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goodtea 2d
If every star in the sky decided to die tonight,
I would still spend my darkest hours with you.

Something in you shines

Brighter than the sun.
C Spitz 5d
When I walked into you
my soul was not whole.
I was covered in scars,
and many still open wounds.
I was searching for a home,
somewhere to belong
and rest my weary body.
I was not looking for anyone.
I was only trying to heal
from the storm that had just
totaled my mind.
And then I walked into you,
and you never fixed me.
You never tried
to stitch me back together.
You showed me
how every hole was
a magnificent ocean,
you turned every scar
into a breathtaking castle.
Each time you smiled
you accepted every part of me,
and every time you laughed
I thanked the universe
for showing me the home
that I had been searching for.
I am who I am today,
Including all the heartaches and pain.

I am who I am today,
Including me without you
Starting today.
Kylie 6d
I am temporary
I only love those who cannot love back
But they always look back

I play this game with my heart
so I don’t know the broken
A new broken of loving and
being loved only to watch it break.

You can’t even see what you do to me
because your heart can’t love
You are just playing a game
BLANK Oct 13
I love you
I love you too
I love you more
I love you most
I love you,
I'll save you from this evil ghost
I'll trade all my tomorrows
for one yesterday
Just so that you can stay
I love you, night til day
As long as you're next to me
You're the one that made me see
Just how beautiful life can be
Wish I can say this to her =D
Z Oct 11
I want to see you again
But that would be a mistake
Still, I never loved you more than then
The day you left me in your wake
Kada Oct 10
*** created everything with a divine purpose,
Nothing that has life is a mistake.
                                                        ­        -Kada
You aren't a mistake.
Daisy Marrow Oct 8
I did my best to show love to you,
but I guess I'm just too much of an amateur to figure it out.
During our golden hour,
I thought that I had you locked in my heart.
But in my darkest hours,
I felt you fading from my fingertips.
I know I can't make you love me,
but you didn't have to waste my time.
You really hurt me,
leaving me to overthink.
If you have other plans, I would understand,
but you didn't have to leave my messages with no reply.
You really hurt me,
making me believe that you really loved me.
Mary Frances Oct 5
It's amazing how your words,
simple they may seem,
make me speechless.

It's amazing how your words,
common they may seem,
make me feel very special.

It's amazing how your words,
true they may seem,
make me want to stay in a dream.

It's just amazing that even your words
make me feel so loved.
It’s just a game or a fate
You said you would be there
But you know what
When I need you by my side
Every broken piece of my pride
All around the floor
And you just did was ignore
I felt a sharp pain
It was just like I would faint
But again I hope you would be there
Cuz you did promise me
Dint you
But you know what
I dint find your single trace
They say love heals
But I guess
It broke me into piece
And again how come I hope you would come
When you was all above that girl
Smiling like she is everything you got
That smiles that same smile
That wins my heart
I guess I lost you
I actually did lose you….
But it still amazes me that you dint care a **** about me
You know what…
I realize it now
That I myself love you
And I thought I would never get over you
But to my surprise
There is someone
You know actually a person loves me …
Not cuz I was pretty or sweet
But cuz m not like everyone
He does love me
And I can feel it
The way he looks
The way he smiles
The way he holds me
As if iam the most precious thing to him
And I won’t and would never say
I don’t love him
If I would I would be lying
Cuz I do love him ….
The way I never ever loved any one
What I mean is not even you
The one I thought I would die without
And I guess you thought it to
You know what
He shows me what the love is ….
What it feels being loved
I felt the same way that you felt cuz of me
So m thankful to you too
Make me feel **** awful
Cuz much broken I was
Most love I get
You know what
I wish one day you
You should know what is loving
Loving someone to the death
Loving them as if you breathe
The only then you will know
What is being loved?
How blessed you would be to loved
The pain how much it will be just to be loved……….
just a little riminder for someone.........that i am being loved
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