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Strung Jan 22
When it rains,
do the cracked tips of your fingers itch
to play?
The secret between creator and created
You, piano man, live.
Empty slowly full
letting go but never fully going.
Sunburn on your back, music in your ear,
I will never understand life
as you do.
Erin Dec 2021
Listen to the sound
ripples beating like my soul
letting myself flow
Quietly by Kristoffer wallin
LC Oct 2021
brow creases lightly
piano sings a soothing song -
fingers in their turf.
Just Here Sep 2021
I write music.
I write music and I sing,
I sing a lot.
I play the piano,
I play piano and I write music and I sing.
Raven Feels Aug 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, memory loss is impossible to the sense of smell:)

ancient perfume box
left somewhere in a classic loft
opened moments in a meet
to an old of an old sweet
memory in a tape on a leash in fear
like a flashback of brief to four years
disclose the good not the sad
never the bad
already made sure to wear
on the days of happy in mere
and now the odor
smells a swift of colors
once in each while
go back a little in miles
a tickle to the nose
something out of Beethoven's ears
souvenirs the precious chandeliers
things the mind randomly chose
several pasts when my pen couldn't write
and the piano served a beam of light
in an ocean
sinking deep with no motion
from each New Year's mistake
for the lifetime spaces
of the turn from the tackling faces
pink floral promises
of better opposites
fragranced to keep a stay
afraid a glass would slip away

                                                               ­                  ------ravenfeels
Leocardo Reis Jun 2021
My footsteps,
like finger tips
on a piano,
play a
lonely song.
LC Apr 2021
two adjacent piano keys
yelled over each other
for a moving spotlight,
a crinkle of the eyes,
and a sweet, tender smile.
instead, their noise
made ears beg for peace
until eyes glanced away,
and they were left alone
with their discordant sounds.
#escapril day 28!
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