flush with feels
my eyes fold
but dare not blink
as you disrobe
every thought I've ever known

**** I have shown
my hand
soft touches engulfing senses
breaking down defenses
my kisses caress your nape

titillating these tingles
warm and electric
pulses in intimate place
forward we face

words whisper desire
so sweet
higher and higher
euphoric reactions reach
as we plead to please
our need
to feed off another

licked fingers
and lips
the tastes linger

soft lines embraced
bare beauty traced
savory steam enfolds
then glides
ever deep inside
Rising sun reflects
beaming straight into my eyes
sunglasses missing
How much time have you
wasted just chasing them?
Never chase your dreams,
start exhibiting them...

It's a better way to think. It's a better way to live. Okay, managed to get of the Masked Bard done! Just need to edit it. Ill let you know when it's about to be released! ^^
Thank you so so much for 250 followers!
***, that is absolutely amazing!
Im truly grateful!
I'm slowly recovering, thankfully. I haven't had the chance to read through everyone's comments but I will soon, I promise!
Especially when its easier for me to think...
Love you guys so so much.
Thank you for the support!
Be back soon
Much love,
Queen Lyn ***

this thread of the continuum

unfurls still for me

unfolding splendid miracles

may further so it be


rob kistner © 2018
A contemplation of gratitude for my life.
Another in my "Just A Moment" series of four line poems.
Whether it is poetry
or even prose,
the orchestra of words
differ musically
In sound
In space
And even in rhythm
But never in meaning
Never in sweetness
The music of words has a myriad of meanings. I fall in love with words over and over again.
My body is feeling rather weak but I'm gonna try and write some of the Masked Bard. Its not as bad as yesterday, thankfully.
Again, everyone, thank you very much for your out-pour of kindness.
Truly, I'm humbled and touched. I know I may sound like a broken record but I just want you guys to know how much it means to me.
It's really helping me feel better.
Hugs and love to you all! ^^
Lyn ***
Thrown like ripples of a star
From a dreamer's somber shade,
I gazed about frisky birds afar
In coats of blue, gold and red,

And they sang, sky maidens we
That dost float on high forever
Atop vales, mountains and seas,
Forests, and many a lonely river,

Lets flap our gentle wings and wing
Yonder the land of lofty mountains,
Where dwelleth the mighty King
In halls bedight with silvern fountains

Beneath temples of burnished gold,
Where golden run nectar streams,
Where beauty by any bard yet to be told,
Where leaves dewed by fair sun beams;

In a realm where naught doth ever age,
Where song birds croon loveliest lullabies
In a realm where love is the language
Unto all that walketh – unto all that flies.

And from there we’ll fly nevermore
But mellifluously whisper a paean
To echo golden from shore to shore,
Beauteously through many an eon.
©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA
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