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Zoe Grace Jun 5
I am drawn to it
Theres no doubt
Now that ive glimpsed behind the curtain
Theres no way I could live without

The wisdom there, the fantasy
All grounded within reality
Cleanse a room with a loud noise
Poise is no longer mandatory

Crystals, carving sigils
This is where I belong
After so long
I have finally found a place
About a month ago, it drew me in. I feel an intangible but irresistible connection.
Devin Ortiz May 8
Books are fuel to the imagination.

Works of fiction pour into my mind,
hours at a time.

I feel the power rise,
as I climb through expositions.

Looking down,
I see the world in the palm of my hand.

Looking up,
I see my face amongst the clouds.

On this high I craft my own words,
some spoken and others in ink.

And as I fall,
I ponder the time until my return.
Lilac Apr 21
She chose
her craft
her broken heart
And that spark
Lit up her fire
Which guided her through the dark

Safana Dec 2020
No useless papers on
earth to waste and to

All papers are useful
To write and to draw
To read and to fold
To protect and prevent
To write good and bad
To draw useless and useful
To read and to fold on a papers
To protect and prevent, with a papers
Nylee Sep 2020
My imagination turned wild
I made you true in my head
You were beautiful and kind
So perfectly defined
Physically so similar
But in fantasy, you were divine
One of the kind.

I like my mind's craft
Not you, you are too human
When I see you in contrast
You don't hold a flame
You are not the same
You are not who I crave.

You never hurt me with words,
Actions are very just,
And you care about me,
Not you, but the one in the head
You are not even a shadow
In his bright light,
But he makes me sad too
By not existing in this world
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Integrity is a virtue that is a choice to learn and uphold,
Not something that we are born with

I shouldve posted this back in July but here we are...
This is something that has been weighing on my heart really...
I've honestly made strides to be a better person with better integrity in life.
I have made alot of mistakes in my life...
And there are times where I dont even feel worthy or deserving to be wordsmith. As much as I practice my craft, I always feel like I truly dont deserve the blessings I have when I think of past mistakes.
As I get older, it's really dawned on me the magnitude of my bad choices.
And I do want to work towards being a better individual.
I really fear the day where one of my bad choices will cost me all I love dearly, because now I truly understand and appreciative the writing craft as well as art in general. I've vowed to start again, I'm reading and relearning from the greats and more artists what it means to be an artist.
This one is for you, Cessna.
I made such an injustice towards you and no words can express my deepest sorrows. But know that I own up to my mistakes, my bad choice and i have learned from the very beginning again. I'm becoming more relentless in studying the written word.
I truly want to begin again...
I may not deserve such forgiveness but I wanted to make it know at least.
I'm truly sorry.
I'll keep working on myself and keep moving forward.
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2020
someday you’ll learn this craft and the  extreme patience it
requires, how to savor a word, its conjunction with the one that
comes before and after, the combinations that make a verse, a stanza
sobering beautiful that it robs your breathtaking sensors, a scar minder to, for god sakes, ****! stop! **** that trip to trite, give us something to shout about
Letho Ramorola Jun 2020
your book of religion was scripted by those who felt imprisoned by the ones they called witches.
- energy
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