Rachael 20h

take me back to simpler times.
when the bond was just being formed and all my inhibitions disappeared.
you did your best to tear down my walls, leaving me vulnerable & naked.
but for your eyes only.
with your eyes only..
you saw what nobody else could or..
what nobody else would.
before you, the only thing that mattered to me was protecting my heart.
and even though I wanted to let the guard down, I couldn't.
I was afraid of getting lost in you; you know that's my deepest fear.. to drown.
but you persisted & I relented.
because I've always been so curious.
but of course, I wouldn't make it easy for you.
I just had to know what it would do for you, had to figure out what it meant for you.
would you be pleased with what you found?
would you take what you wanted or needed and then leave me?
given my track record with this love shit, I thought the latter would be inevitable .
but on the contrary,
you didn't tear the walls down to steal what was inside.
I mean, you couldn't.
my rules were simple: seek and you shall find.
couldn't make it easy for ya.
because my love was all I had left with just a little bit of pride.. and so my heart, I had to hide.
because I'd rather be hard to love than easy to leave.
instead, you pushed through all the obstacles I set just to find me stuck in the mud.
you didn't rush me, you didn't complain..
you just waited for me to emerge from the darkness.
and you built a new wall for me.
but this time with you inside.
to protect me from everything that I wanted to protect myself from but couldn't.
you saw the lotus waiting to bloom and you waited with me.
you were so patient with me.
you loved me so much that I began to love myself more than I ever thought possible.
I was the best me while I was with you.
but I relapsed.
I fell victim to my demons.
I was so selfish.. I turned around and pushed you away.
I stole your light; I felt obligated to your energy.
I kept everything you gave me and everything you taught me and locked it away for safe keeping.
even though I did nothing with it..
I wanted to keep every part of you possible.
But I forgot the reciprocation.
I didn't take care of you as much as you took care of me.
you let me drain you and you didn't flinch.
you still smiled and said, "I love you always."
I never thought I would be faced with the reality of losing you ..
complacent and ungrateful, what a combination.
but you forgave me. for everything.
and you still love me.
and I still love you.
and that's one thing that won't change.
the love that won't leave.
although you've taught me how to be whole with and without you, I'd rather do it all with you.
so I pray that one day.. if time permits and the universe says yes..
we'll find our way back to each other.
no rush & no pressure because I'm still growing and you are too..
and although you always said you don't know how to love..
I just want you to know..
if loving me was the first time you've tried, you got it right.
thank you for being my blessing,
thank you for showing me the light.

to the one that never gave up, my first real love. and hopefully, my last.
fair warning, when you find someone that takes care of you, someone that builds you up, someone that loves you when you don't love yourself but they do everything to make sure that you grow to do just that... don't let them go.. it'll be a heavy price you have to pay.

no matter how hard
these winds blow and shake me
i stay  r o o t e d  with the Earth
storms exist to awake me

Stanzas a few times read  
and I must tell you I have become a tad sad

I regard it is as if you are talking to God
and you are damned correct on the right spot

I know you uttering the most devotional prolific prayer
retrieving tranquillity balm of a blissful joy.
you are gracious and humbling in your devotion
you exhaled fresh divine air in our community.

Your stanzas are a great pleasurable read
and the Blessings in Abundance be upon us all

thank you so much that I may be here to see you praying
to make my dreams come true and be forgiving
I do hope you would follow too,
then happiness would come to us so true

in creating this sweet reality nowhere but
now here….

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

AD. Wednesday the 17th of January 2018.
@ 21.45 hrs.P.M. West-European Time
Star BG Jan 2

Blessings are infused in breath.
Pulsating from Mother Gia’s heart and
drifting behind clouds in moment.

They are inside notes of birds.
With suns rays of grace and
behind a tear from eyes.

We are moving as children of The Divine.
Meant to align with love every day.
Meant to rise and face what life brings
to move in peace and harmony.

Bath in blessings from beyond.
Let eyes catch the sun light
and twinkling stars.
We are meant to awake now
and be in a new reality.

The reality of love and blessings

Inspired by chat with Amanda Shelton
Lyn-Purcell Jan 1

This poem marks my wishes that
I want in this New Year.
2017 is now a closed chapter,
and I hope to leave all the misfortune behind.
So I pray

That this year, I will be blessed with happiness
and stability for everyone; my three families.
My friends, my blood, and HelloPoetry...

This year, I will be able to hone my craft
and have to confidence to go
after my dreams.

And finally,
I pray that my mother remains in good health.
Let me not worry about her all the time.

2017 has been a year of heavy burdens.
Where I felt like I couldn't handle anything.
I know there is no end to our burdens, so
I ask for you to broaden my shoulders
So I can bear the burdens
and grasp my blessings.

2017 was messed up. I swear alot of things happened where I felt so overwhelmed that there were times where I cried so hard and I wanted to fade away.
I hope that 2018 will be a better year, for me and for everyone else.
Happy New Year, HelloPoetry!
Mohamed Adel Jan 1

In your eyes
I saw the world
But i knew it wasn't meant to be
I knew it would never unfold

You were a shining star
I couldn't bare to dim
I had to keep my distance
And compose this melancholic hymn

I wish i were worthy
I wish i could keep up with you
But you're too far away
Our story could never ensue

Just let me enjoy
This moment of peace
When i witness your eyes
And my darkness, i could release

I'll be watching you
As you fly away
An angel ascending
Blessing my day

I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to one and all
and hope that together we'll try and not to forestall
each others efforts to write directly from the heart
what life and nature itself is thereby eager to impart
about our journey with them to find out the reasons
as to why we're all here and to enjoy those seasons
and phases of our lives with all their highs and lows
without which we'd have nothing God only knows.

Always try and do the right thing.
so that at least it may good bring.

Have a happy, safe, healthy,
prosperous and creative
New Year in 2018
Many Blessings
to one and all.

This one came straight from the heart on New Year's day 2018
Bret Nov 2017

Hells blessings
Wear me like clothes.

I think I'm going out of style.

My fellow poets
On Hello Poetry|
Seem to want
To here the Truth
Even if the Truth
Is very strange and irreverent.
How else could a poem
About divorce and masturbation
End up being
The most popular poem
I've ever written?

Khushi Saha Oct 2017

When I was born , everyone pulled my cheek,

But they all vanished the moment I began to weep,

Oh Maa! I cried in pain,

My reflexes knew it better that rest all will be in vain.

When I was five, I was sent to school,

Two soul cried that day, being parted by a

wall as stubborn as a mule.

Time went on and now I am grown ,

Lost in a world of my own.

I yell at you at times only to cry later,

I do things out of your will only to regret later.

Blessed to have you in my life Maa….

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