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It’s twenty years ago, the end of August,
I was forty- five years old, by chance, I wrote,
My very first song/poem. I am sitting in the same room,
Like then all alone, When I received a sad call, on the telephone.
A drinking buddy, Randy, stumbling on the words, he had to say,
His buddy Jamie, fell off a cliff, his last step, his life,
Ended that day. I had never planned to write, a song or poem,
I could hear Randy’s voice, he was lost, so alone.
I remember, arguing with, a voice inside, of me,
Which kept, saying you can do it, just write you will see.
I gave it a try, I was probably high, Within about,
One hour, Jamie’s Song, I had printed in pencil, before my eyes.
To this date, I have around two thousand finished, with about,
Another four hundred started, I never finished those songs,
My siblings, parents, the lady I married, and Randy,
Left this life, they have all passed along. There is no happy ending,
At least for today, I do thank God, for the talent, of writing words,
In a special way, the ideas can arrive anytime night, or day I then try to arrange them, in an understanding way, then start another, and lay the finished one aside. A bittersweet feeling, I should feel proud inside,
I know there will be times in everyone’s life, we should have,
A beaming smile, which is washed away by tears from our,
lost miles.
                The Original: Tom Maxwell© 8/15/22 AD
a piece of my heart will always belong to him, no matter what.
I am not bitter.
I am not upset.
He loved me the way he knew how to love,
and isnt that beautiful?
Eve Jul 27
I always throw these really cool birthday parties
And I always invite a bunch of people
From Near and far
And have always made loads of effort into making it perfect;
The right venue, the correct menu,
For all the people old and new-
In whatever childish attempt to make myself feel like I am loved
To help myself to feel that I am loved,
But I can not recall the last time I had a birthday
Where I didn't wish that I wasn't born.

Today will pass
And so will the days that follow after.
It will not be the same,
But it will be okay.
The pain stings, numbs, and sometimes
Leaves a stain,
But you have to make sure
None of this is in vain.
Don’t meet it with eyes that analyze
And try to quantify the pain,
There’s only so much you will discover
All to your disdain.
Sometimes it feels as though you’re not worthy
Of making good things last,
But that’s why the present is the present,
And the past, is the past.
Cutezeni May 31
My heart flutters in wonder
Could he be there down or up ender
So silently my heart prayed
No one heard me,
But you heard my whispers.

I don’t know what to make
Of this forbidden fruit of soul
So tempting, yet elusive
Wanting you more and more.

These thoughts don’t make any sense today
You were here yesterday,
Vanished in the name of tomorrow
Still today I stayed waiting,
And waiting till the dusk came.

You are in a different time zone
I am aware, your actions are delayed
And gratification never received
Sometimes all I get is frustration

For you never come and never stay
And your thoughts keep jumping
Till they are all gone away.
I’m still to earn your company,
Tried the fast way, it wasn’t you, honestly
I found you rough in the edges,
But still a diamond

And the diamond you are, no doubt.
But you have cut yourself in illusions
Cant break through your prism
Of delusions.
Perfect life, best wife, beautiful children
Are what makes this facet charming
When I see you, you still over look to see
How green I am standing.

Maybe green is your favourite colour
You love seeing me inhibit it
But life is more than envy and facets
It’s about no leaking and fixed faucets.

I saw all that you showed
And in awe, I was struck
By your soupy magic
No more games
If you are who you say you are
Then come home.
And if illusions and light tricks
Amuse you better
Then stick to your lies,
It’s time I found a new partner.
Bye can't be arsed to add senti caption
Angela Rose Mar 12
I am irrevocably in love with you.
This is not a poem.
This is a confession.
This is an outpouring of my heart stings.
I am so in love with you that I needed to get it out on the internet and let the world know.
You possess my whole heart.
Oh dear God, I am so ******* in love with you.
Julika-Skai Mar 11
After day comes night
After night comes day
When the sun rises in the sky
And the sky is heavenly blue
I wonder if the blue that's growing inside of me
If it's you?
You may be so small and precious
Adored and loved so dearly
Not knowing but expecting
A God-worthy wonder
I carry you
The wonder that you are
My baby blue.
Mercy Feb 24

What do you do when you're at the edge
That place that you keep
Landing in...
Over and over as though a melody?.

When waves of emotions stir up
As tears fight,
Trying to escape my eye lids
Maybe wash off the pain in my eyes.

Religion, relationship, career, purpose
Nothing makes sense
I'm at a loss here
What's with me
Do I enjoy the roller coaster
And why is it always painful

This knife stuck in my
Stuck., as my molten blood
Burn it down,
Melting it from it's metallic state
Consumed completely into dark
The horror.
The voices, the mock,
The evil laugh,
Of him winning
Ha!'re a seven remember
The mass that should
Predict the future behind you doesn't measure up,
Your face is pale,
Your eyes dilated,
Your knees sharp...decide whether you wanna be a girl coz ha!
Your short fat fingers ugh! Pathetic!
What was God even thinking trying to put up all this?
You're the definition of mess.

At that dark corner
I smiled,
I chuckled and in the middle of a chuckle  
I broke a tear
And laughed hysterically
For the sick joke.

Striding slowly to the mirror.
I see my reflection
I'm not sure what they saw
When they were saying all that
Coz I don't see it.
I see a reflection of God
Maker of the heavens and earth

Can't believe it broke my heart
Listening to their empty
Maybe I forget how perfect
His work is
I hope I'll snap in time
To appreciate the rhythm
For the hallelujahs we to raise

Coz everything He created was good and perfect
So next time you
Find yourself doubting
His master piece
Consult The spirit that
Hovered over the waters
When the earth was with no form
Helping the Father complete His work
Which was affirmed good.
Not forgetting Him breathing life into
You and placing you
Where He called good and perfect.

Let His words flow out of you
Changing the slow rock rhythm that keeps living you hanging on the edge
And dance on those sharp
Thorns coz even though the snake
Bites you,

The poison won't harm you.
Maybe you're a small girl which
Is perfect coz you have a big God.
Small girl big God
Angela Rose Feb 24
I fall in love ever so quickly
I always have
It happens in an instant, it cuts, it stings and it leaves me with marks
The loves either leave me with an itchy scab that bleeds and peels away after a short period of time
Or the loves leave me with a scar that remains and shows everyone I’ve been a victim of something tragic
But perhaps, maybe just this once, the love will leave me with a scar that’s a reminder that something beautiful and deep has happened to me
Perhaps this time the scar is not a throwback to tragedy, but instead an ode to a future of stoic and life lasting connection
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