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Feelings of Joy from the chill
Arctic colds freeze the body
Also, it purifies the soul
Out flies astral travels of my Human will.
Visiting lands at the speed of an "Outer Body " "dream"
Landing states are quick and also unneeded
Communicates with other souls
adds to a sweeter and a more "clear eyed" vision and
a more "grander" scheme.
Fly with me upon golden wings
Join with me against star lit scenes
As we dream together, even in the real land..
as astral waves are painted with a truer light with lesser burdens...
No worldly issues..just me and you.
Maybe you've seen me enter your "dreams?"
as I joined with your soul
and beautiful travels bathed beautiful avenues
without tolls.
Try Dec 2018
lead to future sorrows,
rather remain swimming in the oceans corals,
then open up the next portal,
into anothers world.

© Try
Try Dec 2018
its just another day,
nothing special,
same old irregular weather,
still thinking about your sister,
and how i filled her,
glazed her,
her flavor,
something i still savor,
so unpredictable,
she is,
captivated with every glance,
10 for 10,
every time,
in the clothes she designs,
a queen who reigns on high,
high on her own supply,
no surprise,
it was her demise,
the one tie she couldn't cut,
she was nothing special to me,
until she was gone....

© Try
don't let the ones you got close to you slip away from you into the dark abyss.
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
Deep inside the wrinkles
of the Blue Mountains
Cold air sits upon
the primitives' throne

Inky echoes stroll the alleys
No living essence have ever
trespassed these halls

Sun's breathe becomes pale
as it touches the gloomy
foothills and crests  

Merely sprites wearing
mantles made of mist
dwell this mountainous region

Even rain seldom visits
to pierce the ghastly silence

Amidst the fog
forgotten tokens may hide
In riddles of old and
astral vague light
Delamusiq Oct 2018
Like last time
Rather be outside , forgiveness a must
But it must be,  im not brave
Not scared but bars never bend straight
Trippy addida back on the record ,but for the record you use to say yes
Cry in the dark , where the eyes cant see
See seas of stares ,fake cares, full house full of fools and that one girl in the yellow blouse , kinda cute
Kinda blue
Kinda new
Function funk , played for trippy ima go ona trip
Cry in the dark
You use to, but is use to ,not like the use im use to
But i guess it's usefull ,truthful , told through lip gloss
****, glossy lips
Glassy eyes
Yellow blouse
You stick out
Kinda cute , but is through, we met
We meet ,its sweet ,dont sweat
eyes crept
Base in a rusted red revolver , shrink tell me im not crazy
Crazy bout a boat with her on it
Her like want it, want it but cant front it
Let's jump bus , stunt it
Hit ramp ,know what bumb it
Bunny hop jump on the cares, ima rot
Prime time
Delamusiq Oct 2018
Undertone,  the time spent on tone ,past circles where emotions ran high
Couch vibes, scary movies never missed in the pursuit to enjoy time never spent
But remeberence of that time in pink, fuschia It might have been
Times past , little pastimes shaded in sin
Nothing like the last time,  baked pizza and a smile for happiness that never hit past five five
It was too short now in a right mind, only memories left for good times
Water on the bless , your beautiful unoff for a lifetime
Yet that bullet never made it to my heart till rusted pistol never stopped time
I'm gone
I'm wrong
Now fly on while I sing along , you too cut on your don't fuvk with me flow
S Smoothie Oct 2018
Another kiss,
sent where the rivers of our souls aether meet
underneath a starfall refracting crystalline rainbows
winding through the cosmos playing hide and seek
riding on asteroid belts,
dancing under the rain of shooting starss
remembering the feel of your touch
the night seems less lonely by much
even now when we are lifetimes apart
my day ends and sweet memories start
a shady breath of wind from above
on a hot stagnant journey
you are my shadow love
a sweet warmth,
glowing on dark cold winter‘s mourn  
a bright smile,
over a miserable sky
a shower of energy and sparks
on a nondescript day
my sane little hidey-hole in this crazy place
how I yearn for that time again
somewhere lost
in the deep shadows
of our space

everywhere I go
your shadow love
Just because I remembered
She speaks to me in whispers
Beckoning me to the dawn of the day
Awakening me with her voice
Soft, caressing and dulcet.

She speaks to me in whispers
Her voice present without a body
She floats in the ether
I wonder can anyone else hear her?

She cleared the energy in my space
Banishing malevolent entities
Although I've never seen her face
Her voice is a reality.

She tells me about the minds of others
Thoughts I cannot hear
Between all the psychic clutter
She makes my energy clear.

She says she is a shaman woman
And works with energy
I see her as someone
Who understands me.
Free Flying above
the clouds
Soaring above the Earth and through the stars.
Past all of the known planets
Those  out of our galaxy
The new planets I view
The new and hotter suns I see
Blaze more energies to fill the empty regions
of my mind
called "mystery."
Fuel my spirit and make it run harder
To new found inhabitants and their newer worlds.
Astral planes of spirit that don't require a vessel
or star ship to hold in or hold back
the soul that travels as it's own transport
Faster than any "law of physics"
Realer than the factual brought in by third party satellites.
I gather more and more brighter and true information
Later to bring such forth in my grounded and non-traveling form
Waiting to share my results to those who don't limit their beliefs
to any said "rule" or "fenced in logic formula"
I ride the waves to the calling gates of astral transport
As my soul escapes my heavy and limited physical self
Late in the night
The recordings of fact stored in the logics of my soul
Are vivid and ready to be replayed
to share such gifts of learning to those eager to believe in it's payload
and form.
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