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In a world fueled by anger and hate
So much despair and regret
There can only be one saving Grace
That saving Grace? Bars of chocolate

That's bars, with a "s" at the end
Not one, but many like plural
I'm a Chunky boy, not a lightweight
Have you ever tried a See's truffle?

Snickers, Resses Cups and M&M's
A smooth creamy Milky Way
If I'm sad or if my mood is ****** up
Chocolate will definitely take it away

So many, many kinds of chocolate
That you can throw into the mix
Dark, milk or white you decide
Like being the left or right side of a Twix

Bacon covered in chocolate
Chocolate potato chips are so good
One more small bite, no I shouldn't
Oh Henry! Shut the hell up! Yes, you should!

Unwrapping a bar and it's goodness
Coconut? Almond Joy or a Mounds
I'll take chocolate over gold on Payday
To me more precious, pound for pound

If you had to decide, *** or chocolate?
For me that decision is hard
My sweettooth is bigger than my ******
So break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar
SeaChel Feb 23
I've always had an affinity
for sugary treats
and he's the sweetest
I've ever met.
my tastes have changed.
As I licked his saccharine lips,
I realized
I've outgrown my sweet tooth.
rory Oct 2018
anything sweet
is his
it sounded like a rhyme in my head but not anymore? my boyfriend loves sweets more than he loves me sometimes!
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
Rich and warmingly sweet dough
spiced with cinnamon
wisps of nutmeg, buttery
rolls baked gold-and-brown
Icing sugar made
now drizzle
Twenty-fourth Epulaeryu! ^-^
My sweet tooth returns with a vengeance! ;)
Another classic that never lets me down!
Lyn ***
Kimberly Seibert Jul 2015
I like to think I'm practical,
With a want for practical things.
But I have a need for variety,
And a whole lot of dreams.

Single doesn't bother me,
It's loneliness that takes a toll.
But with options at my fingertips,
I haven't been alone.

Don't get mad when I move on,
Smile and remember what you had.
The best for you has already happened,
But for me, hasn't happened yet.

— The End —