Years went by and a single dream
Intoxicated me like none other.

Willow leaves whispered silent lullabies
And the sunlight's rays poured into my haze
I stared longingly at the possibility.............

Yet these lustful diaries
so forbidden,
so drunk with rich fantasies,
the smell of each thought
fumed with tempestuous spirits
dragged me under into the lonely abyss.

And the fantasized romance became torture
and freedom -
limitation and liberation all at once.
This dream was a playground.
A sanctuary, a church to let my spirit soar.
Glorious joy I could feel, but only for a second

Then, the truth sank in
like a sinking ship  

The shackles of a single question still haunts me
-- what if?
And I wonder.

The pain is dull, haunting, yet hangs over me constantly
I am reminded that I remained in my dream world.
Unable to speak up,
From the wisdom of the pure heart

Unable to see the dream was always on this earthly plain
In plain sight.

In frustation, rage, and pain
Silent pain

I flip through my poetry account

-- God damm it. I have done this before
More humor in my maturity and realizations of how I live in my love world
Am not drawn to inscrutable personalities;
deceptive poses should only attend poker tables.
Mysterious women may sometimes heat my loins
but when passion is spent, any possible respect or
devotion goes with it. I neither like nor appreciate
what I don't understand; show me, then, your open
hands, true face, whole heart--that cowering self
hiding in the basement of your spirit--and I shall
love you with everything in me. Defend you
if need be, to my dying breath. Just don't
station an unfamiliar part of yourself
behind my favorite easy chair
to stab me in the back when
I have nothing left to give.
I’ve experienced lies.
Been terrorized.
Confronted by spies.
Left alone to die.

I’ve been cast aside,
a victim of pride;
unseen by seeing eyes,
a master of disguise.

I’ve been misused,
I’ve been abused,
emotionally confused,
spiritually diffused.

I’ve been lead on;
turned around and he was gone.
I fell for a con
who vanished like the dawn.

Again and again I’ve been disrespected,
beaten down, undone, and misdirected.
I’ve been infected…

Torn down,
tossed around,
on the ground…
I might drown.

But wait! Aren’t I
sold out?
Set apart?
Stripped of doubt
with a sacred heart?

It somehow really, truly doesn’t matter,
not now and not ever. Not one single, solitary ounce.
It seems I’m insane and half deranged like the Mad Hatter
since the first chance they get, they always bounce.

To be fed heaps of dishonest truths,
to accept them with the unadulterated trust of youths,
only then to have your eyes opened to see the light…
Is there anyone out there who understands my plight?

We come into this world full of hopes and dreams,
pure and innocent, unaware of all things mean,
until one day we get cruelly met by malicious schemes
and suddenly our hearts and our hands are no longer clean.

The world comes at us like a predator after its prey.
It bites us and claws us and leads us astray.
It takes us, and rapes us, and has its own way,
not thinking, nor caring, when we’re left bare on display.

We’re taught growing up not to trust strangers,
and the ones at our backs are our friends.
How could we have anticipated the most danger
from a friend whose plastic mask finally descends?

It’s funny how those closest to us can cause the most damage,
because the second we let them in we’re at a disadvantage.
Or how we can feel the most lonely in a room full of people,
as if we’ve been banished for life to a solitary prison steeple.

Undervalued, unappreciated, unwelcome and unwanted;
overlooked, obnoxious, offensive and outcast;
hideous, heinous, horrifying and haunted;
disruptive, dysfunctional, desolate and downcast.

These are the words, the marks, that brand me like cattle;
but hush, don’t speak of them; it’s unwelcome prattle.
Well I’m sick of it, sick of the quiet; I want the whole world to rattle
from my cries of injustice, drawing all eyes to this battle!

I’ve experienced Truth,
allowed it to soothe
every scar from my youth.
I’m living proof.

I’ve been embraced;
the Victim replaced
like toxic waste.
I’ve been given a taste…

I’ve been rescued.
I’ve been excused.
I’m new and improved,
spiritually transfused.

I’ve been bought,
turned around and was sought.
I fell, but was taught
by a Love that burns hot.

Again and again I’ve been selected,
raised up, dusted off, and then corrected.
I’ve been protected…

Made new,
I got a clue.
I’ll give Him His due,
and He’ll change my view.

But wait! Aren’t I
full of doubt?
Failed art?
Foolish and stout,
with a faulty heart?

Even if that’s so, it really, truly doesn’t matter.
My God died to be with me eternally,
and now His redemptive blood covers me in a splatter,
to cleanse and revive me internally.

