Our love bright
Our hearts tonight
A song of delight
As I cherish you
I feel you I touch
You I'm truly in
Love with you
Never feeling a love
Like you I'm forever
Truly in love with you.

True Love
Collins 1d

You gave me your hand,
I gave me your heart,

Together we wandered

Hand in hand

Through valleys,
Over rivers,
Moving mountains.

Hand in hand.

But then you went somewhere I could not follow.

Through the parting veil you slipped.

Beyond my sight.

To a place where only my heart can cling to you,

And though my path is shrouded,
There's a single thought that gives me light,

I'll love you with every beat of my Phantom heart.

Is it too hard to ask for people to be there?
You give and give, just wanting a tiny
bit of love once in a while,
Is that so selfish to say?
I wonder though.

Should I change?
Just be ruthless and demand.
Not caring about the other' s needs,
Be such a cruel person so I can be loved.
would that make me a bad person or like you?

First as a thought
Then as a life
Once as a dream
Ending in a scheme

Once as a husband
Then as a father
For him,
Children were no bother

One is a daughter
And one a sonn
Once as father
His time was done

Once was a life
Lived in strife
Once was a boy
Who innocently loved his toy
And as this boy grew
His experience did too

He learned to live
Learned to love
The one he loved
As elequent as a dove
And as he grew
His love did too.
His love was returned
By the one he so yearned

And after a while
A white dress came to style
With two circles of gold
Their hearts were sold

As they raised their son
They awaited nine months to come
For a baby girl would soon run
Time passed with joy
Until the day momma screamed out
8:15 early mornin
The baby girl was born

There once was a daughter
There once was son
The once was a father
Who thought he had won

Two years passed
As life slowly collapsed
Well father got ill
And momma cried, paying the medical bills
Until her last 'I love you'

11 years late, still to this day
For mother, son and daughter,
Father will never fade away

Another year later
12 since he passed
The memories and thoughts
Of daddy haven't faded away

13 years since that fatefull day
Memories stay and stay
For many more to come,
Another year, on and on.
Closer to seeing daddy
In years to come,
daughter will be embraced again

There is a daughter
And there is a son
There's also a mother
Who will forever love my father

Frenchie Sep 11

I had to sit up to stretch my back.

      Starting to think I'm unfixable.
Always thinking unthinkables.

I'm sorry, I'm drawing a blank.
I say that too often, but I mean it always.

-to bring you up from darkness.
-to kiss your wounds.
-to drown in my own puddle of pity.
-to take a breath to soon.

And here I am.

My - own - little - slow - motion hurricane that rips - me - limb - from - limb as I cry and pry my - way - out - of - the - coffin that you have sown - my - lips - in...

I'm sorry, no.
NO Fuck that I'm not.
I'm not sorry that I yearn to love.
I crave to be loved and no one should feel as empty as me.

So I'll give you the skin from my body to show a stranger that I give a shit that they live.
Then I'll slink away to shadows,
I will cleanse myself of his sins.

I'm going through delayed PTSD, maybe not, maybe...
I just can't think anymore...  it's not edited correctly I'm sure.
Jose H Sep 9

If only there was time
To share the words of my heart
If only the world did not take you from me
I could have shared life with you
If only you didn't go so soon
I could have made it clear
If only
If only
If only i could have shared a kiss
If only you didn't go from this world
If only i could exist with you
I could love you
But now
Time is lost
You will never know how I loved you.

Lily Thibert Aug 29

How are you?
are you looking for me how I look for you?
In between and around every person?
Waiting for me to pop out and I love you?
How many others have you loved?
Am I the first?
Am I the last?
Am I second?
I think you will be loving,
And smart and well as kind.
Where are you right now?
Are you with someone else, are you in love?
Are you with me?
Are you at the end of a bridge? Looking down the edge for hope?
Do you have brown hair, maybe blonde? I wonder what kind of quirks you have like walking only on the outside part of the side walk or holding my hand when you are nervous?
Did I know you? Were we friends or strangers just wondering past meeting just at the right time?
Are we still in love?
Were we every in love?
Or are you a dream?
Like me.

CC Aug 27

I'm very scared of being lost
I'm terrified if I don't belong anywhere
Is there something I was not taught?
That I don't fit into the me shaped peg-hole
It's truly a struggle to become myself
I have no assurance that life will become what I have dreamt of it
I have no insurance because I have chosen to take the risk
Still, I live
I will go on living
In this will is my hope
That the path does not adapt to me
I did not choose what is easy
I will become like liquid to the path
And take it whichever way I am led
It is a path, is it not?
It is a way to somewhere
While I feel like nowhere
My goal is plain in sight
It only takes focusing my eyes
To the way that's right

the night i
found out he
be sick it rained.
i ate manhattan's favorite
and tried so
to feel something
to be fair i was very
but i didn't feel it.
all i got was a
headache from
tears and a

three months earlier
near the time of my
i was having a terrible day
per usual,
when i received a birthday card
in the mail.
it was from my sister and on the
bottom of the card it said
then their names followed
but in the biggest
font, right underneath the rest of their names
was his,
written by his own hand.
at the thought of him
while writing that.

this is an unfinished piece, not that i don't want to write the rest of it i just cannot right now. it was cancer but he is doing fine.
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