She's solid, smooth,
her lines run true
built for blessings
tongue and groove
Throughout the years
We've gathered round
she's shared each bounty
she's ever found
Boys and girls
and Walnut swirls
grain filled beams
hold Grandma's dreams
Hands and elbows
press and plunder
pairs of feet
all kicking under
Where glasses ring
and Grace we bring
she's heard each prayer
and praise we sing
She quietly sits
so strong and stable
our memories set
The Family Table

Grandma's table was always full of people and food. Her Lazy Susan was the first Wheel of Fortune. I was fortunate enough to sit at her table and partake of her goodness that she doled out so graciously always with a heaping helping of her love.
Star BG Jul 2

The stage curtain opens  everyday for you to dance in inside grace. Take a step and let the world be anointed by your greatness.

EXTRA poem connected to QUOTE

I took a step on stage of life
and what did I yes find?
Energies of light and love
so I know I'm divine.

As I move from left to right
I find great blessings near.
Now I move with gratitude
releasing all my fear.

I turn and bow inside of Day.
I Sing a special song.
As I connect to God's love.
I know where I belong.

quote written by me.?

In the house of poems
there are no words
only sheaths of rapture
color and puzzle cutouts
on an empty table
composed of shadow thin
aching smoke ghosts
aphotic and tender
twisting souls in labyrinths lurid
cum shake sweet inky orgasms
that turn earth
to pleasure domes
and shadows
like cimmerian children
in harsh judgment
sucking on
purple night shade candies
burning incense and black candles
uncrossing energies foreboding
while subterranean crystals
refract burnished glows
pulsing blood diamonds
in sacred heart manias
throb with warm breathy kisses
on plates of ash
a terrace of pink flickering tongues
drooling and biting
that turn mere pleasure
into inflammations of ecstasy
oozing creme de menthe saliva
where souls levitate and flutter
on bilious stained beds
being impregnated with verse
smelling of warm cunt cauldron

fetuses curl
in their little crib's
and bubble tapioca lyric wrangles
afterbirths purged
poems emerge
like sand bars and palm tree islands
sopping woven tunnels
flow stone stalactites
as pink ballet pastries
with architected calves
caress upturned posteriors
dancing in glitter frilly word tutus
while torrid confessions
dreaded breakdowns
and resurrections
dress themselves in garments
of language re-pleat
quickened by eloquence
in the house of poems

I was there when you arrived….
You took my breath as I watched you shine
I heard you gasp for air and cry
My heart beat for you
And then your wandering eyes
Found my voice

My precious child….
Oh, how you have grown
You danced through life
Before us all,
And I followed each beautiful step
With my aging eyes…

You were God’s gift to me…
Though you were never mine
Daddy’s little girl you will always be
I knew this day would finally come
But I was not ready
To let you go

© gmw '09

Children come and children grow, it's always hard to let them go...
Damian Murphy Jun 12

Alas, what is of importance,
What is of most significance,
We oft' know not by its presence,
We learn only by its absence;
Oft' we fail to appreciate
What we have before it's too late.

Jacob Jun 9

When it rains it pours, and the sun gets harder to see
However like Moses, you'll open the waters to part the sea
As long as you love like Cupid with his archery
There'll be no nightmares
And you'll see dreams even before you fall asleep
Life keeps piling up and I know it's harder to hide it
Stress and a little silence
I know it's easy to blame society
But keep your head up because I promise it gets better
Alyssa, didn't they tell you?
Diamonds are made under pressure
Breathe in and think, remember your blessings
All from what you have gone through
I know no one who can do it better
For you and yours, you proved it all
And that's why I love you
Look how you evolved
To a beautiful independent woman and nothing less than
Keep being you, because being you is what you're best at

This is for AGH.

It's Thursday
If it were Wednesday
It would be the same
again, you are not here
     I think to call someone else
and have regrettable sex
and forget you for a night
but I don't
I'm tired of it
I'll be alone
I think I'll sit by myself
    and talk to the gods
they don't exist
but they are nearer than you

Star BG May 24

I’m taken care of by my spirit.
I’m taken care of by Gods love.
I’m feel blessings from the angels.
I’m divine to glide like dove.

I’m taken care of inside breath now.
I’m taken care of by Gods hand.
I feel blessed by loving beings.
I’m divine to move on land.

I’m taken care of to fly in dreams.
I’m taken care of by the Divine.
I feel blessed and am a blessing.
I’m divine inside grand rhyme.

I’m taken care of as I bow down.
I’m taken care of to reach out.
I feel my truth inside my heartbeat.
I’m divine as I do shout.

StarBG © 2017

Even when the ink started to run
You helped me find the meaning in the verse
Your cologne smelled like September
And I knew even if we both got lost out there
The sun would still rise and set
I took a lesson from the darkness
And I never scorch my tongue on hot coffee
I no longer cross the street with blind eyes

Ami Shae May 20

Three wishes I was given
but they were not to be used on me
I had to wish for something special
for other eyes to see--
so I wished for a rainbow to shine
on every dear family member
and friend of mine--
and then I wished for them to follow
the rainbow all the way through
and discover a pot of gold (yes, real gold!)
for them to use or hold onto--
But wish number three was the easiest of all
I wished for good health and blessings to befall
all of those I love so dear and true
and I hope you know, that these 3 wishes
are all wished for you!

Sorry I've been gone so long. Life has been crazy chaotic, but good. I hope all of you are well and that good things are happening for you! :D
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