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Funny how we speak of humanity
But consistently forget what it meant to be all human

We forget the beauty of our imperfections

We forget the real definition of individuality, far too busy pondering over competitions; a comparative analysis of class

We forget what miracle we could've made happen..

If only we could all just fothermucking ditch the dodgamned hate

Funny... hilarious...

How WE boast of humanity, hearts screaming with pride

But tis mother nature's tireless tempermental embrace..

Without fail, reminds us of our forgottens;

OUR capability to unconditional love
To create, to cultivate
Reflect and Regulate
We can cause, We ****** well can change
Test the waters
To evolve
Let's not forget our vulnerability as individuals
Our distinctive attributes

The Power we'd obtain as ONE
Integration over Segregation
What avails of this sidereal year?
If not my love with me ever.

What if the flowers spread and disperse?
Even they make the earth paradise.

What though sweetest your incessant loving be?
If now you're receding from me.

What lies behind your heart to reside far?
To me it seems all, you rift through the clouds like a lone star.
Is it a gentle pride?
It’s your fallacy my beautiful bride!

Afraid of your restless youth and irresistible trait,
I am drawn so close to you; so no one can drift us apart.
My thoughts in your mind should often come across
A timeless true love in your mind brighter than luminous stars
That you never forget.

Playing hot and cold never dishearten the resolute.
Give and take in love is an enchanted gift
Never drift away from true love otherwise pain will grow in rift.

Where have you been all this while?
Your sweet incessant love beguile.

Setting moon besets, between us flitting moments
Wretchedness came upon in disappointments.
The days, the moments and the years all unfetched begone.
All this time, our feelings had never lain dormant and forlorn
There you dear staring at me willingly,
Yet looking upon your grace continually.
There's blood upon the flag
no, it won't wash out
patriots and tyrants
of this, I have no doubts

Fathers mothers brothers
sisters daughters sons
no one as more another
all together now, as one

Living in a world
where honor is contrite
rising above the bar
brothers in arms, unite

Bring me back untethered
from places where I've burned
mind and soul so weathered
homeward, have I yearned

I've been there my friends
I've held the flag on high
all the way to the end
for those of us
who died
Thank you, for the opportunity :)
gracie Mar 22
i'm sorry for the
love notes
for the roses
blooming beneath your bedroom
window, for the lies
hidden under
dewy leaves

i'm sorry for the
thorn in your
pride, for coming to
the coffee shop
for spilling honey and
my heart
on your favorite sweater

i'm sorry for the
careless smiles
for wearing my
yellow dress to make
you stare, for thinking
you'd want
a lovestruck
A gypsy's touch is soft and pure,
It will never leave you,
Leaving you longing for a cure.
Benevolent our fingers graze,
Only for a slight heal,
To help you and focus your daze.
Weary us of who we so love,
The spirits speak to us,
These souls of our protective cove.
In us lies the true nature all,
Powers to move and soar,
Making the best of us to thrall.
For a gypsy's touch is longing,
Love forever endured.
Stars in their abundance
goodness knows
how many thousands.
Tiptoe over my little alleyway
while I continue to sleep
not even the moon
I didn't tell my dream.

Crackling roaring light of heaven
over the mountain of the dawn
the master painter showed up
with its bursting colour plate.
Deep contemplating day burns
out of the night, it got caught  
soaked in overflowing colour.

But I opted for a blank paper
not a colour copy of my dream.
I wrap my eye in it with my pride.
Treading blindfolded on your way
and over to you, I give
me, my eye and my dream!
Madolyn 6d
I have always been
fiercely independent
even when people took away
pieces of my personality
that has always remained
and I’m proud of it

my family raised me
to meet my future head on
and now it’s time
to take the next step
into that future
They finally found my host family for when I’m going to be a foreign exchange student!!!
I’m honestly so happy, it’s going to be amazing
As the screen flashes, you can't reply in this conversation
Would this be your final decision?

North to South, West to East
So many things I've missed

You've changed a lot and so, I am
I wanted you back — but ****!

How if you left me in pieces
I don't really know how to fill up those spaces
The gap and distance between the two of us
Are this movie we're trying to produce have to end so fast?

You took me to the wonders of this world
You made feel special with your hands to hold
But in return, I made you feel bad
I made you sad and I am so sorry about that

To be honest, I don't deserve your love
I don't deserve to be with you, with all your kisses and hugs

I'm imperfect as well as my fingers while yours fits perfectly
Your message is the only thing is want to see
I'll be waiting no matter how long it would be
I'm hoping you still love me

She is waiting...
I'm waiting
Read. Like. Love.

This is for someone I took for granted. I'm sorry and if you also did, share it. Leave a comment down below. Luv <3
Mr Quiet Nov 3
"No one will accept you."
Said my conscience to myself.
So what's the point of not being alone?
When no one's there to say you're not going to ****.

And you define my identity as a tragedy,
You don't want my truth so you just deny.
So for once in your ignorant life,
Please have an open mind.

And if you decide to stop your fight,
Maybe we can settle this conflict,
And have a good time.

"You're just confused, you're too young for this."
Yet you expect me to give chocolates to a girl,
And give her a kiss.
Double standard at it's best,
Just accept me as myself.
Don't think I'm perplexed,
I know who I am and you can't change who I am and tell me to be someone else.

You say you worship Him,
You say that He is LOVE.
You say He washed my sins,
Stop acting like I'm a criminal.
Stop saying that we'll go to ****,
You're like the Pharisees.
You spread the opposite of what He tells,
You homophobic, extremist wannabes.

And I'm a Christian kid,
I believe in Him,
And if you think He hates me for my sins,
Then go ahead,
Let's settle this.

Let me believe,
That He still wants me.
And let me see,
From your actions,
He still wants me.
The "You" stands for every homophobic people i know,
and yes, I am who I am and I still believe in ***. GOOD-BI!
Regan Nov 1
love is like Pride & Prejudice,
you might believe
someone isn’t the one,
but you may end up
falling in love with them.


and that’s the love i want.
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