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Aaditya 8h
Wonder how,
keys of black and white
can fill your life
with all kinds of colours.
Mori 3d
We´re strangers
in society´s eyes,
however you aren´t
one of the dangers
or somebody who only tells lies.

You´ve hit my heart
while tapping on the piano key
but somehow,
we´re still apart
as if you were only one of the spring breezes.

I want to hear you play again.
Just once more.
Even if I needed to run through rain
until I would feel shore
or spend hours in a train
only waiting to meet you.

That´s all I´m asking for.

In the local bookstore where I live, there is a piano.
And on Fridays, there was always a guy who played Anime openings on it, so one day, I told him that he´s really talented.

Unfortunately, I haven´t seen him since that day.
The light will be shining
on me.
I'm supposed to be the star,
and yet I'm so
The keys will be right there,
waiting for me.
Black and white
silky, ivory keys.
Don't worry,
I tell myself.
And yet I know that
I will.
Tonight is my piano concert. Man, am I nervous!
writingsolo Jan 30
my heart was the keys under your hands,
the parts you swore to fix. Yet, I think
they worked better before you.
Chicken Jan 30
Nothin’ gets me out of my seat, more than You
and Your piano.

Your blackbird voice,
full with sorrow.
Broadsky Jan 24
I braced myself for the impact of what the blow would be. Kissing the sleep out of you on that cloudy Saturday morning keeps on running through my mind like the memories are water swirling in a whirlpool, they keep going and going before my eyes and I can't shut it out to sleep. You- God kissing you, feeling one of your arms go under my neck and the other around my waist made me feel like all the harsh silences and sad facts became irrelevant and all that mattered was the way you kissed me by the piano and the way you pulled my body towards you this morning. I'm preparing myself for the blow of you leaving and I don't want to.
October 11, 2014
We were at Pat's farm house
I'm nobody!
Who are you?
Are you a nobody, too?
I feel
just like a shadow,
but what
gives me my true body
is the piano.
I feel like music, and piano in particular, gives my my true meaning and body.
And yet again
I hear that familiar melody
running through
my ears.
it brings me tears.
I close
my eyes
and take a listen,
to the music
that brings me to a
whole new kingdom.
But it's
nothing special
playing that music.
It's just a piano
that sounds so fantastic.
How much I love the piano...
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i listened
to the sweet melody
you created
by the sweep of your fingers
curving those delicate fingers
making your skin tingle
and rattle.
kissing each note
with a soft greeting
but a hard farewell.
unveiling your soul
and all your intracies
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