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Nicole Sep 29
One thing I know is that I was loved
In this world,
And that in fact is the greatest riches
Anyone could ever find.
copykitten Sep 27
I know not enough words to weave you a beautiful story. The extraordinary sceneries, the overflowing emotions; I can describe neither. And you'd put me in a great deal of trouble and frustration if you ever ask me to describe life, for any words I speak will never equal to this – this undescribable journey. I long to tell you all the little things I notice everyday, how beautiful the scene outside my two by three window today. You, who constantly complain about the daily stresses you experience; I want you to notice the things I see. Why are you so blind to the lilies outside your window, brushing against it in an attempt to say hello? What about the sound of rain, have you never stopped to listen? You told everyone that you hated life, but don't you understand that life loves you, despite every insult you've ever thrown at her? If you ever ask me about life, I'll tell you so many more things. I'll be life's spokesperson, since you seem to be deaf to her cries. Perhaps you'll understand if I try to say these things out loud. But alas, I've never got a chance to do so, because you've never asked about life. But I suppose that one should ask my name first before one could ask about things like life.
Looking thru a reflection of myself
Tryna figure out who i really am
Am i that ambitious girl everyone looks up to?
Or am i just that girl everyone talks about?
Really I’m socially independent
Always wearing god on my pendant
Truthfully i stopped pretending
I faced reality
Seeing clearly inside of me
Begging for life to go accordingly
Living peacefully
Dreaming so vividly
Nights where it goes equally
A love charm aside of me
Not talking bout some pretty jewelry
More of a diamond
Shining brighter than the stars
Every time i look at him
I see a better reflection
Loving our affection
Everything we do
I think about the next thing
He makes me stop the stressing
Crazy how a human being can stimulate her senses
Our love deeply turned into a drug
Take it daily the prescription says
In key words
I need you instead
Us repeating in my head
Ever lasting our love
Never going to rest
One thing i learned
Live your life the best
Count your blessings next
All of that can go missing
Another lucid day
Reminiscing ...
Really enjoyed making this poem.. hope you guys do too!!
Awe Evie you came here fighting. Pulling the oxygen out of your nose. Trying to get out of the incubator you were not having it little girl. You are such a doll baby with a beautiful face. I love your orange hair I can't wait to see what color it will turn out to be. You are named after me Ms. Evieana Lillian. I'm named after my grandmother which makes you the third. My grandmother had red hair she was biracial just like you. So it's so cute that you have her name orange hair and spunky attitude. I thank you for being strong enough to fight. Wonderful enough to love and a small bundle enough to hug and kiss on. You are my Lilly boo and I thank Jehovah that I got the chance to meet you❤.
Evie is my name sale and the last baby of my daughter's.
I have lived a life I want it to be
Not commanded by others who does not know me
I have lived the way I see it through
Coz every single day I make it new

I have lived everyday to make someone feel
Better not like in Twitter
I have lived this and  throughout the days
To see a smile in sweet embrace

I live my life as flourishing as it can be
My hands are small to accept them all
How thine great by His mighty call
He send treasures that are forever bold
To humankind untold

With these, I will forever be
Thankful for thy mighty plea
To see thy great of chivalry

I will stand great to every rivalry
To observe thy wonders that comes to me
It has been said that I'm in stand
With the blessings He has said
A baby’s smile
A friend without guile
The best night’s sleep in a while
These are the things that matter most

A brand new start
A forgiving heart
Everyone doing their part
These are the things that matter most

A wise insight
A laugh of delight
The feeling of the sun’s light
These are the things that matter most

A parent’s love
Blessings from above
A group to be a part of
These are the things that matter most
This is Prosperity Poem 40 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
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