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What's unsaid about it?
Still it's different
and unique for everyone.

Sometimes,for me its like
songs of cuckoo bird.
Sun that rose again in my life,
a green oasis in a desert,
The best part of my youth.

and sometimes,
i am a lone warrior in the battlefield,
searching for the enemy soul,
dont know where to find
and how to defeat!..

I am not afraid of break-ups or
passionate love.
since who knows,
what love has at store!
the equal amount of love back?
or may be a surprise?
i have decided not to be fearful anymore. whatever it will be,how far we will go i will cherish our journey,our moments together .Because now i know some people are destiny and some destination.
my name means UNIQUE
I wonder if so am I.

M owing it ,
before the beginning of my beginning.
I wonder How and Why,
Was it destined?
what if i had different name?
How would it had felt?
there are so many things we take for granted depicting our identity just like our name. Today i was pondering what if i wouldn't be known from the name i had been known
Sarah 3d
She was different
In every meaning the word "unique" bears
She sought more colors
For all those in the world weren't enough for her
She sought more emotions
More love, more ache
She loved and loved
And lived searching for more
She was a seeker
A seeker for things that could not be found
Like purple eyes or angels' wings
Heavenly pure hearts
And the child beneath the skin of a man
A soul like hers didn't belong
But she adapted
She adapted to a world so pulloted
Without letting it contaminate her
Rebelling misery as water rebels grease
She fought battles hundred times her size
Coming out with scars
Which she wears like beauty marks
She was admirable
One couldn't help but stare at her
How could it be
That such strenght and such tenderness can be combined
With a smile that doesn't fade
And a heart that shines
She lived
The way life should be lived
And when the day came and she had to die
The sky mourned her with a falling star
Anya 4d
There are many amino acids
But not nearly as many as there are

like us,
They are identical except for one key part
that makes them
Feel free to tell me your opinion. This was a passing thought, even I'm not sure I completely agree. I was sort of thinking of how we are all humans but we are unique as well.
Wynn H 4d
No two people are alike

Even if you share
The same jokes
And drink from
The same fountain

NEVER think
That everyone else
Thinks like you

We’re all as unique
                 as snowflakes
In our own special way

Never judge anyone
You don’t know
What they’ve gone through
To get where they are
Just to be standing in front of you

Be humble
Be kind
And most of all
Be Forgiving

Reality blows at the best of times...so keep your chin up, smile and never loose your cool...THATS your meal ticket
Ozioma Ogbaji Sep 14
If I could, I would make you see
Yourself through my eyes
How perfect you are
How special you are
People say you are one in a million
I say you are one in seven billion

You are one in seven billion
You are, you beautiful star
No one like you
Amanda Sep 13
Carrying a thousand mistakes in my arms
Thoughts weighed down by words and worry
In my mind rolling back and forth
Judgement making vision blurry

Surrounding area fades into the background
I watch anything but you
We each play with the other's feelings
A foolish game we both are used to

All my stress becomes complicated
Stretch my patience until barely there
Give myself another headache
Wasting peace on you, I stare

Friend? Foe? Not sure anymore
In your eyes darkness is rising
Love you no matter what shape you form
Any secret identity you may be disguising

I take your hidden baggage
All that I will never see
Welcome confidential cargo onboard
I will accept you for you if you accept me for me
I'll take you for who you are if you take me for everything
Aisha Sep 9
our bodies are paint
with every motion of your body do you set a paint-stroke
upon the canvas of life.
~ We are beings who exist through a passage of time, we leave a mark in the places we go and we live in, we create a canvas of life that records the places we go and how we go about our days. Each of us have a unique story to tell.

(this poem is inspired by a quote I read but can't quite remember where.)
Krizhe Ming Sep 9
Everything begins
As a blank slate
Just so is Life

Like an artwork or a masterpiece
Magnificient as it is
Like a poem or love song
Beautiful as it is
Begins in a blank slate
Just so is Life

With perfect melody
Of personalities and experiences
Variety of tunes
Of knowledge and skills
Colors burst in each blank of slate

Life will be
Tabula rasa, usually translated as 'blank slate' is a philosophical concept that means when a person is born, his mind is completely empty.
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