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I've poured my soul into my other poems.

Would yall go read those please?
To my followers: Thank you for all your love!
Kitt Sep 5
such an exhilarating phenomenon presents itself tonight
for the first time in so long
the curtain to the inner sanctum has been pulled askew
and in steps: you.
I hope I will not come to rue the moment
that led me to this start
though my intuition tells me that I am safe
with you in my heart.
for GR, my friend, the most unexpected blessing of this year
A whisper,
A word not spoken,
A look not given,
A promise is broken.

A small note written,
A thought shoved down,
A text unsent,
A smile hiding a frown.

A wish shoved away,
A hope that's been dashed,
A look strait through you,
Shame faced and abashed.

We all want to help,
We all want to heal,
We all want to be seen,
But what is really real?

These are my thoughts, I guess,
A pause so I have a moment to digress...
To ingest,
and address,
that we're blessed,
but obsessed,
with the best,
without rest,
Always have the right answer because life is a test.
Surely this must be some form of jest.

A lie? Okay, tell me why.
Hmm. Okay. Listen to the Rhye.
or Rhyme?

Stillness brings a sense of interlude
Contemplate what will be left as residue
When Chaos defines what's the norm,
and Peace is overdue
Attempting to reconcile
what's old and new...
What a view.

Our actions are crude.
personality that's ****,
treated as askew,
spreading bitter news,
pretend we have the clues,
for a world that's filled with the blues?

What a truth...
And still,
we have to worry about
the pearly gates interview?
What a zoo.

Let me not assume,
Is this you?

Boards, first cause, by-laws, cars, mars, spas, bourgeoise, laws, closed doors, outlaws, applause, paws, claws, jaws, gnaws, gauze, grandma bawls, falls, withdraws, in-laws, clause, chainsaws, bedstraws, grandpa roars, draws, broken doors, floors, gauze, self-applause, laws, clause, outlaws, closed metal door, applause.
I pause.

How are you?
Giveon - Garden Kisses
Man Jun 13
Free use,
I take it, it's from the abuse
And how it plays on your psyche
It's beyond me
Cause you talk
But I don't know, if honestly.
I know you hurt,
I love you.
I think of the hearts I’ve broken
They were not mine
To break in such ways
The dreams they saw with me
I would run at the thought of family
I didn’t understand
But now that I do
I don’t want to leave
Any broken hearts behind
I can’t continue this cycle
I just want us to make it out alive
Orange Apr 30
The lovely you,
Flawless and true.
A warm soul,
That fend off my ghoul.
Traced your light,
Greeted by your night.
Lies a broken you,
Stood your distorted view.
Cold and cruel,
You made the rules.
Keep me deceived,
and tell me darling.
How should I perceive you?
Which one is the real you.
I wanted to be so **** beautiful
I wanted nature to fall to my feet
I wanted the mountains to bow
I wanted the trees to weep for the love of me

I wanted to charm the dumbest of boys
I wanted to tempt the strongest of men
I wanted to break thousands of hearts
I wanted them to wake screaming my name

I wanted to be everyone's wildest daydream
I'd play my game without a fault
I'd fulfill my role to perfection: be it
Angel or *****, beggar or queen,
I'd be whatever they needed me to be
And when they relied on me the most
I would leave without a trace, without remorse

Because then, I would never be the one to wait,
The one to cry to sleep each day, I'd
Never be rejected, but keep them staring
At the blankness I'd leave behind me

(As a sidetone:
There are fantasies I'd never dare project into words
Thoughts I've buried deep within my soul,
But, believe me,
This might be the most honest poem I ever wrote).
Chad Roman Mar 7
Why does sin linger at my porch
as if I know not what it brings...
Destruction has eyes of fury
in the eyes, it stares me down

My door swings open at the wind of malice
but shuts at the remorse of guilt
Ashamed of my roots, my being is questioned

do I deserve it?
No, How dare I...

I am not to feel as if I deserve, but to feel out of gratitude
to push on as if my breathe was to go a top everest
longing for the day of ever rest with my Father

I beg, do not scorch me
I am wanting to diverge,
Though my home has a porch of dirt that snaps at my ankle while I escape
my door shuts...

It's too late
evil has entered,

we are back at the start.

My cry is loud Lord
My wailing is a top the waves
I know you hear me, I know
SpiritHeart67 Feb 21
I would rather know
An honest *******
than A kind liar...
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