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Steve Page Oct 11
"All the stuff in our veins is the same." Guy Garvey.

Some stuff is the same.

First school,

First pet,

First bicycle,

First kiss,

Some stuff is only yours and makes you.
Listening to Elbows new album on the way to work.  Guy Garvey is a poet.
wc Oct 8
i have always loved
my wacky socks more than all
of my other clothes

they started mismatched
then all knee highs, and now they
are so colourful

they're still mismatched and
knee high sometimes, but all i
want is wacky socks

socks are anything
and everything, a nice,
unique part of me
if you show me your soul hidden deep inside I will admire it. show me the worst parts, the broken pieces... so I will know where to start. show me the most damaged parts and I will show you they are still lovable, unique in all the world unduplacated and more valuable than gold.
Most every person is a finger print, unduplicated, the unexplained magic of a bond seemingly to the soal burns deep into a mind and generates memories and feelings that never subside
Bhill Sep 21
Are you out there waiting
Waiting for the one chance
The one and only chance to see
To see the most stunning sensation
To see the rising of a fresh new day
A new day filled with fascinating new experiences
Experiences so unique and seldom beheld

Wait, there it is...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 237
Wait and see it for yourself...

I am human.

I make mistakes.

I learn.

I fail.

I succeed.

I am not perfect;
nor do I want to be.

I want to be free.

I want to be different.

I want to be unique.

I want to stand out.

I am me.

And the best you can be is yourself.
Zane Smith Sep 12
we only have one moment
each individual day
where nothing will ever be the same.
days and months repeat
years do not.
every second
we are somewhere else
B D Caissie Sep 12
In a field of corn, it’s ok to be a sunflower.
Be yourself
A B Faniki Sep 5
I am who I am and that is
All I want to be "Me." I
May not be as majestic as a lion or
Walk as gracefully as one or
Have a roar like one, but that is
Ok, for I know who I am and what
I am worth -I am a child of grace and
Although I am not the first of my kind nor the last of
My kind yet I am one of a kind"My thumb print say so"
A B Faniki © 9/5/2019 all right reserved  knowing ones woh i s a beautiul thing and azaming . This pom is an acrostic  with I AM WHO I AM.
Izzy Aug 30
I’ve always been peculiar
                                      My poems are self-assured nonsense
Chaos is soothing
                                                    Unique is a matter of perspective
People will keep talking
But I don't have to listen
Others will continue to expect
And define my existence

They will try to take away
What's left of my childlike innocence
And even then, the things I do
Are still none of their business

How can I feel okay?
When they become restless
From me not conforming to their way
They only see it as reckless

Their shallow mouths spew words
Bringing upon damage that is endless
With the naive intentions to help
Yet, why do I feel more helpless?

Childhood criticisms cling to me
Leaving me defenceless
Whenever the guards of my walls
Become tired and careless

I thought it'd be easier to live
If I was just passive and selfless
Until I was driven to the point
Where I couldn't tell what was precious

I have now accepted that it is okay
That I do not share the same ethics
The differences found in me
Should not make me so apologetic
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