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awesome people are usually the broken ones
is the broken the most colorful glass?
awesome people get in the way
annoying as hell but making others say

new, strange, unexpected things
making them blushed, tingling in their cheeks
or simply inspire to do life differently
comfortable changes to curious inherently

change me by making me want to change,
awesome people, why do you live so out of range
I am closer to you than you think, however
awesomeness can be found anywhere, together

'awesome', just an awesome way to say
‘I admire you in a very special way’
‘wherever you are, a me is in there too’
‘I LOVE YOU, brave little soul - I am you’
she thinks older than her age
but she plays like a kid with bliss
like a ferocious dragon—treated wrong
face the fiery rage, you’d lose your wits.

treating her right does not guarantee a kiss
only to the one she loves
she’d grant that wish
you do her wrong
not a piece of you would be missed.

like a kid she goes
willing to play and learn
eyes gaze at her with awe
what a sight to see
lovely as she.
Sydney Oct 10
Love never lasts for me
Can't you see?

I fall in love
But then they dump me

Like trash, I am treated
It makes me burn when I'm cheated

They say I'm too unattractive
And dumb

With no personality at all
They drawl and drawl

But truth is
I'm beautiful
And unique
Aahi Sep 29
My each step is stamping a new mistake
Just wanna stay happy
By doing all the compulsory stuffs..
But when the night whisper
'Oh! what a *******
You had done
Now stay with those unwanted,
Heart aching memories..'
Tears are the only
One to reply the night's whisper..
The only person god sent to
Face all negative glories 😂
Never mind!
Maybe I broke some rule
While he was
Making me_
Still I will not not show what
The hell is going with me!!
Spriha Kant Sep 27
Loving , praising and embracing oneself isn't hubris and selfish ,
rather , the best technique for keeping all those at bay who expect from others to stay under their feet.
Iska Sep 19
Life is all about perception. The people we meet, the memories we create, the chances we take. Every story is a thread. And every thread is, in some way or another, attached to a different string of threads. This goes on and on until it all weaves together into a massive tapestry that is our reality. Therefore, to you, I am only as you perceive me to be. no more, no less.

I’ve met many a person who picked up my threads and twirled them around, claiming to recognize the colors and the feeling of the strings in their hands, only to realize what they thought was purple, was green all along and they simply felt cotton when it was actually a mess of silks and twine. All those threads they believed were theirs to hold through out all of time, belonged to no one at all, because they were mine.

And so too have I met, the quiet few, who glanced at the threads we weave with our lives and instantly knew, there was no “mine” or “theirs” or “you” because perception is blind and we are all new. Not one story is the same, and yet not one is unique, for we are all the same tapestry
and I am the you, that you seek.
I am only as to perceive me to be.
Who are you?
To you, I wish the sweetest dreams,
scathing blue flame and bright moonbeams.
Crater of white, beaming so bright,
a supernova by birthright,
ignites my soul.. and destroys midnight.

A mighty king, all dressed in black,
your shine repays what a night's sky lacks.
Puddle under your gaze, mere heart intact,
where have you been.. how quick you pass..
even stars above would ask..
come back, please come back.
To Kim Sehyoon, graced with natural beauty in all forms.
Desiree Sep 18
Oh how you speak to me through the music of others,
I then practice this pattern and continue
to preach,
how I am feeling in this way, and on this day,
when I'm at a loss for words or thought
and cannot figure out what to say,
you beseech me to begin healing,
I begin peeling, no
pulling back the surface of my soul,
hoping it will be the start of getting rid of this toll,
as painful as it is to look inside your own mind,
your broken and beaten down spirit,
desperately just trying to find guidance in
hopes that maybe one day you'll be loved
and seen as more than just,
Just another body walking amongst the
rest of mankind,
because you allow yourself to feel that
you are different,
Yet your mind continues to stay ignorant
and blind,
to your already keen eye,
for you are special, it's only a matter of
time before you realize
you're the one you've been wanting to feel
loved by,
Something that can only be seen beyond the surface of
others eyes,
And past these creatures terribly,
beautiful minds.
Strong the desire to be unique  
To think in ways against the grain  
New, different is what to seek
Strong the desire to be unique
Courage to turn the other cheek
Be distinctive and never plain

Strong the desire to be unique  
To think in ways against the grain
Firm and willing to face critique  
Strong the desire to be unique  
At no time hesitant to speak
Only fly an orbital plane

Strong the desire to be unique  
To think in ways against the grain

* (Triolet Sonnet)
Independence, Strong-willed, unique,
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