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Daksh Sep 4
You bring back,
memories when the skies were black,
shut the lights;
Everything black, wet everything.

Piano keys; soft sound of those strings
unveiled many blunders.

I’ll say thank you, every day of my life
As to when you arrive,
I’ll look in the sky, and won’t ever forget
to give you back,
a smile.
I used to afraid of the sound of the rain
now I find peace in my space while it storming outside

Strom and classical music really makes me feel at ease.
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
A female concert pianist
is playing at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and
Debussy’s Clair de Lune and
other romantic melodies
which soothe the aching modern hearts
of her modern urban audience.

She’s 35 and still unmarried.
She’s never met a romantic man
who loves her
like she enjoys being loved:
Romantically like the Moonlight Sonata and
Claire de Lune.
It’s difficult to find a loving husband
in an unromantic world.

During the concert
in breaks between playing pieces
she longingly scans the audience
for a handsome romantic single man
who’s waiting to love her
like she enjoys being loved:
Romantically like the Moonlight Sonata and
Clair de Lune;
but all she sees are couples, mostly old.
It’s difficult to find a loving husband
in an unromantic world.

After the concert
on the taxi-ride to her hotel
the bubble of romantic melodies has burst
and she inures herself once more
to the modern car-horns and truck-roars
of busy city streets.
It’s difficult to find a loving husband
in an unromantic world.

She gazes out the taxi window
at modern urban pedestrians
hustling and bustling on crowded sidewalks
rushing to their business appointments
ambitious for their career success.
It’s difficult to find a loving husband
in an unromantic world.
Silver Jul 17
5 am blue reminds me
how to touch G on the piano.

there aren't many words i can think of to define it, really.

but i do know it's like crying. quiet tears welling and holding someone tight to your chest, imagining what it must be like
to feel something holding you together.

it is gentle, the way you would comfort a snowflake, the center of a child's eyes. the shy flower that unfolds like precious origami in the dark.

it is the silence, sound of breathing.

it is delicate, like trust and empathy and

it is what i want to play for you.
there's really no way i can satisfyingly describe the sound and feeling and that makes me so upset. but one day i'll show it to someone over and over because i will have more than words for them
Hanna C S Jul 13
If life is like a grand piano,
Make me up a melody
With keys both white and black;
Strike notes that play on heart strings,
With joyful rifts that send me souring,
And broken chords that pull me back.

And if life is like a grand piano,
I'll stand below and watch it sway;
Winched out a tenth story window;
The wire begins to thin and fray.

I want that grand piano of life
To answer gravity's beckoning call,
In all it's cartoon-dramatics;
Let it tip, then let it fall.

I want every high and every low;
I want moonlit passions
And morning coffees;
I want screaming matches
And baby scans;
I want passport stamps
And phone calls home;
I want celebrations
And hospital visits.
I want blood;
I want cuddles in the kitchen;
I want sweat;
I want kisses in the rain;
I want tears;
I want lighting strikes and sunrises;
I want scars, stories and tax returns;
I want lies, love and mortgages;
I want to be scared.
I want broken promises met with ''I'm sorry''s;
I want drunken phone-call serenades at 3am,
And slurred ''I love you''s I only half believe;
I want forehead kisses before driving to work;
I want heartbreak.
I want to say ''I love you'' and mean it.
I want to say ''I hate you'' and mean it.
I want to speak at my bestfriend's wedding and ***** it up;
I want to hold my sister's hand when she gives birth;
I want to watch my brother strum guitar on stage;
And then file for a messy divorce as my children finish school.
I want to grow old and wrinkle in whichever way this path has planned.

When I'm ready for it all,
I want life to be boringly brilliant,
And beautifully broken,
And painfully unplanned.
I want to live this life until I'm full and my bones crack.

So when that straining wire does snap -
Just let that grand piano fall;
I'll stand below and won't move a step,
Because in this life I want it all.
Aurora Camet Jul 10
A piano normally has 88 keys.

52 white and 36 black.

Each make different sounds,

but work together to create a masterpiece.
One of my first non rhyming poems... ( ̄▽ ̄)
Ikigai Poet Jul 8
What a dull day it is
Full of sorrow
There ain't no cold breeze  
Only more sadness to borrow.  
There is a sad symphony in the air
Which I just wanna play  
No matter what I think
The sky is just grey.  
And here I find teardrops on my Piano
Trying to play some unknown sonata.  

What has happened to me
Why can't I feel?
There's nothing to heal
Did I lose someone
Or did I find out my own feelings  
Dwelling inside my mind for so long.  

My hands aren't at work  
But my fingers are,
Playing some unknown sonata  
As my tears flow right from my cheeks.  

I feel numb and yet I continue to play
Is it enlightenment I'm trying to find
Or is it solitude,
Maybe I am blind  
My feelings must be crude.  
With each note I proceed
It defines just how I feel
Never ending sorrow  
It just keeps on going deep.  

I still try to find out  
Why am I so sad
And I find teardrops on my Piano
Trying to play some unknown sonata.
-Ikigai Poet
Ikigai Poet Jul 7
As the moon rises
My memory becomes clearer
Standing right here at the dusk
My heart becomes my feelings' mirror.

As the time passes  
The youth in me begins to rebel  
As I approach the midnight  
My pulse rise as well.  

Midnight memories and the moon,
As my eyes shed tears
I sail across the sea of memory  
Walk across the dunes of sorrow
Endure the pain to which there's no recovery.

As I look into the infinite skies
I ask myself and the world within me
"Why do I exist in such a dreadful place?"  
As I look down towards the earth  
An answer bubbles up within me
"Because you have a purpose."  

As the moonlight touch my scars  
They begin to have a melody of melancholy  
A pain felt, a memory recalled and my heart cried...  
As the moon reaches it's peak,  
I realize and feel the very skin I'm wrapped with and the energy it holds.

As the night begins to descend  
I see a shadow of someone lost long ago
Yet strives to find a way back to the soul.

As the sun begins to rise
So does the hope within me
But the world will remain the same  
And so will my memories.
Experiences are something valuable
But nothing teaches me a lesson like  
Midnight memories and the moon.  

-Ikigai Poet
She taught me
The unexpected way people fall in love.
To hear a voice croon a name so beautiful.
That you forget all the incorrect keys
it takes to create a masterpiece.
The refuge of having a piano fall on your head
At the most unexpected time.
All of the keys playing in the most beautiful harmony.
The way you say my name in un-orchestrated chaos
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