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Words' Worth Jan 2
No one knows why I went bad  
When the sun rose, I lost sight of that young brat
As days go by, I'm left with my past
As nights go by, I put on my mask

All I can do is fix the mistakes
Allowing myself to set sail on lakes, first
Letting destiny be my anchor
Its sails are carried by the wind and the water

I may carry on with some abandon
And the victories might come all of a sudden
Yet, the losses do not bother me anyway
I know I am destined to win, today
We made many of them. I have made so many of them, I have lost count of them.
Happy New Year
Andrew Layman Sep 2020
Systems cease
organic beast
lies ever still.

Memory remains
observing stains
of the ****.
time passes
as seconds
when we meet

but it slows
as the mount carrying burdens
and in its holes filling with loads
when we are wide

when i saw you
i forget the world
except your shiney smile

when you go
my heart is off
and escaped after you

it is your prisoner
and wish it lasts for ever
the meeting times between lovers seemed to be good and passed as blinks, but when theu became wide it passes so slow
Giovanna May 2020
Passes to sell, I went out
but no one knew what's a fete 'bout.
Started at 3:30 with ten,
and came back with nine.
Which was not fine.
Wanted all ten to sell out,
but no one knew what's a fete 'bout.
This episode reflects a disappointing moment in my life when I couldn't sell the passes of my school fete.
What does make the time go?
because we insist not to know

our  ages
equal the time passes
time is the money
Colm Apr 2019
I will tarry here
For a little while left in hope
Until honesty grips me by the shoulder blades
And bades me back
To walk the lengthy line alone
For a little bit longer
For a while, I go

In the sky, a star hovers, while another passes by
I, in the sky
Colm Feb 2019
The more aware you are of time
The more infuriating it's implicating becomes

Who would want immortality here?
In this halfway house
I do not know?

Yet he who keeps his calm doesn't know, but enjoys the most
Of this life....
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2019
You were the smallest baby when you were born
How could we have guessed you'd be such a thorn?
You put the twinkle in our eye
It reminds me daily when I look at my thigh.

I hate moments we argue, hate when we fight
You have been so wrong but mostly you're right
Can't imagine giving birth to a child
You sacrificed lots to make sure I smiled

I dedicated life to my daughter
Little did I know that would stupidly start some slaughter
Now you go begin life on your own
I stand back watching how much you have grown
Very confident and bold
More valuable than silver or gold

I did not ask to be brought into this world
Hands tiny, innocently curled
So much time has passed since then
Now you're not just my mom, you're my best friend!

Raising you taught me so much
With more ahead in store
Every day that passes I
Love more and more
Me and my mom did this collaboration together i thought it was pretty badass
Lexi Harwick Jan 2016
it's been 43 days
since we last talked.
the worst thing is:
you still don't care.

it's been 43 days
of throwing stones
and the pain
I cannot bear.

it's been 43 days
of suffocating;
without you,
there's no air.

nothing matters
to me anymore
besides the fact that
you're not there.
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