abjure,
Who chooses tunes he insists
Are superior than my interests,
And disses tunes I like best.

So now I'll lay my needle down,
I've turned the table that goes round,
And plead musicists won't hesitate
To enjoy the tunes... don't discriminate.
I needed to get this on paper. I have a friend who is a musicist. He drides Motown, blues, jazz, classical, country, hip hop, rap... you name it. All he listens to is folk and classic rock.
Robert Ippaso Apr 27
Why oh why have we become so woke
To the point of companies going near broke,
All for the sake of garnering support
From vocal fringes, then quietly rushing to abort.

Is the effort worth the prize
Pandering to an audience that must surely realize
Division is not the path to integration
Empowering voices that just believe in denigration.

Acceptance is rarely mandated or imposed,
It's a result of customs willingly transposed
To reflect a kinder more inclusive world
And in the process eliminating the absurd.

Activism can often be the kernel for steep
But in the wrong hands is alienating and deranged,
With effects that counter all that would be good
Demeaning the very essence for which they stood.

We the silent throngs just watch and wonder,
What's brought on this wave of mindless thunder,
Strife and upheaval causing nothing but confusion,
Resulting in a world of societal delusion.

Democracy is not another word for anarchy,
Where a vocal few usurp reality for fantasy,
But one of tolerance and communal understanding
To mold a world where actions are outstanding.

Where parent is not set against their child,
Or leaving differing opinions unreconciled,
Where sexuality does not become a sword,
Or Race the blade to cut across the board.

When will politicians and the media say enough,
Accepting that their narrative is huff and gruff,
Full of potholes and dead ends
Turning people into enemies not friends?

Why not allow good sense and wisdom take the stage,
Willing denigrators to turn another page,
Supporting causes that are simply just
Thereby forging a society sure to last.
Randy Johnson Oct 2022
Frankenstein was only a monster because that's what people made him out to be.
He was actually a kind and gentle soul but that was what everybody refused to see.
Frankenstein only became violent when the angry villagers decided to attack.
They came at him with torches, axes and pitchforks and he had to fight back.
After he killed in self defense, the villagers burned him to death, it was a horrible fate.
People's prejudice made them attack and Frankenstein died because of fear and hate.
When the villagers killed him, it was a terrible incident.
They feared Frankenstein because he was different.
Those people let hate and fear blind them, they thought that killing him would put their minds at ease.
But they soon learned that they were the monsters because of prejudice which is a horrible disease.
Bhawna Apr 2022
It's terrible
No words said
Yet your eyes yell
Pinching aroma embed
Oh, well
I wanna be more innocent
To make your heart discontent
.....lack of words
Yenson Mar 2022
In Red square
the cowards gathered
with green eyes and little minds
attack, attack its all for one and one for all

The white queen
and all her heirs are protected
see her white knights and all pawns
rightfully in white shining and stainless

See the black king
that is our enemy so attack
he has no knights and owns no pawns
easy target as we know his pieces have blacked out

In Red square
the cowards gathered
with green eyes and little minds
its all about colour and white is always right
we do it in the shadows and know how to spin the yarn
lua Jan 2022
There's a feeling stronger than to loathe
Especially when your hand is intertwined with his
And he gazes upon the pearls in your hair
Your high brow, your blank stare
And maybe even the cut of your dress,
The lace it holds, the earring that sways as you dance
You know it, the way he looks at you
And if you will deny it, simply keep in mind
How he lets his fingers linger onto yours,
And despite the sharpness of your snark and wit
Maybe you'll catch yourself looking
His high brow, his blank stare
His eyes like pools of honey
And you'll know, there is a feeling stronger than to loathe.
a poem i made in 2019 that i found in my notes hehe
Purcy Flaherty Jul 2021
Elitism and dogma are deeply seated within all societies.
It's much easier to shun, or attack outsiders and remain safely entrenched in our own truths.

Perseverance, inclusiveness, honesty, kindness and welcoming each and every truth is the key to cultural success.
Celebrate the good.
Real change cannot be forced with militancy, and it's painfully slow, so much so; that the effects can only be seen from one generation to the next.

Anger is not a force for good.

(Satire & comedy is often an affective barometer for the things to come.)
Francie Lynch Jun 2021
I am woke,
Yet living in a nightmare
Of prejudice.
Francie Lynch May 2021
We fell all the time.
It was a matter of balance.
Our inner ears and eyes
Struggled with gravity; and
Being upright is our gravest concern.
So, we always stood again,
Revolving around equilibriums:
Bikes, ledges and feet;
Everything was a test. Everything needed balance:
Wheelbarrows, roof peaks and checking accounts.

I've learned balance for adults
Is even more precarious.
Our words are heavily weighted,
And some more disproportionately than others,
With see-saw issues and teeter-totter opinions.

Isn't it easier to get back on the bike
Than walk back unbalanced arguments.
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