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I am a little bit different
Do things my own way
I would rather be weird than boring
Don't care what others may say
I will always stay true to myself
Rama Krsna May 30
something to be said
for being one of a kind,
after all
two moons in the night sky
seem far less appealing

© 2022
Pure Art
Combine the 2 of them and anything is possible
The intent of 1 and the capabilities of 1
Together in 1 person both are exemplary
With the abilities to have a new mind
Along with unique artistic talent
Now anything is possible
See what they create
With their muse
Pure art
Persephone Mar 31
To love and to be loved are two of the most wonderful and indescribable feelings on this earth.

So how can we ever attempt to define something so beautiful, that not even poets can put into words?
Persephone Jan 19
No two snowflakes are alike. Do you know what that means? Are you able to grasp just how much weight that statement carries? That means that even during a blizzard when the world is being consumed by snow and the flakes are falling faster than a torrential down pour and you can’t see your very own hand in front of you, still even then not one of those trillions of snowflakes will ever match another.
It’s practically unthinkable, a laughable old wive’s tale. But then I remember how I saw you that one day with your friends, laughing at something one of them said and I realize in that moment then how something like that is truly possible
My Dear Poet Dec 2021
‘In her eye
is a butterfly’
I know…
sounds like you’ve heard this poem before
…may sound crass
But alas…allow me, a word or more

You may find
in the next few lines
what may sound a familiar tune
like butterflies and stars
heartaches and scars
or another poem about the moon

this one’s eyes are rare
like caterpillars they’re
brought alive without a womb
and she breathes new life
with the flutter of  her eyes
yet she needs no cocoon
Ryan Joseph Dec 2021
you are unique,
its greatness is picturesque,
and as it pleases yourself,
never let the beauty be disappointed by itself.

your existence is beautiful,
never let things meet its fall
because as you grow older,
beauty will never fade as your existence is appreciated by you, dear.
be criticized first before the beauty of yours turns into uniqueness.
Johnson Oyeniran Aug 2021
Vivid fantasies from a gifted mind  
One of a kind; witnessed once in a
I stumble not on writers block,
Dancing around plagiarism.
Cut me open you'll see,
Nothing besides originality,
Dwells within me.
Dont answer, "Youre different."
Because we ALL are.
That doesnt make me special,
Does it?
We're all different...what about my differences do you love?
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