They say the pain’s
What hurts the most
But I can say
That they don’t know
What hurts the most
Is not the pain
After all
Why cry? You’ll get no gain
The memories
They’ll haunt your life
The did’s, the didn’t
The whys and no’s
The pretty face
you’ll see no more
You’ll search through them
And find no peace
The happy moments
You’d wish it ceased
A painful flashback
Of a rightless wrong
Is all you’ll see
And still you’d long
To right your wrongs

You’ll cry in sorrow
For one more day
To spend with them
And what you’d say
With joyful pain

You’d tell them that you loved them
You’d tell them, thank you dear
But memories are present
To keep the pain and fear
You’ll beg for one more moment
You’ll scream in agony
And treasure those sweet moments
You had and won’t get back

But friend stop dwelling in the past
Treasure love while it still lasts
Keep your loved ones while they're here
Tell them that, i love you dear
Tell the living while there present
That you love and treasure them
So you’ll never be in haunting
Of the things you never said
Lakshmi 4d
You struggled for me;
Made me learn right from wrong;
Taught me numbers, taught me songs;
Fought with me, cried too;
Laughed with me, helped me tie my shoes;
You were my father, from day one,
So happy fathers day - I love you mum.
My mum is a single parent
CJ 5d
When someone interrupts your silence
You feel irritated
But when they are finally gone
You feel devastated

You want her back
So you begged and plead
But end of the day
You're the only one who bled
Kirill 7d
To have loved and lost
Is better than to have never loved at all.
To have loved and lost is better to those who have survived its fall
helenbreeden Jun 10
I needed you to catch me.
You took your life while drunk as hell.
I fucking miss you.
Are you fucking happy now!?
You took your own life.
You took my soul with you.
My heart aches at the thought of your name.
You were my best friend and I couldn't save you.
Where are you?

I saw the regret in your eyes,
And for a moment I hoped you understand.
You pulled the trigger!
You pulled your life strings,
It wasn't your time!
You promised to be there for me everyday of my life!
You were my everything and you just killed yourself?
I loved you.

You began to crumble in my hands and fade away.
Did you hear my cries for you?
Your blood scattered all about that abandoned barn.
I ran at the thought of you taking your life.
I wanted to wake up from this dream but
I was already awake.
And it was a reality I couldn't live with.
Reality crashed down onto me and I couldn't breathe.
Someday I will wake up and realize you are gone.
Gone for good.
This poem is about my cousin and best friend who killed himself on April 13th 2015. I will always remember our times together. You were my world and I just want you to know that you would be proud of where I have come to today. I am living my life for you and I wish you were still here. .

I’m going down the highway
driving really fast
Abruptly swerve
I loose control
Can not avoid the crash

Next thing I know
I'm on my side
rolled over in a pit
I cough and choke
lost in the smoke
some blood I start to spit
A 'fog of war'
It's difficult
For me to see and hear
This title bout
I won't tap out
But then a sudden fear

Slight clarity
Returns to me
Put pieces together
My passenger
I'm not quite sure
What has become of her
Was in the seat
right next to me
I've certainty of this
But not there now
I don't know how
A magic trick I missed

Fumble around
Inside my truck
I'm trying to escape
But I am stuck
Inside I'm tucked
Seat belt on shoulder draped
My cries for help
My screams and pleads
They fall upon deaf ears
Engulfed in flames
Start to feel pain
Realize nobody cares

And when it seemed
the end was here
All hope of rescue lost
Then somewhere near
A voice I hear
Thought life had been switched off

A calming voice
within chaos
tell me that it's okay
Don't be afraid
You will be saved
We'll get you out someway

Twisted metal
glass shards and smoke
I'm finally pried out
On tears I choke
Then mind awoke
With panic start to shout

Where is my wife
she was with me
Both of us in the car
But then I see
can't be unseen
Did not have to look far

Part of the car
was ripped away
It was severed in two
Utter dismay
Words can not say
Horror was living through

Was maimed and skewed
No longer knew
Could see torn limb from limb
A werewolf's howl
This scene is fowl
My life brought to an end

Written: April 15, 2018

All rights reserved.
Deemz Jun 8
I dont’t need a man to
love me to feel loved,

I just need a man to prove
to my brain that I can be loved by one.
Mother once said to use Sage
To dissipate every deformed stranger
To an incredible ounce of nothingness
I needed it now.
For the silent intruder created unseen footprints
In the aged, varnish-stained floors
He was pale and cloaked
A frequent intruder trampling my mind.
With no restraint, destruction.
I stole father’s lighter
Without his permission, ignoring the consequences
The red-orange embers engulfed the slender herb
Exhaling smoke that encompassed
Every inch of the old room
Tapestry on the walls
Ancient calligraphy pained, stained
As his face appeared to me…(startled)

Fingers weakened, letting go
Letting the sage spread its embers aglow
The tapestry ribbed, shredded,
Beauty destroyed by the good flame.
Doors locked and windows unopened
Just me, in the old room
Two beings died that night.
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