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Lyn-Purcell Jul 6
Waters loves swan's dance
Fish fly as nature commands
Hear summer's sweet laugh
Based on a lucid dream while im sick in bed, haha
Once I recover Ill be back more free verses hopefully!
Much love,
Shades of green
Softly flow as lucid dreams
A pristine gleam
Rising heights towards the light
Gentle tones as canes bow
The air parts through yellow darts
Our periphery unseen

Sharp leaves and strength condensed
Where short roots shape new shoots
Support structures or weapons of war
To create beauty or destruction
The choice be yours
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Jace Joseph Jun 4
When dreams are so vivid,
all my memories get rigid.
As I don't know which are real,
but nothing has ever been ideal.
So I'll simply write about thee
As I sip my confusion smoothie.
parthenope May 26
Felt your warmth only in my dreams
and yet i crave your touch so much,
the pain is almost physical.

Luna May 20
How many nights you've been
Turned and tossed in the confines of your sheets
So the lunacy of your nightmares
Won't push you in the world of insanity
Zhadia Apr 5
Hello poetry
It's me again
I can't... I can't help but to feel helpless right now
I honestly don't know who I am
And I find myself trying to convince people of who i think I am
Can anyone help me?
Or am I just somebody that is suppose to help others figure out who they are?
Honestly I'm drowning
I'm going through so many emotions right now I feel no end
no beginning.
I don't even know what I like, I feel like a baby calling out for someone to help me.
I'm a shame to the human race
I want to die, but I am afraid of dying so I'm trapped here
What do I do now ?
When I express myself I'm crazy
When I keep it to myself I'm way to secretive
So what now?
I've tried everything
I feel like a loser
Is there anyone out there that can hear me?
Is there anyone out there that can feel my pain or hear me cry?
Maybe I am alone
Maybe I'm not meant to be anything. Just here.
I'm sorry
I'm a but much for everyone
I just want to be at peace **** everything else,
peace is my lucid dream
EL Mar 28
She was an unexpected
Lucid dream
That I believed
Was as real
As the love

It was so real,
Until she woke me up
In a hurtful way
Zoe Rain Feb 19
Scream the silent scream, because you are too polite to inconvenience others.
Dream the lucid dream, because it's easier to influence than this reality.
Niveda Nahta Jan 29
I've dreamed of dreams,
Sleeping through the nights,
Through the forest of darkness
No one in sight,
I relate my dreams to reality
Oonce I wake up the veil drops,
And I can't figure out what is what
Am I living in my fantasy
Or is all of this real
What I want to do and
What I'm forced to do
Living in a world of someone else
Do you feel like someone else?
Walk the road someone else was meant to
Breathe the air which belonged to someone else
Wish I could dream lucidly
Twirling down the rabbit's hole
Be someone I want to be
In a world where money,
matters most
All these cruel people around me
Fail to understand what I want to be
I see this dream
And I dream about it
The person I am
And someone I'll never be.
I've always expressed what I feel like in life, I had stopped but whenever I feel like it I write my thoughts down. I use simple words because I am as common as it gets, trying to related with someone who can relate.
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