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md-writer Sep 12
I, too, am expected to topple the Dark Lord.

The heart and soul of my faith
is the making possible of a way to do so -
the impossible rendered possible
by the sacred influence
of an impossible sacrifice of the divine.

Yes; I, too, am expected to topple
the dark lord.

How has it been so long, and I did not
see it?
The impetus of fantasy is to action  -
the Ordinary obtaining and
achieving the patently Impossible through
faith, activity, and whole-hearted devotion.

Do you believe that fantasy is worthwhile?

Then you believe that you can change
the world.
May 22, 2016

Toes warming up
You are waking up to
The fact that your house
Is on fire

No escape
Your eyes awake to
See flames covering the door
The only way out of the
Master bedroom

Skip Scene

You open your eyes
Jesus Christ!

Is before you a Man
Like no other!!

Glowing White

White robes
White skin
White teeth

He smiles
Like he
Has been

Just For You

You think you must be in shock

But if you were in shock...
Why am I moving?
Is this a

I pinch

But he's still
There smiling at me
Ouch I think

I notice that I am swaying
Back and forth
And then it
Changes into a four step 1,2,3,4


Am I cha-cha-ing
Right now?
Jesus Christ!!

Is watching me!
So I make sure to put on
A good show

Fortnite dances
Come to mind
I floss

Floss like no one is watching
Jesus is watching
But I dance like there is no one

Breaking down now
I get on my knees

My stomach
I lay
On the
Ground now

I wriggle
Like a worm
A worm like no other


I don't remember
Like this before

I was alive...

I must


Only an angel could
Dance the way
I twerked
A bit
For Jesus
Not too much
We don't want him to

Get any wrong impressions
About who we are
Or who we were
We don't give

Not for free
No free
Or free dances

The only thing
Free is salvation
I guess cause I thought
I was going to Hell

I start to shimmy now
Shaking our money
Like an
Anaconda we got
Back and we know it

We give Him

All That We Have


We turn away...

Facing the stairway downwards
We take two steps down
Towards Hell

We don't want to worry Jesus
But we do really
Like to make men sweat

A little bit

And then we bend like
We dropped a
That up I'm
Wearing a robe too now!

Feels like a dress I let my
Legs show for Jesus
Ankles to the knees I show


These robes are nice
But I know my Jesus likes
My skin and bones
More than any old rags

Here it comes
I feel myself
Backing up


Oh no! This is no dream
This is a real

I back up and back
Up until I'm
On Jesus or
He's grinding on me

Facing hell I don't
Even know His reaction
Is anymore?

Wait what has His
Reaction been this whole time?
A heart that's soft and tender
Is a heart that loves
And ready to know His path

A heart that accepts mistakes
Is a heart that forgives
And ready to compromise

A heart that yearns for Truth
Is a heart that believes in restitution
And ready to be called God's HOME
fireheart Sep 6
A garrote, tightening around my blackened lungs
I was drowning
I had drowned.

Like ******, searing pain through my veins
I was falling
I had fallen.

Tar, filling my mouth with poison and lies
I was choking
I had choked.

His light was like the first gasp of air after holding your breath.
I was changing
I am changed.
James Sep 5
Christ: by sinners slain.
He rose again, to forever
He is my Lord,
He is my God,
He is my King.
My Father, He will ever be.
Creator He is,
Sinner I was,
But now my heart
Is His.
Praise Jesus for His redeeming heart.
My Lord the good shepherd and fortress of hope.
I gladly rest within thy Calvary's scope.
Where ills, death, torment are never endemic
in a world where strife is largely systemic.

Satan's forces can never with thee contend.
As they tirelessly try my soul to rend.
For in thy hands Lord I deliver my all,
let not the enemy gloat over my fall.

Hide me Lord from the ravenous devil's snare.
Through stalking passions he tries to draw me near
to hell's dreary coast of unquenchable fire.
Keep me from the deceit of this age old liar.

When I achieve eternity's sinless goal,
Lord to thee I will commit my precious soul.
Guarantee my safe passage to heaven's gate.
A celestial realm that is devoid of hate.
Jesus Christ
Dante Sep 2
The silence which would come after
the breaking of that seal
was my babe in her being;
The dreading and the awe; The christening in God’s grand ritual.
She stands at the mouth of this awful plan
My babe, handing the trumpets with solemn apathy.

   And the rivers of blood are my babe,
       And the plagues that punish are my babe

And nothing comes of begging,
Of pleading for some undeserved mercy
Because my babe is the birth,
and my babe is the end.

My babe is the wing, the fall doused in sleep
And the euphoria of sin, ephemera of earth
The dying and rising of the tides, their gentleness and their bringing.
The silence and the peace as it turns to blood;
The wave’s wine-loved singsong.

My gentle lover, who held my hand and led me into the waters.
My muddied huntress
who would **** the woodland babes
with dagger and ruthless compassion
to feed me rabbit stew
those sickly nights.

God, God, Were you not all merciful and good?
Release her from your taking,
Drop her from your unforgiving claws,
You; Beast of my life, Slithering King.
There is no end truer than that which you’ve done to me–
Your measly bringing of the end times
shines dim beside the fires of my grief.

Take me to the end of the earth,
Take me into your everlasting loving
My sun, chosen thing of God
who looks at me from a dark cloud;
My babe, In her solemn apathy,
My babe, In the quiet glistening of
her wet cheek.

O Lover, full of grace,
Death servant and God-taken;

       I’ll die. I’ll die.

    My babe, the Lion.
  My babe, the Lamb.
Marian H Aug 28
Somehow, You pull me through
every time
from the void and the slime
to a fullness of mind
My smallness says - somehow:
It breathes beyond the sky I see
The Mountain is a sliver of its theme,
terrifying, because You love me.
My heart yearns, it thirsts
longing to see the reality
not our reality

My heart, it hurts
it breaks
it longs for
People in need, hungry, broken, lacking
longing for
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
longing for

My eyes
they burst into tears
pour out a liquid offering
on the altar of deep cries
My body given in to relentless toil
a sacrifice on the altar of selflessness
My soul burst into flames
a passion reignited
to seek
to love
to know.

My God,
lest I forget
that with all these things I have and give
that the One thing I only need is You.
For apart from You,
It is all for naught.
It is good to feel lost... because it proves you have a navigational sense of where “home” is. You know that a place that feels like being found exists. And maybe your current location isn’t that place but, Hallelujah, that unsettled, uneasy feeling of lost-ness just brought you closer to it.
For when we wander, when we get lost, when we lose our way and get stuck in the deep gut-wrenching places of human approval, He beckons us, drawing us nearer, until we crave for the satisfaction and comfort that alone is found in the home He has engraved within us. From garden to garden, He gently but fiercely pursues us so we never lack the strength to carry on the journey back to our safe place. And the striving to measure up to any approval besides the one that was found on the cross dies down, and the astonishment and wild grace of the blood that was poured out for us with the words 
"it is finished"
rings louder than any voice around us. Take heart, for it is not much longer until you reach the sacred place in the arms of a Father that you belong and are welcomed with a grace so passionate and mercy so free.
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