Sha 23h

Words coming from his mouth
Sounds like it's the only truth.
He paves a muddy road and covers it with rose petals,
Then he asks you to walk with him.
You can smell dirt all over
But he convinces you it's luxurious oil.

And when you've been comfortable walking,
You're waist-deep into the mud,
Rose petals are gone
And he blames you for wanting truth he does not offer.

The liar does not love.
He only tricks you into choosing
Between the truth and
Lies covered in something beautiful.

if i said that i wouldn't die for you, i'd be lying.
such a naive thing to say, i know.
but it's my honesty.
it's the rawest thing i can give you.
i'd kill for you, i'd do anything for you.

an open letter can become a treasure chest if you open it the right way.
a technicolor dream of gray, a projector screen of pink.
a hallucinogenic vision i dreamed about a year before i saw you.

this was meant to happen.
all of the things in my life have happened for so, all of this is supposed to happen.
i was always supposed to feel this way.
i do.
i have.
and i always will.

i don't believe most of the things she's said about you.
most, because somehow she'd like the truth to be told.
because you're wonderful, but she'd rather make the bad things noticeable by lying.
maybe she's angry that you don't love her.

it's the miles deep pain i feel in my abdomen that shows me the truth.
it's the heart attack i experience when your eyes light up that shows me your real heart.

it's the knot in my throat when you talk, that shows me you're alive.

and so am i.

I wanna live life
and hope to never be cruel
I wanna live life
and be open and honest
I wanna live life
and have friends around

Go somewhere with cleaner prospects
raise a family of my own someday
and never be cruel

I need confidence in you
and you need to give confidence in me
or this loneliness will kill me
and yet it seems to mostly fade away
when I’m around you

I wanna live life
and hope to never be cruel
I wanna live life
and be open and honest
I wanna live life
and have friends around

Find a job
make some money
and hope my head full of dreams didn’t die entirely
but I suppose it’s okay if you’re around for the rest of my life
It is, isn’t it?

Sometimes doubts cloud my thoughts
thoughts of what if’s and questions of concern
but I push it down and don’t swallow this pill
i know it can’t be true
it’s a fucking fallacy, ain’t it?

I wanna live life
and hope to never be cruel
I wanna live life
and be open and honest
I wanna live life
and have friends around

You’re the medicine and the pill I needed to take all along
A family life that fucking destroyed you
Parents of narcissistic nature
who tore you the fuck apart
and I have to pick up the rest of the pieces
You’ll never completely heal
I can only take away a bit of the pain
I’ll try my best and never be cruel

I wanna live life
and hope to never be cruel
I wanna live life
and be open and honest
I wanna live life
and have friends around

I want to live life with you

Everything's not lost
Sensitive, open, and strong
We’ve had it all along.

The Heart had repaired what she damaged,
But finding The Mind was what she could not manage,
She was weak and feeling famished,
And it seemed like The Mind had vanished.
Suddenly, she felt the cold breeze whisper,
And hair on her neck stood like a whisker.
She turned to see The Mind, but somethings wrong,
He was with another man, and his images were gone.
The Mind held back his images, he knew they'd frighten,
So he gritted his teeth when The Wickeds grip tightened.
She ran forward and embraced her lover,
But felt nothing from him, not even a flutter.
He whispered, "You need to run, this man is insidious,
His intentions with all are just injurious.
He's not curious, he's not being nice,
He's luring you into the sharpened vice.
Seek out the wise, he knows what to do,
But don't let this man get to you, too."
The Wicked smiled warmly at The Heart,
She looked at both in horror, and tried to drift them apart.
The Mind had been struck with a hook in his back,
And The Heart began to cry when The Wicked whispered, "Attack".
The Mind crushed his teeth, and squeezed his fists,
Blood dripped from his palms only to land in the mist.
The Heart ran away without further hesitation,
And She looked back to see The Minds detonation.
She didn't know where The Wise was, or where he could be,
So she followed the city streets in her frantic flee.
She found The Wise, with The Wicked not far behind,
Seeing him brought her an immediate peace of mind.
He was where he was before, and had always been,
Meditating on his past experiences and sins.
The Wise learned from his past, and continued to be taught,
Every war he lost, and every win well fought.
The Heart broke down, and explained the newest event,
But The Wicked saw all, and the cold breeze he sent.
He appeared wherever it did land,
And when he showed up, The Wise extended his hand.
"Hello, young man, I've heard a lot.
I believe you have lessons I've yet to be taught.
See you've let the world turn you cruel,
I say this, because this life is a duel.
You can't back down, and getting hit hurts,
But you can't let the pain make you worse.
You've become a monster. Twisted and vile,
But you can go a long way with a simple smile.
You might be cruel, but you've always been truthful,
This is the sole reason your life has been fruitful.
You've stopped being brutally honest, and became brutal.
Living a life like this? It's an effort, but it's futile.
What's the point of being pointlessly mean?
There's so much more to life to be seen."
The Wicked was angry, not at The Wise.
Every mirror he saw he'd see darkness in the eyes,
He released The Mind, and apologized.
The Wicked lowered his head, and sighed.
The Heart collected her love, and they walked into the distance,
They began to make up for every last missed chance.

