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 WHY?
 Why what?
 Why did you fall in love with him?
 Please don’t do this.
 Just tell me.
 Fine… um, I guess I fell in love with the idea of him.
 The idea of him?
 Yeah, the idea that he was ***.
 Oh.
 Yeah, second, I fell in love with the person.
 The person?
 Yeah, his personality, his laugh, his bitchyness, etc.
 That’s sweet
 Not really, third I fell in love with his little features.
 What kind of feature?

Well first, the way his eyebrows arch up when he gets exited, his cupid’s bow, the pools of honey he has in his eyes, his emotional instability which we share, his gold strands of hair, his hands, etc.
 Oh, wow you really observe a person
 Only the people I care about.
And I hated myself for missing you. I hated the way the bottle of pills whispered your name reminding me of the time we climbed steep mountains and dove deep in Great Lakes. The pills stroked your gentle brown hair as the tears flooded my face with an overbearing sense of doubt but also forgiveness. How could I miss you? But the pills told me the answer to that one too, they reminded me of your deep blue eyes that looked as though not a single rock lay beneath the ocean- so pure. The pills sang the songs we sang just a little off key and laughed at the jokes only we knew. They told me of the memories I would never forget when I stepped into the woods where our names were carved in that tree. They never let me forget all the time we spent together or the places we once knew...
I miss him
Like a ***** holding up a ceiling tile
My life has been a spiralling circle
Growing upward, getting closer to seeing my angels
While going in circles, living the same life listening and running the same lies
Until I finally come to the point of darkness and utopia and reimburse my time with the ones I miss dearly , in the point of the upward spiral
Just a short thought of life and death and missed ones
Nimia Jan 13
Driving on the weekends,
Glancing through the windows.
I miss you every day and night,
Feeling lonely and in fright.
Please stay in my sight,
And hold me tight.
When you smile at me,
I feel so free.
You are my strength,
And my laughter,
All my love and all my tears.
If you are with me,
There is nothing else I wish to see.
Bound in your arms, I wish to be free.
I want to live happy.
I don't want to cry.
I want to live long.
I don't want to die.
I want to be loved.
I want to be cared.
I want to live long.
I don't want to be scared.
But life can surprise you
at any moment.
And there's no guarantee
that things will go
the way you hoped.
Jason Adriel Jan 5
Longing desperately of the things left unsaid
Looking out the window, the one we used to stare at in bed
I see a phantom at the far end of the field, your whole person is red

Your lips, however, are black, dark as an abyss
Has it been that long since we last kissed?
And is it really your lips, your body, red as it is, that I miss?

The sun shines almost unwillingly, lethargically
Clouds moving in, as if they are climbing miserably
O Loved One, I can’t fathom this vision, this phantom of your body!

Jumbled up thoughts get entangled inside my head
Before I manage to call out your name, I find your phantom had disappeared
And so, once again I find myself twisted and all the power in me all fade

Oh, Loved One, where are you now?
A poem of desperate longing and loneliness.
Pax Jan 3
In the busiest days I still find time to look at you and just feel you near me.
a quote.
A reminder.
A love like no other.
Happy New Year.
Despite being busy,
Its a must to find time
For a love one.

The mist often lifts in the presence of the sun
The same way my heart does, and the way I hold air in my lungs
You seem to make the dark days feel light
And when my eyes catch yours there is nothing better in sight
You make my pulse quicken when you touch my skin
Now I know how Henry felt when he looked at Anne Boleyn
Trust now that what I say to you is true
Due to our time together I've reached a break through
You really are all that I need
You coarse through my veins, so not to lose you, I choose not to bleed
Tears for the girl who never loved me

I remember your smile
Even when I hated the most
The darkness from your lie
That's the reason why I am lost.
The beauty queen from my dreams
The source of my fears
Even through my tears
I see Rose, the love of my life
The only one I wanted to be my wife
Tears for the girl who never loved me

A better version of me
Lonely if i am
I want to see her, ****
Nobody can feel
A love for you like me.
I believe in our deal
Love or hate me
You are everything
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