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carole 12h
Descendant of proud tribesmen and daughter of mighty rulers,
I am the honored heir of warriors and wisemen.
Born and blessed with the bent of words,
I was bestowed the gift of Babel.

Survived the sight of my sanctuary
Being turned to a battlefield.
****** into war without a warning,
I danced with Death from dusk to dawn
Until I became the light and lured it away.
In the fight against life’s fatalities,
I vowed to be victorious. I swore to survive.

Sacred with a soldier’s soul
And the spirituality of saints,
I am destined to move mountains.
Unfazed and unapologetic, I am no longer afraid
Of the flames, for I have become the fire.
All the damaged petals, all the painful days,
All the broken pieces are the proclamation
That I prevailed. Pride pumps in my veins
As harmony and peace hum in my heart.
It’s been told she has the heart of the Sun A bright bronze sphere
That can never turn down fun
Brazen is she towards those who stand in her way
Guided by faith, her feet never stray
No matter the currents or the strength of the Tides
She goes low when they fly high
Like Hawksbill, Green, Loggerhead and Leatherback
She attains the longevity they endure
Her voice is as sweet as the Black Pineapple
Her beauty resembles the Antiguan hibiscus
Some might even say more
For her beauty is something you can’t ignore
Whenever one door closes
She makes one more open
Always giving faith a fighting chance
Whenever the option arises
She always chooses to DANCE!
As the soca rhythm flows into her blood steam
And the bright colors of carnival collide
There outshining the others
You can find the person I call my “MOM”
My Antiguan Queen
Always representing red white black blue and gold pride
what's it about?

the daily grind

evolving one day

at a time

and sacrifices

large and small

to leave my legend

standing tall

not quite divine,


and failure is not


stay out of my way

I'm here to grab

the things they said I couldn't have
let the dogs bark. The lion knows who is King of the jungle
my confidence fading
my ego is bruised
so please excuse me
while I lick my wounds
don't worry, I'll come back every bit as abrasive and headstrong as ever
Take the pain away
Wash it from your face
Erase the days of questioning your own self worth

Unbutton your shirt
Lower your skirt
Grace the earth with your body
And bare your soul to the world
Be anything but unforgiving of yourself

You are more than your scars for
They are merely affirmations
Of a path well traveled on
And you wear them well

Don't let anyone tell you different
Just be the difference between then and now

Be unapologetically thankful that you are never alone when you're at home with yourself

Shower yourself with love,
Beyond limit,
Because you deserve it
I wrote this after my ex cheated on me
out in the cold,
my muscles ache
too stiff to bend
too strong to break

there's work to do
there's wood to split
good thing I love
this kinda ****

I feel the shock,
I feel the sting
each time I make
a solid swing

too stiff to bend,
too strong to break
my hands are numb,
my muscles ache

my core is warm
like I'm on fire
but life don't stop
because I'm tired

each day's a fight
i'm gonna win it
I can't slow down
until I'm finished

have to stay warm
there's wood to split
good thing I love
this kinda ****
I like to take things easy, yet I enjoy manual labor. Keeps me from getting soft and reminds me that I'm not made of glass
awoke to something unexpected
someone outside, my dog detected
so pleasantly, I was surprised
it was a friend who get me high

I haven't really seen this fool
since in the days back in high school
time passes by, a lot has changed
but most of it remains the same

it makes me kinda sad to know
so many people come and go
small circle, but the ones inside
have earned their welcome to the pride

the ones I value and respect
I'd lay my life down to protect
I find few people worth my time
but if I had 10, i'd give them 5

and I know they would do the same
I don't play silly social games
it's not that i'm not very vocal
i'm just selective when i'm social

I dreaded getting out of bed
to suffer the monotony, instead
a visitor reminded me
to value friends and family
I'm not a rich man, or anything, but I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with some truly extraordinary people in my life. Some served as a lesson, some have passed, but the ones that remain have earned both my respect and admiration.
I am just asking to ask,
To get an answer from you,
I am just looking, to look,
To have you look at me, too.
I am so careful, I am,
******, I am just too shy.
I am afraid to risk it,
And show the interest I deny.
putting an end
to something or
to someone may be
like a rock,
but you need to be
strong as a steel,
in order to move
fast forward.
fast, fast, and faster!
**** it!
**** it if you have to!
putting an end, killing it,
otherwise, it's still the
same thing,
typical, usual,
and it's you,

but wait!
slowly, slow, slow
slow and steady,
with a new heart,
an old new soul,
and willingness to learn,
we're getting there.
to a new piece of someone,
to a new piece of

did you **** the past? or are you killing it? you'll do it, anyway. live in the present, live in it like there's no tomorrow. and get excited about the future. have dreams with it, endless, more, and more. we're getting there, honey.
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