Seema 2d
If God has a way of doing things right...
Then why we blame each other, day and night...
Life is beautiful and meant for living...
Then why you say its not worth believing...
We have many differences that we've seen with time...
Then why we fuss and feel that I've committed a crime...
I stood up in every work you confronted...
But it seems like it was all taken for granted...
You may feel that despite your petty deeds...
I fulfilled every of your hopeless needs...
Don't be too assured of your lame instincts...
For I know how it feels like when word stings...
Too bad I had to let you go without cursing...
For God will do his best and deliver his blessings!

Scribbling thoughts.
As the months' pass,
And years go by,
Let us all show our thanks,
To the One who provides

Let us all bless,
His almighty name
So to His goodness,
Our lips will proclaim

He has blessed us,
With mercy and grace,
With hope and strength,
To stay faithful in this race

He has blessed us,
With His merciful and everlasting love,
With His promises,
That we’ll be with Him above

He has blessed us with redemption,
Through Jesus’ blood, we embrace,
For the forgiveness of sin,
Through the richness of His grace

He has blessed us,
With every spiritual blessing,
In the heavenly places in Christ,
So into Him, we’ll keep on pressing
He has blessed us,
With all we could ever need,
Blessed with His word,
Our hunger it can feed!

Psalm 103:1-2
“Bless the Lord, O my soul;
And all that is within me, bless His holy name!
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
And forget not all His benefits”
Psalm 34:1
“I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth”
Ephesians 1:3
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.”

♡♡♡  Let us rejoice in the Lord, for He is good, and His mercies and love is everlasting! ♡
What is the best Gift?
Means you are in my thoughts,
I love you,
I care for you.
I prostate before God for you,
I speak on your behalf,
I pray for you with sincerity,
I pray with trust in HIM.
My prayers will do three things,
My prayers will be answered,
Will bring a blessing for you,
Will ward off  your difficulty or calamity.
God loves each one of us uniquely,
HE chooses what is best for us,
HE sends an Angel in human form to answer your prayers,
I may be the Angel who prays for you.
God loves us all.If you persevere  and have patience HE surely will answer your prayers
Did you hear about the small boy
Who smiled...
In the pouring rain ?
Legend has it, he was an angel from God
That got soaked with change.
Some people say
He only can been seen
When you walk by faith..
Oh what an amazing sight to see !
A small boy, wanting a Man's strength...

Amanda Jul 14
Turn the page, begin a new chapter,
I have placed the past at the start of the book,
Good day to start the rest of your novel,
The time and place to change is now; just look.

There is no better moment than the present,
Do what you have always wanted to do,
If you wait for the "right" opportunity to come
Might accidentally pass by you.

Every day a chance to write a new story,
An idle pen is of no use,
Neglecting the blessings life has to offer
Is it's own unique form of self-abuse.
Don't waste life away
there’s a Light in you
Divine Sight in you
do not forget your
Cosmic Roots

can you recall
all those falls
that led you
to much
higher places?

different faces
don’t mistake
the same
they come
your way
until the day
you change
your ways

reactions are
a choice we make
but never have you
made “mistakes”
your redirections
pave the way

i won’t be frank
i see the Sun
in all you’ve done
the moon it rises
with you as one

your DNA
is from above
with chromosomes
of endless L O V E

there’s nothing wrong
with what you’ve done—
a miracle, you have become
Ooolywoo Jul 5
She is blessed with rawness that makes her crave voyaging
She is blessed with self love that makes her crave a sincere smile
Her beauty is contagious and juvenile
One touch and you get fiend of her
She will make you deter
By all means, you will yield
She is blessed with something concealed
Only the worthiest may discover
Inspired by Ashi Studio instagram caption "She was blessed with a certain  rawness that made her crave voyaging"
Krishnapriya Jun 25
First day on the job
I pray
The breeze smiles
Trees rustle
Shower benedictions
Upon me
All is well
Always will be
Walking to office and feeling the blessing of Mother Nature -- all will be well! :)
its bitter Jun 13

perfect things come in small packages:

gold rings and goldfinches,

sun-soaked raindrops,

marigolds, goldenrods,

memories golden-hued,

and you, dear Goldie, too.

You shared with us such time-worn treasures:

the swimming hole,

orchids blooming ferociously in Hawaiian humidity,

children lost and children gained – your bittersweet legacy,

misplaced brassieres in laundromats,

atrocious climates and thermostats,

and speaking of weather – Stormy Daniels too.

Your sense of humor shone right through –


For life can be an ordeal, you know it well I’m sure

and golden youthful moments too soon become silver

With each winter’s passing cold,

frost-heaving each and every life,

cracks spread across our pavement for

against the inevitable, we can’t fight

and giggling rivers grow slow and stale

and evening skies sicken and pale

But despite the cold winds, you – dear Goldie –

Remain golden still.
In my creative writing class, we interviewed residents of old-folks home. This poem is dedicated to Goldie W - a lovely 94 year old who absolutely captivated my heart with her stories, sense of humour, and attitude on life.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 12
Blessings in winter
Rain of spring leaves
Drift home once more
Hearth captures all hearts
with love as a cloak
And we bond
This one is an old poem I just found reading my old journal from 2012-13.
Man, time seriously flies! And the trip down memory lane is great!
It really shows how much I've evolved with my pen!
And I sure as hell will keep on inkin'! ^.^
Thanks so much everyone! You're all amazing!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
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