I asked her to stay calm
She told me her heart was too wild
It could not be tamed
A fire burned in her soul
I gave her a love she could only buy from me
I was her dealer, and blind lover
For I saw love through her

Lyn-Purcell Sep 7

Sunborn scales of the Imperial Dragon
     whose body is entwined in a purple cloud.

               His feathered tail whips around with vibrant colours as it

   is  like the peacock's beloved eye of the Emerald Seas.
With coiling whiskers of fiery carnelians

              and eyes born of liquid sunrise
                    whose roar rattles the sky and cracks the Pearl Moons

           and out pours the Virtues of Harmony, wingless dragons

who dance to the music of the Heavens and it rains silver feathers,

            wind-beaten. Sweet, soft, feathery wishes that perch on my

                    shoulders that brings me tranquil seas.

A poem that I wrote in my journal by looking at the night's sky.

Church bells ring
the lord calling you to bring your unclean soul
he that forgives all
is ready to wash you clean
take away all of your flaws
Sunday morning love is in the air
He that loves you is ready to fill your void
Protect you so you won't be destroyed
take away your emptiness
and fill you with holiness
clean your mess
while you say your grace
pray for forgiveness
he even listens to the smallest requests

Spread love not hate
Spread peace and share faith
For giving is the only form of recieving
Believing is the only way of achieving
We are humans, different in race but one in spirit, let's learn to inherit this love and share it

Black Aug 22

I sing a song each day to God.  I praise Him every day.
His blessings...we see everywhere.  His will we must obey.
Our gift to Him is gratefulness and prayers of thanks we give.
But most of all....our gratitude....expressed in how we live.
Piety is useless and a sham in every way...if we don't put in action...our intentions every day.
And yet, He understands our flaws.  Our weaknesses He knows.
He sent His Son to take our sins....our failure often shows.
We've lost our way, it seems to me.  We take and don't give back.
Forgiveness is an art we've lost...and tolerance we lack.
His lessons we have read and heard....but do heed them well?
We risk the loss of heaven and forget the pains of Hell.
This world was once an Eden.  a sphere of green and blue.
We're changing it through avarice...which soon we're bound to rue.
We kill and maim.  We starve and rape. Cruelty is rife.
He knows when every sparrow falls.  He marks contempt of life.
And that is why I sing to Him.  I just want Him to know:
We thank Him for the gift of life....but we'll reap the crop we sew.

Kelly Aug 16

Big and small they come in with glimmers of hope. They cover me like fire being sucked into a room. Igniting my fierce determination, carrying me like foot prints on the sand. My blessings come to me as a surprise, when all hope seemed to be gone a flower still sprouts from the barren ground. Soon this will be a field covered in life and beauty. Bringing me to my full potential. Thank You for carrying me, thank You for shaking me awake to see the small glimpses of beauty among the dirt. I've learn to appreciate the dark because the light is now so much more important to me. I will now go forward through life picking the beautiful roses along the way, keeping them with me forever. Thank You for carrying me, thank You for my blessings.

- Kelly <3

Star BG Aug 12

Blessings on this grand day
where the wind blows to hug, 
sun shines to warm,
and earth vibrates with song.

Blessings on this grand day,
where light integrates dark,
fear becomes transmuted to love,
and everyone knows who they are.

StarBG © 2017

Blessings fellow poets
Lyn-Purcell Aug 6

Be sure to count your blessings
every day.

Be grateful...
redberries Aug 2

never have I ever been confident in myself

so forgive me
when I fear

that this 'love' I think it is
isn't The love

Trust me when I say
with all my heart,

I want you to be The One.
so very much
more than anything I've wanted ever in my life

which says a lot.
I have many wishes that came back as disappointments

But I've always known how blessed I am

So I wish
this time

with all the blessings I will ever have
for the future and love we promised each other
to be real.

Nashoba Aug 1

I walked with you in the rain. The only one who was able to understand that game.
Game you said. Others were sad. But you were the one that gathered it all in your head.
Life is short each second counts you see. Finding happiness in the simplest of things this is what life was met to be.
We both traveled many lonesome roads. Darkness inside us that we couldn't leave alone. It chased us both. Made us run faster than we should.
But only you truly understood.
Now the blessings of the rain to walk hand in hand cleanse all those fears.
Thankful for finding you. May our love continue to last through and through to the end of our years.
Remember the rain the laughter we share. Many more blessings are coming for us to share.

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