By Arcassin Burnham

Probable and necessary to overcome and pursue you,
I know , your trust issues don't really have things to do,
but , butt in your life like every man is a disaster,
I don't do stupid shit to make you change your mind faster,

Don't you be one of those guys to try and tell me that you
care for me and end up wasting my whole time by cheating on me,
that Is what you said said said said said said said said.

Posting statuses about how you didn't mean to hurt my feelings
knowing you had all these girls on your damn phone,
hope thats not what I get get get get get get get get.

I can make it right,
show you that every man is not a piece of shit,
Show you that the men you've dated couldn't act like this,
fill your life with love and bliss,
I can make it right,
show you that every man is not a piece of shit,
Show you that the men you've dated couldn't act like this,
fill your life with love and bliss.


killing time more than we need to be seen in a pale
moonlight of desperation here,
You're a main occupation here,
drowning in my own lust i had swam just to get as far as i could,
to be a gentleman to you and your need treating you like a queen
like a should,
like Cinderella losing the slipper,
or snow white waking up from the kiss,
in our minds , in due time to make underneath the moon in pure bliss,
hey there you are ! where did you go the first time?
did my love not reach your soul and kept you lifted this time?
was i coming onto too strong because my attraction was real?
Or did we just spend this whole evening without my feelings spilled?
tell me what i did so i could fix it,
pushing towards our further sins,
pacing back and fourth like this was race , who'll finish then?
listen here to me.
ignore what everyone else is saying if they're trying to tear you down.
don't let that happen.

you are smart
you are beautiful
you are kind
you are seen
you are loved
you're better than you think you are.
John Aug 12
I regret of what i shouldve done
regretting of my actions that i couldve done and put to an end
but know i didnt
most of all i regret the actions that you had to take
asking me in a
stare eye gaze
if this
if this is the right choice
i regret saying nothing when i know that you needed it most
only taking into account of my own feelings and not yours
regretting everything and anything
most of all i regret i dont have  the courage
to express myself to you
i regret that all i could do is write how i feel
forever holding it  inside screaming and beggin to come out but yet here i am holding it in
but yet here i am
all over again
Dess Ander Aug 9
Love is like a weed.
It overcomes concrete-like obstacles.
hue Aug 9
Another day has passed by
The moon illuminates up high
Shining through the window's blinds
The cold wind begun to crawl behind

The crickets I hear made me unknot
Such a stressful day for a youth
A day of harrassment became so blunt
A part of me was lost like a missing tooth

I was intimidated by the fact
The truth that I was bullied by the society
Daggers of words are still intact
Cornering me in a room full of despondency

I let people disgust me
I let them misjudge my sincerity
I let the day becomes my misery
I let the day becomes the night of melancholy

Here it comes, it's three o'clock
It's time for happiness until five
It's the moment of being alive

Finally, I have found peace
Where my heart is feeling glee
In a jocund room that I please
A room that has Him and me

It was then three o'clock;
where my soul peacefully lays
Wandering like a soft cloud
And the chirping of birds play
I thank God for being loved.
I am angry
I am hurt
I am sad
I am lost
I am looking
I am hungry
I am annoyed
I am tired
I am crying
I am shouting
I am vulnerable
But most importantly
I am loved
Tears are building up inside of me;
it speaks of my sadness, like a soliloquy.
This pain, I know of, still lingers in my heart;
as if it's not ready to let go or be apart.

I know it already, that he is gone.
Thinking about it, feels like I've been hit by a ton.

Someday I know this pain will go away...
but the memories of him, will always stay.
I dedicate this poem to my late grandfather. Wo ai ni Angkong <3
ruth Aug 5
Who are we?

What am I?

Who makes me breathe?

What makes me cry?

Who counts the hours?
I’m told it’s Time
But who is he
to draw MY lines?

Why fascinate
on trivial life?
Why - curb - what’s - slow
and what flashes by?

Why build me walls
On season and sun,
On passion and memory
On dusk and on dawn?

Why steal my moments,
to not give back?
Why age my YOUTH!
with wrinkle and crack?

Why take away?

Why break apart?

Why pick a ‘day’ - to stop a heart.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Its dangerous out there
But what can you do,
don't worry
I'll journey it too
While holding your hands
To be forever with you!
Simple twist of a classic poem, offered for the people I love.
saint8 Jul 31
I always do
The same mistake.
I always do the mistake
Of getting close to you

This never benefits
But only calm storms
Only to find out
I've created another

I always do the same mistake
Of getting close to you
This fire is comforting
But the burn will cost me
My life

I would leave
This dreadfull place
If it wasn't so cold
Up in this hill

But worst of all
Worst of anything
Im losing

To get
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