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Dont answer, "Youre different."
Because we ALL are.
That doesnt make me special,
Does it?
We're all different...what about my differences do you love?
Sarah Flynn May 12
you're trying to figure out
whether she's really
wearing Gucci,
or if it's a fake bag.

I'm trying to figure out
whether that look
in her eyes is grief
or another sadness
that I have not yet
learned to understand.

you're judging her
because her teeth
aren't perfectly straight.

I'm judging her
based off of the words
that come out from
behind those teeth.

you're hating on her
because she doesn't
wear her makeup like
the rest of these girls do.

I'm loving her because
she has the courage
to stand out, and the
self-respect to not care
if you don't like it.

you're studying her looks,
but I'm focused on her soul.

that's what makes us different.
Old mould
You are cast
No more sold
You aren't antique
For you aren't unique
You are fatigued
Suffered creep
Belong to
A herd of sheep
Think deep
Your past
A waste
Recycle yourself
Dumpster you escape
Do some fission-fusion
Turn molten
New mould
Recast yourself
Be useful
Don't be useless
There is no age bar to think deep, introspect and remould yourself to be useful to the society.
Luis Paris Apr 9
Strong as a mountain
Beautiful like a fountain
Unique in every way
Courageous every single day

A mind so filled with possibilities
A body with so many abilities
A spirit with unyielding might
A soul as pure as light

But the darkness in her heart
Is tearing her apart
And every move she makes
The darkness wants to take

Forever in a state of worry
Should she slow down or should she hurry
Sometimes life gets a little blurry
But she can beat it with a flurry

Very special even if she doesn't know
And as she finds herself and grows
The best parts in life will start to show
And when you see her she will glow

Irreplaceable she is
For she fills others with so much bliss
She's an amazing person too
And no one can fill her shoes

She's as deep as a river
Harmonious as a soft tune
Gentle as a dove
And capable of anything
Whatever you're going through just know that there's no one out there that can replace you. So keep going and everything will get better.
Faith Apr 7
I want to be the wildflower in your neat little flowerbed
But I am just another red rose
The line between beauty and uniqueness is not clear
Betty Mar 26
Count up raindrops or snowflakes or tiny grains of sand,
way too many to hold in your hand
each one unique and perfect in its ubiquity
I'm just another flower
In this flower field
We are all different, unique
We start out weak
And reach our peak
And wilt when we find what we seek
We are so different in so many ways
Yet we are all nurtured by the suns rays
We've had many good days
Some of us end up as bouquets
Making people happy
But ourselves, are unhappy
Some make each other sad
And some make each other glad
And me? I'm just another flower
Passing through life, might I add
Sameer Omles Mar 22
You are something silly,
You are something else,
No matter what they talk **** about you,
And  you don't need to be one of them.
You will remain something unique in your own way...

There are as many different people
As there are as many different souls.
Not two of them the same.
Still they all look so
very much  alike .
Especially from far,  
just like the stars.
All one
still one of a kind!

Shell ✨🐚
We all are unique in our own way still we are all one kind and yes we look the same!
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