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We all have little magics.
Maybe you can lick your elbow
Maybe you’ve never broken a bone
Maybe you can tie a perfect bow
Maybe you’ve never cracked your phone
We all have little magics.
Maybe you have thousands of rocks
Or you manage to collect buttons instead
Maybe you take care of 7 or more dogs
Or look good with no hair on your head

Because we all have little magics
Our own unique bag of tricks
Used to secure our own humanity
Our own unique way of defying gravity.
the scars of red
below my heartbeat
now stir in the warm decay of the air  
the wild eyed towers  
have fallen like waterfalls
into the roots they smouldered and burned  
they now tumble into waves of blinding light  
and i lie in melancholy fields

like cold yellow bathroom floors
and cold yellow flickering lights
i have found comfort in the frigid winds of November
and the ominous light of the crescent moon
for they steal the unwanted sounds
that break the day
and the mania of my soul’s dismay
This poem is about when unique spirits die, and is also about my love for the dark
We know this isn't good for us
This rinse and repeat
Rut **** of a life
Yet here we are
In this clone army
Brains exposed
Bathing in acid
Killing ourselves
Not too fast
Hate to cut this misery short
*** forbid we follow the exit signs
Carved into our souls
Don't die a copy ❤
Kyiomi Dec 4
One day
I was asked by someone
How I was so unique
And perfect
And "me".
Well I thought
You curse yourself in your sleep
For every little mistake you make
And trace the imperfections on your skin
To make soothe the perfectness of my flaws
Then you copy my moves
From the way I swing my hands when I walk
To the little noises I make
And the way I laugh falsely
After that
Mirror my hair
My dark clothes
The mask that hides my face
From people who can slither their way in
To the cracks and splits in my disguise
So they can find out my insecurities
Mimic my abilities
My hobbies
The people I trust
But you never know
Being a copycat doesn't get you anything
So one day
I was asked
How I was so unique
And perfect
And "me".
Well I said
You can't, you don't, and you won't
Because you were born to be an original
You were born to love what you love
You were born to do what you do
You were born to look how you look
Even if you don't like it
Just like I still can't like my flaws and perfections
You should love yourself
You must love yourself
You can love yourself
No matter where
You are
Because that is the story
Of how to be you.
Julia Mae Dec 1
you're not pretty
like all of these other girls that you see
on the tv and in magazines
but who you are
is so unique
more than those other girls
could ever hope to be
I'm not one to dwell and I'm not one to build while I'm still trying to repair
I'm not here to try anything funny
Just simple
If that's hard to understand well sorry
Small talks are no longer an interest
I rather get to know you then weasel my way around
have an actual conversation an exchange of noise isn't much to go off of
tell me something
let me see the real you
because I'd like more than just a lovely view.
Call me odd if you will
one thing is for certain
My words can paint a lovely picture
a self portrait
one which people might say my looks could
Verdant Quo Nov 26
Sometimes I lose my touch on humanity
Where the men lose their minds to insanity
Where the women judge themselves with vanity
And on everyone’s lips is profanity

But I cannot remain in my own sphere
With my private lands and atmosphere
Where the water runs smoothly, free of tears
And my bubble is burst with a crude, societal spear

Humanity ***** me in, despite my resistance
They pull me closer, they close the distance
And here I can defile myself with their assistance
My uniqueness driven away by collective existence
Brynn S Nov 24
Surrounded by light
You are darker
Follow the peace
But you are darker
Standing out
Knowing own grounds
You are special
Different and new
You’re the eighth color of the rainbow
Most beautiful, unique!
Never seen, yet never forgotten.
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