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Gods1son Dec 8
I love the snowflakes as they descend from the sky
Oh, what a blessing from above
Pure, white, shiny and beautiful
Watching you fall is just astonishing

You have covered the land with your purity
I'm looking out the window, admiring your beauty
See how amazing you look on the trees
See all the houses with white roofs

A few lessons I have learnt from you
A number of people don't like your coldness
That's a reminder for me not to keep a cold attitude
The floors and roads become slippery
Tells me that it's important to thread life slowly and carefully
You come clean but we turn your beauty to something messy
Which means intentions could be misunderstood and mistreated

There are things you do that I'm not too pleased with
When you are around, it gets dark quite early
At 6pm, I'm already feeling sleepy
How about the stress of cleaning my car's windshield

All in all, I can't imagine a year without you
Good things often have their own challenges too
So, I will embrace all the blessings that come with you
And deal with the seemingly unpleasant ones too!
I just meant to lay my head on your chest,
For no other reason but to hug you right,
Then I realized for the first time after many a night,
That your heart was beating at it's best,
I smiled and wanted to cry,
          But Instead,
I silently thanked *** for giving me the sweetest lullaby,
last night before we went to bed.
©2018 Venjencie Clifton Arnold
Sweetest Lullaby (see) Author Ven J. Arnold on Facebook.
True Story. My husband has a bad heart. Last night, Decemeber 06, 2018 I laid my head on his chest while watching TV for no other reason but to hug & hold onto to him. That was when I noticed the rythmn if his heartbeat. Now you know the rest. I did look at him after a few moments and told him you're heartbeat is so healthy tonight only to lay my head back down and savour it. Then I looked up at him again and said, "You're heartbeat is my favorite lullaby." ©2018. I had already lost all interest in what we were watching on the tube... can't even recall the name of the show now. So I laid my head back down showing gratitude to ***.
l Recently changed my profile name on my website here from Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold to Venjencie,(as it is really is; separated Ven from Jencie was my & my mom's personal option to make it easier for me & others in writing it and calling me by, Jencie to shorten it).
Favorite pen name that I've used the most and will more than likely stick with is, SacredInkedBlood. Jesus shedding His blood is sacred to me. And knowing who my earthly dad was who I'd always felt was his very sacred that I'm in his bloodline.
See my FB page Author Ven J. Arnold and feel free to participate. Blessings.
This. Morning. Brings me. Hope.
Hope. Comforts. My lost. Soul.
Soul. Welcomes. Angel’s. Breath.
Breath. Living. Gift from. Heaven.
Heaven. Smiling. Above. Me.
Me. Thankful. I have. Life.
Blogging at www.insightshurt.com
Buy “Insights Hurt: Bringing Healing Thoughts To Life” at store.bookbaby.com/book/insights-hurt
I hope you find the wisdom to understand why you’re better off without some people and why some people had to leave instead of holding on without really knowing why. I hope you find the strength to let go before you fall. I hope you find the courage to leave before you get lost. I hope you see people for who they are not who you want them to be.
I hope you know that life is hard but it gets easier when the things that are meant for you fall into place. It gets easier when you stop running and stay put. When you learn how to wait because good things take time and good people are hard to find. I hope you know that’s what meant for you will never pass you by.
I hope you understand that if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. That if you have to force things to happen and lie to yourself and go against your beliefs, then it’s not for you. I hope you don’t get attached to wrong things or temporary things. I hope you understand that your journey doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s.
I hope you learn how to let go of the life you wanted and live the one that’s meant for you. Live your journey. Live your own story. I hope you learn how to let go of what’s not yours.
I hope you know the difference between what you want and what you need.
I hope you learn that no matter how hard you fight, you’re bound to lose the battles that are not meant to be yours.
I hope you wait for your own blessings. I hope you don’t stop believing that your time is coming. I hope you hold your head up high and walk away with pride when you feel unwanted or unappreciated. I hope you know that when you find what’s meant for you, the confusion will go away. The madness will make sense. The pain inside your heart will vanish. And your happy ending will find you.
Mary Ab Oct 29
Take a moment and ponder upon your life,
The moments you were depressed and hopeless
Aren't they over,
Didn't you find a better situation,
Reflect upon all the things that happened to you,
Even if it might seem that you've been alone and no one was there for you,
In fact Allah was always there,
Helping you through and providing you with all what you need while you were away consumed by your fears..  

Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart,
Shout to it to calm down, Allah is here always to help you ..

End your worries and start a peaceful fresh beginning with the chapter of your life,
Name it "Reliance and Certainty"

Be forever grateful for your lord for every single bounty that He provided you
You are  blessed to be here and do ardently know that Allah will give you the power and patience to continue and shine in your life..

because you are a S U R V I VO R ...
Mary Ab Oct 29
Close your eyes and open your heart,
Can you hear the silence!
Can you see the darkness!
Be grateful for the little things you have in life,
For all our lives are full of bounties and blessings..

Mingling with other people from different backgrounds and Ethnicities inspired me and made me wondering in the deepest meanings of life

Allah created us for one aim which is to worship Him alone..
He empowered us with all the tools that would help us to achieve life's goal
The holy Quran will heal your heart and the sunnah of our prophet Muhammed PBUH will enlighten your path..

A letter to one's self..

Thank you is the least word I can utter to express my gratitude for you my lord
You created me out of love before I was nothing,
You gave me everything..
From the beauty to the health and wealth
The eyes, ears, hands, legs and heart :")
A muslim family that helped me through,
The Arabic language that allows me to enjoy Quran,  
You made me walk through your path to discover your light
Thank you for the awakening moments you granted me
Thank you for the air I breath the beauty I see and the food I eat
Thank you for the birds and trees
For the water and leaves
For the seasons and planets
For the sun and the moon
The clouds and the sky
If I ever start I can never count all the blessings you granted me

It is really important to step back on your life and start thinking and Talking to your self
To give your soul the boost to continue this life
To empower your faith and renew your tawakul (reliance on Allah)

I felt the need to cry when I attended today's speech by one of the sisters
She spoke about how insan needs to always rely on his Lord
Yeah sometimes you really get confused in the realms of life and you forget all the bounties that you've been blessed with
Shaytan comes to you  and start whispering that you always need more..
It's okay to always need more because Allah loves when his servants
pray to him and asks from him,
But this doesn't mean to forget all what you've been blessed with

It's really important to specify an hour each morning to reflect upon your life and to thank Allah for every single moment you have

Allah has created you out of love,
You are a unique version of your self
Nobody is completely like you
You are you and you should love yourself because Allah wants you to be like that..

All praise is to Allah!
Humans should always thank Allah for all the blessings and bounties! you will certainly face difficult times in your life because this life is a test!
all you have to do is to rely on Allah and always seek his help and satisfaction <3
Leo Janowick Oct 28
A blessing you painted with the flavor of life,
Soothing words with the muse of love;
With the colors of life;
Magic! !
With the colors of love;
North view,
South view,
East view,
West view! ! !
A blessing you painted with the romance of nature;
Like the sun and the windmill,
With the doorway of peace.
Send me an angel lord, to stand by my side..
Angels are blessings from the past life, so they never say goodbye.

Send me an angel lord,
Help lead the blind
Show me, what I need to find
Guide my destiny into permanent salvation
Please show me the way of life.

I prayed, I prayed and asked ***
" Life has got me living on a clipped wing,
How can my soul be free ? "
I need an angel from you ***
Make this cold heart sing !

*** told me,
In order to send an Angel
I need to believe, I can fly.

Happy Sunday everybody! Hope everyone has a good day.
and of

Not **Fear
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