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Ken Pepiton Aug 13
words uttered
in subtlest of melodies

harmless dove's cooing harmony
with morning in the old orchard,
olives from a hundred years ago
in an imagined descripted re vision,
grown wild into a forest with hallways,

First stanza of a Sunday in my environs on the face of this Earth.
A spur of the moment your thoughts     Fly high
                                                                   spirit- within 
            The half- Angel  
           Wings of a falcon  
         Whole family rooftop beacon
Spirit of darkness pulling you through
But you had enough what else can you do?
The inner light afternoon hiking strong sun

Heart- jump the darkness knight  
Turn of the wing lovers- flight
Waves form a word to far__ out- of- sight
Bright karma spiritual meditation
Magical forefinger western saloon
Are we doomed gunslingers
Spiritual voice awakening

Sun full force
The sun of his face
So penetrating/ everlasting  
Spirit foretelling minds/ crashing
Foretelling a tale news/ flashing
Breathe in all the goodness to inhale  
God-like prophetic exhale

Born free feral wild

Certain events foreseen
Spirit touch  us

             as a child*
      Spirit foretelling  
Eloquent of a real man lives us
To his duty

Time is unruly
Middle name Joy
Meaning Something like you
Do you feel its still you
Spirit change inside you
Starting to heal feet its
          S h a k y

Holding the pen
Where are your hands maturing
What then?
Exquisite gardens
   Open and play
Japanese Zen
A beauty to stay  
Spiritual star foretelling
Love- Every Day
Spiritual world angel wing heart that jumps inner-light what we see  I would love to see a sign someone's loved ones words stay happy who you are
Tom Lefort Jun 11
There are such sweet beginnings
And there are our bitter ends.
Decades roll and crash like tides;
We live, we love, we fall aside.
Cuts deep the wounds we all inflict,
Lasts long the legacy of our shame.
Left behind those broken lives,
Lost in time the reasons why.
There is such hope in our beginnings
And this the comfort at our end.

Tom Lefort June 2023.
Man May 17
To have loved, is more than man
For should ever want, or can
Ask of, out of his life.
The ever stirring mind, and
Almost frenzied hands
Of the fools who dance,
The waltz of romance
Brian Feb 4
Every coin
no matter the filth
or how many times
they've been burned
stabbed or thrown aside
every coin
is one step away
from becoming gold
and that one step
is knowing
or being told
that I would risk everything
to have you as my own
I would cross the stars
lay my life down
on even a small chance
that you'd be found
I hope you felt worthy today
In her eyes
is a sea of

In her heart
is warmth
beyond the sun

She will love
thee and the
World will stop
It’s twenty years ago, the end of August,
I was forty- five years old, by chance, I wrote,
My very first song/poem. I am sitting in the same room,
Like then all alone, When I received a sad call, on the telephone.
A drinking buddy, Randy, stumbling on the words, he had to say,
His buddy Jamie, fell off a cliff, his last step, his life,
Ended that day. I had never planned to write, a song or poem,
I could hear Randy’s voice, he was lost, so alone.
I remember, arguing with, a voice inside, of me,
Which kept, saying you can do it, just write you will see.
I gave it a try, I was probably high, Within about,
One hour, Jamie’s Song, I had printed in pencil, before my eyes.
To this date, I have around two thousand finished, with about,
Another four hundred started, I never finished those songs,
My siblings, parents, the lady I married, and Randy,
Left this life, they have all passed along. There is no happy ending,
At least for today, I do thank God, for the talent, of writing words,
In a special way, the ideas can arrive anytime night, or day I then try to arrange them, in an understanding way, then start another, and lay the finished one aside. A bittersweet feeling, I should feel proud inside,
I know there will be times in everyone’s life, we should have,
A beaming smile, which is washed away by tears from our,
lost miles.
                The Original: Tom Maxwell© 8/15/22 AD
a piece of my heart will always belong to him, no matter what.
I am not bitter.
I am not upset.
He loved me the way he knew how to love,
and isnt that beautiful?
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