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The words that you read
Eyes that see, have the power to receive
The mind conceives, as it wants to believe
Nathan Oct 27
Autumnal leaves crunch underfoot
Amidst a thick fog blanket
Lay black tar streets
Adorned by cigarette butts
Discarded masks
As well as alcoholic cans
This once bustling city
That shone with life
Is now a ghost town
Remenants of itself  
Left behind in a museum
Of it's downfall
First poem I wrote in over a year. Its been a hard one and I've never been stimulated to do so till I saw this sight.
A face, a form and a surface ready to be scorned. Features, edges, texture, lines- all part of something bright in spite of putting up a fight. Restless, stoic, agitated are words to combine in order to express the world which I call mine.

Sitting, staring or a mere passerby thinks as though I'm a puzzle to entangle and intertwine but rather I am a piece that has paid her lease in order to attain what they call peace.

An art called by hardly any two; strange and displeasing said by a few. Deep down I know I'm remarkable even if the flicker of intensity from my eyes are invisible.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 15

Hear the hush of the wind dance above
Through lush lands of green eagerly spread
Birds soar and swoop, butterflies kiss foxgloves
Laughter rings wherever humans tread

◦•●◉✿ ⚜❃⚜ ✿◉●•◦

Through lush lands of green eagerly spread
As glass blades sway soft and sweet
Laughter rings wherever humans tread
On nature's palm, they openly meet

◦•●◉✿ ⚜❃⚜ ✿◉●•◦

As glass blades sway soft and sweet
Birdsong heard near and far
On nature's palm, they openly meet
A simple serenade to forget life's scars

The day's a grey one but even so, I wanna think of something sunny and happy. While looking for courses to try, I found a new form of poetry to experiment with - pantoum. Pantoum poems are described as 'a poem of any length, composed of four-line stanzas in which the second and fourth lines of each stanza serve as the first and third lines of the next stanza. The last line of a pantoum is often the same as the first.' [Credit goes to this site:]

First time doing this poem, and I think it turned out really well.
I just pictured myself at a park and focused on my senses.
I think I may do more of these, I'm really happy with the end result! ^-^
Thanks everyone, wishing you a good day/afternoon/evening/night!

Stay safe and well!
Be back soon!
Much love!
Lyn ***
JcF Sep 17
Perplexed with intoxication
Visualize not mentalization
Saturated overcame this destination
Norman Crane Sep 8
In the beginning the sky was cold butter,
hard and riddled with kernels of corn,
which, as the world heated, popped:
And thus the clouds were born.
Jessica Aug 17
From relative fury
In a stuttering hurry
Colors dancing and colluding
Then laying their weary heads
On the ground
And they shall be betrothed
With black rings of hurricanes
Memories coalescing into peace
And a calmness like a blanket
Is laid upon them to sleep
From chaos to
Victoria Jul 18
in that stillness moment i, questioning
why people stare through (and stare within, staring through)
that fuzz or mush like their covered window panes (staring within, staring through)
that shy window pane that turns

eeyoyvrbd   e r o e b y v y d   e  e  y  y  o  d  b  r  v

so that i (staring in, staring at) may roam in


turning my mind to that fuzz and static, becoming fogged window pane
to look out (and stare) like rain droplets caressing
so rough they fall to pound that pavement
pavement so coarse and electric like the peppered mountain range
where i stand
my shoes fill like leaking boats
to roam, to wander, in that desolate diorite range (staring within)
questioning (staring through) as time joining
as headache turns everybody to everything turns

eybd   oryoy        ebordyoev  ydeb       dbeyodebe           dyobyobye
ebdoybeod       ebdoeboy debot     vverbdyodv   verdbey    odbver  vebsrobe      ybddoeb
Lyn-Purcell Jul 4

Roses atop spun gold
Sea-green eyes so still with love
Songs are sparrow-sweet

This haiku is dedicated to the muse, Erato.
I feel such a kinship with her as she is the muse of lyrical poetry.
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell Jul 4

Drumbeat spiced with joy
Chiffon hips ****** left and right
Ribbons charm the wind

Covering the Nine Greek Muses now, haha!
Starting with one of my favourite Muse, Terpsichore!
No words can express how much I love her, I swear, haha!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Much love,
Lyn 💜
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