Success can be a double edged sword.
You worked hard, are at the top
and yet, people hate you.
Why can't we enjoy
success without
the need of
Haters will hate. But the people of the past will work harder to destroy you.
I wish people would push others, not tear people down.
There's room for everyone, right? Or is it just me being naive?
Just wishful thinking?
I don't know.
Be back soon.
Lyn xxx
A cold glass in hand
So delicate on the nose
Wine of Italy

Such a rich sweet smell
Sparkling pink with berries
Of both rasp and straw

Sips from a Rose Sea
Tendrils coil down my body
Flowers bloom warmly
Had my first who!e glass of Rosé wine today with a friend.
I'm not a drinker, (so I'm naive in the ways of alcohol) but it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Not something I'll make a habit of doing either lol cuz I'm a lightweight. Me and alcohol don't mesh well, that I can be honest about.
Drink responsibly always!
Know you limits!
Lyn xxx
Yes, you had your demons
As well as controversy
But the fact your life was taken
young, it is a tragedy
I don't know who you are
I don't know you personally
But, goodbye xxxtentacion
I pray you rest in peace
It's always sad when someone so young loses their life. And for what? Such trivial material things? Things that have no value when it comes to human life! He was only 20, dammit. 20!
I'm gonna be honest, I'd never heard of xxxtentacion until today. I don't listen to today's music. And I've been off Rap for a very long time. But to know he died at 20 seriously hurts.  I can only imagine what his loved ones and his fans are feeling right now.
I read some of his lyrics and man, I understand. Many of them I relate to
I hope they find and arrest those responsible.
Rest in peace, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy
Yours sincerely, Lyn
Ask in prayer and believe,
maintain the faith and
you'll recieve
Keep the faith always. If you lost that, you'e already lost.
I can't cope when my
page stares at me
White, soft and gentle
Empty, dull, lifeless
And the burden to fill it
becomes so heavy
My quill in the inkpot
Pen and pencils, unused
And I feel so flustered
when I am unable to
tell my truth

Words I think wither
Creative juices dry
My mind becomes a
disastrous chorus line
And I feel so trapped,
unable to talk with
my pen

I'm taken back to the
days where my soul
was heavy with pain
That pain was soothed
when I stained my page
with words because now
I had a medium and I
could go forth, confident
and free

When I stare at the canvas
I remember that little girl
who found a way to be
seen and still be unseen
That's the feeling I have,
was born with, that gives
me so much comfort
I can protect myself and
guard myself from how
the world wants girls to
be seen and how I don't
fit the mold

I find I feel more at peace
to be part of that world
that draws it breath
from the words
on my tongue
drawn onto the
canvas by my
right hand

But the words, I find hard
to pour on the page in new
verses. The page that is
empty and free, is
somehow grinning
at my misery
Writer's block sucks.
Seriously. I have never been so flustered. I hate it because it reminds me of when I was little. Long in short, I did NOT have a happy childhood. The cause - the man my mother married. The man who was no father to me or my siblings. Long in short, it physically hurts when I can't write. I end up emotionally and mentally strained, and my body aches. Like I feel the years of aching pain pulse through my body.
It may sound dramatic but it's true. This is how I feel.
I can only ever right how I feel, even when I find it hard to really articulate it.
Anyway, thank you everyone for 92 followers!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
I've found that when it comes to sacrificing
something you love to do, you always
end up finding one reason not to
I always thought it was abominable to give up something you love,
but life can put you in a situation where you just have no choice.
There will be thousands of people doing
the same thing as you. Just keep in
mind, there is only ONE you.
So walk down your path.
Everyone has their own journey. Everyone has their own successes as well as failures. No path will be exactly the same. Success will come your way soon.
Walk through life with that hope, drive, passion and will to conquer
Thanks again!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
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