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You fill yourself with toxicity
Wish you could see
The beauty I find
Which lights you up

It never goes away
Always there
Your brown locks
And everything below

Your smile shines bright
Like there's not a care in the world
But I know what's hidden underneath
The things you want to hide from

I wish I could know
To hold you while your spiral happens
So you feel my embrace
And be loved instead

I know you hide from yourself
I wish I could tell you
I'll care for you
But I know you won't believe

Is there some way I could show it?
That I'm not going to leave
Because of your inside
Haven't I given you proof already?

I understand it
But sometimes you have to explore
And discover the pain
To turn it into comfort

You'll never find satisfaction
With your inside
If you're lying to yourself
It'll effect the outside too

I know it's hard
But I want to do this with you
I don't abandon people
So please
Can I come in?
Let me know what you think.
aennij Sep 29
I always wonder why by the end of the month
Every smell changes like seasons fall into place
How today would smell sappy and fresh
But tomorrow it’ll be sugary and sweet

Once, I saw you changing it
I asked why you do that
You smiled and handed it to me as I sniff it,
“Nothing really lasts long.”

Whenever I get a sniff of this it reminds me of that place
I’d always go at the back seat or beside you
But now you’re gone it’s never the same
For I never experienced being beside you again

Now, I get why you change it every month,
For even the pleasant smell of an air freshener is temporary,
Despite of its strong and rich scent
There’ll be a time it needs to be replaced

Soft and musky
Clean and cool
Mild and delicate
The scents you always loved

So as I change my car freshener,
I still wonder,
If you were here by my side,
Would you be the one to change it every end of the month?
-df Sep 24
why should i wake?
only to make my bed.
cleanse my body.
eat without taste.
work myself to the bone.
be overlooked day in and day out.

grieving the loss of what was never there?
where are my answers?

where is my will to live?
hey, what are your goals in life, big and small?
ibkreator Sep 18
We know how much you mean to us
Do you ?
or does it hurt to the touch
or anger you up when you think to receive it ?

Let it not be a human love to be made real and welcome
seek again, but for the love that's found hidden
in the proof behind the pain where we be warming up
to who you really are beyond it all
Karijinbba Sep 15
it's bittersweet!
Those loved the most
think of me today.
My dearest beloved
omnipresent remain.
By: Karijinbba
~Copy Rights apply~
To be remembered well is to relive
after we pass on!.Paints this tree of life!
ShadowSpy Sep 15
if you loved me
whyd you leave me

if i loved you
whyd i let you

whyd you save me
only to leave me
whyd you go somewhere you knew i couldnt find
Carl Miller Sep 14
Why do You appear to me?
In the reflection of a beautiful shell standing speechless
Looking at Me that way
On the sand where I thought our futures remained faultless
I don't want You to look at Me any more  
My face is deformed and You don't care for Me any more

Look away while You can
And gaze at Your reflection
The burnt ends of My anger toward myself
And the negativity of a life void of affection

Are making those ends fray and split
Like a stalk in a breeze
Calm and collected
Helpless and at ease

If nothing at all
then something, somewhere
I want to cry and weep,
Hate the world and streets.
Find the direction spread,
Filled with humorous cracks.
Tears provoke me again,
Becomes the second shelly.
Feed me in the blossom,
I request my lord.
Your creations mockut,
For thy loveliest child,
Metiril of pride and anger.
Make me colorful ashes,
Buried, no burn makes me immortal,
Under of horiziner of sky.
Tried something new. Hope you get the thought! Thanks for reading!!
The road to healing has been long and hard,
It's made it difficult to put down my guard.

The road to healing is full of ups and downs,
Making me questions all of the sounds.

The road to healing is still not over yet,
And I know it's not something I'll ever forget.

Yes the road has been hard, But I've had others to help me,
My friends and family helped me become free.

Even though it's not quite over,
I'm no longer scared I won't find closure.
VibeActivist Sep 1
To truly believe in love
you must believe in the fragments of time—
that asteroids and planets were simply just rocks
you must believe that colours are what you make of—
that your blue is red and red can't be seen
you must loose yourself in arrays of emotions
to truly believe you must feel different to indifference—
that the skies are simply your mistakes hovering around you
to truly believe in my type of love
you must learn never to forget me or move on—
and your words must make my heart feel loved
even if stars loose light and planets stand still
and the ground opens up and takes you
to truly believe in my type of love; you must love like never before
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