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Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Rest on golden shores
Taste of salt in pleasure's waves
Seagulls soar and cry

Forgot to post this yesterday, I was more exhausted then I thought.
Still following the trend of Pleiades,  the Seven Sisters.
This haiku is for Alcyone (or Halcyone).
There isn't much about her (and I had to ensure I am writing about the right woman as there are many who share this name and of course, many myths of other Halcyones as well, haha!)
With this lovely lady, she is know to be seduced by Poseidon and bore him many children so yes, this haiku is very much a euphemism!
You know me, I just love playing around with the portrayal of myths!
Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Janus Mar 2020
My Dear,
I’ve been called by many names
My favourite by far is
You see me as perfection
Elegant, Sophisticated, Charming
How wrong you were
You saw me in a makeshift light
Created by you in your desperation
I’ll  consider the thoughts you have chosen to speak out loud
I've chosen not to listen, letting the words fall upon apathetic ears
But your pleas of anguish do not go unheard
You once told me you do not believe in the truth of words but actions
Yet the misery that follows me is apparent
How naive you were

My Dear, you have made a grave mistake
You had the misfortune of meeting me
You believed in my honeyed lies
You became drunk on my intoxicating kisses
You blindly followed every command
Simply because you yearned for
Approval, Love and Affection
You're submission, willingly laying yourself bare before me
How foolish you were

My Dear,
You were once bathed in light,
Now you are tainted by dark shadows
You should have listened to the warnings
You won't fall in love again believe me
there's nothing left that you can love with
Oh how innocent you were
Walking along a desert, a fool,
Thirst prolonged, a heat unbearable,
As if a passion is stirring,
Screaming, is the fool,
For allowing the desert to consume him.
Alas in the distance he finds the oasis,
Shimmering bright with a lovely invitation,
Radiance divine she invites him, though
The fool is not trusting, perhaps a mirage,
A trick for the trickster. But no,
The fool enters his oasis;
Castor beans and rosary peas with the beautiful Oleander
Adorn and decorate the oasis.
Beauty contrasted by the harsh desert around,
The fool smiles.
MicMag Aug 2019
She lays before me
So enticing
So exciting
Inviting me
To delight in her flavors
To savor her taste
Her hidden treasures
Imparting pleasure
Slowly relishing
Without haste
Her flesh between my lips
Juices flowing, teasing the tip
Of my tongue
With the taste of the one
I'm ravenously craving
Now I'm left satisfied
Raving with joy
Basking in euphoria
Just what I came for
Feeling shameful but blessed
So I have to confess
I'm (mostly) vegetarian
But sometimes I cheat
God, I love a good burger
Can't resist that red meat
Probably the most sultry salute to a burger I've ever written
What slave have I become!
Embracing servitude,
Desire no rebellion,
Please! O, my will! Succumb!
To her, with gratitude,
Besides Beauty, there’s none.

I vow to cede control,
No action beyond me,
Beauty is my master!
I’ve no need for my soul,
Beauty, I cede to thee
Fortune or disaster!

Liberty is worthless!
My eyes must stir the heart!
Why live, and not seek you?
I publicly confess,
To Beauty, to Astarte,
You command all I do.
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r A bentinck Aug 2018
I want to

****** you

To the edge of


Flaming desires


Heart pounding



Your breath away.
Poetic T Feb 2018
I was washed up on your shores
thinking you were serine blanket
                      that would caress me.

But you were more like a breeze
               gently eroding me before
I knew I was less than I was before.

You shaped me into a figure that
was useful eroding me inwards
             till I was a shell of my former self.

When I ever listened within,
     I only heard your voice washing
                           in waves seducing my mind.
Dawn of Lighten Jun 2015
The church field trip led to the most beautiful presence,
The elegance protrude by the sweet scent.

I dared not moved so hastily,
I dared not the red!

Glanced by the peripheral eye lids,
The red beckoned the thumping beats within my chest!

A visual decor permeates from the illuminating of the perfect circle,
And my inner most demon want to ravage it!

I wanted to devour every essense of the crescent,
Becoming one with red.

I slightly move forward so no eyes may pry onto my movement,
Like an orchestra moved to one trumpet to a violin scurry along.

Finally came side by side of the precious glimmer of the curves,
And moved my hand to palm the red's grace on the tilt of it's end.

I open wide to cusp my mouth to bite deep into it's brilliance,
In my teeth feeling the liquid and crunchy of it's body!

Sour taste of salt expand a vigor of darkness cover my mouth,
I look at the apple's plate beneath me read " Ida Red!"

Water upon my eyes,
No longer can chew any further,
I simply shallowed the chunk in my throat!  

"Your elegance beckon me red, but in the end, you have seduced me to bitterness!"

I dared, Idared, ida red!
Just remembering my youth church field trip to apple orchard, and learning that not all beautiful looking apples are not all that beautiful inside!  Never judge by what I see, and the experience that will never elude me!
Raymond F Bell Mar 2015
I’m in a great mood
Nobody can bring me down
I get out the shower
And put a towel around
I go down the hall
No one did I see
And when I close the door
There you are right behind me
You push me on my bed
And rip off my towel
You match my outfit
And all I can say is Wow
Then I saw something shiny …
You handcuffed me to the rail
You wanted to guarantee
That your plan wouldn’t fail
You did some dance
As if to celebrate your victory
But then I started to rise
And understood this was some witchery
You noticed I was strong
And started working my muscle
If she was getting paid
I would have sworn it was her hustle
We both seemed to enjoy
What you came to do
And when your powers got to a ******
I swore a volcano just blew
Then your powers started to fade
And you vanished in thin air
The handcuffs vanished too
And I wonder if you were ever there
Now you’ve had your way
And again I’m *****
So I’ve gotta go take another shower
And now it’s 11:30
brokenperfection Sep 2014
let's you and I mingle with the tantalizing Sirens

their Song, so seductive, will distract you while I

lead Odysseus to our spacious secret cave  

which-- I have newly prepared with Calypso's blessing

[I dare say she seems to have a crush on my Odysseus!]
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