The Wicked was evil, and corrupted the youthful,
But when he met The Wise, The Wicked became,
The Truthful.

Chapter 8 of Tragic Tales

I still remember the way
The darkness in her eyes
obsidian and
the edge of her joke
cut me open
a watermelon on a hot day.
I remember the weight
of her body,
down on me
the morning after a slumber party,
wrestling me
I remember stolen kisses
that meant
nothing to her.
Just girls,
having fun...
I remember how her smile felt
and her hugs
felt like bonfires
and her disdain
felt like cold water
crushing me into the dirt,
a worm at home.

One day,
when the slices of her jokes
and the cold
was all she showed me,
I packed the
petals of my love
so they could dry
and fade
and be admired in their
resting place.

My first love
never loved me.
My first love
was unrecognizable as such.
My best friend,
I called her.
I couldn't recognize
her flaws,
I couldn't even recognize
my desire...
All I knew was her fire
and it was all I ever wanted.

Every friendship lost
was the result of my own
unrecognized identity.
All these women in my life
violet petals
in a glass jar,
kept in the darkest corner
of my closet.

I can bring out my jar
and put it on my dresser
and open the lid.
Sweet fragrance fills the air.
I proudly show the
pretty scented display
to guests.

"Look at it!" I say,
begging to be recognized,
to be accepted
by everyone
who isn't me.

I finally learned
to open that jar of violets,
I finally learned to be me,
but my honesty
won't revive
what's dead
and dried.

I've recently come to terms with some things. I'm gay. This is me coming out, and this is me mourning all the relationships I lost because I couldn't accept myself. I've wasted a lot of time and a lot of love trying to hide from who I am.
Amanda 4d

Its so hard to put into words,
All the ways you make me feel.
At times its difficult for me,
to tell which parts of you are real.

What we have means so much to me
and it hurts to never really know,
if im getting all of you,
or just the pieces you choose to show.

Im trying to overcome this doubt,
and regain my trust in you,
but im afraid and I can't forget,
all the hell you put me through.

You swear youve changed this time around,
youre not who you were before,
But ive heard that line and I,
don't want to be hurt anymore.

If you love me like you say,
then show a little respect for me,
All im asking for is the one thing
youve never provided: honesty.

If I loved you
Then it would be justified
And all the messages glorified

If I loved you
I'd jump and shout
And I'd hold my head up proud

If I loved you
I'd stay awake all night
And sing you a song till the morning light

If I loved you
I'd say a prayer
To make this more than a sweet affair

If I loved you
I'd make a wish
To see your heart through all of this

If I loved you
With all my heart
I'd fight like Napoleon Bonaparte

If I loved you
Like I love him
I would not be giving in

I'll only ever love Him.
danny Aug 6

You seem so legit for a guy your age,
if not a little tired and worn looking.
I glance at your blistered hands
and sympathize.

You too, while climbing the ladder of life,
slipped on every fucking rung.

Wise and controlled, laser focused even,
if not a little non nonchalant.
I glance at your weary eyes
and nod.

Nothing that real can be ugly,
excluding myself.

Rustic and rugged is words likely used,
if they got over your glass jaw that is.
I glance at your never still lips
and sigh.

No others will see what it looks like
when clouds kiss.

I’ve always been
The girl who never changed
The girl who hid herself in the shadows
The girl who stayed green
Stayed clean
And never put a foot forward

I’ve always been
The one who never thought
The one who never dreamed
The one who never fought
For life

And yet
I feel I’ve changed
And still
I feel I’ve stayed the same
And yet
What is a girl to do
But stay alive
Make a change
Put one foot forward
And change my fate

I should explain that the title, "Dear Hummingbird" is because I wrote this poem in a journal which I named Hummingbird. It was the first thing I wrote in it, as a note to the journal, to let her know who I am.
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