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Babble, babble
They excelled
In their careers
Heavy weights
Of degrees, fellowships
Chairmen, directors
Prestigious institutions, organisations
Received Govt. recognition
Bestowed with
High civilian awards
Propagate pseudoscience
In an endeavour
To be smart
I don't pity them
Pity their degrees, awards
When the nation
In crisis
Corona menacingly advancing
Heavy death tolls already
Oxygen, hospital beds scarcity
They condemn vaccination
Discouraging people
To avoid it
These men of
Creating fear
Singing sinister song
As if whole medical science is wrong
Men are mortal
One day everyone dies
From experience we generalise
Is it logically possible
One day one may prove
Here's a man who will
Never die
Bizzare are these great men's beliefs
They don't realise public's grief
They condemn and criticize vaccination drive
Themselves NO SOLUTION they could arrive
They simply condemn and criticize
For they're smart
In possession of great degrees and awards!
Prompted by a recent video of a great man who is a professional and has received a second highest civilian award.
Annika Apr 14
Going through the process
Growing through the process
Letting go

I know, I'm being tested
For the amplitude of abudance that is to be poured over my head
trickle to my feet

For my Karma should be as light as morning break
As captivting as the sunrise

That first I must go through the pain
to come out on the otherside
To grasp the blessing that have been so eagarly
prepared for me
Knock knock
Fortune knocked at my door one time
I let the stranger in without knowing his name
He said he had walked all through the town looking for me and almost gave up
Somehow he had my address and found me
We had a beautiful conversation
He looked tired and had a lot of luggage that I didn't know how he carried
It was definitely heavy
At first, I was scared that maybe he was carrying a bomb
He turned to my sight and told me "I have a package for you"
In it were blessings
Keys to rooms with everything I wished for
He then said his goodbye and left
I'm just glad I answered the door when the doorbell rang
Everything you desire will surely come to you one day
Just be hopeful and patient
SomaSonata Mar 27
Some days
I like the way the world has changed
I want to kiss you and smile
And jump and shout
But my feet stay grounded
And the feelings won't pour out
Oceans no longer divide our hearts
I'd like to think we'd never cry apart
Moment's notice I'm running out
Birthdays on sunny Saturdays
Car keys
Last rights
Secretive admirations and sweet nothings
Following the waves ashore to their destinations
One night
It's late and there's a light still on in a single room
From the break of dawn on into the afternoon
Prodigal sons and heavenly daughters
Carefree times to embrace the things that really matter
And then comes Sunday
I hold my breath and wait
Will the love reciprocate?
Can the givers learn to take?
One day maybe I will finally understand
What it meant to take your hand
What you said, it lifted me
Sweet release, at last relief
Good night, goodbye
Sweet dreams
Last night I had this realization
Life's too short to live to hate
Tomorrow morning when I wake
I think I'll lay down some roots and be here to stay
And learn to live and laugh and enjoy myself
All this stinging pain has worn me out
As the blinding light gives way to night
Good night
City lights
Blessings all dressed up in disguise
Twist the truth but tell no lies
Good news these days is everywhere
Sometimes if you don't know where to look
It's hard to find but on the hook
Last gasp of breath but had a good time
Is what I'll say
Francie Lynch Mar 21
If you're an agricultural enthusiast,
Or gifted tower dwelling urbanite,
I know a priest who’ll bless your cockerel, favorite cow,
pig, sheep (with a predilection for lambs), tractor and
two-seater outhouse,
(I once saw a priest bless Farmer Paul’s load of manure).
He’ll lift a hand over
dog, cat, gerbil, cockatoo,
Foster children, adoptees, naturals and the unnatural.

They will bless people in love;
they will bless their love;
But not the union born from their love.

All love, he will say,
Is Divine.

God does not bless sin, said Papa.

Tsk, tsk... it's only a blessing, for Christ's sake.
Shame on the RC Church.
Paromita Mar 13
In the lap of my master
I sit and look

With eyes closed & an open heart
Observing every passing thought

With dispassion
No dissection
No judgments passed

Just watching the drama
Is a simple joy
Than getting entangled
And ending up in knots

Your grace...your blessings
Will see me through, I guess
Through the cliched weariness
& mundane thoughts

Overwhelmed by manipulations at play
I sometimes feel like running away
But the closure of the eyes
Makes me realize
That you're everywhere ...
Hence there's more inward-running to do
Than any attempts of running away...
Rain drops
are the tears
of the

are the smiles
of the

Tears of joy
from an overwhelm
The weight of the joy is heavy

On days we see the rain falling with the sun shining
Should we  expect blessings
A Prayer

Blessings to our almighty God on high
Gather our faith as it falls from the sky
Guide us forever from the fires of Hell
Breaking the notorious devil's evil spell
In blessed glory may God always reign
And we live in sacred peace once again
God lift us from the places that we fall
Let us hear your Heavenly angels call

Chorus:Take our hearts to where angels fly
God don't let your sweet love ever die

Lift our spirits within glorious release
Bringing home your everlasting peace
We are now living in times of Holy sin
Open our hearts and let god within
Why don't we say a Heavenly prayer
By the gates of Heaven God be there
From the wings of faith and desire
God be our one and only Holy fire

Chorus:Take our hearts to where angels fly
God don't let your sweet love ever die

From a garden now filled with thorns
A new and lasting hope will be born
Allow God to enter you heart and soul
Bless you in golden heart of pure gold
Let God's love forever come to stay
Bringing hope to every night and day

Chorus: Take our hearts to where angels fly
God don't let your sweet love ever die

By Gary Edward Allen 2021
All of my songs are copyrighted and for sale on Songbay
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