Talia 4h
I have unrealistic dreams
     you expect the love to last for eternity but it's never like that.
                                                 it goes from
         "I want to marry you."
                                                   to just..
                                                          ­      "Can we just be friends.."
You say it's not my fault;
was it truely all in your head?
Or was it because of that woman,
that woman who was just your "friend?"
The woman who has you on strings like a marionette?
Why is it that you went from
"you're my future wife,"
                                                to              ­  
                                                             "I don't love you anymore.."  
after spending time with her?
You say it's because you're finally being honest with yourself..
But you were never honest with me.
Enter the foyer. Dilapidated.
Look to your sides and sigh,
up at the splintered wood
of the stairs in the center.

Climb, please. You're safe.
I welcome you in my place.
I welcome you, maybe mis-
takenly, forever.

If you're willing, I'll
weave a web about
and the like
for you, so that
you might take
a lesson
in return.

Shall I begin?
(May I sit?)
Make yourself
at peace, my
home is your
home, now.

White knights with rusted minds
took refuge in spreading lies,
"Be yourself. The truth shall set you free."
Quickly apparent, the barriers ensconce
at once, whatever bit of bravery
remains in the brain of a child.

It was when I took the literal
as literal, that I faltered, hard.
I fell face first
into the
As Seen on TV
human being
blending machine.

I declare, honestly,
honesty is a lonely thing,
though mass will praise
and encourage shape
until you take a shape
that bothers the shape
and form
celebrity status.

(I don't believe you.)
That's the beauty.
(Only the cruel are lonely.)
(Right? . . .Right?)

You're staring at cruelty,
Uvuyo 2d
Can I run into you and you not break. Would you be able to withstand the whirlwind that is me? I am broken beyond my own repair shattered in a millon pieces not even Willy could put me back together. I'm lost not like on the GPS where you can miss the turn and make a different turn, all the streets are one way. I'm fighting to hold on to my sanity struggling to remeber why I'm even here. And then I realize, it's not for me to understand but believe and trust in the one who's skin was torn for me so when I'm torn between decision I understand where my help comes from. I will point to the hills and go all the way up.
Believe in Someone bigger than you, trust in Someone stronger than you.
The uncomfortable triumph that comes from being brave enough to admit that you're scared
I had that moment today, and I would have made a wrong decision if I had not finally been honest with Madoff about what was holding me back.
Kim Essary Jul 11
It's been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time the mind protecting it's sanity covers them with scar tissue & the pain lessens but, it's never gone. The reality of fear is I'm not afraid of the dark just scared of what's in it. I'm not afraid of heights just scared of falling. I'm not afraid of the people around me just scared of rejection. I'm not afraid to love just scared of not being loved back. I'm not afraid to let go just scared of accepting the fact that it's gone. I'm not afraid to try again just scared of getting hurt for the same reasons. I want to be the person you are scared to lose, the one you will love without restrictions, trust without fear, want without demand, & accept for who I am.
Sometimes what we fear is merely the end
Autmn T Jul 5
You demanded me to rip a bandaid off an open wound while it was still bleeding. Blood soaked and dried, stuck to my body, staining my curtains, clothes, pillows. Not even being able to lay my head down without being reminded of blood spilt without a shield to save myself from the pestilence the world holds. Rotten, stiff air infecting us all slowly.
Written while reflecting about someone telling me to "rip the bandaid off" to move on from loving them although, months after, Im still not healed.
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