Andreas Simic May 14
Worry less
reduce stress

Let go
have love show

Hold a hand
take a stand

Lose control
shore patrol

Distemper the temper
alleviate anger

Less of a lug
more bear hugs

Take a hike
ride my bike

Get a kiss
from my Miss

Turn off the TV
just be

Count blessings
not window dressings


Be a friend
till the end

Andreas Simic©
From the very childhood
I used to go to a temple
amidst the valley beyond the wood
a heavenly place for soul to 'scramble'

Near to my college  
near to my home
a divine support
where ever I roam

In groups I talked about the place
that ultimate peace, the solace
My friends though never visited
had that same 'feel' enlisted

Blessings bestowed to them in ample
Not sure behind this was the temple!!!!
Many of them went abroad
and I on the same road

A selfish corner of mine
made a query to the shrine
The answer cleared the grim

Note: 'HE' for Almighty
Waiting for a hint
A spark to light the attic
To burn off the lint
And clear the static

But waiting to know
Is not the same as learning
I wonder where my blessings go
When my useless mind is turning

Wishing for a helpful push
In the direction of my choice
Like a burning bush
To hand me my own voice

Growing living dying
Waiting waiting waiting
Is the same as sleeping
Without the joy of dreaming
Seema Apr 20
If God has a way of doing things right...
Then why we blame each other day and night...
Life is beautiful and meant for living...
Then why you say its not worth believing...
We have many differences that we've seen with time...
Then why we fuss and feel that I've committed a crime...
I stood up in every work you confronted...
But it seems like it was all taken for granted...
You may feel that despite your petty deeds...
I fulfilled every of your hopeless needs...
Don't be too assured of your lame instincts...
For I know how it feels like when words stings...
Too bad I had to let you go without cursing...
For God will do his best and deliver his blessings!

People and their leashing words. Hurtful.
Kwamé Apr 7
I'm too old for fairy tales
Don't entertain me
With myths and tall tales
Of a fair maiden that
Awaits a top a castle
In a land far far away
Chivalry is dead
And you killed it

With this catch and release,
Find a mate, toy with them,
And when bored cast them away,
cleanse your hands with bleach
And forget they exist
I should count my blessings
But this obsession with all
This shame and rejection
Got me playing memories
Like this on a loop
Previews of purgatory
Aaron LA Lux Apr 5
give thanks,
stay blessed,

yoga is a daily meditation,
that always beats a head depression,

mix my asanas with vegetables,
but no pasta nah because I’m gluten free,
stay hydrated and celebrated because I made it,
out of the gutter and into the upper echelons of society,

now I practice Jiu-Jitsu,
with the Gracies in Beverly Hills,
now I’ve got beautiful guy friends,
and amazing lover girls,

see these hands and massage your tensions,
or they can choke you into submission,
I could plant a seed that gives birth to life,
or I could take a life away in 8 seconds,
we can give life and taketh away,
I’d say it’s all just a matter of intention,
and they say that necessity,
is the mother of all inventions,

shout out to Plato for coming up with that one,
as we mold our future like Play Doh,
see we literally made everything we have,
we are literally our own creators,

it’s incredible what we can manifest,
as cliche as that sounds,
see you are the Master of your own destiny,
you decide if you win or lose,

every morning is a new day and a new chance to choose,

don’t let Yesterday’s regrets,
hold you back from Tomorrow’s goals,
get rid of any addiction you might have,
if that addiction doesn’t serve the soul,

see maybe reincarnation is real,
or maybe it’s not,
either way you’re alive right now,
and right now this life is all you’ve got,

to live your life,
that’s why they call it living,
and give thanks before every meal,
as if every meal is Thanksgiving,

see I have a saying,
if you don’t thank God for your blessings,
then you’ll soon have no more blessings,
to thank God for,

so give thanks,
not only to God but to your friends,
and not only to your friends,
but also to your self,

stay focused,
be true,
and remember this is only advice,
ultimately it’s all up to you,

so what are you going to do,
what choices are you going to make,
are you going to be one of the Real Ones that shine,
or are you just going to be another fronting fake,

choose wisely,
and over all be good,
give thanks nightly,
remember to rest well,

get as much sleep as you need,
so you can awake refreshed,
pay attention to your dreams,
and let go of all regrets,

give thanks,
stay blessed.

∆ LaLux ∆

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KMH Mar 29
I’d like to think
That as a person,
I am good;
That I do good things.

But sometimes,
As I lie awake at night,
I count my blessings
And I count
My sins.
Sometimes I wish I knew what people think of me.
SelinaSharday Mar 23
I feel empowered..I'm here to love on me..
here to support me.
love on some me..
after seeing how others will take me for granted.
take my sweet gentle nature and ignore it.
fail to appreciate it.
Hurt and abuse me
My time I give my attention I give.
And play the games of neglect with me.
After I bring the positivity.
My sunshine my smooth uplifting gift.
I've got a better spiritual outlook.
Not goin to lay my pearls at your foot.
My love don't belong on the ground.
To be kicked all around.
Nah nah nah no!
I'm going to say the things I've failed to let flow.
I'm going to release my tongue..
Building up my self esteem a useful weapon.
Its about me keeping going, not being injured by the tragic done.
Stop others from trappling my precious rose petals.
I realize the gift in me, some will not get my specials.
I'm seeking to stay focused.
and enlightened, Aware of my spiritual.
As the purest forms of me unfolds.
By selinasharday
S.A.M 2018
recognized this beauty in oneself, even when others treat you so poorly off and aware stand up fot the gift you are.
Dany Mar 15
We search seas for rough
cleansing, but
some times, some new
some old,
we search for her to lap away
the warmth in our sun-born flesh,
to ease away the white-hot-heat and frenzy,
till her cold wet fatigue may kiss us full
of calm, of passivity, of loftiness, of sea-foam docility
and to chill our temperment some.
Sip her blessings, child,
but I warn you, her cup overfloweth
and in your wanting,
your pining doubt,
an open mouth spells a ominous quiet,
and a hushed sigh of grief--
for the sea mourns your passing--
or rather, the passing of the warmth
she grasped too quickly at
when your heavy head dipped too low
too weakly, and bright eyes closed cold
and meekly.
pk tunuri Mar 14
If someone cries for you
Those tears will be blessings upon you
But, if someone cries because of you
Those tears will eventually be a curse upon you
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