Lyn-Purcell Apr 12
The spell of worlds will flow right through
And wrap its arms around you.
In Fate's hand, the brush of night
that's drawn to the light.
Sing with me a song of blood, warmth and mist.
Here I float and I rise for a kiss.
Dawn cracks and dusk falls, as I talk to my soul.
Lost in thoughts all alone.

Hold up the quill, turn black to blue
with words of the consummate truth
And from a hand of love and strife
Tapestries come to life
Sing with me a song with depth, soul and heart.
In this world, light and dark don't depart.
Tides of setting suns, merge with the rising dawn.
Lost in thoughts all alone

Embrace the beams of the calming noon.
Just let the light caress you.
Within us all, a treasury
of gilt memories.
Sing with me a song of vibrating gold
Flowers bloom in the shade untold
Spread my fragile wings, the wind that I rode.
Lost in thoughts all alone.
I forgot how much I loved Fire Emblem Fates! I was playing the game with a friend of mine and it made me write these poems in my journal. Not great I know, but it was great to finally get some downtime in my hectic life. Sorry I haven't updated. I'll be back soon!
© Sing With Me A Song by Lyn-Purcell
Lyn-Purcell Mar 29
Fitted for armor, fitted for dresses.
Learn the sword or needle's dance.
Both stained with blood.
One for war, one for flowers.
The shadow prays for a light's chance.
Small poem jotted down in my journal
Lyn-Purcell Mar 19
The nature of society hates
(Based on my experience so far...) -.-'
Lyn-Purcell Mar 12
Hold dear to your heart the Vespertine Star.
From my Kingdom of Dreams, I know where you are.
Down below where love's fickle as well as dishonest.
I hold dear the star as well as our promise.

For under the moon, you rest under a blanket.
And with soul-warming moonlight brings you here tranquil.
In a meadow of summer, we no longer repress
the love that we have. We're free to express!

For it was under the Vespertine Star that we both swore
That our souls will meet nightly in the moonlight's lore...
Funny how when you listen to instrumental music that words would just flow through you.
Lyn-Purcell Mar 2
I watch the Moontree bloom in the meadow.

A hybrid of black oak and gray maple

entwined at the root, bark, leaf and branch.

It's silven flowerheads whispering to me golden lies.

You somehow grow on a stoned white sands

that bares no fruit nor olive nor stream

And yet you grow and grow and grow and grow

to reach the azuline veil above.

And yet in this cold night, you give me comfort

for all the time past and the years to come.
I discovered this old poem I wrote in a school publication.
I always did the moon as a beautiful flowerhead...
© 'Moontree' by Lyn-Purcell.
All rights reserved.
Lyn-Purcell Mar 2
All things have time.
Time has all things.
Lyn-Purcell Feb 28
Let passion be in your glance and
care be in your voice. Let light
be in your smile and refuge
in your touch.
Despite me being somewhat pessimist about the topic of love, some part of me is still a girl holding onto this hope that one will look at me in a romantic way.
But even so such gestures don't have be romantic. Be compassionate, kind and happy the best you can. You'd be surprised how you smile can help someone in need.
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