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There is no light without darkness.
No cloudy skies without rain.
Over and above this dreadful end;
Our tears will be wiped away,
Our aching hearts will be settled down once more.

We will sit and observe them come and go;
Only to settle speechless and motionless--
Wishing for them to stay a little bit longer.
Our hearts become full of the greatest sorrow,
The sorrow of losing a loved one forever;
However, it is not the end!

For their sake, remain strong and smile!
Find comfort and joy in your life
With all your fondest thoughts and memories of them
Shall dwell within your heart, nevertheless.
Parting is miserable,
But life goes on without alerts.
Demicci Sep 1
It all connects when you understood
Love is... Natural...
A heat that keeps thy heart.
I cascade of love, that brush the pain.
Until it move into...
Another soul
It becomes eternal one.
But it cease at thy heart.
The is heart but so as the soul
Nikkipopgun69 Aug 26
You can be in a room filled with the most kindest people, having a blast where it’s 2am. And all I want is to speak to you or even just write you a cute little message. I thought I’d never say this about anyone… sometimes I think maybe these are just true feelings… I never want anything at all back I just urm want to make you feel happy and loved.
Wonder if someone could tell me if it’s okay to be thinking all these things even if you don’t feel the same or say you can’t talk to me how I want you too… but it come back around to I never want anything. I’m just being nice because you deserve to feel loved
Nomkhumbulwa Aug 22
Today you were taken….

Today you were taken
Your life abruptly ended
All of a sudden
Cruelty bared naked

The sadness is deep
A sorrow so painful
We miss you so much Timmy
The shock still palpable

How can this be?
Such a beautiful young soul
So quickly taken
Your body in a hole

You didn’t want rest
You didn’t want peace
You were so full of life
You wanted to hunt, and eat cheese

It was not your time
Such as evil intervenes
Barely two years old
Natural causes take time

I am so sorry Timmy
That this had to happen
No words can express
The deep pain left within

May your spirit continue to bless and watch over us, you are forever welcome.

We hold you so dear,
Your loving friends- both here and afar. For you are so loved.
I am new apologies
Gerald Jun 13
Sometimes you can feel the void. The emptiness. You can feel the wind blow through the chambers of your heart. And sometimes, there's a haunting silence; the sound of ghosts of all the people I've ever loved.
PS Aug 10
They say that love is blind
The truth is just, love is pure.
She is patient, she is kind,
She’s unrefined and yet, demure.

Through her looking glass she sees
Spots of flaws and marks of pain
Why do you cry so much, darling?
How can I never make you feel that way again?

Love should know that beauty fades,
She should know that looks are weak
But love cannot be easily stuck in place
Not all who claim to find can truly seek.

Are you the measure of the man?
So wonderful in writing
But is your face too faithless
Shockingly unbeguiling.

Is love so shallow that she can’t see
How you give her the world?
But is it her prerogative to be
After those who make the heart twirl?

Will love be another one with a seven
With plenty of zeros to his name?
How does her nature suffer
When it is love you seek to tame?
She is personified.
Krizel Grace Jul 18
Aren't they pretty?

Those scars you hide underneath those blankets of metaphors
You wrapped them well with lovely words
Not to cover the ugly pain
But to tell the world,

How a sad story could be written
With such beautiful, aching words.

Hey, you're lovely and loved 😌
Frannie Jul 11
For years my heart was guarded, protected from the world.
But somehow you have disarmed me, opened and unfurled.
You’ve taken me, broken and damaged, mishandled and hurled .
Yet you see me as delicate and dainty, so precious and pearled.
Everything’s not perfect but it sure is beautiful here.
Your smile so bright with a voice I just love to hear.
Your touch, so gentle I just want to have you near.
I love your energy and your presence, you make everyone else disappear.
He has captured my trust and that’s something not easily given.
He has made all my worries forgotten and all of my heartache is forgiven.
His mission was to win my heart and made his goal clear, he was driven.
After plenty of chances to earn my trust, I’d finally decided to give in.
I feel so loved, so valued, so cared for so protected.
He has won me over and I doubt I’ll ever regret it.
To a man who truly cares for me and satisfies my every need.
For you have saved me from my darkness, and my heart you have freed.
Belle Jul 4
dear someone I love,
i'm so angry
maybe not at you but at myself
because you didnt reciprocate my love for you
your love was lust
but the way you kissed me I swear you loved me back
but all this talk
all these comments
were just a desire to be something other than lovers
and it hurt... hurts, so bad
because I think I did love you
you were like a day off from work for the first time in months
a sip of orange juice in the morning
a stormy day after it hadnt rained for too long
and I needed your desire
but you did not need mine
"I'm sorry. I didnt know"
neither did I.
why can't anyone love me and want me the way I do for them?
you'd cancel on me
and that's when i knew
you didnt, and dont, love me back
and you never will.
Please change your mind
Symphatica May 26
How am I remembering you so clearly?
What your voice sounds like,
Your fragrance,
Your hair that I used to cares it in-between my fingers,
Your palms running down my waist as if you're shaping like clay,
How you'd smile in different occasions.

How am I remembering all the little things about you so clearly,
Yet I have forgotten how much I loved you;

I have forgotten my reason why I started to remember every detail of you.

I can't recall how I felt about you.
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