To be lavished with waves upon waves of the purest love,
and to receive them from Someone so gloriously high and above…
How could it not open your eyes to your immeasurable worth,
and give you insight as to why you were placed on this earth?

We were put in this world to be a light and a joy,
vivid and childlike, unaffected by all things obscene.
And one day we’ll touch someone and teach them to enjoy
this world of splendor and light that was previously unseen.

So next time, when the world is after us like a hunter on the prowl,
we’ll stop it, and face it, and kick it in the jowls.
Because no matter how harshly it screams or how loudly it howls,
we’ll know that its bite doesn’t come close to its growl.

We’ve been taught by sweet Love what we mean to the Savior,
because He shaped us and designed us all for His glory,
and when we grasp this knowledge it changes our behavior,
and this revelation and redemption become our own story.

Yes, it is true that our friends beat and bruise us.
They stab us in the backs, hurt, and confuse us.
But that doesn’t make it right, and doesn’t define who you are,
for the King of all Heaven has declared you a bright, shining star.

Warm, wise, welcome and wanted;
approachable, affectionate, adorable and accepted;
upbeat, useful, upstanding, and undaunted;
rare, regal, remarkable and respected.

These are the words, the promises, that cover me like a cloak.
When I hushed and asked God what He said of me, He spoke.
Now I can’t contain it; something inside of me broke,
And I feel for the first time that my true being awoke.
Maxwell Shaw Mar 12
My groove

Is classic

His is new aged

I got the kind of love

That is  nostalgic

The energy that is sacred

And never fades

Would you rather hold

Fools gold or cherish

A Rose from the concrete

And watch it grow

I pray your world

Never turns cold but

Instead shines brighter

Then a new born babies

Eyes or smile

That can last more then a million

Miles my angel just because

Your heart is broken

Doesn't mean your wings are

Let my be the glow to your


The feeling where you think

Your lost but suddenly

You know

With you anything is possible

A cure

A miracle

A blessing

A gift

A shield

A lifetime

So please oh please I am not

Begging but simply asking

Now and forever will you

Be mine

My spirit my soul

My heart my mind

My sunshine
Yeah can't lies I was in my feels lowkey I blame Jhene for this. Everything just flowed when I was writing this so let me know what you guys think
george v Mar 11
Rapier Poets
Virtuous   Lean  
Faustian words   Bloodied lay
Thy whet-stoned parlance keen

Sharp thrusts to it’s argot heart
Jargon’s Dragons   Unfleshed  Deboned
From thy grey scabbard temperance is drawn
Thy Logos is Love   Sword of Truth   Humbly honed

gv 2018
Dua Kim Mar 9
When I heard that you betrayed me
And talked behind my back
A million questions arose
In the back of my mind.

Why didn't you tell me?
Why not face to face?
Why did you feel this way?
Why didn't you try to save us?

What made you feel this way?
What did I do wrong?
What do you want from me?
What did I ever do to you?

How long have you been doing this?
How much of it was real?
How much do you love me?
How did I not notice?

Did you?
Did you love me?
Did you love me like I loved you?
Did you realize you took my life?
Did you realize that you were my whole life?

All these questions in my mind
I gather up the courage
To ask you all the questions
To see what answers I will find.

You look at me in surprise
You always deny, deny, deny
But in my eyes
You cannot lie

I run away in anger
I run in despair
I run in regret
Of all these years.

All these happy memories
Going down the drain
Is this what you wanted?
Was this your aim?

Then I decide to confront you again
I pick up my phone
Dial your number
And you pick up.

I scream,"What did I ever do to you?
What didn't I give?
Did you want this friendship
Only to see it break?"

You scream back,"I never said that!"
"You liar!" I yell.
"I trusted you, I believed in you!
You think I'm nothing?"

I hang up, knowing that your reply
Will just be a series of denies
Dreading my life, which is stupid
Because I have nothing left.
I'm just a taxidermy with a soul
but I've seen foxes on display that look better than me.
I see your silhouette
against glistening waters
Shimmering in the heat of the sun
My heart dancing
at the beauty of the vision before me
You have taken my heart and soul and immersed them in colours I have never known
My love for you triumphant and whole
In a world once unknown to me
You have showed me  
one of trust, respect, excitement and pleasure
Free to love without stigma and decay
A love so immense in pleasure
Even the smallest of pleasures seem so much more
Like slipping between crisp linen sheets
Taking a dip in cool waters
fresh and clean against the nakedness of my skin
Kissing your lips so soft and tender
Indulging in my favorite treat
Every inch of my world bursts with colours so vibrant and beautiful  
How lucky am I
To have known such love
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